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Than Dinh Mountain

It is famous that this mountain is a landscape with a long history. And it is also famous as a famous sacred land of Quang Binh. In addition to the majestic mountain beauty. This is also related to extremely attractive legends.

If you are planning to travel to Quang Binh, this will be a destination not to be missed. Let’s learn about this destination with Origin Vietnam in the article below.

IMG Than Dinh Mountain

1. Where is Than Dinh Mountain?

Than Dinh Mountain is located majestically on the Long Dai river. It is in Rao Da village, Truong Son Commune, Quang Ninh district, Quang Binh province, Vietnam. About 25 km southwest of Dong Hoi city, about 170 km northwest of Hue city and about 525 km south of Hanoi capital.

2. How is Than Dinh Mountain unique?

The mountain is known as a sacred land and is often referred to as “Dau Mau mountain has many immortals, Than Dinh many Buddhas”. They mean Dau Mau mountain has many fairies, Than Dinh mountain has many Buddhas. Because it is related with many legends, this place gradually became a sacred land for people in Quang Binh.

With an altitude of about 342m above sea level, the leveled top part is about 400m2 wide. That’s why from afar, visitors can easily see the towering mountain shaped like a giant straw dune.

The mountain is divided into three peaks including: Ky Lan peak in the East, Long Lao peak in the southwest and Than Dinh peak in the northwest. Three majestic mountain peaks combine to form a valley in the middle shaped like a saddle.

Perhaps because it is next to the river combining with surrounding green forests. The weather at Than Dinh Mountain is always cool and fresh all year round. A suitable place helps our souls relax and feel comfortable. Not only famous for its sacredness, this magical mountain also captivates visitors with its majestic natural mountain and forest scenery.

After going up about 1,260 stone steps, you will reach the top of Than Dinh mountain in Quang Binh. Looking down from above, the charming natural scene of a vast plain appears. The Dai River connects to the headwaters of the Nhat Le River, winding across each mountain like a long strip of silk, creating a vivid picture full of art.

Below, near the foot of the mountain, visitors can also admire the beauty of the peaceful Rao Tru and Rao Da rivers gently embracing Than Dinh mountain. The harmony between forest – mountain – river nature has captivated many tourists when visiting this famous Quang Binh tourist destination.

IMG Than Dinh Mountain 4

3. The story of Than Dinh Mountain

According to documents recorded in history books and inscriptions, long ago on Than Dinh mountain there was a pagoda called Kim Phong Co Tu, today Kim Phong pagoda Quang Binh. Local people often call this place Non Pagoda, simply because the pagoda is located on a high mountain.

During the Le Dynasty in 1470, King Le Thanh Tong, on his way to the South, when passing through the mountain, ordered soldiers to symbolically strike at his feet to punish unjust crimes. Because Than Dinh Mountain alone faces North while all mountains in Quang Binh face South. That was also the birth of two other names for the mountain.

In 1809, great master Tran Gia Hoi, a monk at Thien Mu Pagoda (Hue), went to Quang Binh to mobilize people in the region to contribute to rebuilding the pagoda. At that time, the pagoda had 3 rooms, led by the great monk An Kha. However, after going through the war between the Trinh and Nguyen dynasties, there was no one left to look after it so it was damaged. Currently, on the top of the mountain there are still old vestiges of Non Pagoda.

4. When is the best time to visit Than Dinh Mountain?

If you have the opportunity, try to experience the panoramic view of Quang Binh’s beauty from the top of Than Dinh mountain in the morning when the sun is gradually rising. This is also the best time when every view is covered by a layer of mist. You can both admire the magical scenery and breathe and feel the fresh, cold air, which is enough to make your soul much lighter and more peaceful.

IMG Than Dinh Mountain 3

5. How to get to Than Dinh Mountain from Dong Hoi city?

Thanks to its convenient location and not too far from the city center, traffic in the Than Dinh mountain area in Quang Binh is also quite diverse. There are three ways for visitors to get to this famous mountain easily and quickly:

  • By waterway: from Dong Hoi, you just need to sit on a boat and move upstream from Nhat Le to Long Dai River. The mountain will appear majestic right in front of you after the boat turns into Rao Da River.
  • Road: along National Highway 1A heading to Quan Hau, find direction to go to Road 4B and continue to Ho Chi Minh – East Truong Son road. After turning west on the upper road of Long Dai bridge, visitors will reach Than Dinh mountain.
  • Railway: train transportation is also a way to reach the mountain. You can buy train tickets from Thuan Ly to Le Ky, then get off at Long Dai station. Just walk a bit to reach this tourist destination.
IMG Than Dinh Mountain 5

6. Exploring the beauty of Than Dinh Mountain

6.1 Hang Pagoda

On the road of nearly 1,300 stone steps to conquer the top of Than Dinh mountain, visitors will meet Hang Pagoda after going about 2/3 of the way.

