Than Uyen
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Than Uyen

Than Uyen – Lai Chau, a land with many wild and unexplored natural beauties, coming here, visitors will definitely admire the beautiful landscapes of terraced fields stretching across the valleys and slopes. mountain. Take a boat tour to experience the hydroelectric reservoir with beautiful small villages of ethnic minorities; Explore and learn about the nation’s cultural identity with many unique customs and attractive new dishes…

IMG Than Uyen

1. Where is Than Uyen?

Than Uyen is a district in Lai Chau province, about 91 km southeast of Lai Chau city center and about 320 km northwest of Hanoi capital. This is a low-lying valley between two large mountains – Pung Luong and Phan Xi Pang.

  • The East borders Lao Cai province (national highway 32 and national highway 279), Yen Bai province (national highway 32);
  • The West and South border Son La province;
  • The North borders Tan Uyen district.

2. How is Than Uyen – Lai Chau unique?

Charming natural scenery, fresh air and unique cultures of the 10 ethnic groups living here are what make Than Uyen a famous tourist destination in Lai Chau.

Far from the city, Than Uyen is peaceful, quiet, honest and rustic. It is that beauty that attracts all tourists here, especially urban residents and foreigners.

Not only that, when coming to Than Uyen, visitors will encounter vast pine hills surrounding the small district town and one of the stops that is of interest, attracting tourists from all over recently, it is impossible not to mention the tourist area. ecological calendar “Than Uyen Pine Hill”. Located right next to the town center, this place is likened to a miniature, dreamy, poetic Da Lat thanks to the chilly altitude and early morning fog. Standing from here, visitors can observe the entire beautiful and poetic town of Than Uyen with an airy view point.

IMG Ban Chat Hydropower Plant Than Uyen

3. What is the best season to visit Than Uyen?

Than Uyen’s climate has many characteristics of a tropical monsoon climate, with two distinct seasons a year: the dry season and the rainy season. The dry season lasts from October to March of the following year, with low humidity and little rain.

Traveling to Lai Chau – Than Uyen is beautiful in any season, visitors can see the vast rice fields, majestic mountain peaks or immense green forests…

  • According to our experience, the period from September to April next year is the ideal time to visit Than Uyen.
  • From July to September, Than Uyen is in the season of ripe rice. The vast Muong Than field is a brilliant golden sky that captivates all visitors. From December to January next year, Than Uyen is in flood season. The scenery of Muong Than fields sparkles and reflects like a large mirror, just as beautiful as the ripe rice season.
  • Spring is also the season of traditional festivals, the landscape seems to be wearing a new coat, and countless flowers are blooming.

4. How to get to Than Uyen?

From Lai Chau City, you can catch a bus or drive to Than Uyen district. If you take a bus, you just need to go to the city bus station in Tan Phong Ward, Lai Chau town. After that, ask to buy a ticket to Than Uyen district. If you travel by motorbike, you can follow the instructions below.

At Lai Chau City Central Market at Tran Hung Dao, Doan Ket, Lai Chau Town, follow Le Duan Street and then Truong Chinh to get to Highway 4D. You go along Highway 4D, meet Highway 32, then turn straight to Highway 32. Travel on Highway 32 for about 23 km, then you will meet and get on Highway 279. Go about 3km and you will reach Muong Than High School – located in Than Uyen commune.

5. Sightseeing to visit when coming to Than Uyen

5.1. Muong Than rice fields

IMG Muong Than Rice Fields

Muong Than rice fields have the third largest area in the Northwest mountainous region, only after Muong Thanh in Dien Bien and Muong Lo in Yen Bai. With such a large area, during the ripe rice season, this place becomes the “sight” of people hunting for the golden color of ripe rice.

Not only possessing vast beauty, Muong Than rice fields also possess beautiful beauty. Standing from above, Muong Than “blends” with the mountains, rivers and villages, creating an extremely beautiful natural picture of the ripe rice season.

5.2. Khau Co Pass

Khau Co Pass is located on National Highway 279, the natural boundary between Van Ban district, Lao Cai province and Than Uyen district, Lai Chau province. In the past, this place witnessed the glorious victory of the Muong Lay insurgent army when it prevented the French colonialists from invading.

Coming here, visitors have the opportunity to visit some remaining historical relics to commemorate the merits of their ancestors. In addition, the winding and majestic natural scenery on both sides also make backpackers restless when coming to Lai Chau.

5.3. Na Khouang village

Na Khuong village belongs to Muong Kim commune, Lai Chau district. This is a concentrated living area for ethnic minorities. Coming to Ban Na Khouang, you have the opportunity to gain closer access to the lives of ethnic people here.

