Muong Nhe
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Muong Nhe

When coming to Muong Nhe, visitors have the opportunity to explore the typical natural scenery of the Northwest mountains and forests. Coming here, visitors have the opportunity to check in at the border zero landmark or experience traditional markets. border region system. There are many other attractive things in this land of Muong Nhe, for more detailed information about this tourist destination, please follow the article below from Origin Vietnam!

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1. Where is Muong Nhe?

Muong Nhe is a border district located in the northwest of Dien Bien province. It’s about 170 km northwest of Dien Bien city. And about 629 km northwest of Hanoi capital and is the westernmost district of Vietnam.

Muong Nhe is a mountainous district, located on the border junction between Vietnam, China and Laos, with a geographical location:

  • The East borders Nam Nhun district (Lai Chau province).
  • The West borders Laos.
  • The South borders Nam Po district and Laos
  • The North, it borders Muong Te district (Lai Chau province) and China.

The westernmost point of Vietnam is A Pa Chai – Ta Mieu, which is the border junction, located in Sin Thau commune,

2. How is Muong Nhe unique?

Before going to famous locations, perhaps this westernmost district of Vietnam has conquered tourists with its pristine scenery, wild and peaceful mountains and forests.

On the tourist routes of Muong Nhe, it is not difficult for tourists to encounter green grass-covered hills. And terraced fields hugging the mountainside. Somewhere is a familiar image of rolling mountains and forests, covered with beautiful, fragile white mist.

Nature has truly favored Muong Nhe district with its truly wild and poetic beauty. On the wide hills, visitors can also see images of “lonely houses” built by people to rest during rice growing time. Really simple, rustic and idyllic things make an attractive mark on the district’s scenery.

Not only that, Muong Nhe, Dien Bien province is home to 11 ethnic groups (H’Mong, Thai, Kho Mu, Si La, Xa Phang…), each ethnic group has its own unique language and customs. Traditional customs and culture with typical features of the Northwest region, such as: Games, traditional folk festivals, Khen dancing…

IMG Muong Nhe Dien Bien

3. Which is the best season to visit Muong Nhe?

The main terrain in Muong Nhe is steep, rugged hills and mountains, interspersed with small winding streams. This brings clear differences in climate characteristics in each region, but in general, Muong Nhe belongs to the tropical monsoon climate of high mountains with hot, rainy summers and cold, dry winters. At the same time, the average temperature all year round is about 21 – 23 degrees Celsius.

You can travel to Muong Nhe at any time of the year, but according to the experience of those who have been here many times, from around September to April of the following year is the ideal time to visit. Muong Nhe, you can refer to the beauty of Muong Nhe according to the seasons as follows:

3.1. March – Ban flower season, wild plum flowers bloom

March every year is the time when banyan and plum flowers in Muong Nhe bloom white in the mountains and forests, bringing a poetic and lyrical natural scene. In addition, this is the time when Dien Bien province organizes the hoa ban festival (around March 12 – March 15), creating conditions for you to immerse yourself in the rare bustling atmosphere and experience many traditional games of Dien Bien. More than 19 ethnic groups live together there.

3.2. September – Ripe rice season

If you are passionate about the golden beauty of the ripe rice season, do not hesitate to plan a trip to Muong Nhe in September. All the terraced fields here change color from green to yellow, opening up a dreamlike scene. . Besides, the faint scent of ripe rice certainly makes you extremely relaxed and comfortable.

3.3. October to December – Wildflower blooming season

“Hunting” beautiful yellow wild sunflowers from October to December each year in Muong Nhe is also one of the attractive travel experiences for all tourists. Wild anemones (or chrysanthemums, mountain anemones) are just a wildflower, but their vitality is extremely strong and they grow quickly, so they seem to creep into every lane and alley in Dien Bien and cover the entire sky with gold. when the flower blooming season comes.

4. How to get to Muong Nhe?

If tourists intend to come to the Muong Nhe Dien Bien area, this experience of moving to the Muong Nhe area is indispensable in your travel process!

4.1. Travel by road

To travel by road, you can travel by passenger car from My Dinh, Yen Nghia, Giap Bat bus stations (Hanoi) to get here. You can travel by sleeper car and it takes about 14 hours to get here, your travel itinerary will be to the heroic land of Dien Bien.

