Ngan Son
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Ngan Son

Ngan Son is blessed by nature, with a fresh, cool climate all year round, many places have wild beauty, charming scenery, and majestic mountains. Along with that are historical relics and scenic spots that have been ranked at the national and provincial levels. Embark on a journey through this beautiful land with the Origin Vietnam travel team.

1. Where is Ngan Son?

Ngan Son is a mountainous district of Bac Kan province, in the Northeast mountainous region of Vietnam. About 60 km northeast of Bac Kan city and about 230 km north of Hanoi capital. With geographical location:

  • The North borders Cao Bang province.
  • The East borders Cao Bang province and Lang Son province.
  • The South borders Bach Thong district and Na Ri district.
  • The West borders Ba Be district.

2. How is Ngan Son unique?

Ngan Son stands out with many primitively beautiful scenes, charming mountains and water, cool climate, extremely suitable for tourism development. Besides, possessing relics associated with the heroic history of fighting against foreign invaders of the Vietnamese people is also one of the reasons why Ngan Son has become the top favorite place in Bac Kan for many tourists.

3. When is the best time to travel to Ngan Son?

Ngan Son’s climate has very clear seasonal differences with the rainy season lasting from May to September. And the dry season lasted from November to April of the following year. Because it is located between two bow mountain systems of the Northeast, Ngan Son is quite cold in the winter. Therefore, according to Bac Kan travel experience, the ideal time to travel to Ngan Son is from September to April next year.

  • You can also go to Ngan Son from May to September, this time the North starts to get hot but this area is always cool because it is surrounded by high mountains. However, visitors need to consider closely monitoring the actual weather situation. Because this is also the rainy season, there are likely to be landslides and flash floods, potentially dangerous, affecting your exploration experience.
  • Traveling to Ngan Son around September-October, you will have the opportunity to admire the terraced fields in the ripe rice season, with shiny golden colors spreading throughout the space.
  • Around January (lunar calendar) every year is usually a festival for highland ethnic groups. If you travel to Ngan Son at this time, you will have the opportunity to learn about unique cultural features as well as explore. culinary features of highland people. Moreover, this is spring, so you also have the opportunity to admire hundreds of flowers radiating fragrance, blooming color, and the scenery everywhere seems to be wearing a colorful “new shirt”.

4. How to get to Ngan Son?

4.1. By personal vehicle

Ngan Son is about 230 km from Hanoi via National Highway 3 passing through Thai Nguyen. Previously, from Hanoi to Ngan Son it usually took about 5-6 hours because National Highway 3 (accessible by both motorbikes and cars) is quite a small road with high vehicle density. However, currently the Hanoi – Thai Nguyen expressway, then continuing on National Highway 3 – has been opened, so the time to reach Ngan Son is only about 3 hours.

4.2. By public transportation

Passenger buses depart from My Dinh bus station (Hanoi). You can choose bus companies running the Hanoi – Bac Kan or Cao Bang route. These vehicles often pass through famous tourist destinations in Bac Kan.

For tourists from southern or central provinces of Vietnam, the most reasonable way to travel is to fly to Hanoi, then follow the instructions above.

5. Sightseeings & things to do in Ngan Son

5.1. Sam Chiem steppe

Sam Chiem steppe in Hiep Luc commune, Ngan Son district. Located about 35 km from the center of Bac Kan city, the road to Sam Chiem passes many steep slopes with mountainous terrain, along a small road with lush green grass.

This beautiful hill is filled with lush green vegetation and is often visited by tourists to enjoy the scenery and fresh climate on weekends. Along with lush green scenery, Sam Chiem has a cool climate, very suitable for eco trip in Vietnam and enjoying nature.

5.2. Deo Giang Victory Relic

If you have the opportunity to visit Ngan Son, remember to stop at the Deo Giang Victory Relic to visit and learn about the place where the famous victories of the army and people here took place – the victory contributed to the resounding victory of Viet Bac Fall – Winter campaign in 1947.

5.3. Gio Pass

If you are passionate about traveling to explore and conquer the roads with the most beautiful and majestic landscapes in Vietnam, you must definitely experience the road at Gio Pass. The vast, endless mountain scenery along with the clear, windy sky here will definitely not disappoint you.

5.4. Tinh Khau Khang – Plum garden

Traveling to Ngan Son without visiting Tinh Khau Khang to see the plum blossoms in full bloom will be extremely regretful. At Tinh Khau Khang tourist destination, you not only have the opportunity to see the plum garden blooming in white, breathtakingly beautiful flowers, experience many attractive specialties, but you can also immerse yourself in the fresh air of immense nature every day.

5.5. Cao Bac Pass

As the boundary pass between Bac Kan province and Cao Bang province. It’s not famous as Ma Pi leng pass. But Cao Bac Pass is considered by many tourists to be one of the most majestic and spectacular roads. The natural landscape here when viewed from above can be considered a rare “fairyland” in Northern Vietnam.

5.6. Na Khoang Waterfall

Located at the foot of Gio Pass, close to Highway 3, is the Na Khoang Waterfall Scenic Relic, in Na Phac town, with an area of about 12 hectares, including 4 waterfalls about 600m long, combined from many small streams. Na Khoang Waterfall annually attracts thousands of tourists inside and outside the province to experience and explore.

