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Ta Xua

Ta Xua is one of the most beautiful “cloud hunting paradises” in the northern mountains of Vietnam. Because it has not been exploited much for tourism. So this place still retains its wild and natural beauty. Ta Xua tourism may therefore become a destination that attracts many tourists who are passionate about adventure and discovery. Let’s explore this beautiful land with Origin Vietnam.

1. Where is Ta Xua?

Ta Xua is known as a highland commune, located on the border between Bac Yen district of Son La province and Tram Tau district of Yen Bai province. Situated at an altitude of more than 2,800 m above sea level. It’s one of the highest peaks in the country. Also the highest mountain in Vietnam. With geographical distance:

  • 200 km northwest of Hanoi capital.
  • 110 km east of the center of Son La city.
  • 130 km southwest of Yen Bai city center.
Ta Xua 7

2. How is Ta Xua unique?

Ta Xua is one of the ten highest mountains in Vietnam made up of three peaks. Because it is located on high mountain terrain, it has a cool climate all year round. Maybe that’s why Ta Xua is called Cloud Hunting Paradise by travel enthusiasts. This place is also famous for its specialties of hawthorn fruit and ancient Shan Tuyet tea forests hundreds of years old.

With such a geographical location, travelling to Ta Xua you will be able to escape the noise and dust of the city to enjoy the cool air and admire the rolling hills and mountains, terraced fields up and down. like waves crashing onto the shore, especially being immersed in a sea of floating clouds that can appear at any time.

3. When is the best time to visit Ta Xua?

Ta Xua peak at an altitude of 2875m (according to GPS) is surrounded all year round in billowing clouds, flying layer after layer like ocean waves crashing into the mountains on all four sides. So, you can rest assured that coming here at any time will be beautiful.

However, everyone wants to have the most “spectacular” photo of thick clouds, right?. So you should go to Ta Xua from October to April every year. If you are more careful, you should check the weather forecast to see if it will be sunny because clouds will look better.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that Ta Xua isn’t beautiful at other times. Around April – July is the flood season, Ta Xua wears a rustic beauty with the highlight being the terraced fields sparkling with silver light.

mo may homestay

4. How to get to Ta Xua from Hanoi?

You can use many means of transportation to get to Ta Xua. Such as motorbikes, personal cars, passenger cars, and tourist cars.

Traveling by bus:

If you choose to take the bus from Hanoi center, you just need to take a taxi to My Dinh bus station and buy a ticket to Bac Yen-Son La town. Coming to Bac Yen, rent a motorbike and continue about 15 km to Ta Xua.

Traveling by motorbike:

If you choose to go to Ta Xua by motorbike, follow Highway 32 to Son Tay Town, cross Trung Ha Bridge and then go to Thanh Son and Thu Cuc. At Thu Cuc intersection, you go through Phu Yen and you will reach Bac Yen town. From here, you continue to go another 15km to reach Ta Xua.

Traveling by limousine car:

Limousines from bus companies such as Khanh Thinh, Quang Nghia, Nguyen Hang to Ta Xua. This is a high-end tourist car line, converted from a 16-seat car to only 9 seats with luxurious and comfortable interior. The bus usually departs from Hanoi at 10:00 p.m. and arrives in Ta Xua after 5 hours, with breaks along the way.

As for the return route, you can go straight from Ta Xua to Tram Tau, no need to return to Bac Yen. Although this road is a bit steep, going down makes it easier and will be convenient if you want to explore more Nghia Lo before returning to Hanoi.

5. Sightseeings in Ta Xua

Dinosaur spine

5.1 Dinosaur Spine

The area known to many as the “back of the dinosaur” is about 15 km from the center of Ta Xua. Also about 5 km from the center of Hang Dong commune, Bac Yen district. The “back of the dinosaur” leans against the Ta Xua mountain range, in front is a valley hundreds of meters deep.

The Ta Xua dinosaur spine section has 1.5 km of trails considered by trekkers to be one of the most beautiful places to watch clouds in the North. Many days, the clouds were thick from early morning until 10:00 a.m and still hadn’t cleared. When the sky is less cloudy, from the back of a dinosaur, you can immerse yourself in the space of forests, terraced fields and H’Mong people’s houses on the mountainside.

