Lung Lo Pass
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Lung Lo Pass

Lung Lo Pass is one of the legendary passes. That entered poetry during the resistance war against the French in Vietnam. With majestic beauty and adventurous curves, Lung Lo Pass brings an extremely difficult challenge for those who want to conquer this pass. Let’s explore this famous pass with Origin Vietnam.

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1. Where is Lung Lo Pass?

Lung Lo Pass is located at the border of Yen Bai and Son La provinces. It’s in Thuong Bang La commune, Van Chan district, Yen Bai province, Vietnam and on National Highway 37. About 23 minutes from Phu Yen town center to the Northeast. About 44 km southeast of Son Thinh town. And about 155 km northwest of Hanoi capital.

2. How is Lung Lo pass unique?

This pass is also called Dao Pass. A work ranked as a national historical relic. By the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2012.

Compared to other famous passes in the mountains of Northern Vietnam. Such as Khau Pha pass, Ma Pi Leng pass, O Quy Ho pass, etc., Lung Lo Pass is little known. However, that does not make this pass less beautiful. On the contrary, during the Mu Cang Chai journey to explore the pass, you can both admire the scenery and have the opportunity to learn more about the heroic history of this place.

Lung Lo Pass is a vital road for the Vietnamese army and people. It supply food and moves troops to serve the goal of defeating the Dien Bien Phu stronghold. This legendary road with many historical marks has become one of the extremely famous backpacking routes in Yen Bai province.

Lung Lo Pass with 15 km long, is considered a companion of the Vietnamese military. During the resistance war against the French. Having gone through many ups and downs, this legendary pass has now changed quite a lot compared to before, many passes have been cut into many sections. However, the unique historical marks are still there, recording the years of heroic struggle of our nation.

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3. History of Lung Lo Pass

About 57 years ago, to ensure the supply of food, vehicles as well as the number of people participating in the Dien Bien Phu battlefield. Lung Lo Pass (Old Route 13) was connected via Ta Khoa ferry, Chen pass and the road 41 was chosen as an arterial road. It plays an extremely important role in the country’s history.

Because of the importance of this road. During the resistance period, Lung Lo Pass was always guarded and protected by engineer soldiers, youth volunteers and frontline civilians. Who determined to guard and protect it until their last breath. Everyone stood up to fight to ensure stable traffic, not allowing the main road to be interrupted.

From March 13 to May 7, 1954, Lung Lo Pass was used to supply ammunition and food for the Dien Bien Phu campaign. Later, the Lung Lo Pass section was renovated and expanded. It makes supplying and moving troops more convenient and easier. To do this, the engineering and civil engineering units of Son La and Yen Bai provinces had to work together day and night to pave the way.

4. When is the best time to visit Lung Lo Pass?

Lung Lo Pass is in the tropical monsoon climate zone, average temperature 18 – 200C. The north of the district is a rainy sub-region. The south of the district is the rainiest area in the province.

Winter is cold, temperatures drop to -2 to -3oC. Rainfall is divided into two distinct seasons. From November to April of the following year is the low rainy season. From April to October each year is the heavy rainy season. Therefore, the ideal time to travel to Lung Lo Pass is from September to April next year.

  • Spring is the season of blooming flowers, and the natural landscape seems to be wearing a new coat. You can also participate in traditional festivals here.
  • The period from March to May is the season when water pours into terraced fields to prepare for a new crop. The terraced fields sparkle with water like a giant mirror. It reflects the romantic scenery of this majestic mountainous region.
  • Fall from August to October is the season of ripe rice. You will be amazed by the natural breathtaking beauty, when the terraced fields turn a shiny golden color.
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5. How to get to Lung Lo pass?

5.1 From Hanoi to Van Chan

There are usually 02 routes departing from Hanoi.

  • The first route for motorbikes in the direction of Lang – Hoa Lac, through Thang Long Avenue, Highway 21 Son Tay and then to Trung Ha bridge, in the direction from Tan Son (Phu Tho) through Yen Bai along Highway 32 to reach the center of Van Chan town.
  • The second route is for cars, from Hanoi you go to Noi Bai – Lao Cai highway, then exit at the intersection into Yen Bai city and go onto Hop Minh Van – Hop Minh My street and continue with Tran Phu Farm Road leading to the center of Van Chan town. With this highway, traveling to Van Chan – Yen Bai is no longer difficult for those who love the lands of the Northwest.

