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If you want to admire the majestic scenery of nature, enjoy a quiet, gentle feeling different from other noisy, bustling cities. Then the tourist city of Pleiku is the ideal place for you to explore. Let’s explore the uniqueness of Pleiku with Origin Vietnam.

IMG Minh Thanh Pagoda Gia Lai 6

1. Where is Pleiku city?

Pleiku City is the only city in Gia Lai province. And also the provincial capital, the administrative – economic – cultural center of the province. About 484 km northeast of Ho Chi Minh City and about 1,155 km south of Hanoi city. With geographical location:

  • The East borders Dak Doa district.
  • The West borders Ia Grai district.
  • The South borders Chu Prong district.
  • The North borders Chu Pah district.

2. How is Pleiku city unique?

Pleiku is located on the traffic axis between National Highway 14 and National Highway 19. It’s connecting the whole country, near the Indochina intersection. Located on the Ho Chi Minh Highway, and in the growth triangle of neighboring provinces, bordering Laos and Cambodia. Pleiku is the center of Gia Lai province, the second largest city in the Central Highlands after Buon Ma Thuot and the most important urban area in the Northern Central Highlands.

When mentioning Pleiku, people immediately think of coffee gardens laden with beans, green pepper trees, avocado gardens laden with fruit, or tea hills as far as the eye can see, hidden behind the rolling mountains. The beauty of Pleiku reminds people of a teenage “mountain girl”.

With fresh, clean air, beautiful natural landscapes, rich forest resources and many untapped wild spots. Pleiku is attracting tourists from near and far to visit to enjoy and experience the beautiful scenery of this place.

Pleiku also has a long-standing culture of ethnic minorities such as Bahnar and Jrai. Communal houses, tomb houses, tomb house statues, traditional festivals. In particular, the Central Highlands Gong Cultural Space – an intangible masterpiece of humanity recognized by UNESCO will satisfy anyone who loves indigenous culture.

IMG Ham Rong Mountain Gia Lai 4

3. When is the best time to visit Pleiku city?

Pleiku is at an average altitude of 700m – 800m so it is relatively cool. The weather is mainly divisive into rainy and dry seasons.

  • The period from November to April is the dry season so it is very suitable to go to Pleiku. Traveling in the dry season not only helps you travel conveniently but also helps you experience the most typical flower seasons of the Central Highlands.
  • If you like to come to the Central Highlands during the flower season, you should note that around March is the coffee flower season, November-December is the wild sunflower season. These are two relatively typical flowers of the Central Highlands.
  • If you like to learn about culture, you cannot miss the new rice celebration around November and the rain praying ceremony around April-May.
  • You should not travel to Pleiku during the rainy season from May to October. Unusual rain storms will make your journey both difficult and less fun.

4. How to get to Pleiku city?

4.1 Moving to Pleiku city

4.1.1 By aircraft

With the advantage of Pleiku airport, it is about 4 km from the city center. From big cities. Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Vinh, Hai Phong,…you can book flight tickets to Pleiku airport.

4.1.2 By passenger cars

To save costs, you can travel by bus from the bus stations of the province they live in to Pleiku easily.

4.1.3 By motorcycles

Motorbikes are a means of transport for those who like to explore. If you want to conquer challenges and explore beautiful scenery during the journey to Gia Lai, you can choose this means of transportation.

However, traveling by motorbike is only for those who are in good health, have a steady handlebar, and have a long travel time budget. Before going, plan to fully prepare your belongings and don’t forget to check the weather forecast!

4.2 Moving around Pleiku

Traveling in Pleiku is also quite convenient, you can ask to rent motorcycles or bicycles at motels and hotels to be more proactive in travel and time. In addition, if you want to move to other cities or go further, you can choose to take a taxi, rent a car or bus.

5. Sightseeings at Pleiku city

5.1 T’Nung Lake

IMG T Nung Lake 4

T’Nung Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Central Highlands. This is a natural lake formed by 3 ancient volcanic craters connected to each other in the past, forming 3 sunken funnels. The lake’s mouth is a raised volcanic crater, so even from a distance it can be seen very clearly.

Every season, To Nung Lake is filled with flowers and grass. Sometimes it’s a bright yellow chrysanthemum, sometimes it’s a green po lang flower, sometimes it’s a crimson rice flower, sometimes it’s a Mua flower, a single flower covering the hillside. Every day, sunlight shines on the lake surface, creating an attractive sparkling scene.

