Quynh Nhai Lake
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Quynh Nhai Lake

When mentioning Son La, everyone probably thinks of the Moc Chau plateau with its green tea hills and poetic white plum valleys. Or Ta Xua with its majestic and challenging dinosaur spine. However, few people know that in this high land there is an equally “hot” destination, which is Quynh Nhai Lake. It’s the largest hydroelectric lake in the country and has countless tourist attractions. Take another stunning photo. Let’s explore this “not everyone knows” land with Origin Vietnam right below.

1. Where is Quynh Nhai lake?

“Quynh Nhai Lake” or “Son La Lake” is actually the bed of Son La Hydropower Lake. It’s named by Son La Province to identify the brand commensurate with the potential and strengths of the largest hydroelectric lake. country.

This hydroelectric lake is located in the districts of Quynh Nhai, Muong La, Thuan Chau in Son La province. It’s about 40 km northeast of Son La city and about 320 km northwest of Hanoi capital.

2. How is Quynh Nhai lake unique?

The natural area of Quynh Nhai district is over 105,600 hectares. The total area of Son La Hydropower Lake in the district alone accounts for more than 10,000 hectares. Quynh Nhai is located in the middle of a large valley, surrounded by majestic high mountains. Especially covered with immense old green forests.

As a little-known land that still retains the beauty that nature has given it. Quynh Nhai still has its own pristine beauty.

With karst terrain, the Son La hydropower reservoir area in Quynh Nhai town extending to Dien Bien province. It is likened to HaLong Bay on land in the Northwest of Vietnam. This place possesses extremely diverse landscapes, unique semi-riverland ecosystems, unique and diverse biological populations.

The stalactites were created over thousands of years, with many shapes. And colors mixed with mossy cliffs, covered with green vegetation stretching as far as the eye can see.

The sophistication born from nature combined with the artificial, unique look is shaped by the rich imagination of local people. Also causing this place to hide hundreds of large and small islands with many shapes. Unique enemies like Fairy Island, Phoenix Island, Chicken Island, Toad Island, Mushroom Island,…

3. When is the best time to travel to Quynh Nhai Lake?

The most ideal time to travel and experience the Quynh Nhai hydropower reservoir is from September to April next year. Because this is the flood season, the water surface of the Da River is vast and clear, reflecting the clouds, sky. The scenery, bringing a romantic and beautiful scene. This is also the time when many cultural activities and festivals take place. Such as: Traditional boat racing festival; Quynh Nhai White Thai Hair Washing Festival; New Rice Celebration Festival; Ngoc Chien commune (Muong La),…

4. How to get to Quynh Nhai Lake?

4.1. By road

From Hanoi, you can travel to Son La by sleeper bus, buses depart daily at My Dinh Bus Station or the bus station behind Son La guest house (378 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan). Sleeper buses depart from My Dinh at around 7-8pm every day, arriving at Son La around 7-8am the next morning. It depends on weather conditions and speed of each bus company.

For large groups, you can rent a private car or drive your own car. Because the distance is not too far, especially for groups of friends who want to travel and experience at the same time.

However, if you want to travel by motorbike, you must remember to bring full insurance, identification documents, travel in groups, and strictly obey traffic laws. And especially always pay attention to speed and be careful of safety. .

4.2 By airlines

If tourists depart from provinces in Central and Southern Vietnam, the plane is the most optimal means of transportation. You will save time and health for the journey of discovery later. When landing at Noi Bai airport, visitors can travel by the above means.

When arriving in Son La city, visitors can rent a taxi, travel by intra-provincial bus. Or rent a motorbike to travel to Quynh Nhai.

4.3 How to get to Quynh Nhai from Son La city

From Son La city, tourists depart along Highway 6 in the Northwest direction about 32 km, then reach the intersection of Highway 6 with Road DT107 located in Tong Lenh commune, Thuan Chau district, then turn right onto Road DT107. Then from here, you just follow road DT107 north for about 40 km to reach Quynh Nhai area.

From Quynh Nhai District People’s Committee, you turn right onto National Highway 279 and go north about 10 km to Quynh Nhai Lake.

5. Sightseeings in Quynh Nhai Lake

The sea bed of Quynh Nhai lake is very wide, nearly 30 km long, with the clear turquoise Da River water flowing into the valleys of Quynh Nhai ravine, turning this place into an area of floating islands. It’s submerged, connected together on the water surface. During the journey to explore the lake, you will witness firsthand a fascinating semi-riverland ecosystem.

Looming along the lakeside, there are hundreds of swallow-tailed boats moored, these are idyllic features expressed through every daily activity of the people here. Each fishing boat and net is released right in the middle of the mist from early morning, then returns quietly in the light afternoon sun, people can even hear the melodious sound of the water like a Northwest love song…

Up to now, very few people still know about Quynh Nhai lake. However, with rich and diverse tourism resources, the Quynh Nhai hydropower reservoir area will be a favorable premise for developing in the near future various types of tourism. Such as sightseeing tours, adventure tours, eco-tourism, medical tours, scientific research tourism. That travelers come here have a chance to learn about ecosystems and history, cultural tourism of ethnic groups Indigenous and traditional tourism… with enjoying and experiencing the culture, life, and cuisine of the land and its people.

