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Milestone KM 0, Ha Giang

Recently, the Milestone KM 0 in Ha Giang suddenly became famous on social networking sites and became a very famous coordinate for taking photos, not to be missed by the community passionate about mountain tourism. Let’s follow Origin Vietnam around and learn about what is so special about this place that has such irresistible appeal!

1. Overview About Milestone KM 0, Ha Giang

I don’t know if someone once said “Ha Giang is as beautiful as your first love”, and if you talk about the beauty of this land, you won’t be able to finish it all day. For each tourist coming to Ha Giang, we will often have different impressions in our hearts, but there is certainly no shortage of super beautiful check-in spots that make travel lovers go crazy, such as Lung Cu Flag Pole, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Dong Van Karst Plateau Global Geopark, Quan Ba Twin Mountain… Among them, it is impossible not to mention a milestone Km 0 Ha Giang, which is the milestone of National Highway 2, connecting Ha Giang province and the capital Hanoi, are also the first finish lines where people land “bang” in their journey to conquer Ha Giang.

2. Where is the Milestone KM 0, Ha Giang?

Milestone 0 is located in the center of Ha Giang city, located inside the park opposite March 26 Square, next to the Lo River. Milestone 0 is the starting point of National Highway 2, connecting the two provinces of Ha Giang and the capital Hanoi.

Ha Giang city is also the economic and administrative center of Ha Giang province, this is also where the Provincial People’s Committee headquarters is located. Milestone 0 is located right next to Nguyen Trai Street, Ha Giang City, which is National Highway 2C heading to Quan Ba, Dong Van – Meo Vac.

3. How the KM 0 Ha Giang Milestone is Uniques?

There are many zero kilometer milestones in different regions in Vietnam, but why is Ha Giang zero kilometer milestone so famous?

This place is probably so special to tourists because this is the place that marks a long and magnificent journey for every tourist when they first set foot to explore the Ha Giang rocky plateau. It is the starting point for a long journey through dangerous passes and steep cliffs.

Partly due to the location of this Milestone KM 0, Ha Giang. Perhaps you would think that milestone 0 would have to be located on the border between Vietnam and China like other milestones located in deserted places. But this km0 milestone is located right in the center of Ha Giang city, a densely populated place with many passersby.

For tourists traveling to Ha Giang, Milestone KM 0 is not only a check-in location but also a place to open a journey to explore the Ha Giang plateau with many historical milestones and memories. memorable in everyone’s mind when they come.

Although it is not a planned and calculated tourist destination from the beginning, around the milestone of km 0 in Ha Giang, there are many places to visit. Such as March 26 square or right next to the river bank are restaurants. The cafe has a very beautiful view, very suitable for resting after a long and quite humid trip.

Although it does not have much significance in terms of sightseeing. It’s great spiritual significance, bringing many memories to remember about a unique trip. Milestone 0 is almost the destination to aim for, the first finish line in each person’s exciting trip to explore Ha Giang when arriving in Ha Giang.

4. When is the best time to visit the KM 0 milestone in Ha Giang?

Ha Giang is always an attractive place for visitors in all seasons of the year. But coming during the festival seasons becomes even more bustling and interesting than ever, you can come here at any time.

So when should you visit the Km 0 milestone? To fully experience the landscape of the beautiful land of Ha Giang, please refer to some of Origin Vietnam’s suggestions below:

  • January – March: It’s plum and peach blossom season, you will have beautiful check-in photos with romantic landscapes filled with flowers.
  • April: There is Khau Vai love market – a unique market, only once a year and for couples who love each other but their love story is still unfinished.
  • May: The water season sparkles with colors – one of the products that nature only bestows on villages in the Northwest region.
  • September: When the rice is ripe, visitors will admire the picturesque scenery with brilliant golden terraced rice fields.
  • October and November are buckwheat flower season – a flower season only found in the Northwest. You will enjoy the unique fragrance of buckwheat flowers, which will be an enjoyable experience.
  • December is the season of mustard flowers, you can take pictures with immense mustard flowers and even see white snow falling at this time.

