Tham Ma Slope
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Tham Ma Slope

For a long time, Doc Tham Ma has always been known as the legendary road of the border region. During the Tham Ma downhill journey, you will experience a startling feeling when passing through high-slope roads with consecutive zigzag bends. That’s why Tham Ma slope has always been conquered by many people on their journey back to the remote border area of Ha Giang.

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1. Where is Tham Ma Slope?

Located right on Highway 4C, Doc Tham Ma is the most dangerous winding pass in the North connecting Ha Giang city and Meo Vac district. This is the slope connecting the road from Yen Minh town up to Pho Cao. Although it is dangerous, this place possesses endless mountain scenery and beautiful winding curves. This is an important factor that makes this place a destination chosen by many young people.

Even if they are longtime backpackers, this is still a big challenge for them. However, in return, you will have the opportunity to explore the unique Northwest beauty of Dong Van Karst Plateau Global Geopark when overcoming that slope.

2. How is the Tham Ma slope unique?

Ha Giang owns hundreds of passes and steep, dangerous slopes. However, Doc Tham Ma has a very unique charm that attracts many tourists who want to conquer it.

The first thing to mention is the natural scenery surrounding Doc Tham Ma, which is enchantingly beautiful. Climbing up this slope, you will have the opportunity to fully experience the vast green mountain scenery of the Ha Giang rocky plateau. You will encounter a heart-stopping image of an invisible abyss on one side; On one side is a towering mountain, looking like it’s about to collapse. In particular, the soft winding road between the steep cliffs looks like a piece of peach silk lying gracefully in the middle of the majestic mountains.

Passing that mountain, golden rice fields will come into your sight. It is no exaggeration to say that, when traveling to Doc Tham Ma, all worries suddenly disappear, leaving only people and nature blending together.

Tham Ma slope has very sharp turns and the ramp here is quite narrow, making you suddenly feel scared and get goosebumps. However, to fully explore Ha Giang, you must conquer this slope. And especially, the more you go, the more attractive you find this slope. A new feeling, mixed with a bit of refreshment and love of life is what Doc Tham Ma Slope brings to you.

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3. Which is the best season to explore Tham Ma Slope?

Each season, Doc Tham Ma puts on a new natural color that makes everyone fall in love. If you choose to conquer Ha Giang as well as Doc Tham Ma around September and October, you will admire the captivating beauty of vast ripe rice fields spreading among the Northwest mountains and forests.

From October to the end of November, this place seems to wear a new color woven with the attractive purple, white, and pink colors of the buckwheat flower fields. Especially around November and December, when buckwheat flowers begin to end their season, each branch of mustard flowers grows together, bright yellow and blooming. In addition, you should pay attention to checking the weather forecast in advance to avoid going on rainy days, because it is very dangerous when going uphill.

4. How to get to Tham Ma Slope?

The pass roads in Ha Giang always have steep slopes with sudden bends and turns, so according to Origin Vietnam’s experience, motorbikes are the most suitable vehicle. Doc Tham Ma is located right on Highway 4C, and is also a ‘bridge’ connecting Ha Giang city and Meo Vac district. However, because Doc Tham Ma is located about 112km from the center of Ha Giang city. You can travel here by different types of means such as bus, motorbike or car. To save travel time, you can travel by bus to Dong Van district, then continue by motorbike to Doc Tham Ma.

Taking the landmark from Ha Giang city center, you follow Highway 4C. You will immediately encounter a slope on the road from Ha Giang city to Quan Ba to Yen Minh and then to Dong Van. Along the way you can visit many famous landmarks of Ha Giang such as Quan Ba twin mountains, Quyet Tien market, Ma Pi Leng, Hanh Phuc street…

If you intend to travel to Tham Ma slope by motorbike, you can follow the following route: Ha Giang city center – Quan Ba – Yen Minh – Dong Van – Doc Tham Ma. Total travel time is about more than 3 hours depending on each person’s driving speed.

Currently, in the center of Ha Giang city, there are many shops offering motorbike rental services. They are also willing to bring the car to the hotel you are staying at. You just need to contact them, inform them of the date, time. And location to pick up the car and they will bring the car to your door.

Note that during your trip to Tham Ma slope, you should prepare all types of identification documents. However, because the road at Doc Tham Ma is relatively small and difficult to travel with continuous zigzag turns. If traveling by motorbike, you should pay attention to your speed and observe carefully during the trip. In addition, the driver must be experienced in going downhill and able to control speed.