5.2 From Van Chan to Lung Lo pass

Departing from the center of Son Thinh town, Van Chan district. You move along National Highway 32 to the Southeast for about 29 km and then come to a fork in the road. You turn right onto National Highway 37 and continue moving southwest about 15 km to Lung Lo pass.

5.3 Conquering Lung Lo Pass by motorbike

With a 15 km long road, conquering Lung Lo Pass by motorbike. It is definitely one of the most interesting experiences you should try once. Although the road is not too short or too long, it is still filled with difficult challenges. It hinders the footsteps of tourists who are passionate about exploring. Winding through steep passes and overcoming sharp turns. It brings a feeling of excitement that is hard to put into words.

Overcoming the winding roads full of thorns, the scenery appearing before your eyes. It will satisfy your eyes and make you forget all your tiredness. Because the road includes many dangerous turns, if traveling by motorbike, you should be careful at every turn and should only drive if you are confident in your driving ability.

Almost everyone who comes here to explore by motorbike. It does not forget to stop on the side of the road to admire the scenery of Northwest Vietnam’s mountains and forests. Especially admire the beautiful and peaceful scenery of Yen Bai from the top of the pass. Your journey will be even more wonderful if conquering Lung Lo Pass becomes one of the goals. It must be achieved during your exploration trip.

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6. Activities and experiences at Lung Lo pass

6.1 Lung Lo Pass – A place that has gone down in history books

Considered a vital road in the Dien Bien Phu campaign. Lung Lo Pass accompanied our soldiers through extremely fierce battles of survival. It is impossible not to mention that Lung Lo Pass once suffered more than 2,000 enemy bombs. This blocks the progress of our people and soldiers. As fierce as it was, as devastating as it was, Lung Lo Pass still fought resiliently. It always completes its mission throughout the resistance period.

Having to endure up to 12,000 tons of bombs and bombs every day and being bombarded by nearly 18 enemy aircraft. Lung Lo Pass not only severely damaged the road surface but also frequently collapsed, filling the entire path. On the way to transport and supply food, bomb craters 4 – 5 m wide and 10m – 12 m wide appeared everywhere. In just about 400m to 500m, there are dozens of such deep bomb craters causing obstructions.

However, despite all the difficulties and hardships, soldiers with courage. They are willing sacrifice themselves despite dangers still continue their mission every day. Just dig and detonate to neutralize remaining bombs on the road. While fighting courageously so that protecting food and weapons could reach our soldiers intact.

About 12 years ago, Lung Lo Pass was hit by storm number 7 with extremely devastating power, causing enormous damage. Therefore, the historic pass has now been divided into many sections, making it difficult to move. For those who are passionate about exploration and want to conquer adventurous slopes. Lung Lo Pass is still an extremely attractive discovery route.

6.2 Admiring the majestic natural scenery from the top of the pass

One of the things that makes the dangerous Lung Lo Pass an extremely hot discovery destination for tourists today is the scenery on both sides of the pass. Surrounding the pass is the green of Yen Bai mountains and forests. The beautiful, rolling mountain scenery makes anyone fall in love even if it’s just their first time coming here.

Going along the entire road, you will reach attractive attractions in Yen Bai. Such as Muong Coi, Thuong Bang La,…Or no need to say far, just spend some time standing on the top of the pass. You can take a panoramic view of the beautiful and peaceful Yen Bai scene below. The scenery of terraced fields is captured in full view. It brings excitement when standing in the middle of the clouds.

Looking from afar, the thatched houses of the villagers appear hidden in the mist. The goat and cow farms add to the strangely beautiful picture of Yen Bai villages. No matter what time you come here, the scenery of Yen Bai is enough to make you fall in love with no way out.

7. Specialties when conquering Lung Lo pass

Traveling to Lung Lo Pass, you will not only admire the breathtaking natural scenery. But also have the opportunity to enjoy the specialties of this beautiful land.

As a northern mountainous district in Yen Bai province. Van Chan is not only known to tourists for its beautiful and majestic natural scenery. But you can also experience diverse cultures and rich cuisine. Referring to Van Chan cuisine in particular and Yen Bai in general. We cannot help but mention the delicious dishes “eat once and remember”. Everyone who sees local products wants to buy them.

7.1. Delicious Dishes From Tu Le Sticky Rice

The sticky rice is considered the “jewel of heaven” of the valley. This is a famous specialty rice of Van Chan that anyone who has the opportunity to pass here wants to buy. From sticky delicious rice, Yen Bai people make many dishes such as five-color sticky rice, green rice,…Every dish is sticky, every dish is fragrant.