5. How to get to milestone KM 0 Ha Giang?

If departing from the capital Hanoi, visitors have to travel about more than 300 km. It’s taking 7 to 10 hours of travel. For those who do not know the route well, the bus is the best choice, making the trip safer and faster. Some reputable bus companies that tourists can refer to are Bang Phan, Hai Van, Quang Nghi, Express Ha Giang, Hung Thanh…

After arriving at the new Ha Giang bus station, you continue to the Ha Giang Km 0 milestone. It’s about 2 – 3 km away. Because it is located in the city center, visitors can easily and conveniently move to the milestone Km 0 of Ha Giang by many different ways, including renting motorbikes, cars, taxis… Even if you are staying in Hotels near this location, you can wander on foot to explore every corner of the city.

6. Sightseeing spots near the KM 0 milestone in Ha Giang

As mentioned before, Milestone KM 0 is not only located near 26-3 Square and has beautiful views of the river, but also has many cafes for you to enjoy. Furthermore, from Km 0, you can easily move to other tourist destinations such as:

6.1. Dong Van Stone Plateau

From Km 0, you only need to go another 124 km to reach the Dong Van stone plateau. This is a large rocky desert stretching across 4 districts of Ha Giang: Quan Ba, Dong Van, Meo Vac and Yen Minh. Currently, Dong Van Karst Plateau has been recognized by Unesco as a global geopark in 2010.

6.2. Quan Ba Twin Mountains

Quan Ba Twin Mountains, also known as Co Tien Twin Mountains, is a place associated with a touching legend about love and motherhood. It’s an extremely interesting natural structure that stimulates the curiosity of many tourists coming to this place. To be able to see and check in fully, you will need to go to Quan Ba Heaven Gate.

6.3. Lung Cu flagpole

To move from Km 0 to Lung Cu flagpole, you will have to go a little further, a distance of more than 170 km to reach the beginning of the Vietnam land from the Northern. The Lung Cu flagpole is the starting point, the northernmost point of our country. This is certainly not only the destination of backpackers but anyone on a Ha Giang tour wants to visit.

6.4. Ma Pi Leng Pass

Perhaps 150Km is not too far for you to miss Ma Pi Leng Pass, right? This place is one of the four great passes of Northern Vietnam. Ma Pi Leng is a famous pass because of its ruggedness, massiveness, towering in the sky, always a big challenge for backpackers.

Here you can comfortably enjoy dishes that cannot be missed here. Such as Thanh Van corn wine, soybeans, black bone chicken, men men, buckwheat cakes… And if you are lucky you can also attend. The unique Ha Giang festivals of the people here such as the Harvest Festival, New Rice Worshiping Ceremony. Especially the Cap Sac Festival or watching the custom of butt slapping in Ha Giang.

7. Specialties in Ha Giang

Not only does it possess majestic natural landscapes, enchanting terraced fields, vast fields of buckwheat flowers, and a unique and lyrical national cultural identity, Ha Giang is also famous as a land of Rich and diverse cuisine. Being endowed with precious raw materials and fuels, Ha Giang cuisine has become a unique feature compared to other regions. When visiting the KM 0 milestone in particular and other famous destinations in Ha Giang in particular, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy specialties in this beautiful and romantic land.

Below are some specialties that you must try when traveling to Ha Giang:

  • Thang Den
  • Thang Co
  • Smoked buffalo meat
  • Sausage on the stove
  • Sour Pho (Pho Chua)
  • Buckwheat cake
  • Five-color sticky rice
  • Dong Van ancient town roll cake
  • Au Tau Porridge
  • Local sticky rice cake

8. Accommodation when traveling to KM 0 Ha Giang

Along with the development of tourism today, the accommodation service industry in Ha Giang is also more developed than before. Especially good quality hotels, motels, and homestays have been invested in new construction to ensure bringing interesting experiences for tourists. Although it cannot be compared with other big cities. Especially the accommodation facilities here are generally quite good with full amenities and services for tourists participating in the Ha Giang loop tour package. Accommodation facilities can include:

8.1. Hotels

  • Huong Thao Hotel:

Address: No. 350 Ly Tu Trong Street, Ha Giang City, Ha Giang.

