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Quynh Nhai

When it comes to traveling to Son La, perhaps people will immediately think of famous destinations such as: Moc Chau, Ta Xua, Bac Yen,… But did you know, Son La province also has the beautiful Quynh Nhai district? with diverse natural scenery, promising to bring interesting travel experiences for visitors coming here.

Moreover, Quynh Nhai is a land of mountains and rivers, charming, with green mountains and blue water. This place also has “Quynh Nhai lake” which is considered the largest hydroelectric lake in the country and countless other beautiful tourist destinations. Embark on a journey to discover the most captivating tourist destinations with Origin Vietnam team.

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1. Where is Quynh Nhai?

Quynh Nhai is located at the northern tip of Son La province, in the Northwest region of Vietnam. About 80 km from Son La city and about 380 km southwest of Hanoi capital. With geographical location:

  • The North borders Sin Ho district, Lai Chau province.
  • The South borders Thuan Chau district and Muong La district.
  • The East is adjacent to Than Uyen district of Lai Chau province.
  • The West is adjacent to Tua Chua and Tuan Giao districts of Dien Bien province.

2. How is Quynh Nhai unique?

The first time you come to Quynh Nhai, you will surely be overwhelmed by the natural scenery that nature has bestowed on this land. The tall, winding, green mountain ranges are covered with mist, adding to the picture, making it more magical, magnificent, and imbued with Northwest Vietnam.

As a district of the northern mountainous region of Vietnam, Quynh Nhai’s terrain is full of mountains, forests, and plains with a green color. On these local roads, visitors have the opportunity to fully enjoy the beautiful scenery of mountains, clouds, sky, and beautiful valleys nestled at the foot of majestic mountains.

3. When is the best time to travel to Quynh Nhai?

Northwest Vietnam’s climate is always cool and has majestic natural beauty that pleases tourists, so you can come here at any time. But there are still times when this place is especially attractive and you should definitely visit during these times.

  • September: This is the time when the Independence Day activities of the H’Mong people take place. Therefore, if you go during this time, it will be extremely suitable to learn more about the culture of Northwest Vietnam.
  • October: The wild sunflower season blooms most brilliantly around this time, with brilliant yellow colors along National Highway 6 and villages on the hillsides.
  • November: this is the right time to go photo hunting here with the wild white mustard flowers blooming.
  • During the Lunar New Year, peach and plum blossoms fill the sky in the Northwest, with pink and white colors interwoven on every road.
  • In addition, going to Son La in the winter time you also have the opportunity to try the feeling of hot spring bathing, a cultural feature of the Thai people.

Thus, depending on your preferences and desires, you can completely choose the most suitable time for your trip.

IMG Quynh Nhai Son La

4. How to get to Quynh Nhai?

4.1. By road

From Hanoi, you can travel to Son La by sleeper bus, buses depart daily at My Dinh Bus Station or the bus station behind Son La guest house (378 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan). . Sleeper buses depart from My Dinh at around 7-8pm every day, arriving at Son La around 7-8am the next morning (depending on weather conditions and speed of each bus company).

For large groups, you can rent a private car or drive your own car because the distance is not too far, especially for groups of friends who want to travel and experience at the same time.

However, if you want to travel by motorbike, you must remember to bring full insurance, identification documents, travel in groups, strictly obey traffic laws and especially always pay attention to speed and be careful of safety. .

4.2. By airlines

If tourists depart from provinces in Central and Southern Vietnam, the plane is the most optimal means of transportation. You will save time and health for the journey of discovery later. When landing at Noi Bai airport, visitors can travel by the above means.

When arriving in Son La city, visitors can rent a taxi, travel by intra-provincial bus or rent a motorbike to travel to Quynh Nhai.

4.3. How to get to Quynh Nhai from Son La city

From Son La city, tourists depart along Highway 6 in the Northwest direction about 32 km, then reach the intersection of Highway 6 with Road DT107 located in Tong Lenh commune, Thuan Chau district, then turn right onto Road DT107. From here, you just follow road DT107 north for about 40 km to reach Quynh Nhai area.

5. Sightseeings & things to do in Quynh Nhai

5.1 Pa Uon Bridge

IMG Pa Uon Bridge Son La

Pa Uon Bridge appears like a soft silk strip lying horizontally in the middle of the vast and vast Da River. On both sides of the bridge are green forests undulating high and low, painting a poetic and lyrical picture. Every year on the 10th day of the first lunar month, the traditional boat racing festival in Quynh Nhai is also held here.

5.2 Heart Island

IMG Heart Island Son La 1

Heart Island with its poetic, romantic scenery, clear, cool and quiet air helps visitors feel truly relaxed and peaceful. There are also many recreational activities here such as water park activities, boating, river fishing experiences,…

5.3 Linh Son Thuy Tu Temple

Linh Son Thuy Tu Temple is a spiritual cultural tourism destination. Visitors coming here will have the opportunity to better understand the relics dedicated to Lady Han. This is also a place to organize worship on holidays and New Year and organize the Hair Washing Festival on the afternoon of the 30th of Tet every year.

5.4 Ban Bon hot springs

Coming to Ban Bon, tourists will have the opportunity to explore pristine mountain forests and rich and diverse flora. Furthermore, you can also prepare dishes with the typical flavors of the White Thai people here, enjoy many dishes made from many different types of fish,… At night, you will be immersed in the folk music and folk dance here.

