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Thai Nguyen is a small city located in the midland and mountainous region of the Northeast, less than 100km from the capital Hanoi, with low mountainous terrain convenient for transportation. With a cool, temperate climate and fresh air, Thai Nguyen has become an ideal destination for weekends or holidays. With rich and diverse nature, Thai Nguyen promises to bring interesting experiences to visitors. Let’s follow Origin Vietnam to descover the travel beauty of Thai Nguyen.

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1. Where is Thai Nguyen?

Thai Nguyen province, has a very favorable location in the center of Northern of Vietnam region. The North borders Bac Kan province. The West borders Vinh Phuc and Tuyen Quang provinces. The East borders Lang Son and Bac Giang provinces. And the South is adjacent to the capital Hanoi. Thai Nguyen city center is 50 km from Noi Bai international airport, 75 km from Hanoi. And about 200 km from Chinese border gates and Hai Phong port.

2. How is Thai Nguyen Unique?

Thai Nguyen is not only a small city located near Hanoi. But also an interesting and attractive tourist destination. With the majestic and unique beauty of the mountains and hills, Thai Nguyen is gifted with beautiful landscapes. Such as Nui Coc Lake, Mo Ga stream and Phuong Hoang cave,…

In addition, this is also a destination that blends many unique cultures and the lives of the Tay, Nung, Dao and many other ethnic groups. Thai Nguyen also has historical and cultural destinations worth exploring. Especially the ATK Dinh Hoa historical relic site and the Museum of Cultures of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups. With the wild beauty of the mountains and pure nature, Thai Nguyen is a place worth exploring in Vietnam. In addition, this city also has many important ancient works and historical relics, witnesses of Vietnamese history during the resistance war against the French and the capital of the Viet Bac autonomous region.

Not only is it a tourist destination. But Thai Nguyen is also developing economically and industrially. This is a steel production and export center, making an important contribution to Vietnam’s economy. Visitors can visit steel factories, explore the production process and understand more about Thai Nguyen’s famous industry.

3. When is the best time to travel to Thai Nguyen?

Thai Nguyen’s weather is divided into two distinct seasons, the rainy season from May to October and the dry season from November to April of the following year. The climate here is quite mild and cool, allowing visitors to enjoy natural landscapes and fresh air all year round.

However, spring and summer, especially January, are the most ideal times to explore Thai Nguyen. Not only will you enjoy the cool nature. But you will also have the opportunity to participate in unique spring festivals of local ethnic groups.

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4. How to get to Thai Nguyen?

How to move to Thai Nguyen in the most convenient and easy way? To move from Hanoi to Thai Nguyen most conveniently. Because there are two main means of transportation. If using personal transportation (such as cars, motorbikes) or using public transportation (such as buses or trains.. Here are some popular options:

4.1, Travel by Car:

Traveling by car from Hanoi to Thai Nguyen is a popular and convenient method. You can choose QL3 (National Highway 3) or QL1B (National Highway 1B) to go from Hanoi to Thai Nguyen. QL3 is the more popular choice because it is wider and has better traffic conditions. Travel time by car from Hanoi to Thai Nguyen is about 2-3 hours, depending on traffic conditions and your driving speed.

If you like freedom and want to explore, traveling by motorbike is the top choice. Motorcycle travel will bring you new and interesting experiences. Besides, when traveling by motorbike, you can enjoy the poetic beauty of Thai Nguyen road in the most authentic way.

4.2, Travel by bus:

There are many bus companies operating the route from Hanoi to Thai Nguyen and vice versa. You can learn about bus companies such as Hoang Long, Sao Viet, Hoa Mai, or Gia Lam Bus Station buses for more information about schedules and ticket prices. Travel time by bus is usually about 3-4 hours. It’s depending on traffic volume and road conditions.

4.3, Travel by Train:

If you want to experience traveling by train, the train is a popular and familiar means of transport on this route. There are 3 stations departing from Hanoi to Thai Nguyen. Gia Lam station, Dong Anh station and Yen Vien station. Travel time and train ticket prices depend on the type of train car and seat you choose.

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5. Top Sightseeing & Things to do in Thai Nguyen

5.1, Gia Temple and Twin Cao Pagoda:

Visitors can explore the natural beauty and experience unique culture in Thai Nguyen. Coming to Gia temple, visitors will visit the temples of Phu Dong Thien Vuong and King Manh Dien. The special heroes who had the merit of repelling the enemy to save the country. Doi Cao Pagoda, built during the Ly Dynasty and experienced during the resistance war against the French, is an interesting sightseeing spot.

