Puong Cave


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Puong Cave

The trip to Ba Be Lake, Bac Kan will give you the opportunity to enjoy many unique landscapes bestowed by nature, including Puong Cave. Let’s see how this cave has so special that attracts tourists on Ba Be Lake Tour to visit.

Where is Puong cave?

puong cave1

Puong Cave is located in Ba Be National Park of Bac Kan. It’s about 5km from the center of Cho Ra town. The cave has a height of 30m, a length of 300m. Also formed when the Nang river flowed through the bottom of Lung Nham limestone mountain.

How Puong cave is unique?

The steep cliffs and the presence of colorful stalactites inside the cave have created a strong attraction for Puong cave. Urging tourists once to want to set foot in, admire the miracle that nature favors bestowed.

Explore Puong Bac Kan cave with mysterious beauty. Following the Ba Be lake tour from Hanoi to Puong cave, you will have to sit on a boat and cross the Nang River. From afar, you can see that the cave is very small. But when you reach closer, you will be overwhelmed by the mystery and majesty appearing before your eyes.

puong cave2

The landscape of Puong cave still retains its original pristine character with the stimulation of discovering the mystery. Stepping inside the cave, visitors will encounter many strips of stalactites with strange shapes and beautiful colors. They drop their shadows into the water, making the space shimmering.

Keep going deeper, the darker the cave will be and you need a flashlight to go. Also this is where tens of thousands of bats live, so don’t be surprised or scared if you see them messing around on the roof of the cave.

puong cave3

The two ends of Puong cave are connected to each other. So that the water of the Nang River leads through. Sitting on a boat, surfing the waves, visiting the cave from one end to the other. Visitors will enjoy the fresh natural scenery, feel the peace and relaxation.

Some notes when traveling to Puong cave

  • The topography of Bac Kan is mountainous, so in the journey to discover Puong cave, you need to pay attention to some important issues as follows:
  • Prioritize clothing with comfortable, easy-to-move clothes. Summer is for coolness and winter is for warmth.
  • Wear shoes, flat sandals, grip the road, smooth feet like sports shoes, rubber sandals.
  • Bring a battery charger, lighter, multi-tool, and flashlight.
  • The time to visit Puong cave can be planned in any season of the year. If you go in August-October, you should bring rain prevention tools such as boots and raincoats.

Experience the thrill of exploration at Puong Cave! Delve into the heart of Vietnam’s adventure scene with an exhilarating tour that will leave you breathless. Discover the awe-inspiring beauty of Puong Cave and marvel at its magnificent formations. Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure like no other. Book your origin travel now and embark on an unforgettable journey through Vietnam’s hidden treasures. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with Origin Travel!

Puong Cave with many interesting things is waiting for you to discover when coming to Bac Kan. So, please take the right time to plan your experience at this wonderful place by sharing useful information to your friend. Happy Travel!

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