5.5 Uy Phong Bay

Uy Phong Bay has majestic but also poetic beauty, all year round its clear jade-green water is an ideal selfie spot for both domestic and foreign tourists. There are many fun activities here such as boating, underwater volleyball, fishing,…

5.6 Quynh Nhai eco-tourism area – Song Da lake bed

Quynh Nhai eco-tourism area is located in the Da River lake bed with an area of over 10,500 hectares, considered a miniature Ha Long Bay of the Northwest region of Vietnam. This place converges many favorable factors for development. Ecotourism, nature discovery, majestic mountain scenery, spiritual tourist attractions associated with cultural legends and traditional festivals create attractive features of Quynh Nhai tourism with tourists from near and far.

6. Specialties when traveling to Quynh Nhai

When traveling to Quynh Nhai, visitors can not only admire the beauty of the wild and majestic natural landscape. But also enjoy the specialties of this beautiful land.

IMG Pa Pinh Top

6.1 Pa Pinh Top

This is one of the famous Son La specialties loved by both locals and people near and far. This dish is made from ingredients easily found in the surrounding nature, demonstrating the strong connection between humans and nature. Looking at the Pa Pinh Top dish, you will be impressed by the wonderful harmony between the colorful colors of fresh vegetables and the unique flavor of rich grilled meat.

Made from the main ingredient of stream fish, Pa Pinh Top Son La brings a rich, attractive flavor to diners. The fish is carefully marinated with natural spices, making the dish unique and appealing. The process of cooking Pa Pinh Top Son La is also worth noting. The fish is stuffed inside the belly with spices, turned over. And grilled on a charcoal stove, creating a blend of natural flavors and local cultural identity. This dish is not simply a meal but also the pride of Son La people.

6.2 Smoked buffalo meat

Made from fresh buffalo meat, smoked buffalo meat brings a rich, delicious and attractive flavor. The process of processing buffalo meat is not simply a matter of setting aside the pot over the fire to cook. But is also a meticulous and dedicated step by step carried out by the skillful hands of local people.

Smoked buffalo meat is not only a common dish. But also an indispensable part of festivals, parties or other important occasions for people in the Northern mountainous region. This dish is not only the pride of traditional families but also the unique cultural beauty of this land.

6.3 Pickled meat

Sour pickled meat is a special traditional dish that appears a lot in Son La province. This dish is simple but associated with the lives and culinary culture of the people here for centuries.

Preparing pickled meat requires meticulousness and sophistication. The chef selects fresh cuts of meat, especially lean back meat, pork belly or tenderloin, then marinates the meat in salt and natural spices. Such as garlic, chili, dried onions, lime leaves, and chili powder.

The marinating process lasts at least 2-3 weeks, depending on each family’s taste and style. When cooked, this Son La specialty has a beautiful pink color, soft meat and a fragrant sour salt taste, mixed with natural spices. Pickled meat is mainly used during holidays, Tet, family gatherings or given as gifts to friends and relatives.

6.4 Buffalo skin salad

Buffalo skin salad is a unique and culturally rich dish of Vietnam’s mountainous ethnic groups. This dish gives diners a new experience, discovering the pristine and special flavors of the highlands.

The characteristic feature of buffalo skin salad is that the fresh buffalo skin is finely chopped and mixed with natural spices. Such as green onions, coriander, laksa leaves, purple onions, chili, garlic, and a little shrimp paste or fish sauce. These simple but sophisticated ingredients give the salad a natural, rich and attractive flavor.

6.5 Fried veal

To prepare fried veal, the cook must be meticulous in choosing. Then cutting the veal into thin and even pieces. Next, the meat is marinated with a mixture of spices including garlic, onions, chili, pepper and other spices. It’s depending on family or local taste. The marinating process helps the fried veal absorb flavor and softness, while also maintaining the freshness and elegance of the veal.

This Son La specialty is often grilled on a charcoal stove or charcoal fire regularly and carefully. The grilling process helps the fried veal stay delicious, crispy and rich in flavor. When grilled, the dish often emits a charming aroma, stimulating the taste and sight of diners.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Quynh Nhai

When traveling to Quynh Nhai, visitors can refer to some of the accommodation facilities below:

  • Duong – Dien community motel. Address: Muong Giang, Quynh Nhai, Son La.
  • Uyen Phuong Guesthouse. Address: Muong Giang, Quynh Nhai, Son La.
  • Ngoc Son Trang Guesthouse. Address: Muong Giang, Quynh Nhai, Son La.
  • Nga An Guest House. Address: Muong Giang, Quynh Nhai, Son La.

Quynh Nhai is gradually becoming a shining destination of Son La province thanks to the convergence of majestic and poetic natural beauty, unique traditional indigenous culture and interesting tourist activities. If you have the opportunity to join the Son La tour, remember to take the time to explore this destination.

Tourists always feel satisfied at every step of their journey to discover Quynh Nhai by our team of consultants, tour operators and professional, dedicated local guides who have a good understanding of this land of Origin Vietnam – with the best Vietnam inbound tour itineraries. We always accompany you to ensure that you will have a tours in Son La full of interesting experiences and unforgettable memories.

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