Nang Tien Cave - Na Ri
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Nang Tien Cave – Na Ri

If you are a person who loves exploring mountain and forest nature and is passionate about ancient stories, then Nang Tien cave (or Fairy Cave in English) Na Ri – Bac Kan, Vietnam is an exciting destination for you. Nang Tien Cave carries a wild beauty of nature but no less mysterious that will give you unforgettable experiences. In the following article, let’s learn about these special features with Origin Vietnam.

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1. Where is Nang Tien Cave – Na Ri?

Fairy Cave is located in Phja Trang mountain in Luong Ha commune, Na Ri district, Bac Kan province. Located more than 50 km northwest of Bac Kan province center and about 210 km north of Hanoi capital. Seen from afar, Nang Tien Cave looks like a young girl sleeping soundly.

2. How is Nang Tien cave unique?

Nang Tien Cave, also known by indigenous people as Nguom Nang Tien. It’s a large stone cave that goes deep into the mountain about 60 meters, the cave entrance is about 6 meters high. The height of the cave arch is about 30 – 50 meters; The surrounding area is covered with green trees. Coming here, visitors can feel the cool air radiating from the cave and the quietness, completely different from the outside world.

In the middle of the cave is a quite large space, surrounded by many small caves. It’s making this place more mysterious and poetic. The cave’s dome is covered with beautiful, strangely shaped stone slabs and many stone columns and stalactites formed a long time ago, like beautiful flowers.

The most poetic and magical is at the end of the cave, where there is a “fairy pond”, it is said that this is where fairies come to bathe and play every day and “fairy fields” are where fairies plant and harvest crops to grow. Served for daily meals. The natural scenery here is as magical and beautiful as a fairyland.

Recognized as a National Scenic Monument in 1999, up to now. Nang Tien Cave has been invested in roads, cars can travel easily, and hundreds of stairs are solidly built to the entrance. cave.

IMG Nang Tien Cave 3

3. Legend of Nang Tien Cave

Legend has it that, in the past, there were 7 fairies who came down from the sky to bathe and have fun. Because they were busy admiring the natural scenery on earth until dark, the fairies did not have time to fly back to heaven. Not seeing his children return, the Ngoc Hoang felt sorry for him and created a cave for the fairies to stay overnight and that cave was called the Fairy Cave by the locals.

In addition to the story about the fairy tale, the people here also pass down another story associated with this place. The story goes that there was an ancestor of the Ly family in Luong Ha commune (now Yen Lac town) who carried a hammer to the forest to find trees to make hornets. When passing through the cave, he saw fairies sitting and playing chess.

Partly because of his passion for chess and partly because of the beauty of the fairies, he stayed behind, using a hammer handle as a chair to sit and watch the fairies play chess. Because I was so busy watching that I lost track of time, it got dark and I couldn’t find my way home. At home, his wife, children, and relatives couldn’t find him. They thought he had been mauled by a tiger, so they made him a ghost.

As for him, after watching the end of the chess game, he carried the hammer away and found that the hammer’s handle was infested with termites. When he returned home, he saw that the house was crowded with people. He learned that his family had been a ghost for him for 3 years and now held a funeral…

4. Which is the best season to explore Nang Tien Cave?

You can visit Fairy Cave at any time of the year. Because there are many trees around the cave, the atmosphere here is always cool even on hot sunny days.

But please note that if you want to visit Nang Tien Cave from May to October, you must pay attention to the weather forecast, because during these months, Bac Kan province will often have rain, which will affect the tour itinerary.

According to the experience of predecessors, the ideal time to visit Nang Tien cave is from September to April of the following year.

5. How to get to Nang Tien cave?

If you depart from the capital Hanoi, you can take the route towards Nhat Tan bridge then go to National Highway 3 and go straight to Bac Kan province.

When you arrive in Bac Kan province, you are still more than 50km away from Fairy Cave. From Bac Kan city center, you will follow Highway 3B, go through Ang Toong pass, you will reach Yen Lac town center located in Na Ri district. Standing in the town looking towards the Northwest, you will see a majestic mountain range running in the North-South direction.

