Nghieu Son Linh
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Nghieu Son Linh

Once a capital to resist the invaders from the North country. Associated with heroic wars and recorded in the history books of the Vietnamese people. But with the flow of time, Nghieu Son Linh has become one of the most famous places in Vietnam. Because it holds national historical value, but not many people know about it.

There are now only a few ancient vestiges left. Such as: Na Lu citadel and King Le temple, along with the mountains, forests, heaven and earth. Especially creating a nostalgic and heroic national scene. Let’s learn more with Origin Vietnam in the article below to discover the heroic historical picture of Nghieu Son Linh.

IMG Nghieu Son Linh Cao Bang

1. Where is Nghieu Son Linh?

Nghieu Son Linh was previously identified at the intersection of three communes Hong Viet, Hoang Trung, Be Trieu in Hoa An district, Cao Bang province. Although it is no longer a fixed tourist destination. If you are interested in history and heroic traces of the past. When you come to Cao Bang, take the time to visit this ancient land.

2. How is Nghieu Son Linh unique?

Cao Bang is famous for its majestic natural scenery and is also a border province. So it became the base of many heroic resistance wars of our people. And Nghieu Son Linh was one of the main bases of our army when fighting against the Ming Dynasty invaders in this borderland.

In the past, this place was a wild high mountain range located on the right bank of the Bang River. Nghieu Son Linh mountain range includes two large mountains. Khau Thuoc located in the East and Khau Khieu located on the West bank. Between two large mountains, Na Lu citadel with deep ravines or alternating hills creates overlapping terrain and extremely dangerous terrain.

After many ups and downs of history, Nghieu Son Linh has changed a lot. Khau Thuoc mountain has now been renamed Khau Khac Thieu – the name of the National hero who fought against the Ming invaders.

Nghieu Son Linh has been renovated and changed a lot. So if you ask many local people, there is a high possibility that they will be surprised and not know about it. Currently, the citadel marking our army’s victory at Nghieu Son Linh only has a section of citadel. It’s about 15m wide running around the foot of the mountain.

3. When is the best time to travel to Nghieu Son Linh?

Choosing the right time to travel helps visitors have more convenience in their journey to explore the destination. If you choose to travel to Cao Bang and Nghieu Son Linh. You should choose to go in the months around August to September.

This is the most beautiful season, when the waterfall is full of water. And visitors can conveniently see the full beauty of Ban Gioc waterfall on the journey to Nghieu Son Linh.

In addition, visitors can also go from December to February. Because the weather is cold and flowers bloom, creating beautiful natural scenery.

IMG Nghieu Son Linh Cao Bang 1

4. How to travel to Nghieu Son Linh?

Currently, when looking for the place Nghieu Son Linh, you cannot locate it on google map. But you can only identify it by surrounding landmarks.

If tourists are from neighboring provinces, they can travel by motorbike or car as they like. As for tourists coming from remote provinces such as the South and Central regions, they travel by plane to save time. However, Cao Bang still does not have an airport, so people will have to land at Noi Bai airport in Hanoi, then travel by bus or motorbike to Cao Bang city.

Furthermore, people can choose an airport shuttle to travel to Hanoi center to pick up a car or rent a car to Cao Bang city, then move to Nghieu Son Linh.

Note: Because Nghieu Son Linh is not located on the map, finding your way will be difficult, even though many indigenous people are not familiar with this place. So if you intend to come here, you should search Understand carefully and navigate carefully.

5. Nghieu Son Linh with majestic historical events

Not only possessing majestic beauty, Nghieu Son Linh mountain range is also a witness to many heroic historical events of the nation. Especially the event of fighting against the Northern invaders.

When the Tran Dynasty collapsed, Ho Quy Ly usurped the throne and took power to establish the Ho Dynasty. But was unpopular with the people because of unreasonable reform policies. Taking advantage of the country’s situation of separation between the army and the people. The Ming Dynasty in the North marched to invade Cao Bang.

At that time, in Cao Bang, there was a rich leader named Be Khac Thieu. He was a driven man and liked to do good deeds, so he was very popular with the people. He was good at diplomacy and made friends from all over, and met a friend named Nong Dac Thai. Who was also a martial arts leader with a talent for archery. Through many interactions with their generous personalities and similar interests. So the two of them formed a brotherhood and aimed to expel the Ming invaders.

