Quang Hoa
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Quang Hoa

Quang Hoa possesses a charming landscape with green mountains and blue water that still retains its wildness. The culture imbued with the identity of the ethnic groups in the area is preserved, and famous craft villages whose products have become famous throughout the country. Let’s explore this beautiful land with Origin Vietnam.

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1. Where is Quang Hoa?

Quang Hoa is a border district located in the East of Cao Bang province Vietnam, just over 30 km east of Cao Bang city center and about 290 km north of Hanoi capital. About geographical location:

  • The East borders Ha Lang district and Sung Ta city in Guangxi province, China.
  • The West borders Hoa An district.
  • The South borders Thach An district.
  • The North borders Trung Khanh district.

2. How is Quang Hoa unique?

Quang Hoa has diverse terrain, hills and mountains occupy most of the area. This is a mountainous area in Northern Vietnam, with limestone plateaus, river valleys, streams, waterfalls, lakes and many rare natural heritages.

Besides, Quang Hoa has the beauty of the Northeast mountains with wild and magnificent natural landscapes. Rolling mountain ranges next to vast green fields combined with a system of caves, rivers and streams create a diverse and rich natural picture.

Moreover, Quang Hoa has the bold traditional culture of the Northeast region of Vietnam. It is expressed in the daily lives of the Nung and Tay ethnic people through costumes, production tools, and festivals, folk songs, traditional ethnic festivals, culinary culture and traditional craft villages in each locality.

With charming landscape, many historical relics and cultural diversity of ethnic minorities, Quang Hoa has become a place to attract many visitors recently in the Cao tourist area.

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3. When is the best time to travel to Quang Hoa?

Quang Hoa’s climate is tropical, highland and continental monsoon with two distinct seasons:

  • Rainy season: April – September.
  • Dry season: September – April next year.

Traveling to Quang Hoa each season will have its own beauty. If you travel to Cao Bang in the rainy season, you will admire the majestic waterfalls. However, according to our experience, the period from September to April next year is the ideal time to travel to Quang Hoa. Other remaining times are:

  • April – May: Cao Bang has buckwheat flower season.
  • June: brilliant hydrangea season.
  • October: golden rice season.
  • November: Yellow wild sunflower season all over the roads and buckwheat flower season.
  • December – January: in the Phia Oac forest area, there may be snowfall.

4. How to get to Quang Hoa from Hanoi.

4.1. By coach

From Hanoi, you can use a bus to get to Cao Bang. You can catch the bus directly at My Dinh bus station if going to Cao Bang on regular occasions. If you go during holidays and peak seasons, you should book tickets about 1 – 2 weeks in advance and travel time takes about 8 – 9 hours.

4.2 By motorcycles

If you want to be proactive about your travel time and route, you can ride a motorbike to Cao Bang on your own. From Hanoi to Cao Bang, you can travel in the following 2 directions:

Direction 1:

Hanoi – National Highway 3 – Thai Nguyen – Bac Kan – Cao Bang. With this route, you can combine traveling to Thai Nguyen – Bac Kan and going to Cao Bang city.

From Cao Bang city, you go to Keo Ha – Ban Gioc road until you reach National Highway 3. Then turn right, continue along National Highway 3 for about 32 km more to reach Quang Hoa. You may be interested 3 days tour in Ban Gioc waterfall here.

Direction 2:

Hanoi – National Highway 4 – Lang Son – Mau Son – Dong Khe – That Khe – Cao Bang. From Cao Bang city, you go to Keo Ha – Ban Gioc road until you reach National Highway 3, then turn right, continue along National Highway 3 for about 32 km more to reach Quang Hoa. Following this route, you can stop by to explore Mau Son before coming to Cao Bang.

5. Sightseeing & Things to do in Quang Hoa

5.1. Ban Sam Waterfall:

IMG Ban Sam Waterfall Cao Bang 5

Ban Sam Waterfall is located on a stream called Ban Sam, this place is covered with lush green and wild mountain forests, the landscape is beautiful and majestic. The waterfall is about 30m high, creating a strip of white water flowing violently down to the underground rock, creating white foam.

With wild, majestic scenery and a sunny and windy natural environment, Ban Sam waterfall has become an attractive destination for tourists who love to explore and experience nature.

In addition to admiring the waterfall, visitors can also cool off in the stream, relax in the area around the waterfall and enjoy local dishes. Besides, visitors can explore traditional craft villages to experience the culture, customs and typical practices of local people.