5.2 Minh Thanh Pagoda

IMG Minh Thanh Pagoda Gia Lai 3

Minh Thanh Pagoda is the most beautiful pagoda in Pleiku. This is a temple influenced by Chinese and Japanese architectural styles. The pagoda was built in 1964 by Venerable Thich Giac Dao and became a place of worship and incense offering for Buddhists in the area.

Inside the temple grounds, the Buddha statue of Quan Am is placed in the middle, surrounded by rows of trees and stone pillars. The spacious and airy pagoda yard is dotted with lovely miniature landscapes, in addition to lakes, trees, and flowers, creating a harmonious and peaceful space for the solemn space of the pagoda. This is also a destination that many young people visit to sightsee and worship.

5.3 Plei Op Village

Established in 1927, Plei Op Cultural and Tourism Village has more than 100 households with more than 500 people living. Plei Op is an ideal destination for tourists looking for a unique J’rai cultural experience – an indispensable part of the traditional cultural heritage of the red land of the Central Highlands. Images such as Krong houses and wooden statues are images you can easily encounter in this ethnic village.

5.4 Great Solidarity Square

Dai Doan Ket Square, also known as the big square, is located in the center of Pleiku city in Gia Lai province with a large campus of 12 hectares. In the center of Pleiku mountain town square, there is a statue of Uncle Ho about 10.8 meters high, standing on a 4.5 meter high green stone-covered concrete pedestal, weighing about 16 tons.

The statue is made of pure copper, the skeleton is made of stainless steel, and is the largest cast statue of President Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. This is also the largest statue of Uncle Ho in the world. Behind the statue there is also a stone stele engraved with the letter that Uncle Ho sent to the congress of southern ethnic minorities held in Pleiku in 1946.

5.5 Pleiku Prison

Pleiku Prison is located on a high red soil hill on Yet Kieu Street, Dien Hong Ward, Pleiku City, Gia Lai Province. In 1925, the French built a prison with the purpose of detaining common criminals, most of whom were ethnic people living in the Central Highlands.

In 1940, when the revolutionary movement exploded strongly, this place became a prison to detain communist soldiers and patriots. When visiting this monument, you will have the feeling of going back in time to witness the most fiery moments of the country’s history.

5.6 Tien Son mudflat

Tien Son mudflat is located in Tan Son commune, Pleiku city, Gia Lai province. The mudflat is the land formed between the Bien Ho area and La Nam lake, so this place also has another name “Dry Lake”. Hidden behind gardens and trees, Tien Son mudflat is truly a great rendezvous for those who like to immerse themselves in the open nature.

The green lawns that grow during the dry season have woven this place a rich green carpet with wild grasses, mixed with green and white flowers that make the space more sparkling under the golden sunlight.

When coming here, you will have the opportunity to see goats freely grazing on the prairie, creating a magical landscape picture. This is a place that many tourists come to check-in and explore the impressive scenery

5.7 Dien Hong Park

Dien Hong Park is famous in the hearts of Pleiku people as a top entertainment spot. This park owns two large freshwater lakes that regulate and store water for Pleiku center. The air here is extremely cool and fresh. In the afternoon, many people in Pleiku come here to walk, exercise and admire the scenery.

6. Specialties when traveling to Pleiku city

6.1 Grilled chicken

Grilled chicken combo served with bamboo-tube rice is a famous Pleiku specialty, able to conquer any demanding diners from far away. The secret to creating the seductive flavor of grilled chicken is the seasoning of the chicken marinated in the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands. That the experienced chefs here will never reveal.

6.2 Gia Lai dry pho

This is the most popular dish in Pleiku. To create the unique flavor of this delicious dish, the two main decisive ingredients are pho noodles made from rice flour, chewy noodles; and sweet bone broth with meat served with it.

A full bowl of pho with toppings will have pho noodles, shredded chicken, minced meat, pork rinds, lettuce, basil and bean sprouts. Add a little brown soy sauce and chili sauce and mix well before eating for a great flavor.

6.3 Crab noodles

Crab vermicelli is a dish that followed the footsteps of Binh Dinh people who “migrated” to Gia Lai. This noodle dish is a bit… difficult to smell because of the characteristic smell of crab paste. But it is that unique smell when mixed with the flavors of many other ingredients. Such as: pork belly; bamboo shoots; rolls; sour meatball; Crispy fried pork skin; shrimp crackers; Raw vegetables… have made many diners remember it forever after trying it.