It’s worth a visit Nghieu Son Linh

Each person has their own strength. Be Khac Thieu and Nong Dac Thai initiated a call to the people for a revolt. Be Khac Thieu, skilled in troop management, received the appointment as a general, while Nong Dac Thai assumed the role of deputy general. Subsequently, Be Khac Thieu directed the insurgents to construct a citadel and a military zone at Khau Thuoc mountain, particularly in areas with rugged and perilous terrain, enabling them to retreat and defend as necessary.

To create prestige, the insurgents erected an uprising flag with the word “Be” in the middle (Bê Khac Thieu’s last name) with the slogan “Khac Thieu is the King” and “Dac Thai is the god”. The purpose of raising the uprising flag is to protect the people in the village. And also show the nation’s will to expel invaders from the land.

Having gone through many defeats and victories, in the great resounding battle at Na Khuoi in September 1426, the enemy was completely defeated and our army won, the Cao Bang land then returned to its original peace. Historical traces still remain, although not many, but enough for our people to know the heroic history of the nation at that time.

IMG King Le temple Nghieu Son Linh Cao Bang

6. Activities and experiences in Nghiem Son Linh

6.1 Exploring the majestic beauty of Nghieu Son Linh mountain area

Visiting the top of Nghieu Son Linh mountain, visitors will admire the charming beauty of the mountains and forests of Northeast Vietnam. In addition, this place also has a rich and diverse flora and green primeval forests and mountains.

In the fall, the scenery in Nghieu Son Linh is even more attractive when the forests change color, creating a colorful picture. This is also an attraction for many tourists to visit and admire the natural scenery.

6.2 Understanding more about historical markers

Through many historical resistance wars, Nghieu Son Linh has marked many historical achievements and one of the remaining marks is the about 15m long section of Na Lu citadel wall located between Khau Thuoc and Khau Khieu mountains. Following the flow of history, this citadel has been destroyed and damaged quite a lot. But nonetheless this place is still a historical relic with great cultural and historical value of Cao Bang.

Going north of Na Lu citadel, there is also King Le temple worshiping King Le Thai To. The architects constructed King Le Temple on a high mound known as Long Mound. Within the citadel, four raised mounds bear the names of the kings’ dynasties: Long, Lan, Quy, and Phuong. King Le Temple embodies the ancient Tam-shaped architectural style, featuring three houses, seven rooms, and brick walls. Especially horizontal tiled roofs, trusses, wooden diaphragms with carved dragons and phoenixes showing the authority of the king. king.

Currently, King Le temple has been renovated to preserve the remaining historical traces. On the 6th day of the first lunar month every year, King Le Temple Festival takes place here and is attended by a large number of people. If you have the opportunity to come to Cao Bang, don’t forget to visit here to understand more about the heroic history left by our ancestors.

IMG Banh Khao Cao Bang 2

7. Specialties when traveling to Nghieu Son Linh

Visiting Cao Bang and skipping the specialties will be a huge mistake. This place has many specialties that cannot be found anywhere else, dishes with mountain and forest flavors that diners will remember forever once they try them.

  • With the unique ingredient of young ant eggs, the dish is only available around April-May during the breeding season of black ants. Covered with fragrant sticky rice flour, greasy young ant eggs create an extremely delicious flavor.
  • The 7-flavor roast duck is marinated with 7 ingredients from the Northeast mountains and forests, the skin is crispy, the meat inside is soft and sweet.
  • Da Hien Vegetable is a dish of the Northeast mountains and forests with a cool and sweet flavor

In addition, Cao Bang has many specialties. Such as: Banh Che Lam, Banh Khao, Trung Khanh chestnuts, Stir-fried sour pork, sour pho, Banh Chao,

8. Accommodation when traveling to Nghieu Son Linh

To facilitate the journey, visitors can choose hotels in Cao Bang city for easy transportation as well as combining visiting many places in Cao Bang. Such as Ban Gioc waterfall, Mat Than mountain, Me Pia Pass , Nguom Ngao cave,…

Book a hotel room in Cao Bang with Origin Vietnam to get the hotel you like and at the most reasonable price. Some hotels that we recommend for your reference with preferential prices are:

  • Bridge Love Homestay Cao Bang. Address: Tan Giang Ward, Cao Bang City
  • Gold Hotel. Address: Song Hien Ward, Cao Bang City
  • Luxury Hotel. Address: Hop Giang Ward, Cao Bang City
  • Max Boutique Hotel. Address: Hop Giang Ward, Cao Bang City

The ancient land of Nghieu Son Linh with its unique wild beauty will be an attractive destination for those who love to explore and experience nature. Some information shared by Origin Vietnam – a top-rated Vietnam tours packages operator, hopes to be helpful to tourists who are planning to travel to Cao Bang.

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