7.2 Smoked Buffalo Meat

Smoked buffalo meat is made from fresh pieces of buffalo meat. Mountain buffaloes are grazed naturally, eating grass and forest leaves, so their meat is firm and sweet. Buffalo meat, after being marinated with typical Northwest spices such as Mac Khen and wild chili. It will be dried on a wood stove or put in the oven. Dried buffalo meat is packaged in half a kilogram or 1 kg and is easy to preserve, so tourists often buy it as gifts.

7.3 Smoked Sausage

Besides buffalo meat, smoked sausage is also a Yen Bai specialty that many people choose to buy as a gift. Sausage is made from delicious pork, marinated with rich spices. A secret to making delicious sausages of the Yen Bai people is to use firewood with fragrant essential oils. Such as cinnamon wood to add flavor to the dish.

7.4 Grilled Chicken With Mac Mat Leaves

Walking around Mu Cang Chai market, you will immediately be attracted by the attractive aroma emanating from grilled chicken shops. Northwest chicken is carefully marinated with spices, hook honey leaves are stuffed into the stomach and then grilled on a charcoal stove. The chicken is grilled whole so it retains its natural sweetness. The chicken meat is firm but not chewy. When eaten with Cham Dao, it is “delicious and forgetful”.

7.5 Sticky Rice With Ant Eggs

Each locality in the Northwest offers visitors a different specialty. In Mu Cang Chai, that specialty is ant egg sticky rice. When spring comes, it is also the time when black ants lay eggs. People of the Tay, Dao, and Thai ethnic groups in Yen Bai go to the forest to find ant eggs to cook sticky rice. Mu Cang Chai upland sticky rice combined with Northwest forest ant eggs. It creates a specialty that you will remember once they eat.

7.6 Bamboo Shoots Rolled With Meat

Bamboo shoots are available in many places, but Yen Bai bamboo shoots are considered the most delicious and sweet. The season lasts from December to March every year. Traveling to Yen Bai at this time, you will have the opportunity to enjoy bamboo shoots rolled with meat. It’s Yen Bai specialty and also the pride of the people here.

8. Accommodation when traveling to Lung Lo pass

Van Chan gradually became an attractive destination for tourists in Yen Bai province, Vietnam. Therefore, the accommodation system here is also extremely rich and diverse. If you want a comfortable place to stay, you can choose hotels and motels in the town center. If you want to spend the night in beautiful villages. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the magnificent nature and experience the life of the indigenous people here.

8.1 Hotels:

  • Suoi Giang Hotel. Address: Son Thinh Commune, Van Chan, Yen Bai.
  • Kieu Nga Hotel. Address: Cua Nhi, Van Chan, Yen Bai.
  • Khau Pha Hotel. Address: At the foot of Khau Pha pass, Van Chan, Yen Bai.

8.2 Guesthouses:

  • Anh Muoi Guesthouse. Address: Tu Le, Van Chan, Yen Bai.
  • Chuyen Dung Guesthouse. Address: Tu Le Commune, Van Chan, Yen Bai.
  • Hoang Quan Guesthouse. Address: Pom Ban village, Van Chan, Yen Bai.
  • Pho Mountain Guesthouse. Address: Tu Le Commune, Van Chan, Yen Bai.

8.3 Homestays:

  • Homestay 1 Ban Hoc – Van Chan. Address: Ban Hoc, Van Chan, Yen Bai.
  • Homestay 4 Ban Hoc – Van Chan. Address: Ban Hoc, Van Chan, Yen Bai.
  • Homestay 2 Ban Hoc – Van Chan. Address: Ban Hoc, Van Chan, Yen Bai.
  • Homestay 3 Ban Hoc – Van Chan. Address: Ban Hoc, Van Chan, Yen Bai.

As a place that has left its mark in Vietnamese history books. Lung Lo Pass has become one of the extremely famous discovery destinations in Yen Bai province. Having gone through many ups and downs, the legendary road still wears its majestic, seductive beauty. Especially it has an extremely great appeal to those who are passionate about exploration.

You are planning your tours in Mu Cang Chai to the legendary Lung Lo pass and you don’t know where to book the service for peace of mind. The simple thing you need to do is contact Origin Vietnam – a professional tour operator in Van Chan, let us take care of the rest. With a team of consultants, tour operators and experienced and dedicated local guides. We are committed to bringing you the best experiences on your journey to explore the beauty of Yen Bai.

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