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Muong Te

For a long time, the land of Northwest Vietnam has always been a source of inspiration for poems and songs about the country because this place has the mysterious beauty of nature and the wildness that the Northwest brings to those who have set foot there. This must be admired and enjoyed. It is impossible not to mention the beauty of Muong Te land – a district in Lai Chau province. Let Origin Vietnam suggest to you attractive tourist attractions that you cannot miss when coming here.

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1. Where is Muong Te?

Muong Te is a mountainous district located in Lai Chau province, located in the northwest of Vietnam. Muong Te has an important geographical position in the defense sector because it owns the border between Vietnam and China. The North borders Yunnan province (China), the West borders Muong Nhe district (Dien Bien), the East borders Sin Ho district, and the South borders Nam Nhun district (Lai Chau).

2. What is unique about Muong Te?

Due to the great influence of geological tectonic activities, Muong Te has a very complex terrain, with a very strong level of deep and horizontal separation by high mountain ranges running in the Northwest – Southeast direction, commonly the High mountain and medium mountain terrain mixed with valleys. The average altitude is from 900 – 1,500m above sea level. Many peaks have an altitude of over 2,000m such as Phu Xi Lung peak (3,076m), Pu Ta Tong (2,109m).

Because of the unique terrain here, a type of tour Son La adventure has gradually become popular in this land, namely trekking tour – it has been increasingly attracting young people and tourists who are passionate about this type of discovery tour and take this risk.

Moreover, Muong Te District has a high proportion of ethnic people, of which the largest number are Thai people, followed by Mong people, Kinh people also exist but only in small numbers. Therefore, the cultural identity here is very diverse, creating a rich Northwest culture, causing nostalgia for travelers when traveling to Muong Te Lai Chau.

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3. When is the best season to explore Muong Te?

Muong Te’s climate is characterized by the tropical high mountain region of the Northwest of Vietnam, less affected by storms, and the weather is divided into two distinct seasons: cold winter, little rain and hot, humid summer, lots of rain.

That’s why you should choose to go from September to April next year when the weather is dry and visitors have the opportunity to admire the ripe rice season. The fields in Thu Lum and Ka Lang communes are famous spots to view ripe rice, the bright yellow color of the rice flowers captivates tourists or those who are passionate about photography.

You should also pay attention to the weather situation in the media or from local people to avoid conquering Muong Te during stormy times, the roads here have not yet been expanded and built much. Rainstorms can easily cause landslides and rising river levels are dangerous.

4. How to get to Muong Te from Hanoi

Hanoi is about 500 km from Muong Te and the travel time is about 11 hours. There is only one bus company specializing in this route, Ngan Ha bus company, which departs from My Dinh bus station at 7pm. In the early morning, you will be at Muong Te bus station, then you can rent a motorbike to take you to sightseeing spots or trekking.

The car departs from My Dinh Bus Station and departs to Hanoi – Lao Cai highway, to Lao Cai city, the car will take you through the following routes: Highway 4D, Highway 12, DT 127 to Muong Te.

5. Sightseeing & Activities, Experiences in Muong Te

5.1. Pu Si Lung Peak

Pu Si Lung Mountain is a famous landmark of Muong Nhe district. With an altitude of 3083m, Phu Si Lung mountain attracts adventurous tourists. The higher you go, the thinner and colder the air on the mountain becomes, in return is the immense beauty of the blue sky, the magnificence of the mountains and forests, all harmonizing to create a unique natural picture that only this place possesses. .

5.2. Ha Nhi Sacred Stone

Located in Pa Thang village, Thu Lum commune, Muong Te district, a block of quartz stands tall in the middle of Lai Chau mountains and forests. This block of rock is about 1.7m high, shaped like an elderly man pensively looking into the distance towards the stream flowing down the hill. So the people of Ha Nhi here call the rock “A po mu phu”, meaning the white stone old man was sent by Giang (heaven) to help residents protect the border. This is the spiritual land of the Ha Nhi people.

5.3. Milestone 17 – upstream of Da River

IMG Milestone 17Muong Te Lai Chau

Milestone 17 is the intersection of Da River – originating from Yunnan province, China with Nam Nap stream. The mountain and forest scenery blends with the gurgling sound of the stream to create a poetic and charming landscape painting.

5.4. Pac Ma Hot Springs

Pac Ma Hot Springs is a natural hot spring. People here believe that when bathing in this stream, all diseases will be cured. In addition, hot water here is also used by people to prepare special dishes. This is an ideal place to visit if you want to relieve stress.

5.5. Muong Te Nature Reserve

One of the attractive tourist destinations in Lai Chau is Muong Te nature reserve, which has extremely rich and diverse flora and fauna, especially the forest ecosystem. With such a diverse and rich forest ecosystem, Muong Te nature reserve located in Ta Tong and Mu Ca communes is considered one of the largest conservation areas with high biodiversity in Vietnam.

5.6. Stalactite caves

Because the terrain has many high mountains, Muong Te has many caves. Among them is the stalactite cave located about 10 km from Nam Cum village, along the source of the Da River but on the other side of the river. Coming here you will admire the beauty of stalactites and stalagmites formed in many different forms. The deeper you go into the cave, the sparkling sand beaches will appear before you like a fairy tale paradise.

