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Nguyen Binh

Nguyen Binh – one of the tourist destinations considered a “rising star” in Cao Bang when possessing countless natural landscapes that are still wild and majestic. Places marked by national history or unique culinary specialties, high mountains with white clouds. Especially peaceful houses next to vast green bamboo forests have created the appearance of a Nguyen Binh. It’s cool and attractive to domestic and foreign tourists. Let’s explore this travel beauty with Origin Vietnam team.

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Where is Nguyen Binh?

Nguyen Binh is a district located in the western region of Cao Bang province. It’s about 50 km west of the city center and about 260 km north of Hanoi capital.

About geographical location:

  • The East borders Hoa An district and Thach An district
  • The West borders Bao Lac district and Pac Nam district, Bac Kan province
  • The South borders Ngan Son district and Ba Be district in Bac Kan province
  • The North borders Ha Quang district.

2. How is Nguyen Binh unique?

Possessing mountainous terrain, rolling plateaus, pristine ecosystems, tourist attractions. So Nguyen Binh give visitors a feeling of peace, freedom, and relaxation. The average temperature is low, the climate is fresh and cool all year round. Especially suitable for vacations, avoiding the summer heat.

Located in the UNESCO Non Nuoc Cao Bang Global Geopark area. Nguyen Binh is known for its poetic and charming landscape, many geological and geomorphological values and a culture rich in national identity.

In addition, Nguyen Binh – one of the tourist destinations is considered a “newly awakened princess” when possessing countless pristine, majestic natural landscapes, places with deep historical imprints. Beside National history or unique traditional cultural values… Nguyen Binh possesses much potential to become an “attractive” tourist destination in Cao Bang.

3. When is the best time to travel to Nguyen Binh?

The climate in Nguyen Binh – Cao Bang is divided into 2 distinct seasons. The rainy season lasts from April to September and the dry season lasts from October to March of the following year. Those who have experience traveling to Cao Bang affirm that each season. Cao Bang has a very unique beauty, every season is beautiful.

But the best time to admire the beauty of Nguyen Binh is from September to April next year. At this time, the air is cool and the weather is less rainy, which is very favorable for you to move. And visit the wonderful landscapes of Nguyen Binh nature..

  • In November and December, buckwheat flowers and wild quince flowers cover the mountains and forests, creating a beautiful landscape picture.
  • In late spring and early summer, the weather is neither too cold nor too hot. Traveling to Nguyen Binh at this time. That you will see with your own eyes the apricot and plum forests laden with branches.
  • You can also go “Snow hunting” in Nguyen Binh in winter. In Phia Oac forest, when the temperature drops, frost often occurs.
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4. How to get to Nguyen Binh?

4.1. Means of transportation:

If coming from the Northern provinces, visitors can come to Cao Bang by family car, self-drive car rental, or tourist car rental. If traveling in a group including the elderly and children, you should go by private car or rent a tourist car. Young people who are passionate about exploring and have a passion for discovery are probably most interested in traveling by motorbike. A cheap and safe way chosen by many people is to take a sleeper bus to Cao Bang City.

Visitors from the southern or central provinces of Vietnam can take a plane or sleeper bus to Hanoi. Then continue from Hanoi to Cao Bang with the above means. However, traveling by plane will help you save more health and time.

When you arrive in Cao Bang city, you can rent a taxi or motorbike to go to attractions. But the distance between Cao Bang tourist destinations is quite far, so traveling by taxi is relatively expensive. Renting a motorbike will be a truly memorable experience when you have the opportunity to take in all the beauties of the mountains and forests along the way. The most interesting thing is that traveling by motorbike you can stop anywhere you want.

4.2. Directions to Nguyen Binh

From Hanoi to Cao Bang there are many roads, each route takes a different travel time. The road from Hanoi to Cao Bang will take about 6 – 8 hours to travel.

  • Route 1 (for cars only): About 240 km long. From Hanoi inner city, you follow ring road 2, cross Nhat Tan bridge. Then continue your journey in the direction of Hanoi – Thai Nguyen highway to reach Thai Nguyen city. From here, you continue your journey along Highway 3, about 50 km to Bac Kan province. Then continue the journey in the direction of National Highway 3, through Bac Kan city with a distance of about 120 km to reach Cao Bang province.
  • Route 2 (for both cars and motorbikes): Also about 240 km long. From the inner city of Hanoi, you follow Nhat Tan bridge, continuing your journey in the direction of National Highway 3 to reach Cao Bang province.

