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Pho Yen

Pho Yen is one of three cities in Thai Nguyen province with many large and key industrial parks in the whole of Vietnam. Besides industrial parks, Pho Yen is also known for many key tourist areas, attracting many tourists.

Pho Yen is famous for its ecotourism areas, vast fresh lakes, sacred pagodas and the inherent bustle of a city. This place is suitable for vacations, camping and lucky activities at the beginning of the year. Let’s follow Origin Vietnam to learn and explore this new land.

IMG Cold Stream Lake

1. Where is Pho Yen?

Pho Yen city belongs to Thai Nguyen province in Northern Vietnam. This is a city directly adjacent to the capital Hanoi. 55km north of Hanoi, about 30km from Noi Bai International Airport.

The north of the city borders Song Cong city, Thai Nguyen province. The South borders Soc Son district – Hanoi capital. The East borders Phu Binh district, Thai Nguyen province and Bac Giang province. The West borders Vinh Phuc province and Dai district from Thai Nguyen province.

2. Unique features of Pho Yen

Pho Yen attracts tourists because of the unique beauty and inherent character of the city. Pho Yen is known as the land that produces lush tea trees and tender young tea buds to create a pot of tea rich in the flavor of the land with 3/4 craft villages in Pho Yen being tea craft villages. This place has wild and majestic mountain and forest scenes, helping to keep the air fresh and cool.

Pho Yen is also known for its sacred ancient pagodas, preserving many rare ancient relics. There are also magnificently built eco-tourism resorts and vast, fresh lakes.

Coming to Pho Yen, visitors will find many interesting fun activities and easily visit prominent tourist destinations: tourist areas. Such as Trinh Nu hill, Suoi Lanh lake tourist area, Dong Cao pagoda for tourists to enjoy explore and experience.

IMG Trinh Nu Hill Eco Tourism Area

3. When is the best time to travel to Pho Yen?

Pho Yen city is located in Northern Vietnam with a humid subtropical climate with 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter.

According to travel experience, coming to Pho Yen city in any season is appropriate; each season visitors have different experiences and interesting activities. But there are also special times when you can experience this land at its best.

3.1. Travel to Pho Yen in spring

After the Lunar New Year, coming to Pho Yen, visitors will not only be able to visit this land in cool, slightly chilly weather, but also have the opportunity to participate in many unique festivals. There are quite a few festivals held to wish for a favorable and lucky new year… with many activities, cultural and traditional performances, as well as other folk games.

The weather in the early spring days here will be a bit cold, visitors should check the weather forecast before coming here. In addition, visitors need to bring warm, discreet clothes if they want to go to the temple to pray for good luck and bring necessary personal items to ensure health throughout the journey.

3.2. Travel to Pho Yen in summer

If you travel to Pho Yen, Thai Nguyen in the summer, you can visit fresh green tea hills, or go to natural tourist areas and even cool, clear blue lakes. There are many places for visitors to rest, relax, and stay away from the harsh summer heat when coming here.

The weather in Pho Yen in the summer is also quite cool, with fresh air. When coming here, please bring weather-appropriate clothing along with essential items to facilitate your experience.

4. How to get there?

As a tourist destination located adjacent to the capital Hanoi, visitors can easily get here by many different means: passenger car, bus, train, motorbike…

4.1. Travel by bus

Tourists in Hanoi can go to major bus stations to buy tickets from Hanoi to Pho Yen: Giap Bat bus station, My Dinh bus station. Car prices range from 60k – 150k VND/person depending on the bus company, travel time is about 1 – 1.5 hours. The advantages of passenger cars are that they travel quickly, buy tickets easily, and the price is relatively reasonable. Some reputable bus companies that tourists can note: Bao Phong, Hanh Quang, Thanh Tung,…

4.2. Travel by bus

Tourists in Hanoi can go to My Dinh bus station to buy tickets to board bus number 64 from My Dinh bus station to Binh An – Soc Son Shopping Center. Then tourists take flight 01 from Binh An Shopping Center to Pho Yen. Bus ticket price including 2 trips is just under 100k/person, travel time is relatively long from 1.5h – 2.5h. The advantages of buses are safety, reduced pollution, and cheap prices.