5.2 Dolphin Beak

Dolphin outcrop is created by two large rocks shaped like dolphins swimming in the sea of clouds. The cliff is covered with patches of moss, creating a wild beauty, harmoniously combined with the natural landscape.

From Bac Yen town, going up to Ta Xua commune, you will meet a fork with road signs. Its one direction is the “back of cloud paradise” 8 km, the other direction is Ta Xua tea hill. Turn right towards the tea hill. You will also reach the dolphin cliff and the lonely tree. Those who stay at Lu Tre homestay will find it more convenient to reach the dolphin cape when going towards the hydroelectric dam.

5.3 Turtle’s Beak

The rock outcrop is shaped like a turtle’s head. It is located at an altitude of 2,100 m, on the way to Ta Xua peak. From the lonely tree to the turtle’s head rock is about 1 km. You will have to cross the path of high slopes with sharp rocks.

5.4 Camel’s Beak

From the center of Ta Xua commune, follow the direction of the Commune People’s Committee about 7 km, you will reach the camel rock. This is a new check-in point in Ta Xua. The camel’s beak is opposite the dinosaur’s spine. It is most beautiful in the morning, so please arrange your schedule to make traveling most convenient.

5.5 Lonely Tree

The lonely apple tree is located on a small hill at Gio peak at the intersection of Xim Vang – Hang Dong. It’s more than 1 km from the center of Ta Xua. Standing from the tree’s position, you can see the Suoi Sap River. If you go on a trip to Ta Xua on nice weather days, the river water is clear and blue. The lonely backpack apple tree is considered by people to be a “living soul” in the pristine land of Ta Xua, a symbol of perseverance and resilience in the midst of harsh nature.

This is one of the places rated by backpackers as “the most beautiful sunset in Ta Xua”. If you’re lucky, you’ll even see the sunset above the sea of clouds. The golden time to see this scene is around 5:30 pm.

5.6 Primeval Forest

Ta Xua primeval forest is located on the southeast slope of Hoang Lien Son range, stretching from an altitude of 2,600 m to the top. The forest has a wild, mysterious beauty, its altitude changes continuously along the Phu Sa Phin range. There are many rare species of flora and fauna here, especially the moss forest, known as the “kingdom of moss”. Small paths in the forest combined with rays of sunlight will take you into a land like in a fairy tale.

5.7 Ancient Tea Hill

Ta Xua ancient Shan Tuyet tea is one of the most famous teas in Vietnam. Shan Tuyet Ta Xua tea hill is covered with clouds and snow all year round. Because an altitude of more than 1,500 m above sea level, it is humid and cold. Ancient tea trees over a hundred years old are rarely exposed to sunlight, have high medicinal properties and special flavor. Ta Xua tea wings have a layer of fur as white as snow. When brewed, the tea is clear and viscous yellow. The initial taste of the tea is smooth and astringent, with a sweet and fragrant aftertaste.

5.8 Ta Xua Steppe

Ta Xua steppe is located on the same path to dolphin cape and lonely tree, about 10 km from the commune center. The road is wide, with few curves. Near the dolphin’s cape, you will see a sign leading to Ta Xua steppe. This is a place with vast natural landscapes, not only a place to admire natural beauty but also an ideal spot for fun, sports and camping activities.

5.9 Cloud-Watching Cafes

Mi Oi, Hien Coffee, Thao Coffee, H’mong Coffee, Ban Coffee are outstanding coffee shops in Ta Xua with beautiful views, easy to hunt clouds, and are ideal virtual photography spots. In cloudless times, these are still beautiful places to sip a cup of hot tea, admire the majestic natural landscape, watch the sunset gradually fall or simply sit and relax.

5.10 Gio Peak

Besides the dinosaur’s spine, Gio Peak is also an attractive Ta Xua tourist destination. Located in Bac Yen district, Gio Peak possesses the wild and majestic beauty of nature, attracting a large number of tourists who love to explore and learn about the land of Ta Xua.

Gio Peak is located at an altitude of about 1,200 meters above sea level. From here, you will have a panoramic view of Ta Xua land with mountains, valleys,… Standing on Wind Peak and looking out over the entire landscape is A wonderful experience, making you feel your own smallness before the vast and endless beauty of nature.