When you arrive in Cao Bang city, you continue to move to Nguyen Binh along Highway 34 west about 50 km to arrive.

5. Sightseeing & things to do in Nguyen Binh

5.1. Phia Oac – Phia Den National Park

IMG Phia Oac Cao Bang 10

Phia Oac – Phia Den National Park is an extremely ideal place for those who want to experience trekking or traveling by motorbike. This place contains many wonders and mysteries of nature with high mountains and immense green vegetation.

Located at an altitude of 1,931 meters, Phia Oac peak is a place you definitely should not miss if you want to hunt clouds, watch ice or sometimes even snow on winter days.

Standing on the top of the mountain, you feel that just by reaching out you can catch the golden sunshine and the floating, white mist and clouds, the scenery is as beautiful as a fairyland. In addition, this area also has traces of ancient, mossy, European-style villas.

5.2. Nguyen Binh bamboo forest

IMG Nguyen Binh Bamboo Forest Cao Bang Vn 2

If you love simple but artistic natural landscapes, you definitely cannot help but visit Nguyen Binh bamboo forest. With more than a dozen kilometers covered by the poetic green color of bamboo trees, you will feel like you are in a scene from a swordplay movie – a childhood memory of many people.

Thousands of towering bamboo trees, reaching into the sky and clouds, the sunlight sparkling through the thin leaves, making the scene more brilliant. Each row of bamboo trees sways in the wind, leaves rustle, and forest birds chirp.

5.3. Phai Khat Fort Relics

Phai Khat Fort relic is a historical place that “witnesses” the first battle of the Vietnam Liberation Army Propaganda Team – the predecessor of the Vietnam People’s Army and currently this place still preserves many relics. relevant historical objects.

If you have the opportunity to come to Cao Bang, Ban Gioc waterfall, don’t forget to stop by Phai Khat Fort Relic to learn, remember and express gratitude for the sacrifices of your ancestors.

5.4. Kolia eco-tourism area – Organic Farm

IMG Kolia Organic Farm Cao Bang 3

Coming to Nguyen Binh, do not miss the Kolia Organic Farm ecotourism area. Here, you will be able to admire the vast, green nature from the tea hills, visit the wine production site, see thousands of extremely beautiful flowers that only bloom in cold weather as well as experience highland cuisine, and take selfies to get the beautiful photos from every angle.

In the summer, the beautiful natural space is adorned with blooming hydrangeas, full of life. In the midst of the hot summer sun, the gentle blue and white flowers are like a cool breeze for the soul.

From the Kolia glass bridge, visitors can see the endless green tea hills and the sea of white clouds surrounding the mountains. During the day, enjoy taking selfies; In the afternoon, enjoy the specialties of fried green tea leaves, wild bamboo shoots, and stream fish; Making a campfire at night… there’s nothing better.

5.5. Na Bao Market

Na Bao Market is a market organized by ethnic people living here and is held on the 4th, 9th, 14th, 19th, 24th and 29th of the lunar calendar. Coming to Nguyen Binh, try visiting Na Bao market to explore and understand more about the lives of the indigenous people here as well as buy souvenirs for your relatives when you return.

5.6. Hoai Khao community tourism destination

When traveling to Nguyen Binh, don’t forget to visit the community tourist site in Hoai Khao hamlet, Quang Thanh commune with 34 households of the Dao Tien ethnic group. This place preserves its unique traditional cultural values, from costumes to traditional crafts such as printing patterns with beeswax, brocade embroidery, and silver carving.

Ancient wooden houses, yin and yang tiled roofs, populations of mountains, valleys, streams, terraced fields… all create a peaceful, poetic beauty.

5.7. Phan Thanh grass hill

IMG Phan Thanh Glass Hill Cao Bang 2

Phan Thanh commune’s grass hill is a green destination that is very suitable for those who are passionate about exploring tourism. The vast green steppe blends with the open sky to create an impressive natural picture. Visitors can travel by motorbike or car to picnic, picnic on weekends, light a fire, and camp to watch the stars at night.

