Nguyen Binh Bamboo Forest


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Nguyen Binh Bamboo Forest

Nguyen Binh bamboo forest is located in the western tourist route “Explore Phja Oac – The Mountain of Changes” of the UNESCO Non Nuoc Cao Bang Global Geopark, Nguyen Binh is not only famous for its unique national cultural identity. But also possesses many poetic and beautiful landscapes. Recently, the immense green native bamboo forests have become a new tourist destination, attracting many tourists to explore and experience.

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1. Where is Nguyen Binh bamboo forest?

Nguyen Binh bamboo forest is located in Ban Phuong village, Thanh Cong commune, Nguyen Binh district, Cao Bang province, Vietnam. About 40 km from Nguyen Binh town, about 75 km southwest of Cao Bang city and about 250 km north of Hanoi capital.

2. How is Nguyen Binh bamboo forest unique?

Nguyen Binh Bamboo Forest has a cool green space with thousands of towering bamboo trees. What is quite special is that in the bamboo forest, there are no other types of trees, so the deeper you go into the forest, the more visitors can feel the freshness and coolness of mountainous nature.

Located at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters above sea level. Nguyen Binh bamboo forest whispers with the chirping of wild birds in the morning or afternoon, making people’s souls more relaxed.

Nguyen Binh pole bamboo forest is about 40 hectares wide with thousands of towering pole bamboo trees, reaching out to blend with the clouds and sky. Rows and rows of bamboo trees sway in the wind, colliding with each other and making a rustling sound, making the scenery and beauty here resemble the setting of ancient swordplay movies, both mysterious and romantic.

This is also the residence of many ethnic groups. Such as Dao Tien, Dao Do, Tay and Nung. Houses are quite sparse and primitive. Coming here, you feel like you are lost in a different, wild and rustic world.

3. When is the best time to visit Nguyen Binh bamboo forest?

Although Nguyen Binh is blessed with many beautiful scenes by nature, you cannot visit and fully enjoy the vast mountain and forest scenery at all times.

Because the climate in Nguyen Binh is divided into 2 seasons: the rainy season lasts from May to August and the dry season from September to April of the following year. However, tourists who come to this “green pearl” all say that Cao Bang has its own unique beauty in every season.

  • But to be able to capture all the beauty of Nguyen Binh, the most ideal time to travel is from August to September every year. At that time, the weather will be extremely cool, with little rain, convenient for traveling and exploring all the famous places and landscapes. Thanks to that, you will easily get virtual check-in photos at some of the most beautiful destinations in Vietnam.
  • In addition, if you want to find the flower blooming season, filling the mountains and forests, you can go to Nguyen Binh in the last two months of the year. At this time, buckwheat flowers and wild sunflowers will compete with each other to bloom, like a brilliant mountain painting.
  • In case you want to experience the cold of winter and admire the image of white snow and ice covering an entire stretch of sky, you can come here in the winter.
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4. How to get to Nguyen Binh bamboo forest?

4.1 Traveling To Hanoi

Cao Bang is located in the Northeast of Vietnam and about 280 km from Hanoi city. So it is most convenient to stop in Hanoi first. To be able to travel from other provinces to Hanoi. You can choose between many different means of transport. But the one to save the most time is still traveling by plane. Also you can easily find any direct flight from millions of airlines from all over the country to Hanoi.

4.2 Traveling From Hanoi To Cao Bang City


From Hanoi to Cao Bang city, there are many means of transportation from passenger cars, rental cars, self-driving cars to motorbikes. Among them, passenger cars are the most optimal choice in terms of both cost and time. You can also easily find a suitable bus with a flexible schedule at My Dinh bus station to travel to Ha Giang city.

Private vehicles

For tourists who want to travel by private car or motorbike to fully experience the beautiful roads. You can rent a car in Hanoi to travel to Cao Bang city or you can book a tour package to Ban Gioc Cao Bang here.

Particularly for large tour groups, if you have a driver’s license, you can rent a self-driving car to proactively start your trip to Cao Bang city.

  • Detailed directions for cars: From Hanoi, you can drive towards Hanoi – Lang Son highway, then follow National Highway 4 to reach Cao Bang.
  • Detailed route instructions for motorbikes: Travelers traveling by motorbike can move in the direction of Thanh Tri bridge, onto Hanoi – Thai Nguyen highway. After that, you continue to take Thai Nguyen – Cho Moi highway to Bac Kan. Then follow National Highway 3 to Phu Thong – Ngan Son – Cao Bang.