5.11 Mossy Forest

Ta Xua moss forest is one of the most beautiful moss forests in Vietnam. Stepping into this forest, you will be fascinated by its charm and magic. Everywhere, moss forests cover tree trunks, branches, rocks and the ground.

Ta Xua moss forest brings a peaceful and cool space, making you feel the breath and intense vitality of nature. Small paths in the forest will take you into a fairyland, where the breath and sounds of nature combine wonderfully. Walking in the moss forest, you will be immersed in a colorful picture with fresh green tones and vast space, as if all worries and stresses in life have disappeared.

A must-see destination for those who love nature and want to find moments of relaxation and close contact with pure nature. Ta Xua moss forest is where you will find balance with the natural environment. , along with wonderful experiences and emotions filled with magical beauty.

5.12 Pu Nhi Farm

Pu Nhi Farm is a unique and interesting destination during your trip to Ta Xua. Located amidst the majestic natural landscape of Ta Xua, Pu Nhi Farm possesses a green and peaceful space, separate from the hustle and bustle of the city. Coming here, you will be fascinated by the natural beauty, from vast grasslands to vast pine forests.

At Pu Nhi Farm, you will enjoy the peaceful space of the Northwest highlands. During the day, you can participate in outdoor activities. Such as walking in the hills, visiting valleys and streams, watching the sunset,… At night, the campfire will be the gathering place. You can Enjoy outdoor food with friends or family, chat and relax in the quiet space of Ta Xua night.

5.13 Xim Vang

Nestled in the heart of the Ta Xua mountains, Xim Vang possesses the wild and majestic beauty of nature. The scenery here is diverse and rich, with green hills, vast valleys, immense terraced fields and a peaceful river flowing through.

Xim Vang is not only a place to admire the scenery. But also a destination to experience unique national culture. The H’Mong and Thai ethnic groups are two of the indigenous ethnic groups living here, with rich and diverse cultures. You can learn about customs, traditions and traditions through exchange activities, visiting local people’s houses and enjoying typical dishes.

In addition, Xim Vang is also an ideal destination for those who love hiking and exploring. You can participate in walks on the hills, along small paths in the forest and enjoy the fresh natural space of Ta Xua.

6. Specialties when conquering Ta Xua peak

When traveling to conquer Ta Xua peak, visitors will not only admire the wild and majestic natural landscape. But you will also enjoy this local specialty dish.

6.1 Smoked buffalo meat

This is a typical dish of the mountains and forests of Northwest Vietnam in general and Ta Xua in particular. When eating, there’s nothing better than tearing the meat into small pieces and dipping it with Cham Dich or preparing it with many different dishes and sipping it with corn wine.

6.2 Mac Nhung porridge

Mac Nhung porridge is a popular specialty dish in the cold season for the people here. Ripe mac velvet fruits from the fields are brought home, washed and cooked with plain rice, ribs or minced pork, adding a little ginger, lemongrass and grilled chili, creating a unique flavor that cannot be missed.

6.3 Meo apple

Meo apple is also known as Son Tra – a famous fruit of Ta Xua. This is a valuable medicine that aids digestion, strengthens the immune system, fights cancer, etc. Meo apple is commonly used in medicine soaked in wine, making jam, apricot fruit, etc.

6.4 San Tuyet Ta Xua Tea

When mentioning Ta Xua specialties without mentioning Shan Tuyet tea, it is truly a big mistake – This is a clean tea, processed entirely by hand. The tea has a fragrant, sweet, cool taste, and the color of the tea water remains blue to red when mixed with water.

7. Accommodation when conquering Ta Xua peak

When traveling and conquering Ta Xua peak, visitors can refer to some of the accommodation facilities below. If you are a person who likes to rest comfortably, you can stay overnight at hotels in Son La city. If you are a nature lover, homestay accommodation is a great choice.

7.1 Hotels in Son La city

  • Galaxy Grand Hotel. Address: No. 228 Truong Chinh, Quyet Thang Ward, Son La City, Son La.
  • Hoa Ban Trang Hotel. Address: 31 D. 3-2, Quyet Thang Ward, Son La City, Son La.
  • Truong Dung Hotel. Address: Quyet Thang Ward, Son La City, Son La.
  • Muong Thanh Luxury Son La Hotel. Address: 2 To Hieu, Son La City, Son La.
  • Windsor Hotel. Address: 408 Tran Dang Ninh, Quyet Tam Ward, Son La City, Son La.