5.2. Phuc Sen Forging Village

Phuc Sen forging village is located in Phuc Sen commune, Quang Hoa district, Cao Bang province, Vietnam. It’s famous for its traditional copper forging craft since the 18th century. Local people use traditional copper forging techniques to create beautiful copper products such as vases, altars, table legs, lamps, water bottles, springs, clocks, etc.

The copper products produced here are all made by hand, from design, fabrication to finishing, creating unique, creative and high-quality products. The village is also a place where visitors can visit, experience and shop for beautiful copper products.

5.3. Phia Thap Incense Village

Phia Thap Huong Village is a traditional craft village located in Quang Hoa district, Cao Bang province, Vietnam. The village is located about 25 km southeast of Quang Hoa district center.

Phia Thap Incense Village is famous for making fragrance from local herbs, fruits, plants, flowers… The profession of making incense has been passed down through many generations and is being maintained and developed here.

When visiting Phia Thap Perfume village, visitors will experience the incense production process from selecting ingredients, processing to packaging and selling products. Visitors can also learn more about how to use incense in rituals, beliefs, and spirituality of local people.

5.4. Tay Giuong village

Tay Giuong village has an area of about 2,000 square meters, located on the banks of the Ha Quang Hoa river, with traditional ancient houses with unique architecture of the Tay people. The ancient houses here are built of wood, thatched roofs, mud walls and decorated with unique patterns.

When coming to Tay Giuong village, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy traditional dishes of the Tay people such as thang co, bamboo-tube rice, pork with bamboo shoots,… and experience traditional cultural activities of the Tay people such as bamboo dance, puppetry, singing, etc. All of these things have created the attraction of Ban Giuong Tay village for tourists from all over when visiting Quang Hoa and Cao Bang.

5.5. Na Lai Lake

Na Lai Lake is a large lake located in Phi Hai commune, Quang Hoa district, Cao Bang province, Vietnam. It has an area of about 36 hectares and is surrounded by green mountains and hills. With the majestic, wild beauty of the mountains and forests and the peace of the clear blue lake. Na Lai Lake is the destination of many tourists who want to explore the natural beauty of Cao Bang.

Tourists can participate in activities such as boating, fishing, bathing, sightseeing, taking photos… However, because this is a pristine area, the difficulty in moving is quite high, making visitors need to prepare carefully and have a specific plan before visiting Na Lai Lake.

5.6. Thang Hen Lake

IMG Thang Hen Lake Cao Bang

Thang Hen Lake is one of Vietnam’s beautiful lakes, located in Duc Hanh commune, Quang Hoa district, Cao Bang province. The lake has an area of about 36 hectares, with an average depth of about 20-25m.

Thang Hen Lake was formed from filling a deep hole during a seismic process, forming a highland plain. With a temperate climate, the lake has a diverse habitat with many rare fish and plant species, especially the yellow tilapia raised here.

In addition, Thang Hen Lake also has majestic natural scenery, surrounded by towering limestone mountains, creating a beautiful natural picture. The lake is also an ideal tourist destination for sightseeing, bathing, fishing, participating in recreational activities and discovering the unique ethnic culture of local people.

6. Specialties when traveling to Quang Hoa

When traveling to Quang Hoa, visitors not only admire the wild and majestic beauty of nature but also have the opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes of Quang Hoa in particular and Cao Bang in general.

6.1. Smoked sausage

Smoked sausage is a specialty dish in Cao Bang. When traveling to Cao Bang, you should try this smoked sausage. Cao Bang smoked sausage is made from tenderloin, shoulder or rump meat, minced and marinated with many spices, including hook mole leaves and mountain ginger root, then covered with pork intestines, then dried in the sun for about 3 days, then hang it on the roof of the kitchen to smoke to make it firmer and tastier.

6.2. Ant egg cake

Ant egg cake is a famous specialty of the Tay people in Cao Bang. This cake is made from ant eggs, rice flour, and covered with fig leaves. This cake only appears a lot from March to May of the lunar calendar, this is the time of changing seasons, there are a lot of ant eggs.

After being harvested, ant eggs are washed, stir-fried, then sprinkled on a thin layer of dough on fig leaves and then steamed. The cake has a special taste, greasy, and extremely delicious.

6.3. Roast duck with 7 flavors

The 7-flavored roasted duck dish makes every visitor to Cao Bang remember it forever. Duck meat is marinated with 7 different spices and then roasted. The 7-flavored duck meat dish has a delicious, attractive flavor that everyone will enjoy.