Hang Pagoda is essentially a cave in Quang Binh, relatively large, however the door is quite narrow, to get inside you have to lean sideways. Inside the pagoda, there are many stone slabs shaped like tables and chairs, and small stones shaped like Buddhas and fairies are also placed above.

In particular, from the ceiling of the cave, there are countless stalactites of all different shapes hanging down, sparkling magically. When tapped, a sound like a bell or a drum will sound. That’s why local people often call it another name: Drum Cave – Bell Cave.

6.2 Praying for peace at Fairy well

Moving up about 300 steps from Hang Pagoda, visitors will encounter the Fairy well. This is where you can stop to rest, admire the surrounding natural beauty and enjoy the cool sweetness of the water at Tien well.

In fact, Tien well is just a small rock hole, but strangely, the water here never runs out no matter how hot and dry the weather is.

People at Than Dinh Mountain, Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh Province, legend has it that this is holy water accumulated from precious dragon veins on the top of the mountain. Therefore, drinking or washing your face in the water of Tien well will bring good luck.

6.3 Non Pagoda

After reaching the top of Than Dinh mountain, visitors will go to Non Quang Binh pagoda. However, due to the impact of the war, the pagoda now only has a small temple and some relics such as altars and walls covered with green moss under the canopy of ancient trees.

Although the temple is no longer intact, with its sacredness, many tourists come to burn incense and pray for good things.

7. Enjoying Quang Binh specialties when traveling to Than Dinh Mountain

If you have the opportunity to visit and explore Than Dinh Mountain in Quang Binh, don’t forget to enjoy Quang Binh’s specialties.

7.1 Bot Loc cake

It is one of the traditional dishes of the Quang Binh people. Made from cassava flour, filled with shrimp, wood ear mushrooms, and dried onions, seasoned to taste and steamed hot.

7.2 Quang Hoa Banh Xeo

The special feature of this banh xeo dish is that it is made of red rice, also known as brown rice, and served with “banana fish”, salad, raw vegetables, rice paper, dipping sauce,…

7.3 Snakehead fish soup

The traditional dish is made from noodles with sweet broth and served with many toppings such as pork bones, eggs, crispy fried snakehead fish meat,…

7.4 Quang Binh sea Den

The sea Den is a type of sea snake with a small body, flat tail and high nutritional value. That’s why local people often prepare delicious dishes such as: porridge, spring rolls, ramen, etc.

7.5 Grilled chicken with salt and cheo

Cheo salt is a typical salt of Quang Binh. The salt taste is fragrant so it is often used with many different dishes. Grilled chicken with cheo salt attracts diners because its sweet and chewy chicken meat is grilled until golden brown, eaten with salt cheo.

To easily enjoy the delicious specialties of Quang Binh, visitors should look for accommodation in the central area of ​​Dong Hoi city to conveniently move and explore many places.

IMG Than Dinh Mountain 1

8. Accommodation when traveling to Than Dinh Mountain

Than Dinh Mountain is located about 25 km from the city center. So you can book a hotel room in Dong Hoi to easily travel to many attractions in Quang Binh. Some hotels that people can refer to are:

  • Luxe Hotel. Address: 55 Truong Phap, Hai Thanh, Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh Province.
  • Nam Long Hotel. Address: 22 Ho Xuan Huong, Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh.
  • Riverside Hotel. Address: 15 Truong Phap, Dong My, Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh.
  • CKC Thien Duong Hotel. Address: 76 Dong Hai, Hai Thanh Ward, Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh Province.
  • Muong Thanh Luxury Nhat Le Hotel. Address: 121 Truong Phap, Bac Ly, Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh.

Tourists come to Than Dinh Mountain not simply to admire the wonderful poetic natural scenery. But also to pray and wish for good things in life. If you travel to Quang Binh, don’t miss this interesting tourist destination. Hopefully the useful information from the team – a professional tour operator. Our share in the above article will help you have a complete experience when coming here.

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