7.2 Motels in Son La city

  • Long Trang Guesthouse. Address: Chieng Xom, City. Son La, Son La.
  • Thu Ha Guesthouse. Address: 282, To Hieu Street, Chieng Le Ward, Chieng Le Ward, Son La City, Son La.
  • Ngan Thuy Guesthouse. Address: AH13, Chieng Sinh, Son La City, Son La.
  • Guest house 26. Address: 108 Le Duan, Quyet Tien Ward, Son La City, Son La.
  • Truong Sinh Lodge. Address: 423 Tran Dang Ninh, Quyet Tam Ward, Son La City, Son La.

7.3 Homestays in Ta Xua

  • Ta Xua Ecolodge. Address: Ta Xua, Bac Yen, Son La.
  • 1941M Homestay Ta Xua. Address: Dinosaur Ridge, Ta Xua, Bac Yen, Son La.
  • May Home Ta Xua. Address: Ta Xua, Bac Yen, Son La.
  • ManDo Homestay. Address: Ta Xua, Bac Yen, Son La.
  • ManDo Homestay. Address: Ta Xua, Bac Yen, Son La.

8. What do you need to prepare to hunt rattan in Ta Xua?

Camping in Ta Xua promises to give you the most memorable memories. The majestic natural scenery combined with cool weather helps people dispel all the worries and hustle of life. When camping in Ta Xua, you should keep the following notes in mind for the most complete trip:

  • Prepare all the usual items such as: Thermal clothing, medicine, necessary personal items, etc. Because Ta Xua has a cool climate all year round, it will get cold at night. Especially in the winter months, when Ta Xua weather has frost, people need to carefully prepare warm clothes to protect their body’s health.
  • Indispensable items for camping such as: Flashlight; Tents; Sleeping bag; Tent lights; Backpacks and other accompanying tools. It is necessary to check the items before departure to ensure a complete camping trip while keeping yourself healthy and safe.
  • For BBQ parties, priority should be given to simple utensils or dishes purchased from the local area, and limit the carrying of many items over long distances.
  • You should prepare a compass to determine the direction of the tent or camp door. This helps you avoid the wind blowing directly into the tent. If the tent door coincides with the direction of sunset and sunrise, you will have the opportunity to admire the most impressive natural scenery.

Camping in Ta Xua is a memorable experience that everyone should try once in their life, so please prepare the necessary items carefully. Every moment of sunrise or sunset at Ta Xua will be memorable moments.

9. Some important notes when conquering Ta Xua peak

To have the safest and most complete Ta Xua Cloud Hunting trip, you need to note the following:

  • Check the weather forecast and it’s best to choose a day when it’s just drizzling, the temperature is low at night and high during the day, and the day must be sunny.
  • Drive carefully, do not travel at night, and do not travel in too large a group.
  • If possible, choose to camp overnight because early morning clouds are the thickest.
  • If you stay at a Homestay/motel in the center of the commune, you must get up very early in the morning.
  • Determine the direction of sunrise at the place you choose to hunt clouds to get the best angles.
  • Prepare necessary items such as: coat, blanket, raincoat, glasses, lighter, flashlight, cold food,…
  • Check the fuel tank before starting to conquer Ta Xua peak.
  • If you go to Ta Xua Hunting Clouds by car, you should take a car with less than 12 seats because the road is very slippery and dangerous.
  • You can combine some Son La tourist destinations like Moc Chau to make your trip more attractive.

As a majestic land located in the middle of the Northwest mountains of Vietnam, Ta Xua tourist destinations suggested by Origin Vietnam – a professional Vietnam tour operator, are definitely destinations not to be missed on the tour in Vietnam. With majestic natural landscapes and endless mountains. Furthermore, with a team of consultants, tour operators and experienced and dedicated local guides. We always accompany you on your journey to explore the travel beauty of Yen Bai and are committed to bringing wonderful experiences and unforgettable moments to visitors.

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