Song Cong
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Song Cong

Song Cong is one of three cities in Thai Nguyen province. This place is known as a large industrial center and an important transportation and exchange hub for socio-economic development of the Northeast region of Vietnam. Besides, there are destinations with majestic natural scenery, clear, cool lakes, relics, beautiful eco-tourism, sacred temples and the bustle of the streets. This place is suitable for vacations, camping and weekend entertainment.

Let’s explore and explore this land with Origin Vietnam!

IMG Ghenh Che Lake 3

1. Where is Song Cong?

Song Cong city is located in the center of Thai Nguyen province, with a quite convenient location: 65 km from the center of Hanoi capital to the North, 15 km from Thai Nguyen city to the South, 15 km from Noi Bai international airport. 45 km. The city has geographical location:

  • The East borders Phu Binh district, Thai Nguyen province
  • The West and South border Pho Yen city, Thai Nguyen province
  • The North borders Thai Nguyen city, Thai Nguyen province

2. Unique features of Song Cong

Song Cong City welcomes visitors with forests, rivers, mountains, lakes and rolling hills covered in natural green alternating with the flow of the Cong River. There are entertainment areas, tennis areas, golf courses, horse races and ideal sightseeing and resort areas here.

With these advantages, Cong River is a potential tourist area. Because this place has formed the Cong River with a length of over 9 km in the Northwest – Southeast direction, dividing the city into two separate East – West regions. The East with concentrated industrial zones and small and medium industrial clusters.

In the West are lush green tea hills with forests and natural valleys that have created year-round lakes with clear blue water. The beautiful natural landscape here contains a lot of potential for tourism and the historical relics left behind have contributed to the rapid development of tourism here.

3. Which season is the best to travel to Song Cong city?

Pho Yen city is located in Northern Vietnam with a humid subtropical climate with 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter.

According to our travel experience in Thai Nguyen, coming to Song Cong city in any season is appropriate; each season visitors have different experiences and interesting activities. But there are also special times when you can experience this land at its best.

3.1. Travel to Song Cong in spring

Coming to Song Cong this season, visitors can enjoy traditional Vietnamese festivals in early spring – after Lunar New Year. Festivals at unique temples and pagodas are held to wish everyone a favorable and lucky new year… with many activities, cultural performances, traditional culture, as well as folk games. other.

The weather in the early spring days here will be a bit chilly, visitors should check the weather forecast before coming here. In addition, visitors need to bring warm clothes and necessary personal items to ensure health throughout the journey. In particular, bring and wear discreet clothes if you want to offer incense for good luck at temples and pagodas.

3.2. Travel to Song Cong in the summer

Summer in Song Cong is suitable for tourists to relax in ecological areas and lakes, you will be immersed in the fresh nature here. In this land, there are many places to visit and camp, very suitable for resting, relaxing, and cooling off in the summer.

The weather in Pho Yen in the summer is also quite cool, the air is fresh. When coming here, visitors should bring weather-appropriate clothing along with essential items to use. It often rains here in the summer, so visitors should check the weather before coming here to have a wonderful experience.

IMG Ghenh Che Lake

4. How to get to Song Cong?

4.1. Travel by passenger car

As a locality with the Hanoi – Thai Nguyen expressway passing through, visitors can easily book a bus from Hanoi to Song Cong. Major bus stations to buy tickets: My Dinh bus station, Giap Bat bus station. Car price is about 120.000 VND – 300.000 VND /person, depending on the bus company and destination, travel time takes about 1.5 hours.

Tourists who choose to travel by bus will avoid getting lost and the bus moves quickly and safely. Some reputable bus companies for tourists to refer to: An Binh, Thanh Thuy, Ha Lan, Tan Dat,…

4.2. Travel by motorbike

Tourists in the surrounding areas of Song Cong city can choose this type of vehicle to travel to the city. Tourists in Hanoi go from Hanoi city center through Nhat Tan bridge and then onto National Highway 3 to Song Cong. Motorbikes are for tourists who love to travel, want to feel the streets of Vietnam more authentically and be more proactive in moving.

Note, when traveling by motorbike, visitors need to bring all necessary documents, personal tools, maps to avoid getting lost, and especially always wear a helmet to ensure safety when participating in traffic. pine.

4.3. Travel by train

Tourists in Hanoi can go to stations: Yen Vien, Long Bien, Dong Anh, Gia Lam to buy train tickets to Thai Nguyen station with trains QT1 and QT2. After that, tourists from Thai Nguyen station travel more than 10km by other means to reach Song Cong city. Travel time is about 2 hours, ticket price ranges from 40k – 70k depending on each train station and each seat position on the train.