In addition, Na Khouang village also has a unique place to visit and explore. That is Che Bo Cave – located deep in the mountain, with a length of more than 7.5km, possessing a system of rivers, streams and unique plants.

5.4. Tham Phe Fishing Village

IMG Tham Phe Fishing Village

Tham Phe Fish Village is located in Tham Phe village, 25 km west of Muong Kim commune center. This is a raft house that raises fish on the hydroelectric lake bed of local people, directly processing and serving tourists to eat and enjoy specialties made from fish.

6. Enjoying specialties when coming to Than Uyen

Besides the attractive attractions, unique cuisine is also one of the reasons why tourists love the land of Than Uyen so much. Below is one of the unique dishes that you must definitely try when you have the opportunity to visit:

6.1. Lam Nho

Lam Nho is a special dish of Thai people in Than Uyen. This dish is made from beef or buffalo meat. To prepare Lam Nho, people here marinate meat with different ingredients such as Mac Khen seeds, ginger, squash, etc. The meat is put into bamboo tubes and grilled until soft. It is best eaten when cooked. The meat is still hot. Visitors who enjoy this delicious dish will forever remember it’s delicious, greasy taste.

6.2. Goby buries ashes

This is a dish with a special way of cooking with hot ash. After being cleaned, people marinate the fish with special spices, wrap it in dong leaves and then bury it in a charcoal stove. When cooked, goby fish still retains its sweetness, toughness, and fragrant scent that is memorable.

6.3. Ban flower shoot salad

Hoa ban bamboo shoot salad is a simple and unique dish of the Than Uyen people. The dish has a blend of many flavors such as the bitter taste of bamboo shoots, the fleshy taste of ban flowers, the sour, spicy, salty and sweet of mixed spices… making people feel stimulated in their taste buds.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to enjoy other specialties when coming to Than Uyen such as:

  • Pa Pin Top – fish caught from the Nam River and grilled over charcoal.
  • Khau Hoc sticky rice – cooked from fragrant sticky rice grown in Muong Than fields.
  • Nhua Giang – smoked buffalo meat.
  • Fragrant and sticky “sang cu” rice.
  • Cà Ping – grilled chicken.
  • Mo – chicken stewed with spices and broken rice.
  • Mac Khen – a pepper-like spice with a pungent flavor, often used as salt to eat with grilled chicken, grilled fish,…
  • Nhua Mu Khua – Steamed pork.
  • Khau Lam – rice cooked in bamboo tubes, often called lam rice.
  • Day cake of the Mong people.
IMG Tham Phe Fishing Village 1

7. Accommodations in Than Uyen

Below are some hotels and motels in Than Uyen, Lai Chau for those who love to travel. These accommodation establishments are mainly located in the center of Than Uyen town, which is very convenient for tourists to move between tourist destinations as well as find a comfortable and clean place to stay.

7.1. Hotels

  • Hoa Binh Hotel. Address: Na Cang, Than Uyen, Lai Chau.
  • Minh Hang Hotel. Address: Than Uyen Town, Than Uyen, Lai Chau.
  • Ngoc Anh Hotel. Address: Than Uyen Town, Than Uyen, Lai Chau.
  • Hoan Quan Hote. Address: Than Uyen Town, Than Uyen, Lai Chau.
  • Ngoc Hung Hotel. Address: Than Uyen Town, Than Uyen, Lai Chau.

7.2. Guesthouses

  • Guest house of Than Uyen District Party Committee. Address: Area 2, Than Uyen Town, Than Uyen, Lai Chau.
  • Lakeside Guesthouse. Address: Area 6, Than Uyen Town, Than Uyen, Lai Chau.
  • Huong Cam Guesthouse. Address: Area 5A, Than Uyen Town, Than Uyen, Lai Chau.
  • Duc Giang Holiday Home. Address: Area 8, Than Uyen Town, Than Uyen, Lai Chau.
  • Son Hung Guesthouse. Address: Area 5B, Than Uyen Town, Than Uyen, Lai Chau.

With the Than Uyen travel experiences shared above, we hope we have brought you useful information and soon have a trip to Than Uyen – Lai Chau with many advantages and new experiences.

If you are planning your tour in Vietnam to Than Uyen – Lai Chau, please contact us. Because we are the best Vietnam tour packages organizer and tour operator. With a team of tour consultants and tour guides who are experienced, dedicated and have a deep understanding of this land. We will take you on a journey to discover Than Uyen – Lai Chau with exciting activities and unforgettable experiences.

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Trekking to Lai Chau from Sapa is the great journey to discover the different beauties surrounding Sapa. Famous for the tea hill and terrace field in Than Uyen, Tam Duong it will bring you to discover more ethnic people of Lu ethnic group as well as learn more of their cultures beside natural beauties.
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