Ta Xua Dolphin Snout
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Ta Xua Dolphin Snout

Ta Xua has long been considered one of the top destinations for hunting clouds as well as conquering majestic mountains through harsh and dangerous roads. However, among them there exists an extremely unique place called Ta Xua Dolphin Snout. It’s one of the natural masterpieces with extremely strong attraction of the Northwest mountains, forests. Also is a destination to check out. -in popular with tourists from all over. Let’s explore with Origin Vietnam what is special about this place!

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1: Where is Ta Xua Dolphin Snout?

Dolphin Snout is a hot check-in destination for tourists located in Ta Xua commune, Bac Yen district, Son La province. Among the countless wild and majestic mountains in Ta Xua, this place has strong appeal because of its prime location, and along with that, the unique design of the rock. The protrusion looks like the head of a dolphin.

Besides, Ta Xua Dolphin Snout is also fortunate to inherit the fresh, green beauty of the Northwest mountains with rolling hills and green vegetation… extremely suitable for You can immerse yourself in a gentle atmosphere, away from all the dust and noise in the busy and crowded city.

2: What is the best season to visit Ta Xua Dolphin Snout?

The most ideal time for you to safely and completely begin your journey to visit Ta Xua Dolphin Snout is during the dry season, from November to April of the following year. At this time, the weather in Son La is relatively dry and cool as well as possessing the most beautiful frames so you can freely check-in “virtual life” at this Ta Xua Dolphin Promontory.

3: How to get to Ta Xua Dolphin Snout?

The road to this cliff is not too difficult, using Google Maps will help you quickly find it.

In order to get to this unique cliff, you can easily catch a bus from bus stations in Hanoi city. Such as: Yen Nghia bus station, My Dinh bus station,… to get to Bac Yen town of Son La province. Then to go to Ta Xua commune. Here you will meet a fork divided into 2 directions, one direction is towards the back of the cloud-hunting dinosaur, the other direction is towards Ta Xua tea hill. Tourists just need to follow the direction of Ta Xua tea hill to reach a breathtakingly beautiful. Also adventurous rocky outcrop halfway up the mountain.

IMG Ta Xua Dolphin Snout

4: How is Ta Xua Dolphin Snout unique?

From a distance perspective, the beauty of Ta Xua Dolphin Snout is clearly expressed through the unique structures coming from this cliff. It is a miracle that mother nature has created extremely special images, with two large stones stacked on top of each other to form a picture. That looks like a dolphin waving in the middle of the ocean. .

In addition, Ta Xua Dolphin Snout is also surrounded by patches of silver moss clinging to the rocks, creating wild, rustic beauty that blends harmoniously with the colors of the natural landscape. All have created a rich, new natural masterpiece so you can freely admire the “unique” beauty here.

IMG Ta Xua Dolphin Snout 1

5: Activities and experiences in Ta Xua Dolphin Snout

5.1. Taking photos at Ta Xua’s Dolphin Snout

It would be a mistake when you visit Ta Xua Dolphin Cliff without taking check-in photos at this cliff. Here, you can freely check-in for beautiful photos amidst the Northwest mountains and forests. Not only that, you can also create many different designs when sitting on the cliff to watch the majestic clouds of Ta Xua, bringing different quality frames. Check-in photos at this cliff promise to bring you enchanting “virtual life” photos, without any criticism!

5.2. Enjoying the majestic space of the Northwest mountains and forests

Besides, you will also feel the majesty and difference between heaven and earth when visiting Ta Xua Dolphin Snout. Because then, as long as you sit on this cliff, you will certainly be able to witness countless “rare” natural scenes of the vast and majestic Northwest mountains. And forests, along with the fresh, cool climate that makes your body feel comfortable. Especially full of energy throughout your sightseeing journey.

6: Some important notes when traveling to Ta Xua Dolphin Snout

In order to be able to fully prepare for the journey to visit Ta Xua Dolphin Snout, you will need to note the following:

  • Update weather information regularly before starting your journey to visit Ta Xua Dolphin Snout. Because bad weather can cause many disadvantages as well as dangers to your visit.
  • It’s best to prioritize active and comfortable clothing so you can easily move up the mountainous terrain here.
  • Pay careful attention when checking in on this cliff to keep your safety
  • Choose the best times to fully visit the cliff, as well as see Northwest nature at its most beautiful.

It’s worth a visiting Dolphin Snout

Ta Xua Dolphin Snout promises to be one of the indispensable check-in points in the list of “Extremely chill virtual living places” of “fans” who are passionate about photography throughout their adventure holiday in Vietnam. If you have the opportunity to travel to Ta Xua. You should take some time to come here to see with your own eyes the wonderful beauty that the nature. Also the sky of the NorthWest of Vietnam has to offer, and along with that, keep for yourself souvenirs. A series of memorable youthful moments.

If you are planning a trip to Ta Xua’s Dolphin Snout, please contact us. Because we are a professional tour organizer and operator in Vietnam. We are committed to bringing you surprise after surprise as you discover the enchanting and captivating beauty in this unforgettable journey.

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