Tourists in the South or Central region can go to the nearest station to buy train tickets from where you live to Hanoi. Then, from Hanoi you can choose many types of transportation to get to Song Cong.

According to travel experience, you should choose the appropriate means of transport to ensure convenience and safety for the best trip in the Northern of Vietnam.

5. Explore the beauty of Song Cong city

Song Cong City is a large area with many outstanding tourist attractions. Let’s follow Origin Vietnam to explore this beautiful land!

5.1. Ghenh Che Lake

IMG Ghenh Che Lake 4

Ghenh Che Lake is located in Binh Son commune, Song Cong city, less than 20km south of Thai Nguyen city center and 70km north of Hanoi city center. The lake has an area of ​​40 hectares and is surrounded by vast eucalyptus and fat forests. Due to the beautiful landscape, fresh air, and not far from the center, it attracts many tourists to relax and camp with their families on weekends. At the lake, there are rental services available to serve tourists camping: charcoal stoves, tents, etc. Many tourists even come here for recreational fishing.

Coming here, visitors can explore 45 large and small islands in the cool green lake, enjoy rustic and relaxing dishes, and sit and drink a delicious cup of clean tea that will definitely make you want to come back here again and again. Again.

5.2. Nuc Nac Lake

Nuc Nac Lake belongs to Son Tia Residential Group, Chau Son Ward, Song Cong City, Thai Nguyen Province. The lake is about 17km south of Thai Nguyen city center, about 70km north of Hanoi capital, about 7km west of Song Cong city People’s Committee. Nuc Nac Lake is an artificial lake, built to serve the irrigation of agricultural production of people around the region.

The lake has a water surface area of ​​15 hectares, has vast green forests and green tea hills that undulate one after another like waves. This is also an ideal place where many tourists have decided to stop to camp, relax and rest every weekend.

5.3. Ba Van horse farm

IMG Ba Van Horse Farm

Ba Van Horse Farm is located in the south of Binh Son commune, about 8km northwest of Song Cong city center, about 12km south of Thai Nguyen city and 65km north of Hanoi city center. The horse farm is a place to research, preserve, grow and create many different horse breeds. This is also known as the largest horse farm in Vietnam.

Ba Van Horse Farm offers visitors extremely idyllic scenes, with herds of horses freely running or grazing around the hills. Visitors coming here will enjoy the cool and peaceful space, can feed the horses, ride horses and take check-in photos with the vast, poetic scenery. This will definitely be an extremely interesting experience for you when you come to explore the land of Song Cong.

5.4. Cang Ba Van Prison

IMG Cang Ba Van Prison

The French colonialists built Cang Ba Van prison in Binh Son commune, Song Cong city, about 15km south of Thai Nguyen city and 70km north of Hanoi city center. This is where communist soldiers were imprisoned in the past.

Cang Ba Van Prison is a historical site often visited by tourists with reverence, remembering the merits of the revolutionary soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the resistance war against the French colonialists. The prison was ranked as a national historical and cultural relic in 1994. The government built a traditional house named Cang Ba Van to display items and documents related to the resistance war of the army and Vietnamese people to educate their children and future generations, preserving and promoting the nation’s precious traditions.

5.5. Communal house – Thuan Luong Pagoda

Nestled in Ngan residential group, Luong Son ward, Song Cong city, about 65km north of Hanoi city center. Thuan Luong Pagoda is not only known as a sacred local destination but also a combination of an extremely attractive ecological space for tourists.

Thuan Luong Pagoda was built around the 19th century, located on a spacious, airy campus of about 27,000 m2. The pagoda has been renovated many times but still retains its ancient features, especially the pagoda has tall Buddha statues – the tallest in Thai Nguyen province. Thuan Luong Pagoda is considered one of the most beautiful pagodas, with clean grounds and quiet space. The pagoda often attracts many visitors from all over to worship Buddha, pray for peace, sightsee and visit every year.

5.6. Nieng Pagoda

Nieng Pagoda is located in Xop residential area, Luong Son ward, Song Cong city, about 65km north of Hanoi center. The pagoda is an architectural work that serves the religious and spiritual purposes of people and is also known as an ancient pagoda, built a long time ago.