6.4. Cao Bang Sour Pho

Sour pho is a famous dish in the Cao Bang region. This dish is a type of dry pho, with the aroma of roasted duck meat combined with many different vegetables, mixed with vinegar, making everyone who eats it love it.

6.5. Nam khau

The Nam Khau dish is a culturally rich dish of Cao Bang. This cake appears at holidays and weddings of the Tay people. You can see this dish is quite popular in some restaurants and eateries in Cao Bang. Equal.

In addition to the famous specialties above, coming to Quang Hoa, visitors can enjoy other special local culinary products. Such as: Banh day, banh gio, banh gai, banh chung, black sticky rice, roasted pork honey marks, grilled fish served with salad, Ivory peanut candy,… The dishes skillfully prepared by the people here and preserving their traditional flavors will definitely leave a mark in the hearts of visitors.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Quang Hoa

Quang Hoa is a land with many beautiful and poetic landscapes in Cao Bang province. Therefore, the accommodation facilities here are very rich and diverse. Most accommodation facilities are concentrated in towns to facilitate tourists’ movement between different destinations.

Below are some typical accommodation facilities that you can refer to:

7.1 Hotels:

  • Sunny hotel. Address: Quang Uyen Town, Quang Hoa, Cao Bang.
  • Trieu Hung Hotel. Address: Quang Uyen Town, Quang Hoa, Cao Bang.
  • Duy Huong Hotel. Address: Quang Uyen Town, Quang Hoa, Cao Bang.
  • Sao Mai Hotel. Address: Pac To Hamlet, Hoa Thuan Town, Quang Hoa, Cao Bang.
  • Tuyet Niem Hotel. Address: Quang Uyen Town, Quang Hoa, Cao Bang.

7.2 Guesthouses:

  • Tram Anh Guest House. Address: Ta Lung Town, Quang Hoa, Cao Bang.
  • Huong Thom Guesthouse. Address: Hoa Thuan Town, Quang Hoa, Cao Bang.
  • Anh Thu Guesthouse. Address: Highway 3, Ta Lung Town, Quang Hoa, Cao Bang.
  • Tuan Hien Guesthouse. Address: Quang Uyen Town, Quang Hoa, Cao Bang.
  • Kim Thai Guesthouse. Address: Po Tap, Ta Lung Town, Quang Hoa, Cao Bang.

7.3 Homestays:

  • Kieu Chinh Homestay. Address: Hong Thai, Quoc Phong, Quang Hoa, Cao Bang.
  • Mr. Kim’s Homestay. Address: Quoc Dan, Quang Hoa, Cao Bang.
  • Thu Hau Homestay Cao Bang. Address: Commune hamlet, Chi Thao, Quang Hoa, Cao Bang.
  • Sam Dung Homestay. Address: Phi Hai, Quang Hoa, Cao Bang.

8. Special festivals in Quang Hoa

Quang Hoa is a land with a long history and rich cultural identity associated with the ethnic minorities living here, with a system of historical relics, folk festivals and culinary culture. Quang Hoa also preserves festivals imbued with the cultural identity of the Tay Nung ethnic people.

8.1 Dau Phao fighting Festival (Quang Uyen town)

This is the largest traditional festival of the district, the unique feature of the festival is the early spring fireworks display of the communes and towns of Quang Uyen with the meaning of praying for a lucky, prosperous and prosperous new year. Every year from the 30th day of the first lunar month, people and tourists from all over come to celebrate the festival. The festival is recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage.

8.2 Nang Hai Festival (Tien Thanh commune)

The festival takes place on March 22 – March 23 of the lunar calendar every year. The festival is held every 2 years with the meaning of praying for good rain, good winds, good harvests, and a prosperous and happy life. .

During the festival, participants engage in folk games, particularly showcasing the unique Nang Hai dance that includes welcoming guests, inviting guests, and lovemaking dances to express love. This festival, bearing the unique characteristics of the Tay ethnic group, has been recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism as one of the 7 national intangible cultural heritages.

Quang Hoa, a fairy tale land on the border, is waiting for tourists to explore and contemplate to love the scenery and gentle people here.

If you are planning your Cao Bang tour to Quang Hoa, please immediately contact Origin Vietnam. A tour operator specializing in Vietnam. With a team of consultants, tour operators and local guides who are experienced, dedicated and deeply knowledgeable about this land. We will take you on a tour in Vietnam to discover Quang Hoa with many interesting experiences and retain unforgettable moments.

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