5.2, Ghenh Che Lake and Ba Van Horse Farm

Thai Nguyen also has beautiful destinations. Such as Ghenh Che Lake, where visitors can relax and enjoy the peaceful space of nature. Ba Van Horse Farm is an attractive place not only for horseback riding lovers. but also for those who want to admire the beautiful scenery with vast green fields and majestic mountains.

5.3, Nui Coc Lake tourist area

Nui Coc Lake tourist area is considered a miniature “Ha Long Bay” of Thai Nguyen. With a freshwater lake and more than 89 islands combined together. Tourists can freely have fun on the yacht, admire the beautiful scenery at Hoa Family Island, visit an ancient house more than 200 years old. Thien Thac Vang Pagoda and fairy parks and zoos.

5.4, 27/7 Relic Area

If you are interested in history, visit the 27/7 Relic Area, which commemorates the heroes who sacrificed their lives for the country. With the Tam Quan gate, memorial house and ceremony yard. The relic site has been restored according to traditional architecture.

5.5, Dinh Hoa ATK Relic Area

Located in Dinh Hoa district, Thai Nguyen province, ATK Dinh Hoa relic site is one of the important historical relics of Vietnam. This is where the Vietnam People’s Army organized fierce campaigns to repel the enemy. The relic site includes many valuable architectural works and historical properties, contributing to preserving the memory of a historical period of the nation.

5.6, Khau Ty Hill historical relic area:

Khau Ty Hill is where Uncle Ho lived and worked from the first headquarters until mid-October 1947. This was also the inspiration for Uncle Ho to compose the poem “Late Night Scene”, a work Literature is loved by many generations of students.

5.7, Hang Pagoda:

Hang Pagoda, also known as “Fairy Lu Phat Cave”. It is located about 2 km from Thai Nguyen city center. With beautiful architecture and location between three large mountains. This pagoda attracts tourists from near and far to visit and worship.

5.8, Kim Dinh Lake eco-tourism area:

Located in Phu Binh, Kim Dinh Lake Ecotourism Area is an ideal destination for those who love natural habitats. Visitors can participate in cycling, fishing, climbing and camping to enjoy moments of relaxation. Explore the culture, people and nature of Phu Binh land.

5.9, Cau Muoi Pagoda:

Located in Phu Luong commune, Phu Binh district. Cau Muoi Pagoda is a historical pagoda built in the 17th century. This is an ancient cultural relic of the locality, with unique architecture including bamboo bridges, communal houses and pagoda, creating a beautiful scene. Cau Muoi Pagoda attracts many tourists and is a favorite destination of Thai Nguyen.

5.10, Ong Hoang Bay’s Tomb Temple – Trai Cau:

Ong Hoang Bay’s Tomb Temple is the resting place of Ong Hoang Bay, carrying within itself a sacred and peaceful space. With beautiful scenery in the forest, including rice fields in front and mountains, forests behind. This place is worth a visit when traveling to Thai Nguyen.

5.11, Duom Temple

Duom Temple is a beautiful spiritual historical relic ranked as a national historical relic and scenic spot. With its ancient appearance and cool green space, this place attracts the attention of tourists from all over.

5. 12, Trinh Temple

Trinh Temple is also a famous spiritual destination in Phu Luong district. Located on the banks of the Tien River, this relic has ancient and sacred beauty, and has been ranked as a provincial-level historical and cultural relic. Coming here, you will feel the charm and vitality of ancient religious culture.

5.13, Phuong Hoang Cave and Mo Ga stream

Phuong Hoang cave cluster and Mo Ga stream are interesting attractions in Vo Nhai. Phuong Hoang Cave, located in Phu Thuong commune, Vo Nhai district, has a length of 476m and an internal height of up to 70m and has a strange and surprisingly beautiful scene. The special thing is that it is located at an altitude of 500m above sea level, creating a unique and attractive space. Besides, Mo Ga stream is also a notable destination with beautiful scenery and fresh air. This is an ideal stop to cool off and relax amidst the natural scenery.

