Tan Lac
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Tan Lac

Tan Lac is considered the “second Sapa” of Northern Vietnam. With beautiful natural landscapes, fresh and cool climate, unique cultural features and living habits. Along with the warmth and hospitality of local people. Tan Lac, Vietnam tourist attractions are ideal places of discovery for domestic and foreign tourists.

IMG Lung Van Tan Lac Hoa Binh

1. Where is Tan Lac?

Tan Lac is a mountainous district in Hoa Binh province, with roads connecting to National Highway 1A, connecting the Northwest region and the capital Hanoi. About 35 km south of Hoa Binh city and about 105 km southwest of Hanoi capital. Known as one of the cradles of the Muong people with a famous traditional culture.

With geographical location:

  • The East borders Cao Phong district and Lac Son district.
  • The West borders Mai Chau district.
  • The South borders Ba Thuoc district, Thanh Hoa province.
  • The North borders Da Bac district with the boundary being Hoa Binh lake.

2. How is Tan Lac unique?

Favored by ideal natural conditions, Tan Lac has many advantages in tourism development. Hoa Binh tourism in general and Tan Lac in particular are extremely famous for destinations such as: Hoa Tien Cave, Flag Pillar Mountain, Thung Khe Pass,… because of the amazing natural landscape, majestic scenery and many unique landscapes and archaeological relics.

Coming to Tan Lac highland, visitors can also enjoy the beauty of terraced fields, explore traditional lifestyles such as stilt houses or relax under waterfalls on hot summer days. All of these create unique features of highland tourism, attracting tourists to explore.

In particular, cultural tourism in Tan Lac is also focused on the Muong people’s new rice festival, which takes place every year after the Lunar New Year in the center of Tan Lac town. Finally, exploration and experience tourism is a strong point of Tan Lac, with notable natural attractions. Such as Thung waterfall, Nam Son cave, Lung Van tourism,…

IMG Tan Lac Hoa Binh 2

3. When is the best time to travel to Tan Lac?

Tan Lac is beautiful in every season in its own way, so you can travel here in any season.

  • February to April is spring, when the forest of banyan flowers blooms, and the weather is warm and quite pleasant. Tan Lac’s landscape changes throughout the summer. This is also the season when traditional folk festivals take place with a series of interesting festive and spiritual activities.
  • May and June are the rice season, the yellow color of ripe rice fields covers the entire valley.
  • July is the flood season, when the whole space is like a large mirror reflecting the breathtaking natural landscape.
  • August to October is the best season to travel to Tan Lac, enjoying the crisp autumn weather in the sunshine pouring honey on the rice fields. At the end of October, the valley turns yellow during harvest time.
  • From November to January next year is the season of apricot blossoms and white plums in the valley. Nature seems to be wearing a new coat, trees are budding and flowers are blooming and showing off their fragrance.

4. How to get to Tan Lac?

4.1. By public transport

To travel to Tan Lac from Hanoi, you can catch a bus at bus stations such as My Dinh, Giap Bat, Yen Nghia to depart for Tan Lac. The car travels along Highway 6 for about 100 km to Muong Khen town. At the intersection, turn right and go about 5 km further to reach Tan Lac. With the distance from Hanoi to Tan Lac about more than 100 km, the travel time will take about 2-2.5 hours.

Limousines offer more privacy and comfort, so they have higher ticket prices. The convenience of limousine service is that the car will pick up and drop off visitors at the place you request.

4.2. By personal vehicles

Because the distance from Hanoi to Tan Lac is not too far, you can travel by motorbike. You can rent a motorbike in Hanoi city, there are many motorbike rental services available here. Or you may interest Mai Chau tour package plus Tan Lac. For those who are passionate about moving and exploring, this vehicle is the ideal choice. You will be proactive about your travel and rest schedule. Furthermore, you also have the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking scenery along the road to Tan Lac.

5. Sightseeings in Tan Lac

5.1. Hoa Tien Cave

IMG Hoa Tien cave Tan Lac Hoa Binh

It’s not bueaitful of famous as Phong Nha cave in Quang Binh. But known as one of the most beautiful caves in the province, Hoa Tien cave relic is located in the heart of a limestone mountain range, attracting tourists to explore. As soon as you walk in the cave, visitors will be amazed by the wonderful beauty of countless stalactites, stalagmites, and stone pillars of all kinds of interesting shapes. The inside of the cave reflects sparkling light like stage lights, creating the feeling of a natural art museum.

Hoa Tien Cave is located on the back of Bua Dam limestone mountain or Ba mountain, in Ngoi hamlet. The cave has a dome about 20m high and about 50m wide, with many large and small stalactites. In there, there is a giant stalactite “growing” from the bottom up like a lotus-seated Buddha statue, along with a group of other small Buddha statues.

On the left side when going deep into the cave are transparent lakes, some up to 1m deep and the lake surface is calm. The soft emulsion strips hang down very beautifully and when someone knocks on it, the sound is like a gong, the sound of the gong echoes throughout the place in a very unique way.