To the north of the mountain range are the Phja Man, Phja Trang mountain ranges and the Khuoi Hai stream, also known as the Moon stream. From the bank of Khuoi Hai stream, go another 150m and there will be a stone cave called Fairy Cave.

IMG Nang Tien Cave 2

6. Exploring the beauty of Nang Tien cave

Dubbed the Fairy Cave – where fairies live, every corner and every rock here is full of fairyland features. Let’s explore some of these unique features with Origin Vietnam!

6.1. The wild landscape is full of mystery

When you enter the cave entrance, you will feel like you are entering a completely different world. The darkness inside the cave contrasting with the light outside will make your senses more sensitive. You will clearly feel the gurgling sound of flowing water, the blurry scenery brought by steam, the gentle atmosphere…

6.2. Unique architecture of the cave

The entrance to the Fairy Cave is surrounded by cool stone slabs. Looking up at the cave ceiling, you will see stalactites formed millions of years ago. There are stalactites that have appeared a long time ago, like stone towers flowing back from the ceiling of the cave to the underground, forming solid stone columns, making the cave here even more solid.

Going deep inside is the large central space of Fairy Cave. Surrounded by other small caves, the scenery here is even more sparkling and magical. Stalactites and stone slabs with strange shapes formed a long time ago on the ceiling of the cave will make you think of beautiful flowers.

6.3. Magical scenes given by nature

Every corner in Fairy Cave is associated with a story full of mystery and fantasy. It can be called “Fairy Pond”, according to legend, it is the place where fairies use to bathe and play every day.

Going through the “Fairy Pond” you will see sunken terraces with stagnant water, depending on the weather, the amount of water stagnant inside is more or less. That scene will make you feel like you are lost in the terraced fields of the people. high mountainous areas. That may be the reason this place is called “Fairy Field”, where fairies would plant and harvest crops.

The most magical fairyland is probably the “Fairy Chamber”, this place is made up of countless stalactites of all different shapes and brilliant colors and especially has only one path. Seeing all those scenes, you will immediately think that this is the bedroom of fairies in a fairyland.

This translucent beauty is also found in the sparkling stalactites falling to the ground, looking like the shiny, smooth hair of beautiful fairies.

7. Specialties when visiting to Nang Tien cave

Every land will have its own characteristics in culture, cuisine, and geography. When mentioning Na Ri – Bac Kan, many people will immediately think of beautiful natural landscapes and majestic mountains. However, not everyone knows about Na Ri – Bac Kan specialties. So what dishes and specialties are waiting for visitors here? Let Origin Vietnam help you elevate your cuisine right now!

7.1. Sour shrimp

Sour shrimp is an extremely rustic Bac Kan specialty, local people often use sour shrimp in many daily meals. Because in the past, there were a lot of shrimp caught in the Ba Be Lake area. Because they couldn’t use it all, many people processed it this way to keep it longer. Sour shrimp has an extremely delicious taste, both fatty and spicy, extremely attractive. If you have a chance to visit Bac Kan, remember to try it.

7.2 Grilled fish

Not only shrimp, but at Ba Be Lake there are also many types of fresh fish, and visitors will have another Bac Kan specialty, Ba Be Grilled Fish. The fish will be selected from small varieties, cleaned, gutted, dried in the sun, then skewered and grilled on a charcoal stove. Wait until the fish is cooked and you can enjoy it right away, guaranteed to be extremely delicious for visitors.

7.3 Vegetables

Lettuce is a plant found widely in the northern mountainous areas, especially Bac Kan. Vegetables bring high nutritional value, lots of protein, nutrients and aroma when prepared in many dishes. It is for this reason that green vegetables are very popular and have become one of the Bac Kan specialties that tourists cannot miss.

7.4 Na Ri Dong vermicelli

Na Ri Dong vermicelli is probably a Bac Kan specialty that many tourists have heard of! Dong vermicelli is made from the starch of arrowroot grown at an altitude of more than 100m, creating vermicelli fibers with completely natural colors and without using any chemicals when producing. Eating Na Ri Dong vermicelli, diners will feel chewy, crunchy and extremely fragrant. Vermicelli can be transformed into many delicious dishes for us to enjoy.

