Tam Hai Island
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Tam Hai Island

Tam Hai Island “attracts” tourists from around the world. Thanks to its long arc-shaped clear blue beach, shady rows of coconut palms leaning towards the sea. And there are many bumpy rocks stacked on top of each other creating a strange scene. Let’s explore this beautiful island with Origin Vietnam.

IMG Ban Than Hon Mang Hon Dua Tam Hai Island 1

1. Where is Tam Hai Island?

Tam Hai Island belongs to Tam Hai commune, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province, Vietnam. About 30 km southeast of Tam Ky city, about 65 km southeast of Hoi An and about 93 km southeast of Da Nang city.

2. How is Tam Hai Island unique?

Tam Hai Island possesses poetic beauty, wild and peaceful scenery with long rows of coconut trees spreading out on the sandy shore. The special feature of Tam Hai is its extremely unique terrain thanks to 3 sides bordering the sea, the remaining 1 side separated from the mainland by the immense, rolling Truong Giang River.

Thanks to its geographical characteristics, Tam Hai island has become a unique Quang Nam tourist destination, bringing a different sea flavor, attracting tourists to find a peaceful place.

IMG Tam Hai Island 3

3. When is the best time to visit Tam Hai Island?

Nui Thanh district is an area with a tropical humid monsoon climate, the average annual temperature is about 25.7°C. From May to August is the hottest time of the year.

From December to February next year, the temperature will drop and the weather will be relatively pleasant. If you want to travel to the beach, you should avoid the rainy season from September to December. August to November is the time when many storms occur, which can cause heavy rain and floods.

Therefore, the ideal time to travel to Tam Hai Island is around March – May. At this time, the weather is less rainy, sunny and the sea is calm, so it will ensure safety when traveling and experiencing activities for tourists. .

4. How to get to Tam Hai island?

There are many directions to move to Tam Hai Nui Thanh island in Quang Nam. Among them, you can choose the route to Tam Hai Island in Quang Nam following popular directions, easy to go from Da Nang, Tam Ky or from Hoi An.

  • Traveling from Da Nang: From the center, follow National Highway 1A toward Nui Thanh district. You will go about 100km to reach milestone 1020 and then turn toward the sea about 10 km to catch the ferry at Ky Ha estuary. Via the ferry at Ky Ha estuary, you will arrive at Tam Hai, Quang Nam.
  • From Tam Ky: Start moving along National Highway 1A to the East to reach Tam Hoa, go about 16 km and turn left when reaching Dien Bien Phu then continue on the road to Tam Hoa wharf. Here you board a small ferry to go to a small village port at the southern tip of Tam Hai Island.
  • Traveling from Hoi An: Start from Cua Dai bridge to the south and then go down any small road leading from the main highway. Continue moving towards the coast on the left, passing Tam Thanh village about 20 km to reach the top of the peninsula and the place to take the ferry. Take a ferry and you will reach Tam Hai island.
IMG Ancient Wall Tam Hai Island

5. Experiences and Activities on Tam Hai Island

5.1 Taking check-in photos at Tam Hai mural village

Based on inspiration from Tam Thanh mural village (Tam Ky city, Quang Nam). Students of Da Nang University of Technology have “enchanted” the walls of people’s houses and fences into vivid, colorful murals.

The unique scenery from the paintings has made this place an extremely “hot” tourist destination in Quang Nam province, attracting a large number of young tourists to visit and take “check-in” photos.

5.2 Admiring the beautiful, pristine natural scenery at Tam Hai Island

Tam Hai island commune has 3 famous beautiful islands: Hon Dua, Hon Mang, Hon Than. With wild beauty and not too crowded, this place is a great destination for those who want to “refresh” themselves and restore energy.

  • Hon Mang: has a long stretch of fine white sand and impressive reefs. This place is suitable for those who love nature and want to enjoy a quiet and peaceful space. Visitors can bring light luggage and necessary items to spend the night on the island, this is also a great experience.
  • Hon Than: is an extremely attractive spot for backpackers in Tam Hai island commune. However, to get here, visitors will need to rent a boat at a cost of about 50,000 VND – 100,000 VND.
  • Hon Dua: is the largest and most beautiful island among the islands near Tam Hai. In particular, this place also has many beautiful reefs and clear blue water that is very convenient for rowing basket boats.

