Thai Hai stilt house village
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Thai Hai Stilt House Village

Thai Nguyen is a land with many historical, cultural, and famous landscapes, one of which is the Thai Hai stilt house village. The stilt house conservation area is a large, quiet natural space.

This place is suitable for tourists who love nature and like to learn and explore regional ethnic culture. Let’s explore and learn about the Thai Hai stilt house village with Origin Vietnam!

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1. Where is the Thai Hai stilt house village conservation area?

Thai Hai ethnic stilt house village conservation area in My Hao hamlet, Thinh Duc commune, Thai Nguyen city. This is located between two big cities of Thai Nguyen, only 6km from Thai Nguyen city center to the Northeast. And about 10km from Song Cong city center to the Northwest. 70 km north of Hanoi city center and about 45 km from Noi Bai airport.

2. How is Thai Hai stilt house village conservation area unique?

Thai Hai stilt house village has a scale of up to 25 hectares. There are 30 stilt houses with a life of up to hundreds of years. The most interesting thing here is that all production activities of the people are self-sufficient. There are more than 100 people here, all of whom are Tay and Nung ethnic people, gathering together to do business and live.

They grow vegetables, cultivate rice, raise fish, raise cattle, produce bottled water, grow and process green tea.Beside brew their own wine according to their ethnic characteristics. All activities are linked to ecology, to ensure no impact on the environment and maintain clean, nutritious food sources for use. Coming to Thai Hai stilt house village, you will experience the life of ethnic people, listen to stories. Especially participate in entertainment activities of ethnic minorities.

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3. When to travel to Thai Hai stilt house village conservation area?

The weather in the real estate reserve in Thai Nguyen province is typical of the weather in Northern Vietnam. It is in the tropical monsoon climate area, with cold winters. A year here is divided into 4 seasons, including: spring, summer, autumn, winter.

According to our Thai Nguyen travel experience, visitors come here in every season, and each season has its own unique beauty. Summer will be a very suitable time for you to come, avoid the heat and enjoy the fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

In addition, you should also come here in the first lunar month to be able to participate in the unique traditional festivals of the Tay people. The weather is a bit chilly at this time, visitors should bring warm clothes and check the weather forecast in advance to have the best trip.

4. How to get to Thai Hai stilt house village conservation area?

4.1. Travel by bus

Tourists in Hanoi can easily buy tickets at major bus stations: My Dinh bus station, Giap Bat bus station to get to the Thai Hai stilt house village in Thai Nguyen city. Travel time takes about 1.5 hours.

Tourists who choose to travel by bus will avoid getting lost and the bus moves quickly and safely. Some reputable bus companies for visitors to refer to: An Binh, Thanh Thuy, Ha Lan, Tan Dat,…

4.2. Travel by motorbike

Tourists in areas surrounding the reserve can choose this type of vehicle to travel to the city. Tourists in Hanoi go from Hanoi city center through Nhat Tan bridge and then onto National Highway 3, going straight north. Then, go straight on DT262 road to the conservation area in Thai Nguyen city. Motorbikes are for tourists who love to travel, want to feel the streets of Vietnam more authentically and be more proactive in moving.

Note, when traveling by motorbike, visitors need to bring all necessary documents, personal tools, maps to avoid getting lost, and especially always wear a helmet to ensure safety when participating in traffic. pine.

4.3. Travel by train

Tourists in Hanoi can go to stations: Yen Vien, Long Bien, Dong Anh, Gia Lam to buy train tickets to Thai Nguyen station in Thai Nguyen city with trains QT1 and QT2. From Thai Nguyen station, visitors go more than 8km to the reserve by many different types of vehicles: motorbike taxi, taxi, bus,… travel time is about 2 hours.

Tourists in the South or Central region can go to the nearest station to buy train tickets from where you live to Hanoi. Then, from Hanoi you can choose many types of transportation to get to the stilt house conservation area located in Thai Nguyen city.

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5. Sightseeing & things to do in Thai Hai stilt house village conservation area

5.1. Visit the stilt house

When exploring the ecological stilt house village conservation area of ​​the Thai Hai ethnic group, visitors will admire sustainable stilt houses that have existed for hundreds of years, with characteristic architecture and unique culture. of the villagers. Stilt houses are not simply a place to live, but also a place to carry out customs and rituals and a place for the development of traditional crafts. The Tay people’s stilt houses have a natural beauty and airy rooms, surrounded by wild, majestic mountains and forests.

The structure of the stilt house is not too complicated, including 4 roofs with 2 large main roofs and 2 small side roofs. When building, it requires high sophistication and precision from the workers. All the patterns and highlights of the house are hand-carved by the craftsmen, creating unique features in every detail of the stilt house.

With a high location, the Tay people’s stilt houses provide a fresh and cool space. It not only protects from the cold of winter, but also helps to avoid wet rain, creating conditions for a comfortable and warm life for the family.