5.14, Nam Rut Waterfall or Falling Rain Waterfall

Exploring Nam Rut waterfall (Rain Falls) in Thanh Sa commune is also a memorable experience. This beautiful waterfall falls from the mountain into the Than Sa river, creating a wild and poetic landscape. Not only pleasing to the eyes, the fresh and cool air along with the feeling of relaxation will make visitors truly immersed in the natural beauty of this place.

5.15, Tan Cuong Tea Hill:

Located 10 km southwest of Thai Nguyen city center, Tan Cuong tea hill is a special highlight of Thai Nguyen tourism. With more than 1,300 hectares of tea growing area, Tan Cuong tea hill has the perfect beauty of natural scenery. Every corner here is full of fresh green, bringing a feeling of relaxation and attraction to visitors.

5. 16, Thai Hai Ethnic Stilt House Conservation Area:

Located near the center of Thai Nguyen city, Thai Hai stilt house village conservation area is a unique eco-tourism destination. Here, you will experience the life of the Tay and Nung ethnic people and participate in self-sufficient activities such as farming, fish farming, processing tea, wine and bottled water. Clean living environment and food sources are top priorities in this conservation area.

6. Specialties When Traveling to Thai Nguyen

Thai Nguyen is a famous tourist destination in Northeast Vietnam, attracting tourists with its wild, natural and poetic beauty. Another special feature of Thai Nguyen is its diverse and famous culinary system. Let’s explore Thai Nguyen cuisine.

IMG Cooc Mo Cake

6.1, Dai Tu sour spring roll

Exploring Thai Nguyen culinary culture starts with Dai Tu nem chua. With an irresistible flavor, this sour spring roll is fried or grilled over charcoal to create a unique flavor. The combination of the sweetness of the meat, the scent of guava leaves and the sweet taste of banana leaves creates a special appeal for Dai Tu nem chua. You can find this type of fermented pork roll at the Nui Van – Nui Vo festival at Luu Nhan Chu Temple.

6.2, Uc Ky sticky rice sauce

Uc Ky Sticky Rice Sauce is a famous specialty in Thai Nguyen. Made from Castor glutinous rice seeds, Uc Ky sticky rice sauce has a different flavor compared to other types of soy sauce.

6.3, Dinh Hoa Lam Rice

Dinh Hoa Lam Rice is a simple dish of the Thai Nguyen Mountainous people. Lam rice is cooked from delicious sticky rice, water from the stream and grilled in young bamboo tubes. When eaten, the burnt bamboo skin will create a rich flavor, especially when combined with sesame salt.

6.4, Thua Lam rolled shrimp

Thua Lam rolled shrimp is a traditional dish of the people of Thua Lam village, Tien Phong commune. This dish is simple and does not require much preparation. Mixed shrimp rolls combine the crunchy and fatty taste of shrimp, the taste of fried eggs, lean pork sausage and natural vegetables from Thai Nguyen.

6.5, Bo Dau Chung cake

Bo Dau Chung Cake is a famous specialty of Phu Luong. This banh chung is made from specialty sticky rice, giving it a characteristic sticky and delicious flavor. To have delicious banh chung like Bo Dau, people need to choose lychee sticky rice, a specialty rice of Phu Luong, to ensure quality and unique flavor.

7. Accommodation in Thai Nguyen

If you want to visit Thai Nguyen tea land and stay for a few days, you don’t need to worry about finding suitable accommodation. Thai Nguyen has promoted tourism in recent years, so you have many accommodation options to suit your needs. To ensure there are no difficulties during the peak tourist season, learn about hotel reservations in Thai Nguyen before departure.

If you have an abundant budget and want to enjoy the best services, you can choose high-class resorts such as Sunny House Resort or May Plaza Retreat Resort,… In addition, there are a number of hotels near the center. with beautiful views are also great choices, such as Dong A Plaza, Ha Duong hotel, Kim Thai hotel.

With a cool, temperate climate and fresh air, Thai Nguyen becomes an ideal destination for weekends or holidays. Thai Nguyen promises to bring interesting experiences with rich and diverse nature. You can explore beautiful nature reserves, stroll in lush green parks, or participate in outdoor recreational activities such as fishing, climbing and exploring forests and mountains.

Let our team help you enjoy wonderful experiences in Thai Nguyen. With a team of professional consultants, we will create memorable tours in Vietnam and meet your expectations. Contact us: to book a Thai Nguyen tour today!

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