Mother Suot Monument
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Mother Suot Monument

People carved the Mother Suot monument in Quang Binh show the gratitude of the people of Quang Binh to her. With a majestic and resilient demeanor. The statue’s image leaves many emotions for visitors every time they have the opportunity to visit. Let’s explore this majestic monument with Origin Vietnam.

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1. Where is the Mother Suot monument?

Mother Suot monument is located on the bank of Nhat Le river, on Quach Xuan Ky street. Located in Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh province, Vietnam. About 2 km southeast of Dong Hoi center, about 170 km northwest of Hue city and about 502 km south of Hanoi capital.

2. How is the Mother Suot monument unique?

Inaugurated in 2003, Mother Suot Monument in Quang Binh has become one of the impressive historical relics of this land. Not only the Tomb of General Vo Nguyen Giap but also the Mother Suot Monument also brings many emotions. Especially for those who stop here to visit and commemorate the merits of Vietnamese national heroes.

Besides, the place where Mother rowed a boat in the past, located on the left bank of the Nhat Le River. People still protected and preserved it. It can be said that the image of Mother Suot has long been engraved in the hearts of every person born and raised in Quang Binh.

Although the war has passed and peace has returned, the difficult, heroic and glorious years of history still remain. The image of Mother Suot standing proudly beside the Nhat Le River is forever the most beautiful and precious image in the hearts of every Vietnamese people.

Mother Suot Monument is a special and meaningful work of art in Quang Binh province, Vietnam. Local people rebuilt it to commemorate the heroic Vietnamese woman Nguyen Thi Suot who died in the war.

The monument depicts the strength and courage of mother Nguyen Thi Suot in particular and Vietnamese heroic women in general in the process of protecting and building the homeland. Located on the Nhat Le river, the Mother Suot monument stands out as a mark of the heroic history of the Vietnamese people.

Coming here, visitors not only get to see the unique architecture but also have the opportunity to commemorate and remember the example of the heroic woman who sacrificed for the freedom and independence of the Fatherland.

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3. History of Mother Suot monument

Throughout Quang Binh province, everyone can tell stories about Mother Suot. The name “Mother Suot” is the people’s affectionate name for hero Nguyen Thi Suot, born in 1906 in Bao Ninh, Quang Binh. During the years of fierce resistance against the US, Nguyen Thi Suot’s mother volunteered to connect the communication line between Dong Hoi and Bao Ninh. Mother alone rowed a boat to help soldiers cross the river and transport ammunition, even though enemy planes swept and bombarded them overhead.

Thanks to her indomitable tenacity, in 1967 Mother Suot was awarded the title Hero of the People’s Armed Forces by the State. On October 11, 1968, her mother died in a fierce raid by American aircraft.

To this day, the name of heroine Nguyen Thi Suot is still famous throughout the country as a heroic symbol of the revolution, becoming a typical image of a resilient and indomitable Vietnamese woman throughout her entire life. expel the nation’s invaders.

4. Architecture of Mother Suot monument

Phan Dinh Tien sculptor made this monument by his own hands, It’s 7 meters high including the pedestal. Details of the monument show the image of a strong mother, her hands firmly holding the oar, her head held high, and her shoulders covered with a fluttering parachute.

At the base of the statue, one side is depicted with waves and bombs, and on the other side are images of soldiers, civil servants, wounded soldiers and young volunteers, who Suot’s mother carried across the river. The statue’s face faces the Nhat Le River, expressing the pain and desire to contribute more to the country and its people. Next to the Mother Suot monument, there is still a ferry wharf that people preserve and protect.

This image evokes memories of boat trips during tough battles, when Mother Suot took soldiers across the river. The statue of Mother Suot faces the banks of the Nhat Le River, carrying a majestic and determined look. With her head held high and indomitable, Mother Suot is always attached to the people of Dong Hoi. On sunset afternoons, orange light fills the sky, creeping over Mother Suot’s shoulders, creating a majestic scene.

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5. Enjoying Quang Binh specialties when traveling to Mother Suot monument

5.1 Khoai fish hotpot

This is a dish loved by many tourists thanks to its delicious and unique flavor that can only be found in Quang Binh. The Khoai fish is about the size of a hand’s length and has a gray-white body with a slight pinkish tinge. After being caught fresh, people will choose fish with thick meat for processing. After removing the head, tail, intestines and cleaning, the fish will be cut into bite-sized pieces and then marinated with pepper, salt, and spices, adding spices depending on each shop’s traditional recipe.

Fresh Khoai fish combined with sweet and sour fish hotpot broth from natural vegetables brings an unforgettable flavor to you the first time they enjoy it. Served with steamed vegetables and fresh vermicelli, there’s definitely nothing better.