4.3. Travel by motorbike

Tourists in the surrounding areas of Pho Yen city can choose this type of vehicle to travel to Pho Yen. Tourists in Hanoi go from Hanoi city center through Nhat Tan bridge and then onto Highway 3 to Pho Yen. Motorbikes are for tourists who love to travel, want to feel the streets of Vietnam more authentically and be more proactive in moving.

Note, when traveling by motorbike, visitors need to bring all necessary documents, personal tools, maps to avoid getting lost, and especially always wear a helmet to ensure safety when participating in traffic. pine.

4.4. Travel by train

Tourists in Hanoi can go to stations: Yen Vien, Long Bien, Dong Anh, Gia Lam to buy train tickets to Pho Yen with trains QT1 and QT2. Travel time is about 1.5 hours, ticket price ranges from 40k – 60k depending on each train station and each seat position on the train.

Tourists in the South or Central region can go to the nearest station to buy train tickets from where you live to Hanoi. Then, from Hanoi you can choose many types of transportation to get to Pho Yen.

5. Sightseeing & things to do in Pho Yen

Pho Yen city is a place with many outstanding and extremely interesting destinations. Surely you will not be disappointed when you decide to travel here. Please accompany Origin Vietnam to discover what interesting places have to offer!

5.1. Trinh Nu Hill eco-tourism area

IMG Trinh Nu Hill Eco Tourism Area 2

Trinh Nu Hill eco-tourism area is located in two communes: Trung Thanh commune and Tan Huong commune of Pho Yen city. This place is about 45km north of Hanoi city center and about 25km from Noi Bai airport. The tourist area was built to provide a green space and entertainment spot for local people as well as tourists. This place has an area of ​​nearly 20 hectares and with an investment of nearly 1,000 billion VND.

Coming to the tourist area, visitors admire the unique villa styles of Asia and Europe mixed with ancient houses, stilt houses, Rong houses and Vietnamese cultural museums. In particular, this place has a boat-shaped hotel, entertainment area, resort, and beautiful, fresh green park area.

Trinh Nu Hill eco-tourism area combines green trees to create a cool environment, beautiful landscape and unique motel and hotel architecture, attracting many tourists during summer vacations. summer.

5.2. Cold stream lake

IMG Cold Stream Lake 2

Another natural destination we want you to know about is Cold Spring Lake. Cold Stream Lake is located in Thanh Cong commune, Pho Yen city, about 35km north of Hanoi city center and about 20km from Noi Bai airport.

Cold Spring Lake is a large, clear, cool natural lake. Surrounding the lake are lush green forests, embracing a vast lake. No matter how hot the summer temperature is in other regions, when you set foot on the lake you will still have a cool and refreshing feeling. Locals and tourists often choose this destination on summer days to enjoy the cool water. And this place is also suitable as a place to set up camp, make fires, and hold parties.

5.3. Dong Cao Pagoda

IMG Dong Cao Pagoda 1

Dong Cao Pagoda is located in Tan Huong commune, Pho Yen city, about 45 km north of Hanoi. The pagoda is often called Dong Cao pagoda or Cao pagoda and was built in the 16th century on a hill, renovated in 1992. The pagoda still retains the towers, steles, and stone pillars of the Later Le period. Visitors coming here will be able to see the simple ancient scenery and learn about a part of the history of previous times.

5.4. Pho Yen Walking Street

IMG Pho Yen Walking Street

In order to meet the requirements of local people for infrastructure development, contributing to improving landscape quality, building civilized and modern urban areas in the area, and helping to attract tourists to the city. Pho Yen. This place has invested in and built 2 walking streets. The two walking streets have a total length of 1100m, both located in Ba Hang ward, Pho Yen city, about 50 km north of Hanoi center.

The walking street is equipped with domes, welcome gates at the beginning and end of the route, decorative lights with a modern subway system, flowers and ornamental plants… The walking street attracts a large number of young tourists to the area. weekends and holidays. This place regularly takes place entertainment activities, music and dance activities, culinary service activities, and sells many souvenir items, etc.