Nieng Pagoda was built on a fairly large campus, including a church and a spacious temple yard, surrounded by green grass, flowers and trees. Nieng Pagoda is recognized as a Provincial Historical Site and is a sacred and pure temple, so on the full moon and first days of every month, many local people and tourists from near and far often come here to burn incense. Offer prayers to pray for luck and fortune for every family.

5.7. Dung Tan eco-tourism area

Dung Tan tourist area is located on Highway 3, Cai Dan, Song Cong city, only about 60km northwest of Hanoi city center. This place is considered “miniature Singapore” in the heart of Thai Nguyen, with an area of ​​up to 6 hectares, built with a poetic and charming space.

Dung Tan eco-tourism area is a shopping, entertainment and culinary center designed with many items meeting European standards. Coming here, you will be overwhelmed by the natural scenery here, freely shopping for paintings, gemstones, and feng shui stones. There are also impressive scenery such as: Japanese-style garden, stone park, Koi fish pond, extremely unique artistic bonsai ecological garden that will also make you excited. Travelling to this eco tourism area, you can buy rare ornamental plants and medicinal plants to bring home for healing or as gifts for your loved ones.

6. Specialties when traveling to Song Cong city

Song Cong city is in the “First Tea List” of Thai Nguyen, so this place is also a place with tea specialties that cannot be missed. In addition to tea, Song Cong also has other extremely unique specialties.

6.1. Song Cong pork sausage

Song Cong pork roll is one of the most famous specialties of Thai Nguyen. It’s made from thinly sliced ​​or pureed fresh pork, mixed well with garlic, purple onions and traditional spices unique to this place.

Especially the Song Cong pork rolls are light pink in color, crispy and fragrant from the ingredients. In addition to being enjoyed by the traditional methods of grilling or deep-frying, Song Cong pork rolls are now also served with new dishes such as hot pot, stir-fry, salad, etc.

6.2. Lang fish of Ghenh Che lake

Catfish is a type of freshwater fish with high nutritional value. Since ancient times, people of the capital have used it to make fish cakes – a famous specialty of Hanoi. In particular, the fish here has firm meat and a unique aroma. Lang fish here has an affordable price and easy-to-eat taste, so it is a food that many Vietnamese families love and choose for meals.

There are many ways to prepare lentil fish to make family meals warmer and more diverse. The suggestions that we give you are braised lentil fish, braised lentil fish in sour soup, braised lentil fish with banana and beans, lentil fish cake (Ch Ca La Vong), lentil fish cooked with sour bamboo shoots,…

In addition to delicious local specialties, Song Cong. There are also delicious, reputable and quality restaurants that help keep tourists coming here. Some restaurants that you can refer to:

  • Food Center Song Cong. Address: Song Cong Industrial Park intersection, Song Cong city
  • Minh Huong Restaurant. Address: 634 Highway 3, Cai Dan, Song Cong city
  • Garlic BBQ Buffet. Address: 253 Cach Mang Thang 8, Cai Dan Ward, Song Cong City
  • Viet Tri fish restaurant. Address: Le Hong Phong Street, Chau Son Ward, Song Cong City

7. Where to stay when traveling to Song Cong city

7.1. Hotels in Song Cong city

To serve tourists staying conveniently at Song Cong. We have compiled a number of reputable hotels with good service quality that you can refer to:

  • Huong Ngan Hotel. Address: 144 Cach Mang Thang Tam, Mo Che, City. Cong River
  • Song Cong Hotel. Address: 3, Cai Dan, City. Cong River
  • Hotel Garden. Address: 345 Cach Mang Thang 10, Bach Quang, City. Cong River
  • Truong Thinh Hotel. Address: 152 Thong Nhat, Pho Co, Thang Loi, City. Cong River
  • Phuong Chinh Hotel. Address: Block I, Pho Co Ward, City. Cong River

7.2. Homestay in Song Cong city

Experience harmony with nature, live closer to the mountains, forests and lakes. Homestay is the choice that many visitors to Song Cong have chosen. Beautiful homestay in Song Cong that you can choose:

  • Avoid Glamping. Address: Tea rapids lake, Binh Son commune, Song Cong city

With beautiful natural landscapes, historical values ​​and spiritual values. Song Cong City has become an ideal destination for many nature-loving tourists who want to learn and explore the ancient history of Vietnam. If you are still wondering where to go on your next tour to Vietnam. Please give us a call the leading tour operator in Vietnam.

With rich experience and a team of enthusiastic and friendly consultants, we always help you have the most complete and memorable journey to explore Song Cong city.

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