Na Hau Nature Reserve
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Na Hau Nature Reserve

Na Hau Nature Reserve of Van Yen district is known for preserving a rich and diverse flora and fauna ecosystem. This is also considered an ideal eco-tourism destination in Vietnam. Especially for those who love nature, love adventure and want to learn and explore the traditional culture of the Mong people in Na Hau commune.

1. Where is Na Hau Nature Reserve?

Na Hau nature reserve is located in 4 communes: Na Hau, Dai Son, Mo Vang and Phong Du Thuong, all in Van Yen district, Yen Bai province. This place has a total area of up to 16,950 hectares, of which the strictly protected area is 7,250 hectares and the ecological restoration area is 9,700 hectares. Therefore, besides typical locations for Yen Bai tourism such as Mu Cang Chai terraced fields or Muong Lo fields, Na Hau conservation area is also a promising choice.

2. When is the best time to travel to Na Hau nature reserve?

The entire Na Hau area has a terrain like a giant basin in the middle of a narrow valley, surrounded by high and dangerous mountains. Every year, the East-North monsoon usually occurs in November and December accompanied by frost. On days with little sunshine and overcast weather, in the high mountains, fog covers the entire day, and the air humidity in the forest is very high. 

Thanks to this unique climatic condition, this place has created excellent conditions for the natural ecosystem to grow and develop strongly. Besides, because they are not affected much by humans, the natural regeneration ability of forest trees. Also creates favorable conditions for plant and animal species to reproduce.

According to Yen Bai travel experience, when you visit Na Hau Nature Reserve. The best time to visit is from January to April and from August to October. This is the time when the air is pleasant and clear, cool (not too hot or too cold).

3. How to get to Na Hau Nature Reserve from Yen Bai?

In order to get to Na Hau, you need to move to the center of Mau A town, Van Yen district first. This place is about 45 km northwest of Yen Bai city center. You go in the direction of Mau A bridge across the Red River along the route starting from An Thinh commune to Dai Son commune towards the southwest. Passing the Ba Khuy slope across the mountainside, you will reach Na Hau commune.

4. Exploring and experiencing at Na Hau Nature Reserve

4.1. Rich diverse flora and fauna

Coming to Na Hau Nature Reserve, you will admire the evergreen broadleaf forest system that almost retains its wild and original beauty. There are many streams, streams, and waterfalls flowing all year round. Because the forest structure has not been broken, the canopy layer. It’s still clearly divided, including the highest layer of large timber trees that develop into ancient trees such as brown bamboo, doi, canarium…

The second layer is the layer that creates ecological advantage with a continuously growing canopy of nearly equal height forest trees, which are trees belonging to the evergreen species family such as shampoo, deciduous, and chestnut. The bottom layer consists of many high layers of different heights, mainly small, shade-loving timber trees. The bottom will be a layer of fresh carpet including shrubs, ferns, mushrooms… Up to now, the natural forest here has about over 30 different plant species, including rare timber trees. Such as flower slices, po mu…

Na Hau Nature Reserve is the ideal for Eco tourism development

Besides the flora, the fauna in the reserve is also relatively rich. It also creates conditions for the growth and development of many rare species, which are on the conservation list. According to statistics, there are currently more than 70 species of mammals, 240 species of birds and 48 species of reptiles, in addition to many other small animals. There are many animal species listed in the Vietnam Red Book and the World Red Book. Some outstanding rare animals include chamois, bears, black gibbons, gray langurs, flower monitors, big-headed turtles…

In addition, the core area of Na Hau Nature Reserve is also the residence of a number of rare bird species. It’s only distributed in certain areas. Therefore, the management board here attaches great importance to preserving natural living conditions to protect endangered bird species. Such as hornbills, pheasants…

On the way to Na Hau Nature Reserve, you can visit the cinnamon forests in Dai Son commune. Cinnamon here has an extremely high essential oil content, ranked second only to Tra My cinnamon from Quang Nam province. Cinnamon forest with its sweet, ecstatic scent also creates a huge source of income for local people.

4.2. Exploring the beauty of Suoi Tien waterfall

When visiting the nature reserve, visitors certainly cannot miss the opportunity to explore Suoi Tien waterfall and its captivating beauty. The waterfall is hidden among the primeval forest canopy in village 2 (Khe Tat). Along the road to the waterfall, visitors will have to cross a road blocked by large rocks and ancient forests. Although the road is quite difficult, once you get there you will definitely be extremely satisfied with the beauty of this place.

Suoi Tien Waterfall consists of 3 floors, each floor is quite high. The water flowing from the mountain is very clear and cool, pouring down from above with white foam throughout the four seasons. On summer days, this cool waterfall is always a place that attracts many tourists. Here you will be immersed in the cool, clear water, listen to the breath of the mountains. And forests, listen to the chorus of the waterfall, the sound of the mountain wind also the animals singing together.

However, note that when going to Suoi Tien waterfall, if you want to bathe, you need to bathe with relatives. And friends to avoid cramps and drowning because the water here is very cold. Along with that, you also need to pay attention to the underground rocks in the stream. So do not play around to avoid slipping and falling into the stream.

5. Specialties in Na Hau Nature Reserve

Exploring the Na Hau conservation area during the festival time. So visitors will not only be able to immerse themselves in the space of the Forest Tet festival, with the flute and stick dances of the Mong community. But also enjoy rustic dishes with mountain flavors forests. Such as Yen Bai smoked buffalo meat, roasted grasshopper, “clipped into the armpit” pork, black chicken meat…

One of the very famous specialties of Yen Bai cuisine is  “Clipped into the Armpit” wild boar meat. This is a small pig that when brought to the market people just need to carry it in their armpit instead of carrying it or having to transport it by car, hence the name. When processing, the pig will be cleaned, then marinated with spices and then grilled or boiled whole. Once cooked, cut into pieces including bones. This fragrant and tender wild boar meat, when sipping with Na Hau corn wine, will definitely be a flavor you will never forget.

Another famous specialty of Na Hau that you should not miss is black chicken. The Na Hau black chicken is a precious local chicken breed, with black skin, meat and bones. The meat of this type of chicken can be cooked into many delicious dishes. Such as boiled, cooked with ginger soup, roasted with ginger, grilled with charcoal, grilled with pots… will definitely conquer even the most demanding tourists.

It’s worth a visit Na Hau Nature Reserve

Above is the information about Na Hau Nature Reserve that Origin Vietnam has compiled and wants to share with you. Here you will have an extremely interesting ecological experience, exploring nature and the pristine forests of Yen Bai.

If you are planning to make a tour to Na Hau Nature Reserve in Yen Bai, please immediately contact Origin Travel – a professional Eco tour organizer and operator. With a team of tour consultants and tour guides who are enthusiastic, dedicated and knowledgeable about this land. We will take you on a journey to explore Na Hau Nature Reserve with unforgettable experiences.

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