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Pho Cao

Pho Cao, Ha Giang is known as a simple, pristine land, “only sky, land and flowers” every spring. Travelling to Pho Cao, you will be captivated by the beauty of buckwheat flower fields. Also fascinated by the winding Northwest Pass road. Let’s explore and see this land of Pho Cao Ha Giang with Origin Vietnam.

IMG Pho Cao 1

1. Where is Pho Cao?

Pho Cao is known as a valley located in the highlands of Northwest Vietnam, located in Dong Van district, Ha Giang province. Pho Cao – Ha Giang is famous for its simple, pristine beauty that lasts over time.

2. How is Pho Cao unique?

Possessing a unique architecture of houses with yellow or red walls stained with time. Pho Cao fascinates tourists with its colorful and magical picture of changing seasons: the pink of peach blossoms and plum blossoms, the colors of spring, the brilliant yellow of terraced fields in the ripe rice season blending together. buckwheat flower season in Ha Giang. You feel lost in a charming landscape painting, beautiful and poetic like in a fairyland.

Pho Cao is also a place of integration for the community of four main ethnic groups: Mong, Dao, Pu Peo and Han. Life here is simple, peaceful, people are happy, warm, and hospitable, welcoming visitors from far away. In particular, you will not be able to miss the bustling integration with the unique Pho Cao early market. All blend together to create a picture of Pho Cao that is both colorful and emotional and attracts a large number of tourists.

3. What is the best season to travel to Pho Cao?

As a land in the Northwest region, Pho Cao brings with it the beauty of four typical seasons.

  • If you choose to come to Pho Cao Ha Giang around September and October, you will admire the captivating beauty of vast ripe rice fields spreading among the Northwest mountains and forests.
  • From October to the end of November, Pho Cao seems to wear a new shirt woven with the attractive purple, white, and pink colors of buckwheat flower fields.
  • Especially around November and December, when buckwheat flowers begin to end their season, each branch of mustard flowers grows together, bright yellow and blooming.
  • The mustard flower season here lasts until January of the following year. The beauty of blue sky, white clouds, gods, and colors promises to bring you an unforgettable feeling during your trip in Ha Giang.
IMG Pho Cao

4. How to get to Pho Cao?

Pho Cao – Ha Giang is about 399 km far from the capital Hanoi in the North of Vietnam. There are means of transportation you can choose to move to Pho Cao: motorbike or passenger car.

4.1. From Hanoi to Ha Giang by bus

You can go by bus to Ha Giang by catching a bus at My Dinh bus station and going to Ha Giang. We recommend choosing a night trip so arriving early in the morning will save time and make the most of it for sightseeing.

4.2. From Hanoi to Ha Giang by motorbike

This is an option chosen by quite a large number of backpacking enthusiasts. The road to Ha Giang point is quite winding and dangerous. However, with the majestic mountain and forest landscape mixed with the peaceful atmosphere here. Ha Giang motorbike tour quite attracts young people who love traveling and want to experience everything in the most intuitive way. Moreover, you will be able to freely take “so deep” photos along the way.

5. Top Sightseeing in Pho Cao

5.1. Walled house with unique architecture (Trinh Tuong house)

The first impression that attracts the visitor’s lens is the image of school buildings with unique architecture only found in Pho Cao – Dong Van. Located in the middle of the valley of green corn fields and the immense fragrance of buckwheat flower fields are houses with yellow walls. Also yin and yang tile roofs connected together in quiet, ancient rows.

The house is built in a rectangular structure, with only one wide main door in the middle of the house and no windows, instead there is an archway high above. However, these simple houses bring a cool, airy feeling in the summer. Especially a warm feeling in the winter, just like the harmony and warmth of the people here.

5.2. Pho Cao Market Fair

Pho Cao Ha Giang market, also known as Dong Van market, is a picture that vividly recreates the cultural life of highland people. The market only opens in the early morning when the mist still creeps into the foliage and trees, so to be able to participate in the experience, you should try to wake up early. The market is held for 6 days per session. This is where people gather to exchange goods.