7.5 Smoked sausage

Smoked sausage is an indispensable dish in Bac Kan every Tet and spring season. This dish is also known as kitchen sausage, the main ingredients are usually small intestine and pork. Making sausage is quite simple but still requires a lot of experience. It is guaranteed that just by taking a bite of sausage, diners will feel the full flavor of the Northwest mountains and forests. The extremely different taste of Bac Kan sausage will make you want to eat it forever.

In addition, visitors can also enjoy other specialties such as:

  • Vegetables cooked with fish or chicken.
  • Delicious and greasy hummus made from pork belly, sweet potatoes, shiitake mushrooms, and wood ear mushrooms according to a special recipe. This is a typical dish of the Tay – Nung ethnic people in Bac Kan and is very popular with tourists.
  • Wormwood cake has a fresh, wild flavor from forest leaves.

8. Accommodation when traveling to Nang Tien cave

When traveling to Nang Tien cave, visitors can choose accommodation facilities in Yen Lac town; Most of the hotels, motels, and homestays are concentrated in the town center. This will create favorable conditions for tourists to move between different destinations and enjoy the best amenities at the accommodation facility. You can visit some of the following accommodation facilities:

  • Hiep Bang Guesthouse. Address: Hat Deng Village, Yen Lac Town, Na Ri, Bac Kan.
  • Nam Sen Guesthouse. Address: Pan Pai Village, Yen Lac Town, Na Ri, Bac Kan.
  • Thuong Thu Guesthouse. Address: Hat Deng Village, Yen Lac Town, Na Ri, Bac Kan.
  • Hoang Anh Guesthouse. Address: Na Ri High School Area, Yen Lac Town, Na Ri, Bac Kan.
  • An Duong Guesthouse. Address: Gia Dia Village, Yen Lac Town, Na Ri, Bac Kan.
  • District People’s Committee guest house. Address: Yen Lac Town, Na Ri, Bac Kan.
  • Hoa Sua Guesthouse. Address: Gia Dia Village, Yen Lac Town, Na Ri, Bac Kan.

9. Some attractive tourist sites near Nang Tien cave

Besides the pristine and majestic natural beauty of Nang Tien cave, visitors also have the opportunity to explore other attractive tourist attractions nearby. Below are some destinations near Nang Tien cave:

9.1. Kim Hy Nature Reserve

Kim Hy Nature Reserve is one of the ideal eco-tourism destinations for tourists who are passionate about exploration and practical adventure. The tourist route here includes 7 destinations: Minh Tinh Cave, Tat Chat Waterfall, Bat Cave, Khuoi Cai Waterfall, Nam Cao Cave, Lung Sien, Nghien Vu Muon Forest.

Visitors will admire the clear, cool streams, sparkling stalactite caves sculpted by the hands of “Mother Nature” and see many rare and unique flora and fauna throughout the journey.

9.2. Na Dang Waterfall

Na Dang Waterfall has water flowing from the top of the mountain at a height of over 100m. So it can be easily seen and viewed from afar. The water at the waterfall is always clear and green, the charming natural scenery creates an extremely peaceful atmosphere. It is a pleasant space, very suitable as a place to rest and relax.

10. Some important notes when traveling to Nang Tien – Na Ri cave

  • Travel to Na Ri – Bac Kan. You should prepare a raincoat because in Bac Kan you may encounter sudden rains on the way.
  • Please bring cash as a backup.
  • If you do not have experience traveling by motorbike to Na Ri – Bac Kan. It may take you about 4 to 6 hours to get to Bac Kan from Hanoi. You should pay close attention to the direction signs along the way because although this route is beautiful, it is easy to get lost.
  • In addition to paying attention to the instructions, you should also pay attention to gasoline. Also bring food and water in case you can’t find it on the roadside.

After learning some information about Nang Tien Cave above, do you feel this is an interesting destination for your journey to explore beautiful places in Bac Kan province? If you are planning a tour Vietnam to Nang Tien cave, Na Ri – Bac Kan to visit this mysterious cave, please quickly contact us – a professional local tour operator. Our experienced, dedicated, and thoroughly knowledgeable team of tour consultants and guides will lead you on a journey to discover Nang Tien cave, offering interesting activities and unique experiences.

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