Me Cung Cave


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Me Cung Cave

Me Cung cave 2 km southwest of Ti Top beach is the labyrinth cave. The cave is located on Lo Bo island at an altitude of 25 m above sea level. From a distance, the door is like a roof deep in the side of the island.

How Me Cung Cave is unique?

The name of the Labyrinth Cave is not given up by accident but reflects the true characteristics of this place. The cave has a sharp structure, complex paths, many compartments, many dividing walls, entering the feeling of being in a daze.


The cave is about 65m long, 20m high above sea level and divided into 4 compartments. Each compartment is divided into many ways, many zones with a magical system of stalactites from the ceiling to the ground.

It is worth a visit Me Cung Cave

Standing from the cave door, there is a small opening that then splits into two niches, as if it is the structure of a house. Going deep into the cave, visitors will see stalactites with many sparkling shapes, falling like colourful curtains. Combined with the light from outside, the space in the cave is like heaven on earth. Right below your feet, you will feel the clear blue water of the labyrinth lake.

Everything seems to create the most perfect picture of nature. There are rocks, lakes, colours, scents, creating a peaceful space, but still full of poetic features.

Top things to do


The Me Cung Cave is a popular tourist attraction and attracts many tourists when travelling to Ha Long as well as looking for cultural and historical values. Going along the stone steps around the mountain, visitors will visit the cave deep in the mountain. The Me Cung Cave has a complex structure of many levels, many prominent compartments with large stone pillars, which are stalactites falling from the ceiling of the cave.

Stalactites with unique shapes and beautiful patterns, beautiful stone curtains shining under the long brushed lights on the cliffs … The cave opens up many large spaces, soaring compartments for visitors to enjoy. Feeling like living in an underground castle.

Passionate beauty inside the Me Cung cave when travelling to Ha Long

A light stream of light from afar is the path leading to the cave entrance. Out the door of the cave, a vast and majestic scene was before his eyes. Looking down is the Me Cung lake covered entirely in the mountains, four seasons of flat blue water seem independent from the sea at sea. This is also an important geological ecology area with scientific research value. There are many endemic flora and fauna in Ha Long Bay, such as corals, black sea cucumbers …

Me Cung Lake when travelling to Ha Long


The Me Cung Cave is an attractive attraction not to be missed in a high-quality Ha Long tour. Coming here, in addition to admiring the majestic natural scenery immersed in beautiful nature, you will also learn about history, culture and culture. A new feeling when travelling to the labyrinth cave is that you can also enjoy the scenery by yacht with the Halong cruise tour, enjoying the rich ecological landscape and enjoying the immense space of the land and God.

When is the best time to visit Me Cung Cave?

If you are planning to travel to this island bay. It is best to come in the summer from March to May or fall from August to October. In winter, Halong Bay attracts a lot of tourists foreign because of its strange and different features. Tourists should not come here around June and July because storms often occur, which is very dangerous.

How to get there?

The cave is located on Lom Bo Island, about 14km from Tuan Chau ship port, equivalent to 1 hour 40 minutes travelling by cruise.

The Me Cung Cave is one of the attractions on route 2, so you come here by buying tickets to route 2 and renting a train to visit here. Outside of this place, you will be able to visit other spots on Line 2 before going to the cave such as Sung Sot Cave; Ti Top Island; Luon Cave; Soi Sim Island …


In addition to buying tickets, there is no way you can come here. Me Cung cave does not have a private tour because it is a cave managed by the Government.

Since Sung Sot Cave and Me Cung Cave both share the same sightseeing route (Line 2), they both have caves in common, so ships tend to choose only one of these two places. These two points are quite similar, so it would be better to arrange a time to go to Luon Cave to experience kayaking or boat ride.

What to eat?

Bai Tu Long Bay is famous for many delicious and rare specialties such as Sa Sung – one of the delicacies you cannot miss when travelling to Ha Long. This is a sea worm with high economic value. Also, you can enjoy dishes: cobia, river fish, anchovies, shrimp, crabs, squid, squid and snails …

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Frequently Asked Questions About Me Cung Cave

What Are The Most Amazing Things To Do In Me Cung Cave?

The most amazing things to do in Me Cung Cave are:
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Which Place Is Must See In Me Cung Cave?

These places must see in Me Cung Cave & around:
Ti Top Island
Sung Sot Cave
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