4.3 From Cao Bang city go to Nguyen Binh bamboo forest

From Cao Bang city, tourists follow National Highway 34 west about 50 km and then meet the intersection with provincial road TL212 in The Duc commune, Nguyen Binh district. You turn left onto provincial road TL212 and continue moving southwest about 18 km, then you reach the intersection of Phia Den market (there is Thanh Dat gas station right at the intersection), you continue to turn left onto the district road and move. About 7 km more to reach Nguyen Binh bamboo forest.

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5. Activities and Experiences in Nguyen Binh bamboo forest

The first time you visit this famous bamboo forest. You will be surprised by a scene filled with the green color of bamboo. Bamboo grows all over the hillsides, spreads along stream banks, crosses valleys. Especially hugs the houses of indigenous people. Bamboo not only creates beautiful scenery for villages but is also closely associated with the lives of local people.

The deeper you go into the forest, the more you can fully feel the beauty of this place. A cool, pleasant atmosphere, a beautiful scene like a swordplay movie. In particular, the bamboo forest area is large, so every corner is beautiful for you to take virtual photos.

There’s no need to rush, slowly explore this bamboo forest to hear the sound of falling leaves, hear the chirping of birds and immerse yourself in the scenery. According to the Cao Bang travel experience of many tourists, the dry season is the best time to take photos here. The rays of sunlight filtering through each row of trees, shining down on the forest, make the scene even more poetic.

6. Specialties when traveling to Nguyen Binh bamboo forest

Often referred to as the “green pearl” of the mountains and forests of Northeast Vietnam. Cao Bang is a land rich in historical tradition and an attractive destination for experiential tours. Especially tour to Ban Gioc waterfall.

In addition to countless heavenly landscapes, cuisine is the factor that attracts tourists. Cao Bang cuisine is a unique combination of local products, bearing the unique flavors of ethnic minorities.

IMG Cao Bang Canarium Fruits Sticky Rice 1

6.1 Canarium sticky rice (Xoi Tram)

Xoi Tram is a specialty dish of the Cao Bang region, often appearing in the meals of the Tay and Nung people. Upland sticky rice combined with wild canarium fruit helps the sticky rice seeds have a beautiful purple-pink color. When eating, you will feel the characteristic fleshy and sticky taste.

6.2 Banh Chao

Banh Chao is a famous cake in Cao Bang.The cake appears like a donut on the outside, with duck meat filling on the inside. Its crust, comprised of glutinous rice flour and regular rice, lends it flexibility and fragrance. Once the filling is stuffed into the shell, we fry the cake in a pan of boiling oil, stirring back and forth until both sides achieve a golden hue.

6.3 Cao Bang rice rolls

If asked “What kind of cake is famous in Cao Bang?” then banh cuon is the answer. Cao Bang banh cuon is more special than banh cuon in other regions, often eaten with bone broth. In the bone broth there is also minced meat and spring onions, served with hot rolls or egg rolls.

6.4 Sour Pho

Sour pho is a specialty dish meticulously prepared with a variety of ingredients. The fragrant and chewy Cao Bang pho noodles combined with pork belly, fried pork liver, roasted duck, crispy Chinese potatoes. And mac mat leaves create a unique flavor for the dish. If you have the opportunity to enjoy it. Sure you will definitely remember the sweet and sour taste of the sauce also the chewiness of the pho noodles.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Nguyen Minh bamboo forest

When traveling to Nguyen Binh bamboo forest, visitors can stay overnight at some of the following accommodation establishments:

7.1 Hotels:

  • Phia Oac Hotel. Address: Nguyen Binh Town, Nguyen Binh, Cao Bang.
  • Thien Phu Hotel. Address: Nguyen Binh Town, Nguyen Binh, Cao Bang.

7.2 Guesthouses:

  • Tinh Tuc Guesthouse. Address: Tinh Tuc Town, Nguyen Binh, Cao Bang.
  • Phja Oac Guesthouse. Address: Tinh Tuc Town, Nguyen Binh, Cao Bang.
  • Phja Bjooc Guesthouse. Address: No. 31B Binh Minh Area, Nguyen Binh Town, Nguyen Binh, Cao Bang.
  • Son Dong Guesthouse. Address: Phia Den Junction, Tinh Tuc Town, Nguyen Binh, Cao Bang.

Nguyen Binh Bamboo Forest is a very popular destination in Cao Bang. Because of its pristine beauty, fresh, peaceful and poetic space. Coming here, visitors can take beautiful photos, experience wonderful scenery and save for themselves memorable memories.

If you are planning your tour in Vietnam to Nguyen Binh bamboo forest, immediately contact Origin Vietnam – a professional tour operator. We are honored to accompany tourists on their journey to discover the travel beauty of Cao Bang with unforgettable experiences.

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