Tam Cung Cave


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Tam Cung Cave

Ha Long – a world natural heritage famous for many large and small caves, from pristine to splendid majesty. And among them, it is impossible not to mention the mysterious beauty of Tam Cung Cave

How Tam Cung Cave is unique?


Tam Cung Cave is located on May Den Island – a deserted island with lush tropical forests and cliffs. With a beautiful terrain located in the centre of Ha Long Bay, located in the northeast of Sung Sot cave. Not only having beautiful terrain, but Tam Cung Cave is also blessed by nature for a very large area. Besides, the cave is also divided into 3 compartments, with many beautiful stalactites. Entering the cave, visitors will comfortably watch the stalactites with many different shapes and colours.

Top things to do

When visiting Tam Cung, visitors will feel surprised by the mysterious beauty of the cave through each compartment. Entering the first compartment, visitors will hear a thumping, resounding sound like a trunk. Next, a Mr. fairy with a white beard fluttering in the wind appeared, walking with a walking stick. Going deep inside, you will see three men looking at the view up and down the cave. On the ceiling of the cave, white stalactite flower buds are blooming in the middle of the forest of stalactites.

From the first compartment to the second compartment through a small doorway, walking bumpy, this place is like a living natural museum, there are stone lions, seals, water god statues … And in the middle of the compartment The second is a fairy stream all year round with freshwater overflowing, the two sides of the cliff are the curtains of rock falling from the ceiling gently, all seem to be shaking.

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Coming to the inner compartment, visitors will see a majestic relief on which is engraved with strange but very elaborate shapes, classes in a balanced, harmonious general, flowers, sticks. Pretty bamboo, natural stone curtains, gentle elephants sleeping.

Tam Cung Cave will give you a new experience under many different images. You will be infatuated with these images because the natural values bring to this place, the beauty from the subconscious of the cave will make visitors surprised.

When is the best time to visit Tam Cung Cave?

Halong is a temperate climate, not too harsh. Halong tourism every season is beautiful, each season has its beauty. If you come in summer, you will be delighted to bathe on the bay. If you come in winter, you will be able to see the dim space of Halong Bay.

How to get there?

Visitors to Halong can go to major car companies gathered at My Dinh bus station. The first train departs from 6 am and ends at 5 pm (Journey time takes 3-4 hours). Buses are 5 to 15 minutes to Bai Chay bus station in Halong, Quang Ninh.

In addition to public transport, Ha Long Bay tourists from Ha Noi also have a choice of modern and luxurious seaplane of Hai Au airline.


To visit Tam Cung cave, tourists should choose sightseeing route No. 3: Tourist boat port – Tam Cung – Sung Sot – Titop island. Time is for 6 hours. You can also book the overnight cruises in Halong Bay to have plenty of time to explore the beautiful Ha Long Bay.

What to eat?

Ha Long’s unique cuisine is the attraction that many tourists visit, especially the list of unforgettable street food. Do not miss the stalls in the alley, where visitors find many delicious Ha Long dishes, few customers at affordable prices. Certain dishes that cannot be missed are fresh seafood, white sticky rice with squid paste, boredom,…

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