5.8. Lang Mon ancient coral

Located in Lang Mon commune, Lang Mon ancient ocean site is one of the geological heritage sites in the UNESCO Non Nuoc Cao Bang Global Geopark. This is also the first stop of the Western route “Explore Phia Oac – the mountain of changes”, where visitors can experience and feel the development and geological changes of hundreds of millions of years. before.

5.9 Tran Hung Dao forest special national relic site

Tran Hung Dao Forest Special National Relic Area is located at the foot of Slam Cao Mountain in Tam Kim and Hoa Tham communes, about 50 km southwest of Cao Bang city.

This is the place marking the establishment and activities of the Vietnam Liberation Army Propaganda Team, the predecessor of the Vietnam People’s Army. At the same time, this is also the place associated with the life and revolutionary career of General Vo Nguyen Giap – an excellent student of President Ho Chi Minh.

After nearly 80 years, the vestiges from the beginning have always been respected and preserved by ethnic minorities in Cao Bang province, contributing to educating the spirit of patriotism and revolutionary traditions for future generations of young people.

5.10 Ruins of an ancient French villa

During the journey to explore Cao Bang, visitors can stop at the red villa built by the French in the early 20th century in Phia Den hamlet, Thanh Cong commune.

Because it is isolated in the middle of the mountain and has gone through many historical ups and downs, the red villa is covered with green moss and tangled with vines… If you are a person who loves conquering mysterious beautiful scenes, the red villa This is an ideal place that you cannot miss during your trip to Nguyen Binh.

6. Specialties when traveling to Nguyen Binh

When traveling to Nguyen Binh, visitors can not only admire the wild and majestic natural landscape, but also experience the traditional culture of the ethnic people here. In particular, you also have the opportunity to enjoy unique specialties that only this place has.

When you come here, don’t forget to enjoy specialties such as: roasted duck, roasted meat pho, young bees stir-fried with bamboo shoots, succulents, chicken or pork trotters stewed with chestnuts, five-color sticky rice…

6.1 Sour Pho

Sour pho is a Cao Bang specialty. Chewy pho noodles, served with beautiful dark yellow crispy fried pork belly, thinly sliced pork liver, fried pig stomach, roasted duck meat. The dish also has crispy fried shredded chinese potatoes. This is a large, soft and sweet potato found only in Bac Kan and Cao Bang. The indispensable flavor is coriander leaves, peanuts, basil, coriander, cucumber…

6.2 Agarwood fish

Agarwood fish is a famous delicious fish at Ban Gioc waterfall, sold a lot at Trung Khanh market. Clean the fresh fish, cut it open, then stuff onions, dill, chili… inside, wrap it with banana leaves and put it on the charcoal grill. When cooked, the fish emits a delicious aroma.

6.3 Banh Chao

Banh chao, also known as duck chao cake, is widely sold in the winter, from November to February of the following year. The cake looks quite similar to a salty donut but the filling is made from duck meat.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Nguyen Binh

Accommodation facilities in Nguyen Binh are concentrated mainly in towns. It’s creating favorable conditions for tourists to easily move between different tourist destinations and fully enjoy the accommodation facilities.

When traveling to Nguyen Binh, you can refer to some of the accommodation facilities below:

7.1 Hotels:

  • Thien Phu Hotel. Address: Nguyen Binh Town, Nguyen Binh, Cao Bang.
  • Phia Oac Hotel. Address: Nguyen Binh Town, Nguyen Binh, Cao Bang.

7.2 Guesthouses:

  • Son Dong Guesthouse. Address: Phia Den Junction, Tinh Tuc Town, Nguyen Binh, Cao Bang.
  • Tinh Tuc Guesthouse. Address: Tinh Tuc Town, Nguyen Binh, Cao Bang.
  • Phja Oac Guesthouse. Address: Tinh Tuc Town, Nguyen Binh, Cao Bang.
  • Phja Bjooc Guesthouse. Address: No. 31B Binh Minh Area, Nguyen Binh Town, Nguyen Binh, Cao Bang.

This Nguyen Binh land with fresh beautiful scenery, pristine nature. And many attractive destinations, promises to bring a memorable memory in your youthful journey.

If you are planning your tour Cao Bang to Nguyen Binh, please immediately contact Origin Vietnam. A team of experienced, dedicated, and deeply knowledgeable consultants, tour operators, and local guides will guide you on a tour of Vietnam to discover Nguyen Binh, creating new experiences and unforgettable memories.

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