6.4 One sunny cow

One-sunned beef originates from the Krong Pa ethnic group, and is often made to celebrate the new rice festival. In order for the beef to retain its delicious taste over time, the chef must be extremely meticulous in choosing the meat, marinating it, and monitoring the time and sun drying conditions.

A popular way to prepare beef under the sun while still maintaining the sweetness and tenderness of the meat is to cut it into small pieces and grill it evenly on both sides over charcoal.

6.5 Pleiku sour fish

Pleiku sour fish is famous for being a dish that the longer it is kept, the more delicious it becomes. This dish uses a species of fish that often lives in rivers and streams. The fish is cleaned, cut into pieces and drained.

Then mix it with spices, continue to put it in a bamboo tube, close it tightly, put it on the stove and wait a few days for the fish meat to ferment with spices. Therefore, the longer sour fish is kept, the tastier it will be.

6.6 Pleiku Coffee

Known as the coffee capital, coming to Gia Lai and not enjoying this fragrant drink would be a mistake. Besides the usual types, expensive weasel coffee, unique from flavor to preparation, is a specialty that attracts a lot of attention from tourists.

Weasel coffee is not bitter but has a mild aroma and a nutty aftertaste that makes even the most demanding coffee lovers nod in approval.

6.7 Wild leaf salad

The wild leaf salad in Pleiku has up to 30 different types of leaves such as figs, mustard greens, apricots, onions, basil, perilla,… extremely diverse. They usually serve the salad with many other dishes such as: boiled pork belly, sea shrimp, pork skin,… and dipping sauce from sticky rice. Don’t forget to enjoy this dish when you come to Pleiku.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Pleiku city

Some good hotels in Pleiku for your reference:

  • Minh Manh Hotel. Address: 90a Ly Nam De, Tra Ba Ward, Pleiku City Pleiku, Gia Lai.
  • The Stay Apartment Pleiku. Address: 34 Phu Dong, Pleiku City, Gia Lai.
  • Nguyen Phuoc Hotel. Address: 832 Le Duan, Chu A, Pleiku City, Gia Lai.
  • Hoai Thuong Hotel. Address: 113 Truong Chinh, Tra Ba Ward, Pleiku City Pleiku, Gia Lai.
  • Tien Dat Guesthouse. Address: 69 Truong Chinh, Group 10, Pleiku City, Gia Lai.
  • Hani House. Address: 2 Phu Dong, Pleiku City, Gia Lai.
  • Lake View Homestay. Address: 46 Dong Da, Dien Hong Ward, Pleiku City Pleiku, Gia Lai.
  • The Stay Villa Pleiku. Address: Hoa Lu Ward, Pleiku City, Gia Lai.
  • Xom Organic Farm Stay. Address: Village 5, Pleiku City, Gia Lai.
  • My Home Homestay. Address: 439 Ngo Quyen Street, Tra Da, Pleiku City Pleiku, Gia Lai.

8. Some other tourist attractions near Pleiku city

To make your experience more interesting, you can combine visits to some places near Pleiku city as follows:

8.1 Tan Son Dam

Tan Son irrigation dam is about 25 km north of Pleiku City center. The beauty of nature, mountains, rivers and water combined with magnificent works created by humans have adorned each other, creating an attractive landscape that captivates people’s hearts.

8.2 Xung Khoeng Waterfall

Xung Khoeng Waterfall is in La Me commune, Chu Ho Rong district, high mountains and dense forests surrounding it. This waterfall flows day and night with fast-flowing streams of white foam at a height of 40m, creating a majestic feeling for visitors every time they look at it.

8.3 Nine-tier waterfall

Nine-Storey Waterfall is about 20 km from Pleiku city. The name Nine-Storey originates from a special feature of this waterfall. Which is that the waterfall is divisive into 9 separate levels flowing down into the stone compartments below the white spray foam.

Nine-Storey Waterfall brings wild and majestic beauty to those who are passionate about exploring eco-tourism. When you come here, you will completely surprise and overwhelm with the wild and rustic beauty of nature.

Pleiku is a place with many beautiful sightseeing spots and rich nature. Hopefully Origin Vietnam’s sharing will help visitors have more useful information about the destination Pleiku. Don’t know where to go for your upcoming adventure tour Vietnam? Please contact us immediately to have the most complete journey to discover Pleiku.

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