Si Thau Chai Village
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Si Thau Chai Village

Travel to Si Thau Chai village is one of the destinations possessing pristine, peaceful. And simple beauty in the northern mountainous land – Lai Chau province. Si Thau Chai will certainly bring you many extremely interesting experiences on your journey to explore this beautiful and pristine northwest highland land.

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1. Where is Si Thau Chai ecotourism village?

Si Thau Chai is located in Ho Thau commune, Tam Duong town, Lai Chau. It’s about 6km northwest of the town center and about 25km southeast of Lai Chau city. This is known as a village of the Dao people, people live here at an altitude of more than 1,400 meters, with mountains on all four sides. Standing from the village, looking far away, you can also see the peaceful Tam Duong town below your feet.

2. How is Si Thau Chai ecotourism village unique?

Si Thau Chai is known to domestic and foreign tourists as a completely new destination. Although Si Thau Chai is an underdeveloped and dynamic tourist destination. This place is actually a destination for many tourists who love to explore and learn about wonderful places on this strip of land. This letter S. Here, people also organize many interesting activities. Such as paragliding, off-road motorbike riding and off-road car racing. That’s why Si Thau Chai is increasingly becoming one of the super attractive and extremely interesting destinations that you certainly will not miss when traveling to Lai Chau.

It’s not wrong to say that Si Thau Chai is the “best” place to see beautiful scenery in Tam Duong. When you come here, you can fully enjoy the fresh and extremely cool air of the Northwest mountains and forests. But also see the entire vast, majestic mountain and forest scene appearing before your eyes like a watercolor painting. painted by the hands of mother nature.

More unique when traveling to Si Thau Chai, you can experience the extremely unique. And unique cultural features of the Dao ethnic group. Such as traditional festivals, fire dancing ceremonies,… along with countless Traditional dishes and specialties of the mountainous people that cannot be missed like. Grilled fish, grilled meat, grilled meat wrapped in fig leaves,… Experiences of trying on the traditional costumes of the Dao people with turbans, the crane or the gorgeous, colorful dresses are extremely beautiful. This village is one of the most famous in Northern Vietnam for Eco tourism activities.

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3. What is the best season to visit Si Thau Chai ecotourism village?

Every season when you come here, you will experience unique wonderful things. Every color of the mountains and forests here is “dressed with flowers”, in spring there are peach blossoms, plum blossoms blooming in the forest, late spring is also During the season when water pours into the terraced fields, the whole space is like a giant mirror reflecting the surprisingly beautiful natural scenery. When summer comes, you will admire the blooming rose bushes on both sides of the road. In the fall, this is the season of ripe rice, all the terraced fields are covered with a golden color, stretching endlessly. Or on cloudy days, visitors seem to be immersed and become one with the sea of floating clouds like a paradise, nature. Especially the Northwest sky and land seem to merge into one.

According to the experience of those who have visited Si Thau Chai before, the ideal time to travel to Sin Thau Chai is from September to April of the following year. The weather is always clear and cool, with a hint of the chill of the last days of the year. Spring has come and the whole village is blooming in sparkling cherry blossoms, bustling with laughter and laughter in the atmosphere of color festivals and fire dancing of the Dao ethnic people.

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4. How to get to Si Thau Chai ecotourism village?

Located about 7km from Tam Duong town center, about 20 minutes by car. Starting from the center, go northwest toward Binh Lu Town for about 1.2km. Then turn right into Binh Lu Town and run straight for another 1km. Continue to turn left and run another 500m, then turn right and go straight past Binh Lu Veterinary Station about 4km more and you will reach Si Thau Chai.

Not only Si Thau Chai but most of the villages far from the center of the road are quite difficult to navigate, with curves and passes. For the most convenience, you can take a motorbike taxi to take you to the place or if you are a hard driver, you can rent a self-driving motorbike to be more proactive in moving. Don’t worry if you don’t know the way, you can ask the local people, they will be happy to show you the way. Also don’t forget to open the Google Maps directions app to follow the navigation!

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5. Top Things to do in Si Thau Chai village

5.1. Admiring the peaceful scenery of the mountainous region:

The high altitude and old forest cover give Si Thau Chai fresh, cool air all year round. There is no noise, no noisy cars, no dust or smoke.