5.2. Ngoc Son – Ngo Luong Nature Reserve

IMG Ngoc Son Ngo Luong Nature Reserve Tan Lac Hoa Binh

The reserve is located in the central area of the Pu Luong – Cuc Phuong habitat area. It is one of the rare remaining limestone forests in Northern Vietnam, an important limestone ecosystem in the world. Ngo Luong has a high biodiversity distribution, with many species on the world’s list of threatened species, many of which are protected by Vietnamese law.

5.3. Flagpole Mountain

IMG Muong Bi Flagpole Mountain Tan Lac Hoa Binh

Originally called Khu Doi, Muong Bi Flagpole Mountain underwent a name change to Ong Tung Mountain. However, due to its tall, solid, and vertical resemblance to a flagpole, the people chose to rename it Flagpole Mountain. This majestic mountain consists of an independent limestone block, towering with beauty between heaven and earth.

This location harbors numerous values waiting to be explored. The mountain’s aesthetic appeal is evident in its shape, along with the vibrant colors of the plants, trees, and landscapes. Such as Nuoc Cave and Ang Ca Cave. Within the mountain lies a cave that preserves prehistoric cultural vestiges of Hoa Binh culture, estimated to be between 30,000 and 11,000 years old.

5.4. Thung Khe Pass

IMG Thung Khe Tan Lac Hoa Binh

Thung Khe Pass, also known as White Rock Pass, is a famous pass for its danger, natural beauty and a small market located at the top of the pass. This is an interesting stop and a great sightseeing place in Hoa Binh. When you come here, you can experience all four seasons in one day. During stable weather days, the pass is covered with white clouds, creating an amazing scene when looking down into the valley from above.

5.5. Ngoi Hoa village

If tourists want to find a quiet, peaceful place with rich cultural values, Ngoi Hoa village is an ideal destination. Coming here, visitors have the opportunity to learn about local cultural life, experience many interesting activities with the honest and friendly Muong people, who make a living by farming, fishing and living in traditional stilt houses. This place is blessed with a temperate climate, protected by limestone mountains with green trees all year round.

5.6. Moon WaterFalls

Hoa Binh Moon Waterfall flows in the middle of a poetic field. On one side are dreamy terraced fields, combined with the pristine beauty of the 3-tier waterfall with white foam. On the opposite side are stilt roofs located peacefully at the foot of the majestic Truong Son mountain range. Hidden in the old trees, in the distance, only the sound of water rushing down to the foot of the waterfall can be heard.

5.7. Lung Van market

The market is held every Tuesday. This is a Tan Lac tourist destination that attracts many traders in the region and surrounding areas to exchange, buy and sell essential goods for daily life. At the market, there are many typical products of highland communes displayed and sold such as: Nam Son ancient tangerines and Quyet Chien chayote.

In particular, there are many shops offering brocade fabric products with unique patterns, expressing the delicate beauty of Muong culture, attracting the attention of tourists.

5.8. Thac Bo Cave

IMG Thac Bo Cave Tan Lac Hoa Binh

The cave is located near Ngoc wharf on the Chua mountain range, north of Hoa Binh lake. Thac Bo tourism, in addition to being linked with the relics of Ba Chua Thuong Ngan temple, where King Le Loi quelled the Northern rebellion, Thac Bo cave is also known as an important stop for those passing through the river. Momentum when encountering big waves and strong winds.

Therefore, for a long time this tourist destination has attracted tourists from all over to visit and travel. During the dry season, if you want to visit the cave, you have to climb nearly 100 stone steps from the foot of the mountain to the entrance of the cave. During the high water season, you can transfer from the boat to the floating house by walking on a raft made from bamboo, stretching about 50m, to continue into the cave entrance.

5.9. Lung Van

IMG Lung Van Tan Lac Hoa Binh 1

Located at an altitude of 1,200m above sea level, scattered clouds and surrounded by many mountains, this place is called Lung Van valley. Located at the highest position in Muong Bi, Lung Van is famous from the myth “Giving birth to the land” of the Muong people.

In addition, this place is famous for its wonderful natural beauty and is an ideal destination for cloud hunting. Besides, you also have the opportunity to experience beautiful scenery with mountains, forests and magical terraced fields. Stopping at the Lung Van area, you will also enjoy delicious indigenous dishes.

6. Specialties when traveling to Tan Lac

6.1. Com Lam (Bamboo tube rice)

When mentioning Hoa Binh specialties, surely everyone will immediately think of Lam rice first. This seemingly rustic and simple dish turns out to have an irresistibly delicious flavor, making diners who have eaten it want to eat more.

Hoa Binh Lam Rice is made from delicious glutinous rice, mixed with shredded coconut rice, pandan leaf juice, coconut milk, then put into a bamboo tube and grilled over charcoal. When the rice is cooked, the outside of this Hoa Binh specialty dish has an eye-catching yellow color, the inside is still flexible and fragrant with pandan leaves and coconut milk. Once you eat it, you will remember it forever.