5.7. Thu Lum

Thu Lum commune is endowed with an extremely unique natural scenery, but many travelers consider it time-consuming to get here. The road to Thu Lum commune is quite arduous, the soil is red and muddy, and below is a deep abyss with the rolling Da River. However, in return for the 76 km long distance is a natural, pure and fresh scenery that few places have.

5.8. Travel beauty spot around Muong Te

Not only does it possess rich natural resources, wild and breathtakingly beautiful scenery. When visitors come to Muong Te, you will not only discover and experience the enchanting beautiful destinations here but also have the opportunity to visit a series of other famous destinations around Muong Te such as:

  • Traveling to Lai Chau hydroelectric plant (Nam Nhun)
  • Pu Dao village (Nam Nhun)
  • Dao San Plateau (Phong Tho)
  • Heart Waterfall (Phong Tho)
  • Pu Sam Cap Cave (Sin Ho)
  • Sin Ho Plateau
  • Na Luong Village (Tam Duong)
  • O Quy Ho Pass (Tam Duong)
  • Tan Uyen tea hill
  • Ban Phieng Phat (Tan Uyen)
  • Khau Co Pass (Than Uyen)
  • Muong Than Field (Than Uyen)

6. Specialties in Muong Te

Muong Te not only has beautiful scenery, the cuisine here is also a gift for visiting diners, including some specialties such as:

6.1. Smoke buffalo meat

Smoke buffalo meat is no longer a strange dish in the lowlands. The dish is made from fresh buffalo tenderloin and corn. The sweet and chewy buffalo meat is marinated with spicy spices and then hung up in the kitchen to slowly cook with wood stove smoke. When eating, the meat is torn into shreds and enjoyed with the unique dipping sauce “cham diagonal”, blending to create a memorable flavor.

6.2. Local pig

IMG Muong Te Lai Chau 1

Local pigs are a traditional pig breed that is a cross between wild boar and Muong pig. Raised by letting loose in the forest, their main food is leaves and vegetables in the forest. That’s why pork is very firm, delicious and has almost no fat. There are many ways to process local pigs into specialties such as blood pudding, boiling, steaming, grilling, smoking, stir-frying, etc. Regardless of the processing method, when enjoying the dish, diners will be amazed by the flavor. the taste it brings.

6.3. Muong Te wild honey

When coming here, visitors must definitely enjoy natural honey from the Muong Te forest. Muong Te honey has a light yellow to dark black color depending on the time it is collected, a natural aroma, and a mild sweet taste that is not harsh. This will be a nutritious gift for your family if you have the opportunity to visit.

6.4. Dau rice

A specialty that only Muong Te has is Dau rice. When cooked, Dau rice will produce round, fragrant rice grains that are sticky like sticky rice. The taste of strawberry rice is unlike any other type of rice, you can remember it forever if you eat it once. You can buy Dau rice as a gift, this is definitely an unforgettable gift for the recipient.

7. Accommodations in Muong Te

Muong Te Lai Chau is home to many quality accommodation and homestay locations for tourists to stop after a long journey to explore Lai Chau. Therefore, below, Origin Vietnam would like to send you the top reputable accommodation locations, hotels, homestays, and motels in Muong Te Lai Chau, with affordable prices and closest to the center.

7.1. Hotel

  • Hoang Lam Hotel. Address: Area 8, Muong Te, Lai Chau, Vietnam.
  • Muong Then Hotel. Address: 269 Dien Bien Phu Street, Area 8, Muong Te, Lai Chau, Vietnam
  • Thuy Tien Hotel. Hotel address: 87 Tran Quoc Manh, Tan Phong Ward, Lai Chau City, Lai Chau
  • Muong Thanh Hotel. Hotel address: Le Duan Street, Lai Chau City, Lai Chau

7.2. Homestays

Homestay is a form of tourism for tourists who want to explore, experience, learn about the customs and traditions of local people, eat, live with the host, feel and learn about the local culture. Currently, the community tourism destinations of Ban Hon, Tam Duong Sin Suoi Ho, Phong Tho and Sin Ho town are the top destinations for many tourists who want to explore Lai Chau community tourism.

7.3. Hostels

  • Hoang Anh Guesthouse. Address: Muong Te Town, Muong Te District, Lai Chau, Vietnam
  • Binh An Guesthouse. Address: Area 10 Nam Cau Bridge Head, Muong Te, Lai Chau, Vietnam
  • Hoang Lam Guesthouse. Location: Area 8, Muong Te, Lai Chau
  • Ngoc Thanh Guesthouse. Location: Area 8, Bun To, Muong Te town, Muong Te, Lai Chau
  • Muong Then Guesthouse. Location: 269 Dien Bien Phu Street, Area 8, Muong Te, Lai Chau

It’s worth a visit Muong Te

Coming to Muong Te, Lai Chau is to find the peaceful Northwest region of mountains and forests, of ethnic minorities living in harmony with nature. Although there are not many famous destinations, surely traveling to Muong Te will help you make memorable impressions thanks to the wildness and majesty of nature.

If you plan your tour in Vietnam with Muong Te – Lai Chau. Contact us today – a professional tour organizer and operator, who will take you on a journey with these breathtakingly beautiful destinations and truly unforgettable experiences.

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