With the route from Hanoi area, you will go to Highway 6 area to Hoa Binh then to Cao Phong area and continue moving along the Moc Chau – Lai Chau road and then to Tuan Giao – National Highway 279. and coming to the Dien Bien Phu area, from here, tourists continue to move to Muong Nhe.

If tourists start traveling from the Lao Cai area, they can go by motorbike to Sapa through O Quy Ho – Tam Duong – Phong Tho pass, then continue to the provincial road to Highway 12 to reach Da Lat. Sin Ho – Muong Lay – Muong Cha – Muong Nhe.

When arriving in Dien Bien city, visitors can rent a motorbike here to continue their journey to Muong Nhe. This is a very suitable vehicle for young people and backpackers because on this road you have the opportunity to travel. See many beautiful scenery along the way. However, when choosing a motorbike, you must make sure to carefully check the motorbike before departing and you need to have strong driving skills in mountainous terrain.

4.2. Travel by plane

For tourists from the Central or Southern regions of Vietnam, traveling by plane is the optimal choice, you will save time to explore the land of Muong Nhe.

After landing at Noi Bai airport, you have two options: First, use road transport from Hanoi to Muong Nhe – Dien Bien. Second, take a connecting flight to Dien Bien airport, then from Dien Bien airport, visitors can take an intra-province bus or rent a motorbike to continue exploring the land of Muong Nhe.

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5. Exploring the beauty of Muong Nhe

There must be something attractive so that more and more people will come to the Muong Nhe Dien Bien area before going to other famous places. Perhaps the westernmost region of Vietnam has conquered tourists here with extremely beautiful natural scenery for tourists.

5.1. Exploring pristine natural scenery

Coming to the Muong Nhe area, you certainly cannot help but be amazed by the extremely wild and beautiful natural beauty when you stop here. On the journey here, visitors will be attracted by the beauty of the region. Mountains, along with endless mountain ranges and images of terraced fields, appear before your eyes, extremely beautiful and attractive during your travel journey.

On the roads to Muong Nhe, it is not too difficult for you to see images of green hills, along with terraced fields hugging the entire mountainside area. Somewhere you will see images of rolling hills. The white mists appearing before your eyes are extremely beautiful, fragile moon mists, bringing you extremely interesting experiences when stopping here.

Nature has bestowed this place with a wild but equally poetic beauty. On the journey to this place, you will encounter simple and rustic images that leave many impressions as well as extremely beautiful scenery. special.

5.2. Exploring Muong Nhe – Dien Bien natural reserve

Muong Nhe Nature Reserve in Dien Bien has been evaluated as one of the largest conservation areas in Vietnam with high biological diversity. And an extremely rich forest ecosystem and this place has become a One of the extremely attractive natural destinations for tourists.

With an area of up to 45 thousand hectares of the reserve. This is the main living area of the Ha Nhim and Kho Mu people… along with an extremely rich cultural identity.

This nature reserve area belongs to the 5 communes of Sin Thau, Leng Su Sin, Chung Chai, Muong Nhe and Nam Kem, with an extremely unique and different beauty.

Characterized by a tropical humid monsoon climate with typical features of the high mountain climate, Muong Nhe nature reserve, Dien Bien province. It’s divided into two seasons: rainy and dry seasons. In the reserve, there are primeval forests, evergreen forests on lowlands, evergreen forests on highlands, and bamboo forests that are being preserved along with an extremely diverse ecosystem with many rare and protected animal species. put in the red book.

Muong Nhe Nature Reserve has many rare animal species, according to survey statistics, there are up to 291 animal species. Coming to the nature reserve area, you will be immersed in an extremely wild space. And want to challenge yourself to overcome the mountain passes and streams. Along with that is mixed with the green of the mountains and forests, the yellow of wild sunflowers or images of chrysanthemums, the red and yellow of the dirt roads with stilt houses and thatched houses of all sizes scattered on the side of the road.

5.3. Selfie in number 0 border marker

On your journey to the Muong Nhe area, don’t forget to check in to the westernmost location of Vietnam located in the Sin Thau, Muong Nhe, Dien Bien area. This will be one of the attractive and wonderful tourist destinations for you. on the journey to get here.

When coming to the westernmost region of the country, this is one of the border areas of this country, so when coming here you need to apply for an immigration permit as well as a passport to come here. Then you move to station area 317 to apply for a permit and move to carpentry column number 0.