6.2. Pickled pork

If you hear about this Hoa Binh specialty for the first time, everyone probably thinks of spring rolls, but that’s not actually the case.

Pickled pork is made from medium-sized, free-range pork. When eaten, it feels firm and not greasy. The meat is mixed with typical Northwest spices, then left to ferment. When enjoying this Hoa Binh specialty, diners will wrap it with wild vegetables such as cinnamon leaves, jackfruit leaves, dipped in chili sauce, making it even more attractive.

After being marinated with Northwest spices, the pork is pickled to create an attractive flavor

6.3. Boiled Man Pig

Pigs are raised freely in villages and fields, so when eating, diners can clearly feel the freshness, sweetness and attractive firmness. This Hoa Binh specialty dish has a unique way of preparation because it is boiled in fragrant straw, then boiled one more time to soften the meat.

After being cooked, pork has golden skin, is soft and succulent. When eaten immediately, you can clearly feel the aroma of the spiced leaves, the fatty taste of the fatty meat and skin, which is very attractive.

Boiled pig has a golden skin, you can immediately feel the softness and succulence of the meat when you taste it.

6.4. Sour bamboo shoots cooked with chicken

Sour bamboo shoots cooked with chicken is a Hoa Binh specialty suitable for eating on hot days. Unlike plain bamboo shoots, Hoa Binh bamboo shoots are originally wild bamboo shoots. When eaten, you can clearly feel the naturally sweet and sour taste, which is very attractive.

The chicken used to prepare this Hoa Binh specialty dish is Lac Son chicken that is raised freely. Therefore, when eating, diners will feel more attracted to the sweet, firm chicken meat. The sweetness of chicken, eaten with a bit of sourness from wild bamboo shoots, adds to the deliciousness, helping diners enjoy a lot without feeling sick.

6.5. Spring rolls with grapefruit leaves

Grapefruit leaves are a popular leaf in Hoa Binh, and are used by highland people when cooking to help create attractive specialties, attracting diners from the first time they enjoy them.

Grapefruit leaf spring rolls are a Hoa Binh specialty with many layers of attractive flavors. It is the spicy and astringent taste of grapefruit leaves, combined with the rich flavor of marinated pork. When enjoying a grapefruit leaf roll, diners will feel an explosion of flavors in their mouths, from the spicy taste of wild vegetables to the harmonious fat and saltiness of pork and the aroma of the charred outer layer. embers.

The spicy taste of grapefruit leaves when combined with the rich flavor of pork creates a unique dish

7. Accommodation when traveling to Tan Lac

7.1. Hotels:

  • Hung Manh Hotel. Address: Man Duc Town, Tan Lac, Hoa Binh.
  • An Lac Hotel. Address: National Highway 12B, Quy Hau, Tan Lac, Hoa Binh.

7.2. Guesthouses:

  • Hung Linh Guest House. Address: Phu Cuong, Tan Lac, Hoa Binh.
  • Son Phuong Guesthouse. Address: National Highway 130, Muong Khen Town, Tan Lac, Hoa Binh.
  • Anh Duong Motel. Address: Highway 12B, Man Duc, Tan Lac, Hoa Binh.

7.3. Homestays:

  • Moon House. Address: Ngoi Hoa, Tan Lac, Hoa Binh.
  • Cao Son Homestay Lang Ba. Address: Ban Ba, Lung Cao, Tan Lac, Hoa Binh.
  • Muong Bi Homestay. Address: Phong Phu, Tan Lac, Hoa Binh.
  • Uncle Trinh Homestay. Address: Lung Van, Tan Lac, Hoa Binh.

8. Some important notes when traveling to Tan Lac

  • You must fill up your car with gas first because gas stations are rare in highland communes. Must bring snacks because there are no restaurants here and very few grocery stores and candy stores.
  • Carrying rain boots, a raincoat and a waterproof bag for your camera are indispensable in your backpack because many days of the year this place is covered in fog and drizzle.
  • Need to equip cultural knowledge when traveling to Tan Lac. Especially some customs and practices of the Muong people so that we can understand and behave appropriately, respecting the culture of the destination. Research the terrain to conduct an exploration trip, because tourism services are not yet developed in this area.
  • Need to bring all identification documents, cash, etc. in case of need.
  • Because you have to walk a lot in destinations, you should bring shoes and sandals with low, soft and anti-slip soles. You should also bring a thin jacket to wear, because in mountainous areas, the weather often drops when it gets dark.

Tan Lac of Muong region has a richness in natural landscape, culture and cuisine. Tan Lac tourism attractions will meet the needs of tourists to explore and experience.

In order to prepare for your Vietnam tour to Tan Lac with the desire to have a lot of fun and fulfillment, immediately contact Origin Vietnam team – a professional tour operator. We will take you on a journey to discover Tan Lac with the most interesting experiences, accompanied by our team of consultants, tour operators and professional and dedicated local guides that make your Hoa Binh tours become the most meaningful.

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