The products sold at Pho Cao market are products made from the diligence and care of the hands of the people here. Coming to the market, don’t forget to try the specialty dishes: fragrant five-color sticky rice, sliced yellow beefcakes, kitchen-smelling sausages that radiate a mouth-watering aroma, hot man tau cakes that still have the fragrant aroma of rice yeast. noodles,…

And the most special thing is that Ha Giang corn wine cannot be missed, both warm and full of love from the highlanders. This is also a place of multi-national cultural interference from 17 ethnic groups. Coming here, you will be integrated into a multicultural and multi-ethnic community. The common features that will forever remain in the hearts of visitors are the simple hearts, honesty and warm humanity of the highland people.

5.3. Painting of colorful flowers

flowers triangular circuit in Ha Giang 5

Coming to Pho Cao Ha Giang, don’t forget to miss the visit to the Tam Giac Mach field hidden among the fragrant mountains and forests. Buckwheat flowers swaying in the wind carry the fragrance of the Northern air mixed with the green of the mountains and forests, all mixed together to create a charming, beautiful and dreamy feng shui picture.

And if you come here during the Lunar New Year when mist covers the mountains and forests, you can also see the fields of yellow mustard flowers and white plum blossoms all over the hillsides and all the houses in the valley. This little one.

5.4. Daily life of Pho Cao people

Currently, all the facilities of the village in Pho Cao have been upgraded, people’s lives are stable. But that does not mean that the unique cultural identity of the people has faded. Pho Cao is a land where the wildness of the landscape, the richness of the culture. Especially the warmth of human love are still more prominent than ever.

They still live and work diligently: raising pigs, cows, chickens, farming, hunting, etc. Although life is hard and difficult, there is laughter, joy, enthusiasm, hospitality, and sincerity. In the warm hearts of mountain people, it always leaves unforgettable impressions for visitors.

6. Specialties in Pho Cao

Pho Cao – Dong Van not only captivates tourists with its majestic, poetic and charming natural scenery and unique cultural features. But this place also delights tourists with its diverse and delicious cuisine. unique. Below are the most attractive and famous Pho Cao – Dong Van specialties that visitors should not miss when coming to this rocky plateau:

6.1. Thang Co and Corn wine

Many people say that if you have been to the highlands of Ha Giang and have never tried Thang Co and corn wine, you are still considered to have not been here because you have not enjoyed all the characteristics of the Northwest mountains.

Dong Van, Thang Co is most delicious and delicious when prepared from horse or cow organs. The dish will not be seasoned with any spices to maintain the best flavor. That’s why people often eat thang co with a bowl of salt to make it richer and easier to drink. The bowl of Thang Co is full of intestines and gizzards, hot, fragrant and sweet, and will definitely make any visitor unable to resist.

In the chilly weather in Dong Van, holding a hot bowl of thang co while blowing and eating, sipping some spicy Ha Giang corn wine while admiring the enchanting natural beauty around is an impossible experience. forgotten during the trip to Ha Giang.

6.2. Soup Rolls Rice cake

For many tourists, banh cuon chan is a dish that cannot be missed if you come to the Dong Van stone plateau. It can be said that this dish is the soul of the cuisine here. The cake is coated in a thin layer and steamed on a wood stove. The filling will be made by the chef according to the diners’ taste: it can be minced meat, omelet or both.

In particular, unlike the Banh Cuon in the countryside that we often eat and dip it with fish sauce, the Banh Cuon in Dong Van is served with a bowl of delicious and rich bone stew soup. The fatty sweetness of the bone broth along with the aromatic, firm meat of the pork sausage mixed with the pungent taste of green onions create a seductive flavor that no diner can resist.

6.3. Smoked sausage

The aroma of meat mixed with the characteristic smell of kitchen smoke is probably the most typical culinary flavor in the Northwest highlands. Kitchen-mounted sausages have a unique way of cooking: people here will hang pieces of sausage on the stove for a long time.

These sausages will be exposed to smoke when they are cooked until cooked. After that, the sausage will be brought down and processed in many different ways to enjoy: it can be steamed, fried, etc. This specialty dish is even more wonderful as a snack to enjoy with corn wine!