This village is a charming picture of mountains and water in the middle of a vast landscape, with colors and sounds. Take in the sights of Tam Duong district from above, walk along the flower-filled road admiring the closely packed stilt houses, and in the distance see terraced fields running over hills and valleys. valley. If you are a flower lover, Si Thau Chai is a sublime paradise. No matter where you go in this village, you can see the colors of flowers, from pink, orchids, pears to every spring. The sky stands out in the white of plum blossoms and the bright pink of cherry blossoms.

5.2. Learning and exploring the traditional culture of the Dao people

Each ethnic group has its own beauty, like 54 ethnic groups have 54 colors. Living together, eating together, going to the fields to participate in dairy farming work. Then at night, next to the flickering fire, sipping a cup of warm wine and listening to the village elders tell stories of the past.

Learn and experience the unique customs of the people, immerse yourself in the joyful atmosphere of important festivals that have become an indispensable part of life.

5.3. Experiencing adventure with paragliding

Every golden rice season, in addition to choosing a chill corner to watch the rice fields and inhale the fragrant rice scent wafting in the wind, tourists who like thrills can challenge themselves on paragliders. Flying in the air, looking at the terraced fields and the beautiful Tam Duong valley below, all worries about food, clothing, and money seem to disappear.

All activities related to paragliding are checked and guaranteed to be safe. You will also be guided by technicians to start up and wear equipment to ensure safety and bring visitors an experience. The most interesting. Standing on the top, dropping down into Tam Duong valley to watch the yellow terraced fields of ripe rice, feels like touching the clouds, being embraced by the vast sky.

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6. Specialties when visiting Si Thau Chai ecotourism village

Coming to Si Thau Chai, you should not miss the unique cuisine here. Specialties with unique flavors of the Northwest region as well as the Dao people. Such as: braised frog with bamboo shoots, stream fish salad, under-armpit pig… Surely the unique and unforgettable flavors will be a great culinary experience. Great for tourists. Furthermore, all ingredients are grown completely naturally, so you can rest assured when enjoying it.

7. Accommodation when visiting Si Thau Chai ecotourism village

Si Thau Chai is one of the highlights in the system of community tourism and discovery tourism destinations in Lai Chau. Many families have open, spacious spaces to make homestays, visitors can both admire the beautiful landscape here, stay overnight and enjoy lunch, dinner services and experience living activities. daily life as well as learn about the culture of ethnic minorities here. Therefore, when traveling here, the most popular type of accommodation is staying at beautiful homestays in the village.

8. Some important notes when visiting Si Thau Chai ecotourism village

So that visitors can have a complete and happy trip to Si Thau Chai – Lai Chau. Origin Vietnam will reveal detailed notes and experiences when traveling to Si Thau Chai as follows:

  • Note that the village is mainly inhabited by the Dao ethnic people with their own customs and taboos. Before the trip, you can spend some time researching in advance to have appropriate behavior to avoid negative impacts. .
  • Experience in following safety rules and following the technician’s instructions when paragliding. If you are weak of heart or afraid of heights, you should not try taking risks in this game.
  • Good travel tips: sneakers and clothes that are both warm and comfortable will help you move more easily. Also remember to bring an outer jacket because at night. And early in the morning, the temperature drops also the fog will be very heavy catch colds easily.
  • Pocket information about some specialty dishes prepared by the people themselves that you should not miss. Such as: armpit pig, grilled fish, fish salad, frog holding bamboo shoots…
  • Try wearing traditional costumes with brocade skirts, cranes, silver jewelry to transform into a charming Dao girl. That you will definitely have check-in photos of the muse to bring back.
  • Of course, card swipe or bank transfer payment services are not very popular here. So before coming to the village you should exchange cash from Hanoi or in town for more convenient spending.

It’s worth a visit Si Thau Chai village

More and more tourists visit Si Thau Chai ecotourism village, which means that the village has also changed. But that does not mean that the place has lost its original beauty. Perhaps the change is more smiles of fullness and happiness on the lips of the gentle people. Once you come and feel it, you will fully see the unique features of the mountainous countryside.

If you are planning your tour Vietnam to Si Thau Chai village, Lai Chau. Please immediately contact Origin Vietnam – a professional Vietnam local tour operator. With a team of tour consultants and tour guides who are experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable about this land, we will take you on a journey to discover Si Thau Chai village with many interesting activities and worthwhile experiences.

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