Song Ma
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Song Ma

Song Ma district belongs to Son La province, Vietnam. This place has rugged terrain and has not suffered much human impact. If you want to visit the majestic natural beauty of the mountains, this place is definitely the ideal destination for you.

IMG Song Ma Longan Fruit Son La

1. Where is Song Ma?

Song Ma is a border mountainous district in Son La province, about 110 km southwest of Son La city and about 360 km west of Hanoi capital. With geographical location:

  • The North borders Thuan Chau district.
  • The South borders the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and Sop Cop district.
  • The East borders Mai Son district.
  • The West borders Dien Bien Dong district, Dien Bien province,

2. How is Song Ma unique?

Song Ma district has a terrain extending along the famous Song Ma, the geological structure is quite complex and divided by many high mountain ranges. Compared to other Son La tourist destinations, Ma River has a cool climate. In addition to majestic high mountains, this place also has valleys, rivers and streams creating a very poetic natural scenery.

Song Ma is the residence of many ethnic minorities. Of which the Thai ethnic group accounts for more than 60%, there are also H’Mong ethnic groups, Kinh ethnic groups and a number of other ethnic groups. All create diversity in indigenous culture and local traditions, attracting tourists from all over to visit and explore.

3. When is the best time to travel to Song Ma?

When visiting Song Ma district for the first time, visitors will immediately be impressed with the beautiful scenery and climate of this place. The average temperature here is about 22.6° C. From April to July the weather is hot, from December to the following two years the weather is cold. Meanwhile, June – August is the rainy season.

Therefore, the ideal time to travel to the most beautiful Song Man is in the dry season, around September to April next year. You should avoid traveling to Song Ma from June to August because this is the rainy season, prone to flash floods, which is dangerous for tourists.

4. How to get to Song Ma?

4.1 By public transport

From Hanoi, you can travel to Son La by sleeper bus, bus routes depart daily at My Dinh Bus Station or the bus station behind Son La guest house (378 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan). Sleeper buses depart from My Dinh at around 7-8pm every day, arriving at Son La around 7-8am the next morning (depending on weather conditions and speed of each bus company).

After arriving in Son La city, you can rent a taxi, catch an intra-province bus or rent a motorbike to travel to Song Ma.

4.2 By personal vehicle

From Hanoi, you can follow Thang Long Avenue and then take the new highway to Hoa Binh City. From here, continue following Highway 6 for about 120 km to reach Moc Chau town. Then from Moc Chau town, you continue to move along Highway 6 until Co Noi intersection, Mai Son district, then join Road 118 and travel about 35 km to Na Ot village, Mai Son district, turn left onto Highway 4G and Go about 70 km further to reach Song Ma territory.

With a personal vehicle such as a motorbike or car, you can be completely proactive about travel time and schedule. Furthermore, you also have the opportunity to admire the poetic natural beauty on both sides of the road.

5. Sightseeing, activities and experiences in Song Ma

5.1. Hai Ba Trung Temple

IMG Hai Ba Trung Temple Son La

Hai Ba Trung Temple was originally located in Tan Tien village, Hong Ha commune, then moved to Nam Tien village, Chieng Khuong commune, Song Ma district to meet the spiritual and religious life aspirations of the people.

The relics of Hai Ba Trung temple are still preserved relatively intact, including 50 artifacts made of various materials, such as wood, bronze,… These artifacts date from the 16th to the 19th century. Hai Ba Trung Temple is a place of cultural preservation and historical value and was recognized as a Provincial historical relic in 2011.

5.2. Muong Hung banyan tree relic

IMG Muong Hung Banyan Tree Relic Son La

The Muong Hung banyan tree relic is the place that witnessed many crimes committed by the French colonialists against the people of Muong Hung during many years of resistance. The Muong Hung banyan tree relic area is located about 17 km from the Song Ma. If you want to get here, you have to go by suspension bridge or row a boat across the Ma River.

The Muong Hung banyan tree relic was classified as a Provincial historical relic in 2006. When you have the opportunity to come to Song Ma district, you should visit this place to be able to reminisce about the pain of war that the Muong people suffered. Hung has experienced it.

5.3. Chieng Khuong border gate

IMG Chieng Khuong Border Gate Son La

Chieng Khuong international border gate is an international border gate in Chieng Khuong village, Song Ma district, Son La province. This place is located near the famous Song Ma connecting to Laos. If you have the opportunity to come to Song Ma district, in addition to admiring the majestic beauty of nature, you can also visit this place.

6. Specialties when traveling to Song Ma

Song Ma not only has beautiful and majestic natural landscapes that attract tourists from near and far, but it also has delicious dishes, typical of Northwest Vietnam. When traveling here, you cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy specialties such as: smoked meat, fried bugs, grilled stream fish, stir-fried beef with sour starfruit,… These dishes are very attractive and fragrant. Delicious and prepared according to local recipes.

In addition, you can enjoy other specialties such as:

  • Song Ma longan: Song Ma longan is becoming a Son La specialty famous for its flavor, much tastier than many types of longan grown in other regions. Song Ma longan has a sweet taste, small seeds, thick pulp, and is easy to peel. In particular, Song Ma longan has a thin skin and a very characteristic fragrant scent.
  • Grilled moss: This is a dish often made on Tet holidays. This is a unique and strange dish. When enjoying grilled moss, it has a rich, soft taste without being greasy. In particular, the preparation process is very elaborate and time-consuming, from taking moss from the stream and then processing and marinating it with natural flavors to create this special dish.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Song Ma

When traveling to Song Ma, you can refer to some of the accommodation facilities below:

7.1. Hotels:

  • Song Ma Hotel. Address: Group 6, Song Ma Town
  • Hai Ha Hotel. Address: Account 3, Song Ma Town

7.2. Guest Houses:

  • Hong Ngoc Guesthouse. Address: TK 4, Song Ma Town
  • Tuan Tu Guesthouse. Address: Account 4, Song Ma Town
  • Diem Huong Guest House. Address: Song Ma Town
  • Hoai An Guesthouse. Address: Dao Tan, Song Ma
  • Song Ma District People’s Committee Guest House. Address: Group 12, Song Ma Town

Exploring Song Ma will certainly be an exciting experience for visitors because this land is still quite new and unfamiliar to many people. However, it is because of that wildness that it attracts tourists to come here to explore. Also contribute to spreading the beauty of Song Ma to more people.

Origin Vietnam – the leading tour operator in Vietnam, will support with any information and anything to make your trip to Song Ma the most meaningful and complete. In addition, visitors always feel secure and safe when accompanied by our team of consultants, tour operators and dedicated local guides.

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