5.3 Immersing yourself in the cool water at Ban Than rapids – An Hoa beach

Many tourists also compare Tam Hai island as “Ly Son of Quang Ngai” because there are Ban Than rock rapids that have many similarities with To Vo gate on Ly Son island.

Thanks to the persistent erosion of wind and sea water, this place has sparkling black stone tables stretching more than 1km. Under the skillful hands of Mother Nature, strange stone niches have taken shape, each block is like a sculpture in the middle of the vast sea and sky. From the Ban Than rapids, visitors look far away to see small islands with colorful coral reefs such as Hon Dua, Hon Mang, Hon Daem…

5.4 Boating to watch the beautiful sunset at Tam Hai Island

One day on Tam Hai island commune, visitors will feel the rare peaceful, slow and simple life. In the morning, you can follow the fishermen to cast nets, cast lines and enjoy the beautiful sunrise from the boats swaying in the waves. When the sun sets, visitors can immerse themselves in the romantic sunset scenery on basket boats and kayaks.

5.5 Exploring Cua Lo – A place with historical evidence of Tam Hai island

Places to visit and explore on Tam Hai island that you should visit include Cua Lo. The Cua Lo area is a mudflat with a vast view – a place that demonstrates what remains from the war exercises during the reign of King Hong Duc. Standing here admiring the scenery will give you a feeling no different from standing on the back of a fish to see the vast ocean and sky.

6. Enjoying specialties when traveling to Tam Hai island

If you have ever loved Hoi An – Quang Nam specialties, when you have the opportunity to visit Tam Hai Island, don’t forget to enjoy seafood such as squid, fish, shrimp, crab, snails,...extremely fresh and delicious. lead here. The above seafood dishes are all caught and prepared by local fishermen and served at very reasonable prices.

In particular, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy typical dishes of the island such as seaweed jelly, fresh coconut water or flying fish, grilled stingray,…

In addition, Nui Thanh district is also famous for its specialty blue flying fish. Fresh fish will be marinated with compressed tubers and other spices and then grilled on a charcoal stove. Fish rolled with rice paper, vegetables, vermicelli, and dipped in rich sweet and sour fish sauce is beyond delicious.

IMG Ban Than Hon Mang Hon Dua Tam Hai Island 4

7. Accommodation when traveling to Tam Hai Island

When traveling to this beautiful island, you can refer to some of the accommodation facilities below:

  • Le Domaine De Tam Hai Resort. Address: Village 4, Nui Thanh, Quang Nam.
  • Juju Beach Front Villa. Address: Tam Thanh, Tam Ky, Quang Nam.
  • Tam Thanh Beach Resort. Address: Ha Thanh 1 Village, Tam Thanh, Tam Ky, Quang Nam.
  • Punita hotel. Address: KM987, National Highway 1A, Phu Ninh, Quang Nam.
  • Golden Lantern Tam Thanh. Address: Thanh Ha, Tam Thanh, Tam Ky, Quang Nam.
  • Seren Camp Tam Hai. Address: Tam Hai, Nui Thanh, Quang Nam.

8. Some important notes when traveling to Tam Hai Island

If you plan to visit Tam Hai island commune, below are some “tips” for visitors to refer to before starting the trip:

  • You should check the weather forecast in advance to be proactive in all situations and have a more convenient trip. The best weather in Tam Hai is from March to May. Because at that time the sky is clear, little rain, beautiful sunshine, and calm sea. So it is easy to take a boat to the islands outside the island to play.
  • If you plan to explore the islands. You should go early in the morning to have plenty of time to explore and visit the islands.
  • Because travel activities are mainly outdoors. Please protect your skin by bringing insect repellent and sun protection equipment (hats, hats, umbrellas, umbrellas…).
  • You can also prepare some snacks and drinks when visiting the islands of Hon Dua, Hon Than, Hon Mang,…

If you are planning to travel to Hoi An, don’t forget to visit Tam Hai Island. With peaceful sea and sky scenery and pristine nature. This will definitely be an attractive destination for those who love the rustic and pristine and want to find a peaceful place. It will eliminate all stress and worries in your life.

Please contact Origin Vietnam – a professional tour operator, for more detailed, useful, and updated information about other beautiful destinations. We also accompany you on your adventure holiday in Vietnam to discover the travel beauty of Quang Nam with infinite joy and unforgettable experiences.

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