6. Specialties when traveling to Quynh Nhai lake

When traveling to Quynh Nhai Lake, visitors can not only admire the wild and majestic natural landscape with enchanting beautiful destinations, but also enjoy unique, bold ethnic dishes. Thai ethnic dishes such as: Mac Nhung porridge, lam rice, upland sticky rice, colored sticky rice, cham cheo, buffalo skin salad, smoked buffalo meat, folded stream fish and traditional wines,…

7. Some attractive tourist sites near Quynh Nhai Lake

7.1 Pa Uon Bridge

Crossing the hydroelectric lake bed is Pa Uon Bridge – a bridge that has set a Guinness Vietnam record for having the highest bridge pier in Southeast Asia. Because the main pier of the bridge being 98.6m high. The bridge is the main traffic route connecting Son La with Northwest provinces. Such as Dien Bien, Lai Chau, Lao Cai…

From a distance, the bridge looks like a silk strip across the vast blue water. Pa Uon Bridge is considered a highlight of the natural landscape and a destination for tours, creating momentum for the development of the “smokeless industry” of Quynh Nhai district in particular and the Northwest region of Vietnam in general.

Every year, this is also the “stand” of traditional festivals for people and tourists from all over to gather here to enjoy. Such as: Boat racing festival, hair washing festival of Thai Quynh Nhai girls, …

7.2 Linh Son Thuy Tu relic – Nang Han temple

This is a spiritual tourist destination located on Pu Nghiu hill, Muong Giang commune, Quynh Nhai district, with a location that can cover an entire river area with charming, poetic scenery. Standing from here, you can see the landscape of Son La hydroelectric lake and the resettled villages along the lake.

Linh Son Thuy Tu relic area – Nang Han temple was inaugurated in 2011 to serve the religious needs of people in the area. Among them, Linh Son Thuy Tu is a temple worshiping the mountain god and river god. Especially the gods who govern all things in heaven and earth. Nang Han Temple is a place to worship the Thai national heroic female general who had the merit of defeating the Northern invaders.

7.3 Heart Island

Heart Island is about 1.3 hectares in Hat Lech village, Chieng On commune, about 10 km from Pa Uon bridge. Viewed from above, the island is shaped like a heart with poetic scenery, mist, clear blue lake water and fresh air.

Here, you can visit and experience many different activities. Such as: Swimming in cool water, mountain climbing, duck riding, fishing, taking selfies among the colorful flower hills and pinwheel hills. , pray for love,…

In addition, here, you can also enjoy Thai ethnic cuisine made from Da River fish. Such as Pa Pinh top (grilled fish), fish salad, grilled chicken mac khen, bon soup, and experiencing Fish feeding activities, listening to Then singing artists, and watching Thai traditional dances are extremely interesting.

7.4 Uy Phong Bay

Uy Phong Bay in Khoang village, Pa Ma Pha Khinh commune is currently a favorite photography spot for young people when coming to Son La because of its picturesque scenery, surrounded by mountains, making it very poetic. To explore Uy Phong Bay, you will float on the Da River by pinwheel cruise upstream of the Da River for nearly 2 hours.

Here, you will have the opportunity to experience exciting entertainment activities. Such as: Boating, ferris wheel, outdoor swimming pool, underwater volleyball, underwater experience activities, fishing, and fish massage experience. Step into the fish cage area next to the floating restaurant… So, don’t forget to prepare swimsuits and swimming equipment to experience these exciting activities.

7.5 Bon village

Bon village is located in Muong Chien commune, which still retains the typical architectural features of the truss houses of the Thai ethnic group. After the Son La hydropower plant came into operation, the agricultural land area of Bon village shrunk. Also the people here gradually shifted towards economic development in the lake bed area.

Taking advantage of the hot mineral springs, typical culinary culture, festival culture, and traditional stilt houses of the White Thai people. Especially the people here are gradually investing in developing community tourism, associated with service on the lake bed.

Coming to Ban Bon, you will learn about the village’s cultural life. Also know about stilt houses, visit some garden houses, and traditional handicraft houses. Such as wickerwork, pipe lute production, and brocade weaving, hat production, leaf yeast wine making… Also it’s the best for cultural exchanges with graceful Thai girls in each dance, twirling…

In addition, traveling to Bon village, you will experience natural hot spring bathing. The hot mineral water source of Ban Bon hot spring flows naturally from the ravine, without human influence, and the water temperature is regularly maintained at 40 – 45oC, very suitable for soaking in healing, relaxation and nourishment. skin.

8. Accommodation when traveling to Quynh Nhai Lake

When traveling to Quynh Nhai, visitors can refer to some of the accommodation facilities below:

  • Duong – Dien community motel. Address: Muong Giang, Quynh Nhai, Son La.
  • Uyen Phuong Guesthouse. Address: Muong Giang, Quynh Nhai, Son La.
  • Ngoc Son Trang Guesthouse. Address: Muong Giang, Quynh Nhai, Son La.
  • Nga An Guest House. Address: Muong Giang, Quynh Nhai, Son La.

If you want to find a place to immerse yourself in the majestic natural landscape. And experience true indigenous life, then Quynh Nhai Lake is the perfect choice.

In order to ensure you have the most perfect and complete tours in Vietnam, immediately contact Origin Vietnam – a professional local tour operator. With a team of consultants, enthusiastic and dedicated local guides, we will accompany you every step in this exciting journey to discover Quynh Nhai Lake.

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