On the journey to this place, you will see the image of Milestone 0 with 3 sides adjacent to the 3 countries of Vietnam – Laos and China, also facing 3 sides and engraved with 3 different national languages.

Coming to the Muong Nhe area, you definitely have to check in and explore this attractive tourist destination!

5.4. Exploring local culture

Muong Nhe land is one of the places inhabited by ethnic minorities, especially the H’Mong and Ha Nhi ethnic people. Coming here, you will see extremely beautiful images for tourists. Tourists coming to this place promise to give you the most wonderful experiences.

Coming here, you will see images of boys and girls wearing extremely beautiful and colorful costumes, extremely beautiful costumes imbued with the cultural identity of the local people.

IMG Muong Nhe Dien Bien 1

6. Specialties when traveling to Muong Nhe

Coming here, you will enjoy many delicious traditional dishes of this land. Especially grilled stream fish, which is one of the special dishes of the Thai ethnic people. This is a great experience for those When tourists come here, fish are caught from ponds, lakes, rivers. Especially streams and grilled on charcoal stoves, bringing you a dish with great flavors for tourists.

In addition, you can enjoy the dish of smoked buffalo meat, smoked buffalo meat is one of the traditional dishes. And unique dishes of indigenous people when coming to the northern mountains. Pieces of buffalo meat are carefully marinated with spices and then dried with kitchen smoke. This dish is chosen by many tourists when coming to Muong Nhe as well as to the Northern mountains. When traveling to this area, you can buy this dish to give to relatives and friends on your travel journey.

In particular, visitors can also enjoy other delicious specialties of Muong Nhe. Such as: wild bamboo shoots, Tua Chua black chicken,… These dishes are widely sold at motels and hotels in the district center.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Muong Nhe

Muong Nhe is a very wild and quite new destination, so when you plan to travel here, researching accommodation facilities is extremely important. Most accommodation establishments are concentrated in the town center to create convenient conditions for tourists to move between attractions. Below are some accommodation facilities that you can refer to:

  • Phuong Dung Guesthouse. Address: Muong Nhe Town, Muong Nhe, Dien Bien.
  • Tung Nhan Guesthouse. Address: Group 1, Muong Nhe Town, Muong Nhe, Dien Bien.
  • Thuan Mai Guesthouse. Address: Group 1, Muong Nhe Town, Muong Nhe, Dien Bien.
  • Hiep Tung Guesthouse. Address: Ta Mieu Village, Sin Thau Commune, Muong Nhe, Dien Bien.
  • Hai Phuong Guesthouse. Address: Muong Nhe Town, Muong Nhe, Dien Bien.

8. Some important notes when traveling to Muong Nhe

To have the most meaningful and complete trip, don’t forget the following important notes:

  • Proactively plan early and book the best services 1 – 2 months in advance to get the best price. And limit “sold out” peak season tickets.
  • Tourists should book hotel/motel rooms before arriving in Dien Bien, helping to save costs.
  • The roads in Dien Bien are quite winding and difficult to navigate. So visitors should consider choosing shoes or sandals with low soles and good adhesion to limit slipping.
  • Find out the weather characteristics in Muong Nhe in advance, help prepare appropriate clothing. In particular, the province’s temperature in October, November and December often drops low, so bring enough warm clothes, scarves, socks… to keep your body warm.
  • If you want to proactively travel according to your personal schedule. Also you can rent a motorbike instead of a taxi. You need to carefully check your motorbike before departing.
  • Prepare an extra personal medical box for use in case of need.
  • Bring identification documents because this is a border destination, very necessary for temporary residence declaration.
  • You should bring cash because other payment methods are greatly affected by limited phone signals in mountainous areas.

It’s worth a visit Muong Nhe – Dien Bien natural reserve

Muong Nhe Dien Bien is a tourist destination worth exploring once in your life. Although there are still many wild features, it is certain that this will be a place that brings many memorable experiences, helping visitors have a beautiful journey when returning to the historical land of Dien Bien.

If you are planning your tour Vietnam to Muong Nhe – Dien Bien, please immediately contact Origin Vietnam – a professional tour operator. Experienced and dedicated consultants, tour operators, and local guides constitute our team. And thoroughly knowledgeable about this land. We will take you on a journey to explore Muong Nhe – Dien Bien with exciting activities and memorable experiences.

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