5.2 Ngheo fish salad

Ngheo fish has a gray-white appearance and is a cartilaginous fish, also known as shark or milk shark. Because it is a type of fish that is quite difficult to catch, it is related to sharks but their size is much smaller. Therefore, the fish wrap dish is only sold in large restaurants or if you want to enjoy it, you must order it in advance.

Ngheo fish salad has both sour and sweet flavors, and has the crunchiness of green vegetables, combined with sweet and sweet fish meat, bringing a different flavor and causing “nostalgia” when visitors enjoy it even if it’s a snack.

5.3 Cactus soup

Cactus trees are a familiar image of the people of Quang Binh, that’s why cactus soup is closely relating with the lives of the people here. This is also one of the attractive Quang Binh specialties that you should not miss when coming here.

The taste of this soup is completely different from the usual soups, and will really create a surprise for visitors when enjoying it. People will choose the right young rabbit-ear cactus variety, cut them into thin slices, soak them in diluted salt water, and drain. After lightly frying, the cactus will be placed in a pot of boiling water, then add shallots and coriander.

5.4 Chicken dipped in salt and pork belly

Chicken dipped in salt and cheo is also one of the popular Quang Binh dishes today. The chicken is made whole and sandwiched flat, grilled until golden brown, combined with cheo salt to bring a very delicious flavor.

The chickens here are all “walking chickens” so the meat is very sweet and has its own aroma. There is no need to add any spices, the dish has captured all the passion of visitors. The most outstanding feature of this dish is the salt used for dipping. People prepared this type of salt quite elaborately with a combination of basil, wadi leaves, soup leaves, green chili, salt, etc. Some variations also add coriander leaves and crushed grilled fish.

6. Accommodation when visiting Mother Suot monument

  • Saigon Quang Binh Hotel. Address: 20 Quach Xuan Ky, Hai Dinh, Dong Hoi, Quang Binh.
  • Royal Quang Binh Hotel. Address: 46 Nguyen Trai, Hai Dinh, Dong Hoi, Quang Binh.
  • Sam Quang Binh Hotel. Address: 118A Huu Nghi, Nam Ly, Dong Hoi, Quang Binh.
  • Rex Quang Binh Hotel. Address: 09 Bach Dang, Duc Ninh Dong, Dong Hoi, Quang Binh.
  • Meliá Vinpearl Quang Binh. Address: Quach Xuan Ky, Hai Dinh, Dong Hoi, Quang Binh.
  • Muong Thanh Luxury Nhat Le Hotel. Address: 121 Truong Phap, Bac Ly, Dong Hoi, Quang Binh.

7. Some other famous tourist attractions near Mother Suot monument

According to some Quang Binh travel experiences, after visiting Mother Suot Monument. You can take advantage of visiting some of the following nearby locations:

7.1 Quang Binh Gate

Quang Binh gate is an architectural relic located in the center of Hai Dinh ward. This is a work that has both historical and artistic value. It is also a symbol of the culture of this land of spiritual masterpieces.

In 1954, the French army destroyed Quang Binh gate they withdrew from Dong Hoi. Then people rebuilt it almost identically. In 1965, American aircraft destroyed this work again. And it has now been restored by the government to its original state.

7.2 Nhat Le Beach

About 4.2km from Mother Suot monument. Nhat Le beach is right at the mouth of Nhat Le river flowing into the East Sea. The best time to go to Nhat Le beach is in the summer (from May to September).

The beach here has a gentle slope, very safe for the whole family and group of friends. In order to immerse themselves in the clear blue water or walk on the smooth white sand. Coming here, you can enjoy the sea breeze blowing through the casuarina trees. The whispering waves and participate in exciting beach activities. Such as soccer, handball, beach volleyball,…

7.3 Bao Ninh Beach

In addition to Nhat Le beach, Quang is also famous for Bao Ninh beach with its vast and pristine beauty. This beach is located on Bao Ninh peninsula. It connected to the city via Nhat Le bridge and about 4.6km from Mother Suot statue.

For many tourists, walking on the wide, flat, clean beach is a wonderful experience when visiting Bao Ninh beach. It is not difficult for tourists to encounter moments of labor and daily activities of nearby fishermen. You can also watch children playing on the beach every afternoon and watching the trains arriving one after another,…

Mother Suot Monument is a definite place you must visit when traveling to Quang Binh. For you to admire the heroic and resilient beauty of the heroic Vietnamese mother. And listen to the brilliant achievements of the history of the Vietnamese resistance war.

Please contact Origin Vietnam – a professional tour operator, for more useful information about great destinations in Vietnam. We will accompany you on your Quang Binh tour to explore the Mother Suot Monument and commit to bringing you the most interesting experiences.

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