  • Da Vang Hotel:

Address: 65E Nguyen Thai Hoc Ha Giang City, Ha Giang.

  • Tam Giac Mach Hotel:

Address: 288 Ly Tu Trong, Tran Phu, Ha Giang City, Ha Giang.

  • Thuy Dung Hotel:

Address: Group 33 Minh Khai, Ha Giang City, Ha Giang.

  • Phuong Dong Hotel:

Address: Group 3, TT. Yen Minh, Yen Minh District, Ha Giang.

8.2. Homestays

  • Thuy Dung Hotel:

Address: Group 33 Minh Khai, Ha Giang City, Ha Giang.

  • Phuong Dong Hotel:

Address: Group 3, TT. Yen Minh, Yen Minh District, Ha Giang.

  • Little Yen’s Homestay

Address: Lo Lo Village, Meo Vac Town, Meo Vac, Ha Giang.

  • Ma Pi Leng homestay

Address: Ma Pi Leng Village, Pai Lung, Meo Vac, Ha Giang.

  • Ly Ta Danh Homestay

Address: Nam Dam village, Quan Ba commune, Quan Ba, Ha Giang.

  • Bong Bang Homestay

Address: Na Ma Village, Yen Minh Town, Yen Minh, Ha Giang.

9. Some special notes when traveling to milestone KM 0 Ha Giang

9.1. About accommodation

Traveling to Ha Giang can be done all year round, however, during peak times. Such as buckwheat flower season, hotels in Ha Giang always run out of rooms early and have higher prices than usual. Therefore, to have a reasonable place to stay at a good price and be proactive in your trip, you should book a room before arriving. Hotels are concentrated mainly in the cities of Ha Giang, Dong Van, Quan Ba, Meo Vac, Yen Minh… Therefore, please pay attention to proactively choose motels to suit your travel plans as well as your travel plans.

9.2. About transportation by motorbike

Regarding transportation to Ha Giang, if possible, it is best to use a motorbike to get around. Because on the way there are many beautiful scenes that motorbikes can stop to take photos but cars are inconvenient to stop.

Another especially important note is that you should go with someone who has a “strong” or “stiff” handlebar. If you are not confident about your riding ability. Because in Ha Giang there are many steep passes and sharp bends. Requires riders to have a steady steering wheel. In addition, regularly check the brakes and fuel tank to ensure the vehicle will have no problems until the next gas station (usually in Yen Minh, Dong Van, Meo Vac). At bends and turns, you should be careful, go slowly and don’t forget to use your horn to signal people going in the opposite direction. You should ride a manual or clutch vehicle to be able to overcome steep passes.

If you determine from the beginning that your driving is weak, you’re ‘road blind’ or you’re afraid of the trouble of renting a car yourself. You should consider renting a car or going on the 3 day 2 night Ha Giang tour right from the start. Especially if you go with your family or have young children or the elderly, you should not go by motorbike.

9.3. About costumes

Because Ha Giang is one of the mountainous plateaus, it is often colder at night, especially in November and December. You should bring warm clothes to protect yourself when going out or gathering at night here. . Regarding footwear, it is best to wear climbing shoes or walking shoes. The lighter your luggage, the better.

It’s worth a visit Ha Giang’s km 0 milestone

Although Ha Giang’s km 0 milestone looks simple. It carries a spiritual value for every tourist when setting foot in Ha Giang. Also a place where just stopping by and taking a picture is more than enough to preserve memories. So that when you look back at the pictures later, about the places you have passed, you will fully re-envision this meaningful journey at this place. Ha Giang.

If you are planning a tour to the KM 0 milestone and other famous destinations in Ha Giang. Please contact our team – a professional tour organizer in Hanoi, with a team of tour consultants and tour guides who are enthusiastic, dedicated and thoroughly knowledgeable about this land, we will take you there. An exciting journey to discover Ha Giang with unforgettable memories.

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