Sin Ho plateau
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Sin Ho Plateau

Known as the roof of Lai Chau, Sin Ho plateau has long become a favorite tourist destination for many travelers, especially backpackers. Because of the majestic natural landscape, romantic beauty, and attractive activities, visitors are captivated. And if you are planning to explore this beautiful Northwest region, don’t miss the article below from Origin Vietnam.

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1. Where is Sin Ho Plateau?

About 60 km southwest of Lai Chau city center and about 430 km northwest of Hanoi capital. Sin Ho Plateau is located at an altitude of more than 1500m. It’s considered the second Sa Pa of the Northwest region of Vietnam.

In terms of geographical location, the Sin Ho plateau is bordered to the North by Yunnan province (China), to the South by Tua Chua district (Dien Bien province). And to the East by Phong Tho district and to the West by Muong Te district.

2. How is Sin Ho Plateau unique?

Sin Ho Plateau is a highland district of Lai Chau. It’s considered the second Sapa of the Northwest region. The plateau is located in a quite favorable location, in the middle of rolling rocky mountains, surrounded by green primeval forests, blending with a sea of floating clouds, creating a scene similar to a fairyland.

Tourists arriving in Sin Ho not only have the opportunity to see the sea of clouds, explore majestic mountain ranges, or visit unique terraced fields, but they also learn about customs and culture. Lai Chau’s transformation is also interesting.

According to the local language, “Sin Ho” is a place with many streams. The climate here is quite similar to Sa Pa town, cool all year round, creating conditions for many temperate flower and fruit varieties such as plums, peaches, pears… to grow.

Travel the beauty of Sin Ho plateau

Sin Ho concentrates on many attractive beautiful scenes. Such as Heaven’s Gate, Tien Ong Mountain, O Da Mountain… associated with many thrilling legends. Going deep into the villages of Pu Dao, Ta Ghenh, Hoang Ho, Ta Phin, Phang Xo Lin of the H’Mong and Dao people nestled on the cliffs, visitors seem to be lost in a fairy tale space when encountering the houses. Beautiful small wooden trees stand out among the green of the mountains and forests, ethnic women carry water on their backs and climb up the slopes, or Ban Pigs wander around looking for food at the edge of the forest…

Sin Ho is even more beautiful every time there is a market held on the weekends. Although the market starts on Saturday morning, at this time the market mainly attracts indigenous people living around town. Only on Sunday is it really crowded and bustling when people from remote villages come in, from the Hmong people. ‘Red Mong people in Chan Lua, Mo Village or the Lu and Dao people in Phang Xo Lin to the Flower H’Mong people, Phu La as far away as Pu Sam Cap commune, a whole day’s journey from Sin Ho town…

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3. When is the best time to visit the Sin Ho plateau?

As a famous tourist destination, you can come here anytime. Because each time in the Sin Ho plateau has its own unique beauty and experiences.

  • If you want to explore fresh natural beauty, with peach blossom forests, plum blossoms,… in full bloom, you can visit in spring.
  • Summer is the ideal time to explore the beauty of the ripe rice season. The terraced fields look like they are wearing a beautiful golden shirt.
  • Or autumn is the time when the air is slightly cool, which is the right time to conquer the surrounding mountains.
  • Winter is the time for you to have the opportunity to watch snow fall on the plateau, which is also very interesting.

4. How to get to the Sin Ho plateau?

4.1 From Hanoi:

If you are from Hanoi, first you need to travel to Lai Chau by bus or motorbike (if you are a backpacker). By motorbike, you can follow the route: Hanoi -> Lao Cai -> Sapa -> O Quy Ho Pass -> Lai Chau.

Or you can also follow the route: Hanoi -> Phu Tho -> Yen Bai -> Mu Cang Trai -> Lai Chau. After arriving in Lai Chau city center, you can rent motorbikes at the hotels or Homestays where you are staying to conquer the plateau.

4.2 From Lai Chau city:

It only takes about 2 hours to travel the distance of 60 km from Lai Chau city to Sin Ho plateau. The best vehicle you should consider choosing is a motorbike. Riding a motorbike helps you easily see the majestic and romantic Northwest natural scenery and craggy mountain roads. The simpler the vehicle, the easier it will be to travel.

From the city, go west to Dien Bien Phu/QL4D, go straight 4 km, turn left onto Ton Duc Thang Street, continue 500m, turn right onto Be Van Dan/DT128, go straight 55 km to see The Cong Company Limited, turn right is in Sin Ho district.

IMG Sin Ho Lai Chau

5. Sightseeing & things to do in Sin Ho plateau

5.1. Pu Dao commune

Pu Dao commune is one of the attractions that you cannot miss when coming to Lai Chau, the commune includes 4 villages inhabited by H’Mong people: Hong Ngai, Nam Doong, Nam Dac and Hong Ty. In particular, this place was voted by British travel agency Gecko Travel as one of the 5 most attractive destinations in Southeast Asia. It is a commune that has been planned to be a community tourism destination, but in addition to owning slightly more spacious houses, the commune still retains its inherent beauty.

In order to get to this place, you will have to cross Lai Ha bridge across the Da River tributary. Stopping here, on the other side of the bank are Thai stilt houses hidden behind the treetops, smoke rising in a dark afternoon, only to see the peace of people’s lives here. Come to PuDao, check-in and visit local houses to experience life here.

5.2. Si Thau Chai

The next destination in Sin Ho plateau tourism is Si Thau Chai village in Ho Thau commune, Tam Duong district, located at an altitude of 1,400 meters above sea level. The village has more than 60 households, all of whom are Dao ethnic people. To this day, they still preserve the traditional cultural beauty over many generations, so it is worth a visit.