5.2. Experience the traditional culture of the Tay ethnic people

When coming to the reserve, visitors see that the families here do not have their own property. All production and daily activities are done together by the people, creating a common fund to serve the needs of the village. Furthermore, coming here, visitors will always see people wearing traditional indigo clothes. Even children as young as 1-2 years old are allowed to wear them every day to gradually get used to the traditional costumes of the Tay ethnic group.

Especially in terms of language, all villagers speak and communicate with each other in the Tay ethnic language, they only use Mandarin when communicating with tourists. In addition, people here still preserve the then singing and playing the Tinh lute. This is also an interesting experience for tourists when sitting in a stilt house in the middle of the mountains and forests, while listening to the people play and sing.

5.3. Participate in festivals of the Tay ethnic people

Tourists coming here not only experience the daily lifestyle, but also collective activities and traditional folk festivals of the Tay people often take place here. The famous festival of the Tay people is the Long Tong festival, held in January every year. In addition, at other times, there are also rituals here such as: worshiping the mother, celebrating longevity, new rice ceremony and ancestor worship rituals according to the customs and habits of the people.

At festivals, tourists can participate in traditional games of the people: throwing shuttlecocks, walking on stilts, smashing pots, tug of war, etc. In addition, there are also cultural shows that tourists should not Skip: dancing, singing, lion dancing, drumming,…

6. Specialties when traveling to Thai Hai stilt house village conservation area

Inside the Thai Hai stilt house village conservation area, there is a food area available to serve specialties to visitors here. Let’s learn about the specialties here with Origin Vietnam!

6.1. Thai Hai green tea

Tea in Thai Hai is grown and cared for by farmers in the conservation area themselves until harvest and processing, so you can rest assured about the quality of Thai Hai tea. The tea is processed and vacuum-packed right in the reserve.

6.2. Various types of soaked wine and rare medicinal plants

Living in the middle of natural mountains and forests, people here know about rare plants that can be used as traditional medicine. Plants picked deep inside the forest are brought home by people, washed, chopped, dried and preserved very carefully.

Those rare plants are also used by people as raw materials to soak bottles of precious wine. Wine is made from leaf yeast that people make themselves, then brewed and distilled into wine using traditional methods. People use wine they make themselves to soak with precious medicinal plants. This is a natural specialty of the people here that visitors can buy to use and give as gifts to relatives and friends.

6.3. Wormwood leaf cake

Wormwood leaf cake is always a special dish of the Tay people, always on the list of dishes to try. The cake is made from fragrant sticky rice pounded with wormwood leaves to create a special cake with eye-catching colors. The cake can have no filling or can be filled with sesame or ant egg filling, which is very delicious. Medium sweet cake, good for health, visitors to Thai Nguyen should not miss this cake.

6.4. Coc Mo cake

Coc Mo cake is a famous dish of the Tay ethnic people living in Thai Nguyen. This type of cake is wrapped into pointed cones like cow horns, so it is also known as croissants. The cake is wrapped in dong or banana leaves, combining pounded sticky rice with peanuts and spring water. When cooked, the cake will have a light green color, the aroma of sticky rice spreads everywhere combined with its elasticity and sweetness, making it memorable for tourists.

6.5. Ant egg cake

Ant egg cake is made from glutinous rice flour, fig leaves and especially black ant eggs. The cake is very flexible and fragrant with sticky rice flour, has the rich taste of fig leaves. Especially the greasiness of wild ant eggs, which is very delicious and creates a unique characteristic of this type of cake. This is also a specialty dish of the Tay ethnic people living here.

IMG Thai Hai Stilt House Village

7. Accommodation when traveling to Thai Hai stilt house village conservation area

7.1. The resort is located in the Thai Hai stilt house village conservation area

In addition to the stilt houses in the ‘Conservation Area’ and the stilt houses where people live. There are many stilt houses around that are used as guest houses for visitors to rest. If possible, stay here to enjoy dinner with people in the ‘Reserve’ and listen to Then songs.

7.2. Hotels and motels near Thai Hai stilt house village conservation area

In addition, for convenience of long-term stays and guaranteed service quality and security. We have compiled some hotels in Thai Nguyen city for visitors to refer to:

  • May Plaza Hotel. Address: 668 Phan Dinh Phung, Group 7, Dong Quang, Thai Nguyen City
  • Queen Hotel Thai Nguyen. Address: 484 Phan Dinh Phung, Dong Quang, Thai Nguyen City
  • The King Hotel – Condotel. Address: No. 99 Bac Son Street, Hoang Van Thu, Thai Nguyen City
  • Hoang Mam Hotel. Address: 22 Luong The Vinh, Quang Trung, Thai Nguyen City
  • Kim Thai Hotel. Address: No. 3 Hoang Van Thu, Thai Nguyen City

With its wild beauty, traditional stilt houses of the Tay ethnic people and typical culinary culture. This reserve has attracted many domestic and foreign tourists to visit and experience.

If you are still wondering where to go for your upcoming tour Vietnam, don’t hesitate to come here. Please contact Origin Vietnam immediately – the leading tour operator in Vietnam. With a team of enthusiastic and experienced consultants, we always help you have the most complete experience.

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