5.7. Ban Chang Lake

Considered a miniature Da Lat, Ban Chang Lake belongs to Duc Van commune. This is an artificial lake with a water surface area of more than 40 hectares, 62 km from Bac Kan city towards Cao Bang. It’s about 1 km from National Highway 3. Around the lake are pine forests stretching straight and green as far as the eye can see, where the villages of the Tay and Nung ethnic groups live, creating a vivid watercolor painting.

This is an ideal place for tourists to avoid the hot summer days, enjoy fresh air, find a sense of peace and learn about the nation’s cultural identity.

5.8. Na Deng Stream

From the road, visitors can see the white water flowing through the rocky slopes, standing out among the green of the trees. That is the Na Deng stream, the section that flows at the confluence with the Ban Mach stream. The Na Khoang waterfall area belongs to the tropical monsoon climate zone, with an average temperature of about 20-25 degrees Celsius. Around the waterfall area is mainly regenerated forest. This scenic spot attracts many tourists to enjoy and cool off in the summer,…

6. Specialties when traveling to Ngan Son

When traveling to Ngan Son, visitors can not only admire the wild and majestic natural beauty. But also enjoy the specialties of this beautiful land.

6.1. Roasted suckling pig

After slaughtering the pig, the guava leaf cooking water will be used to shave off the hair, gut and clean the stomach, then stuff the pig’s belly with ingredients. Such as macaroni fruit, star anise, cardamom, cinnamon… and then bring it to the pig’s belly spinning on embers. When roasting, regularly use a towel dipped in water to wipe the pig so that the outside of the pig’s skin does not burn. When the pig is almost cooked, use a stick to puncture the pig to let the water and fat flow out.

Leave the pig out for about 1 hour to let the heat cool down and to keep the meat from getting crushed when chopped and placed on a plate. A plate of golden roasted pork is so fragrant and delicious that it makes your mouth water. Bite into a piece of roasted meat with the sweetness of well-cooked meat, the aroma of honey spear leaves, the greasy taste of grilled meat, and the meat is richly marinated. Once you eat it, you will remember it forever.

6.2. Hill-raised chicken

A specialty of mountainous areas, chickens are raised on rice and free-range. So the chicken meat is firm, sweet and fragrant, and the crispy skin is especially delicious.

6.3. Sticky rice

An extremely popular dish of highland people, often served with grilled pork and chicken dishes above. The rice used for cooking is usually upland sticky rice. When cooked, it is quite fragrant, the grains are large and sticky.

6.4 Grilled fish

Stream fish here are often caught manually by people. The quantity of fish is not much but the quality is excellent because the fish meat is white, firm and has a sweet taste. People choose a fish that is only as small as a thumb, this fish looks both like a goby and a flatfish to make grilled fish.

6.5. Smoked Sausages

When the sausage is dry, leave it whole and fry until cooked, then slice it and dip it with ginger sauce. Or cut the sausages into medium-thick slices, wait for the fat in the pan to be very hot, then add the sausages, stir, sprinkle a little fish sauce, and sprinkle some fresh onions. The plate of sausages is fragrant and makes you crave it just by looking at it. So on Tet holiday, no matter how many delicious dishes there are. It’s still the dish that people touch with their chopsticks the most.

Sausage made by the hands of Bac Kan people has the smell of highland sunshine, the smell of kitchen smoke, the smell of ginger, the smell of wine, and the special aroma of mac honey. The chewy taste of the tripe, the sweetness of the lean meat. Also the fatty taste of the fat blends together, making it delicious. Sip a little more wine and you’ll enjoy it even more.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Ngan Son

When traveling to Ngan Son, visitors can refer to some of the accommodation facilities below. Most of these accommodation facilities are located in the town area, making it convenient to move between tourist destinations. Visitors can enjoy the amenities that these accommodation facilities provide.

  • Hoan Hao Guesthouse. Address: Area 1, Van Tung commune, Ngan Son, Bac Kan.
  • Thu Trang Guesthouse. Address: Ban Sung, Van Tung commune, Ngan Son, Bac Kan.
  • Huan Dung II Guesthouse. Address: Sub-zone 1, Na Phac Town, Ngan Son, Bac Kan.
  • Diep Van Guesthouse. Address: Sub-zone 1, Na Phac Town, Ngan Son, Bac Kan.
  • Thuy Linh Guesthouse. Address: Van Tung Commune, Ngan Son, Bac Kan.
  • Hieu Hien Guesthouse. Address: Sub-zone 1, Na Phac Town, Ngan Son, Bac Kan.

With the advantage of transportation and unique natural scenery, with endemic trees. Such as peaches, pears, chestnuts and plums, each flower blooming season creates extremely beautiful natural views,…Ngan Son has many attractive destinations for domestic and foreign tourists to visit and explore.

To make your trip to Ngan Son meaningful and complete, Origin Vietnam, a professional Vietnam tour operator, is pleased to accompany visitors at every step of the tour in Vietnam to discover Bac Kan. With a team of experienced, dedicated, and thoroughly knowledgeable consultants, tour operators, and local guides, we are committed to providing visitors with exciting experiences and creating unforgettable memories.

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