6.4. Five-color sticky rice

When talking about Pho Cao – Dong Van specialties, we cannot forget to mention five-color sticky rice. This sticky rice dish is cooked from parboiled sticky rice with a variety of forest leaves to create color, each color represents five elements (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth). Not only is it a beautiful and colorful, five-color sticky rice. But it’s very attractive, both fragrant and flexible, and has the unique flavor of each type of sticky rice.

A bowl of five-colored sticky rice will help visitors recharge enough energy for a day of exploring the stone plateau. If you have the opportunity to go to Ha Giang, don’t forget to try this famous specialty dish!

6.5. Au Tau porridge

IMG Au Tau Porridge 1

Many people think that if they haven’t eaten Au Tau porridge, it means they haven’t been to Ha Giang. This dish is not only delicious but also the most unique dish in the rocky plateau. The porridge is made from ingredients such as minced meat and au tau root – one of the top poisons, which can endanger human life when unprocessed.

However, after being carefully and thoroughly processed to remove toxins. It’s becomes a precious medicine that is very good for health. Au Tau porridge has a characteristic bitter taste that can make it difficult for many people to eat if they are not used to it. But maybe once you get used to it, you will become addicted to this specialty again? Coming to Pho Cao – Dong Van, don’t forget to try this dish!

6.6. Smoked buffalo meat

Kitchen buffalo meat is very familiar to the people of the Northwest mountains and forests, especially the Black Thai people. This meat dish is made from buffalo corn, domestically raised cows and free range in the Northwest mountains. The unique and unmistakable flavor of kitchen buffalo meat is the perfect blend of buffalo meat, kitchen smoke, mac khen and forest leaves.

6.7 Bac Me Bamboo Rice

This is a simple dish of Ha Giang people but is very popular with tourists. The rice is made with sticky rice, the scent mixed with the scent of dong leaves and grilled banana leaves. People here will eat bamboo-tube rice with peanut salt, sesame salt or grilled stream fish.

6.8 Stone moss

Stone moss is a very special dish of the Tay people. The name itself says that the main ingredient of the dish is moss. Moss grows on rocks, deep in the cool stream. People will take moss and process it into many dishes such as moss soup, grilled moss or moss salad,…

7. Accommodations in Pho Cao – Dong Van

There are 3 types of accommodation you can choose depending on your needs and conditions when traveling to Pho Cao – Dong Van, which are: Homestay, motel and hotel. Below are some suggestions for places to stay for you.

  • Homestay: Bui homestay, Ha Thanh homestay, Tho homestay, Ancient house homestay, Ma Le homestay, Plum homestay,…
  • Motels: Khai Hoan Guesthouse, Hai Hien Guesthouse, Huyen Tram Guesthouse,…
  • Hotel: Dong Van Hotel, Hoang Ngoc Hotel, Tam Giac Mach Hotel,….

8. Some important notes when coming to Pho Cao Ha Giang

To have a complete and meaningful experience of Pho Cao, Ha Giang. Origin Vietnam notes a few points below:

  • Pho Cao Ha Giang is a highland area with dangerous mountain passes and slopes. So if you choose to travel by motorbike, you should be fully equipped with protective equipment: a durable helmet, a pair of gloves, and shoes. sport,…
  • The weather at night in the highlands is quite cold, don’t forget to prepare warm clothes.
  • Pass roads and entrances to small villages will not have many gas stations. Therefore, it is safest to still fill up with gas before departing, and don’t forget to bring a few liters just in case.
  • Remember to bring a camera with you to save memorable photos of memorable moments here.

It’s worth a visit Pho Cao

Experiencing Pho Cao – Dong Van not only gives you the feeling of being in harmony with the majestic nature and colorful picture. But also the experience of a multi-colored land, rich in national identity. If you are planning a tour to Ha Giang to stay away from the dust and noise of the city, and find a peaceful, poetic place, then Pho Cao will be an ideal choice for you.

Please contact Origin Vietnam immediately – a professional Ha Giang Loop itinerary from Hanoi, with a team of enthusiastic and dedicated guides and consultants, we will take you on a journey to discover Pho Cao – Dong Van with memories never forgotten. Quickly arrange for yourself an appointment with this top part of the country.

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