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5. Exploring Tham Ma slope with unforgettable experiences

5.1 Conquering Tham Ma slope and admiring the majestic natural picture

Ha Giang is a famous place with a series of dangerous passes. The most typical of which include Ma Pi Leng Pass, Bac Sum Slope – Ha Giang, Ta Lang Slope – Ha Giang, etc. However, only Doc Tham Ma – Ha Giang possesses natural scenery that makes many people miss it.

After conquering the large slopes and the continuous and surprising bends, you will be able to clearly feel the majesty. And grandeur of this rocky plateau when traveling on the road with On one side is a steep cliff and on the other side is a deep abyss. Overcoming the steep rocky mountains that seem like they could collapse at any time. You will see the golden rice fields of the ethnic people.

At the highest position of Tham Ma slope, you will be able to move out to open spots. Then look out into the distance to fully see the beautiful river scenery of this remote place. Not only does it possess a brilliant natural picture with endless hills and mountains in the distance. You can also see rice fields cultivated by ethnic minorities. Only then can you clearly feel the magical connection between people and nature of this highland place.

5.2 Conquering Tham Ma Slope – A journey that challenges your courage

Although Tham Ma Slope is not as majestic as Bac Sum Slope, nor is it as majestic as Ma Pi Leng Pass. This place is no less competitive when it comes to possessing curves with large amplitude slopes. The area is relatively narrow, only enough for one vehicle to move.

Although located in a location not as high as its other ‘brothers’. Doc Tham Ma promises to bring you feelings ranging from goosebumps, startles, and finally extreme pleasure when overcoming all challenges along the journey. More specifically, Tham Ma slope is also a connecting link to other famous attractions in Ha Giang. So you can also combine the trip to Tham Ma slope and visit other spots to better understand the land. and people of the homeland.

6. Some attractive tourist sites near Tham Ma slope

IMG Du Gia Village Yen Minh 6

In order to make your journey to conquer Tham Ma Slope complete and full of beautiful memories. Origin Vietnam will suggest a few places near the slope area that you should visit once.

Quan Ba: Coming to Quan Ba, you can stop by to check-in at Quan Ba heaven gate, Co Tien twin mountains, Bac Sum slope, Quyet Tien market,… to explore the wild beauty of the mountains and forests as well as learn about customs and traditions of ethnic minorities here.

Yen Minh: The next destination is Yen Minh. In Yen Minh, you visit places: Yen Minh pine forest, Yen Minh town, Du Gia,…

Dong Van Rocky Mountain Plateau: Tham Ma Slope is the main road leading you to the idyllic and beloved Pho Cao village. Coming here, you can explore places such as Ma Pi Leng, Sung La, Pho Bang, Meo King’s mansion, and Lung Cu flagpole. Depending on your time, you should choose certain places to explore.

7. Specialties when conquering Tham Ma slope

IMG Au Tau Porridge 4

It would be a big mistake to conquer Tham Ma Slope without enjoying the specialties of Ha Giang. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the cuisine of the highland people here. Although these are rustic dishes, prepared by the people here themselves from products from the mountains or fields. The delicious flavor will make you remember them forever.

Along the way to Doc Tham Ma, you will stop by Quyet Tien market to enjoy Pho Trang Kim. Famous pho dishes of Trang Kim village, Quyet Tien, Quan Ba. With a sweet, not too fatty flavor and soft, chewy chicken, you will definitely be addicted to it immediately.

In addition, this is an opportunity for you to enjoy famous dishes of highland ethnic people such as thang co, corn wine, buckwheat cake, kitchen meat, five-color sticky rice, won amaranth, au tau porridge,…. Feel free to choose delicious dishes to enjoy every corner of Doc Tham Ma as well as the land of Ha Giang.

8. Some important notes before exploring Doc Tham Ma Slope

If you choose to travel by motorbike to Doc Tham Ma, remember to maintain your vehicle before going.

– Install enough rearview mirrors, choose a full-face helmet or a sturdy half-helmet to ensure safety throughout the journey.

– Bring all types of identification documents such as ID card, Citizen ID card, Driver’s license, Vehicle insurance (valid) in case of emergency.

– Remember to bring a backup charger to comfortably take photos all day.

– You should check the weather forecast before going to avoid going on rainy and windy days with slippery roads. Which will be very dangerous on this zigzag slope.

Above is what Origin Vietnam has compiled to help you understand more about the majestic beauty of Doc Tham Ma Slope. Make a schedule to explore Ha Giang and conquer this pass with Origin Vietnam – a professional tour organizer and operator.

With a team of experienced, dedicated tour consultants and tour guides with thorough knowledge of this land. We will take you on a journey to conquer Tham Ma slope with majestic natural landscapes and exciting experiences. Unforgettable experience!

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