Si Thau Chai today is a famous tourist destination for those who want to find fresh air, peaceful scenery along with the daily life of working people. Walking in the village, you can easily see rustic wooden houses hidden behind colorful flower arrangements of the people.

If we talk about the most popular check-in location, it is right at the beginning of the village, a large tree climbing up, along with a swing made from the bus station, the view from afar is endless clouds and soaring mountains. , regardless of whether it is a day with white and blue clouds or a day with dark gray clouds, it is very beautiful.

5.3. Tien Son Cave

IMG Tien Son Cave 1

Tien Son cave, also known as Dan Don cave, Po Ngai Tung cave or Da Trang cave, was named by the Lu ethnic people because when discovered, in front of the cave entrance there was an extremely special white cliff.

Going to Tien Son, you will see lively stalactites. Although they are not colorful, they look very beautiful. There is a small stream flowing through the cave, creating natural gurgling sounds that are very pleasant to the ears. In particular, on the 15th day of the first lunar month every year, Tien Son Cave Festival is held here, attracting a variety of different ethnic groups to visit.

5.4. Tac Tinh Waterfall

Known as the most beautiful waterfall in the Northwest, Tac Tinh or Tac Tinh waterfall possesses beautiful scenery like a perfect painting. The emerald green waterfall flows gently down from the top of the mountain, surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the mountains and forests, both wild but very lyrical.

Visitors coming here can take check-in photos, immerse themselves in the coolness of the waterfall and listen to the beautiful but difficult love story hidden behind this beautiful waterfall.

5.5. Da O Mountain

Da O Mountain is actually an umbrella-shaped rock. It is not an ordinary tourist destination but a spiritual tourist destination. Legend has it that in the past, a fairy came to Ta Phin to travel. When he returned to heaven, he forgot his umbrella and then this umbrella turned into stone, from which came Da Umbrella Mountain.

This is a sacred place of worship, visitors coming here can sincerely pray for good luck to come to them in life.

5.6. Hunting clouds in Sin Ho plateau

In Sin Ho it is covered with clouds all year round, the densest around February – March. In addition to Si Thau Chai and Ta Ngao communes specializing in cloud hunting, just run along the high roads in this plateau and you will have everything. A sea of white, floating clouds suddenly appeared and appeared to take photos with.

Note that the most beautiful clouds are at 4 – 5 o’clock, so try to wake up early to take dreamlike pictures when visiting Sin Ho.

5.7. Admiring the natural beauty of the Sin Ho plateau

Not only is it known as an attractive natural tourist destination. But Sin Ho is also a land that preserves the long-standing cultural and historical values of the Vietnamese people. When you arrive at the plateau, before your eyes will be majestic mountains. It’s surrounded by a sea of clouds, dense forests, and winding passes, all creating a unique beauty of the land of Lai Chau.

5.8. Exploring the daily life of indigenous people

Sin Ho Plateau is the living and working place of many ethnic minorities, typically: H’Mong, Thai, Dao,… After exploring the beauty of the plateau, visitors can go to the villages to immerse themselves in the simple, rustic life here and learn about the cultural beauty and unique customs of the people. Sin Ho.

Along with that, you can also enjoy many delicious dishes and Lai Chau specialties, as well as buy ideal souvenirs to give to friends and relatives.

5.9. Camping overnight in the Sin Ho plateau

Perhaps this is the experience most visitors look forward to. There will be nothing more wonderful when you can not only admire the scenery, enjoy the fresh, airy space. But also enjoy the quintessential culinary flavors here.

However, to camp in this plateau, you need to be sure to face cold weather of about 8 – 10 degrees Celsius. Also remember to prepare full camping equipment such as: tent, firewood, food, drinking water….

End the night with an outdoor party, waking up early the next morning you will be able to see the romantic sea of clouds. Beside along with the sweet sounds of birds singing, bringing an extremely pleasant feeling.

6. Specialties when traveling to the Sin Ho plateau

  • Smoked buffalo meat. It is a familiar dish to the highland community, kitchen buffalo meat is unique, rich in flavor. Especially soft and fragrant with the scent of forest wormwood due to being smoked through its smoke.
  • Purple sticky rice. The purple color of sticky rice comes from a type of forest leaf called Khau Cam instead of black leaves like in the lowlands. The sticky rice is sweet, delicate and flexible.
  • Bamboo shoot salad with hoa ban. Coming to the Sin Ho plateau, you can eat bamboo shoot salad with the rich, aromatic aroma of grilled fish. Also the tanginess from ban flowers, and the mild bitterness of fresh bamboo shoots.
  • Lam smog: Essentially beef or pork marinated with spices then put in a bamboo tube and grilled over charcoal, the method is a bit like lam rice

7. Accommodation when traveling to Sin Ho plateau

When traveling to the Sin Ho plateau, you can refer to some of the accommodation facilities below:

  • Bui Banh homestay. Address: Area 2, Sin Ho, Lai Chau.
  • Vang A Chinh homestay. Address: Sin Suoi Ho village, Phong Tho, Lai Chau.
  • Guest house in Sin Ho district. Address: Provincial Road 129 Sin Ho, Lai Chau.
  • Duyen Hai Guesthouse. Address: DT128, Sin Ho, Lai Chau.
  • Thanh Binh Hotel. Address: DT129, Sin Ho, Lai Chau.

Above is all useful information about the Sin Ho plateau in Lai Chau. Hopefully with this article, you will somehow understand more about this beautiful plateau, as well as have a better and more convenient travel experience.

If you are planning your tour in Vietnam to the Sin Ho plateau, immediately contact Origin Vietnam – a reputable tour operator. With a team of consultants, tour operator in Lai Chau and local guides who are professional, dedicated and deeply knowledgeable about this land, we will take you on a journey to explore the Sin Ho plateau with unforgettable experiences. and retain memorable memories.

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