6. Specialties when traveling to Pho Yen

Pho Yen city is in the “First Tea List” of Thai Nguyen, so this place is also a place with tea specialties. Tea here is a precious gift that everyone who has ever enjoyed it will remember fondly. In addition to delicious tea specialties, this place is also famous for delicious and eye-catching dishes.

6.1. Five-color mixed sticky rice

Five-color mixed sticky rice is a special dish created by the Dao ethnic people living in Thai Nguyen. Sticky rice is often cooked by Dao people on special occasions such as: festivals, moving into a new house, or when harvesting a bumper rice crop.

Sticky rice is cooked from fragrant sticky rice. The sticky rice is not only white but also yellow, green, black, and red. These colors are taken by the Dao people from leaves, boiled to get water or pounded, squeezed to get the water and then soaked with sticky rice. When cooked, the sticky rice is sticky and has a gentle aroma from the leaves mixed with the smell of sticky rice, creating a greater appetite. This unique dish will definitely make visitors excited and cannot be missed.

6.2. Thu Lam rolled shrimp

Thu Lam rolled shrimp is a unique specialty from Thu Lam village, Tien Phong commune, Pho Yen city. Notably, this dish was ranked in the Top 100 specialty dishes of Vietnam in the period from 2011 to 2016 by the Vietnam Records Organization. This is an indispensable dish in village festivals and holidays for local people.

The main ingredient to make the dish more delicious is fresh shrimp, the shrimp is only as big as a little finger, washed, trimmed, then skewered on a toothpick and fried until golden. Along with that are thin fried eggs, sliced ​​pork sausage and served with vegetables: celery, onions, Chinese coriander, perilla, lettuce, etc. The dish is often dipped with lemon chili fish sauce or chili sauce. depends on each person’s taste. This shrimp roll dish, when eaten, will feel fatty, crispy, fragrant and the cool taste of vegetables blends together. It is truly a dish in the top 100 Vietnamese specialties that every tourist needs to enjoy as soon as they arrive here.

In addition to delicious local specialties, Pho Yen also has delicious, reputable, and quality restaurants that help keep tourists coming here. Some restaurants that you can refer to:

  • Phu Tam Restaurant. Address: Le Hong Phong Residential Area, Pho Yen City
  • Van Lam Restaurant. Address: An Binh 3 South Gate 2, Opposite the bus gate, SamSung Industrial Park, Pho Yen city
  • Bao Dinh Restaurant. Address: Crossroads 47, Tan Thanh TDP, Dong Tien, Pho Yen city
  • La Co Restaurant. Address: KTX Sam Sung Thai Nguyen Market, Dong Tien, Pho Yen City

7. Where to stay when traveling to Pho Yen

7.1.Hotels in Pho Yen

To serve tourists staying in Pho Yen conveniently and easily. We have compiled a number of reputable hotels with good service quality and security systems as follows:

  • Korinn Pho Yen Hotel. Address: 249 – 251 Ly Nam De, Ba Hang, Pho Yen city
  • Grace Hotel. Address: Nam Tien commune, Pho Yen city
  • Galaxy Thai Nguyen Hotel. Address: Group 7, An Binh area, Dong Tien, Pho Yen city
  • Green Hotel Thai Nguyen. Address: Tan Huong commune, Pho Yen city

7.2. Homestays in Pho Yen

Experience harmony with nature, live closer to indigenous people, and learn more clearly about the people’s lifestyle and customs. Homestay is the choice that many tourists coming to Pho Yen have chosen. Some beautiful homestays in Pho Yen that you can choose from:

  • Vinh Loc Homestay. Address: Phu Thinh, Thuan Thanh commune, Pho Yen city
  • Green Homestay. Address: Nam Tien commune, Pho Yen city

With the bustle of the city mixed with the peace and simplicity of traditional tea villages and the inherent natural beauty that Pho Yen city has. All create a land that has a strange attraction to tourists from all over. We hope that the information and travel experiences shared will help you gain more knowledge about this place.

If you don’t know where to go on your upcoming vacation Vietnam, save this article and pick up the phone to contact Origin Vietnam team – the leading tour operator in Vietnam. With a team of enthusiastic and experienced consultants, we will always accompany you on your tours in Thai Nguyen to discovery the hidden gem of Pho Yen city and exciting experiences.

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