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Lung Khuy Cave

Lung Khuy Cave – The majestic natural beauty of rolling mountains adorns Ha Giang, complemented by the emerald green color of the Nho Que river, and the vibrant colors of the vast Suoi Thau steppe wave with the wind at the Lung flag. Those special beauties make people forget the wildness and magnificence of the caves – a new discovery mark of Ha Giang tourism. One of those caves is Lung Khuy – a place known as the first cave plateau of Ha Giang.

IMG Lung Khuy Ha Giang 6

1. Where is Lung Khuy Cave?

Lung Khuy Cave is located in Lung Khuy village, Quan Ba commune, Quan Ba district, Ha Giang province, Vietnam. About 10 km from the center of Tam Son town, about 55 km from Ha Giang city and about 350 km north of Hanoi capital. This place was discovered and announced in 2015 with its pristine beauty.

2. How is Lung Khuy cave unique?

Lung Khuy Cave, the first natural cave of Ha Giang, is known as the first plateau cave. Lung Khuy Cave contains wild, mysterious beauty, the crystallization of stalactites and stalactites formed and developed over hundreds of millions of years.

There are many geological studies showing that Lung Khuy cave was formed from the development of limestone mountains in the ancient sea more than 400 million years ago. Along with caves, there are many surrounding terrain types. Such as high mountains, valleys and sinkholes.

Lung Khuy cave was found by local people in 2015 and began to exploit tourism at the end of 2015. Because the cave entrance is only about 1.5m high, about 1m wide, attached to trees and vines, it is perfect. It’s hard to see… so it still retains its complete wilderness to this day. When forming the cave attraction, it was expanded into a small gate, a sign was hung, a path was made inside for visitors, there were lights on the jelly blocks, etc.

Inside Lung Khuy cave, there is a very complex structural system and diverse stalactite system. According to published geological statistics, the cave is 517.5m wide, 31m deep, with a total area of up to 14,983m2. There are 4 exit systems at altitudes from 850 to 1100m. However, for tourists, we cannot fully explore Lung Khuy cave with the above statistics.

IMG Lung Khuy Ha Giang 3

3. Legend of Lung Khuy cave

The name Lung Khuy cave comes from the voice of the H’Mong people. Lung Khuy means “dragon in the rock crevice” and is also associated with the story of the life, activities and development of this land. Lung Khuy Cave has the same name as Lung Khuy village, where the H’Mong people have long lived. This is also a mountain associated with the spiritual life of the H’Mong people, so there are many stories about this place.

The story began when this highland area often encountered prolonged droughts, plants, birds, animals and people faced many hardships. People go to the forest to pray for rain to have water.

Fortunately, people discovered a small spring of water in the cave – people called it the magic well and was guarded by the dragon god. That dragon god has the appearance of a H’Mong boy; Pray for heaven to make rain so that the water in the cave is always full, creating a source of life for the trees, the water becomes increasingly clear and the H’Mong girl bathes in the magical water and becomes beautiful.

The magic dragon fell in love with a H’Mong girl and married, lived and gave birth to children in the cave – over many generations, creating a H’Mong village at the foot of Lung Khuy mountain. Later, the magical well in Lung Khuy cave was worshiped by the H’Mong people here.

During holidays and New Year, H’Mong people from all over the region often come here to ask for divine water to bring back to worship their ancestors, pray for a healthy family year, have lucky children, pray for good weather and wind, lush crops as a practice of remembering the source.

4. When is the best time to visit Lung Khuy cave?

Possessing magnificent and extremely unique beauty, you can experience Lung Khuy at any time of the year. Because each time this place shows a very unique beauty. If you go in the summer, when the weather is hot, you will enjoy the landscape here. You will enjoy the fresh, cool air and cold air emanating from the small stone blocks inside the cave.

If you go on winter days, you will feel a very different cold here. The cold does not cause discomfort at all, but brings a feeling of experiencing the cold in a cozy space. The dynamic space also becomes sparkling and shimmering

But if you go on rainy days, you need to pay attention while moving to ensure the best safety. Sharp curves are often slippery and difficult to navigate.

IMG Lung Khuy Ha Giang 1

5. How to get to Lung Khuy cave?

First, to reach this cave, visitors need to travel to Ha Giang city. The road to Lung Khuy cave is relatively difficult, the distance from Highway 4C to Lung Khuy cave is relatively long and has many relatively zigzag turns.

From Hanoi, visitors can depart to Ha Giang city in many ways and by many different types of means. You can choose to travel by public transportation or by private vehicle.

5.1. Traveling by personal vehicle

Traveling by personal vehicle, you can choose to travel by self-driving car or motorbike. Choosing this type of vehicle helps you be more convenient and proactive in the process of moving to Ha Giang city. You can also stop at any place you want to admire and take photos of the scenery along the road.

Traveling by personal vehicle to Ha Giang takes about 6 hours, while traveling by motorbike will take a little longer, about 7 – 8 hours. However, a reminder for those who intend to come to Ha Giang by motorbike, you must definitely make sure you have a steady handlebar and good health because the roads to Ha Giang are quite winding. poor, dangerous and extremely difficult to travel

5.2. Traveling by public transport

For those who love safety and convenience, always choose public transportation to get to Ha Giang city. From Hanoi, you can go to My Dinh bus station to catch a bus to Ha Giang city. Normally, tourists often choose to travel by sleeper bus in the evening to save more travel time. Tourists will stay overnight on the bus, the next morning the bus will arrive in Ha Giang city. You must be in good health to be able to join the tour.

5.3 Traveling from Ha Giang city to Lung Khuy cave

From the Ha Giang city area to move to Lung Khuy cave, you need to travel a relatively long distance to get there, the roads are relatively zigzag and difficult to travel.

Because it is a small road, often passing through villages with mountainous and steep terrain, you need to travel by motorbike to get here. The road to the cave is relatively close to the Quan Ba twin mountains area, so when tourists come to visit Quan Ba twin mountains, don’t forget to visit Lung Khuy cave site.

IMG Lung Khuy Ha Giang 2

6. Activities and Experiences in Lung Khuy cave

6.1 Admiring the vast cave

Lung Khuy Cave is about 1,000m long with a wide cave interior, even up to nearly 200m wide in some places, and the cave dome is quite high. Looking inside from the outside, visitors can admire a system of stalactites and rough, dark yellow stone columns. Until you set foot inside, you will be overwhelmed by a world of diverse stalactites.

6.2 Getting lost in the colorful world in Lung Khuy cave

In Lung Khuy cave, there are stalactites arranged in groups, some standing alone in all different shapes, stimulating the imagination of visitors. It could be a tower, a flowering tree, a flowing waterfall, a lion’s head, etc. Most of the stalactites will have a sparkling golden color, the rest will have a unique clear white color.

It is the amazing and magical beauty of the stalactites that has contributed to perfecting and adding to the unique artistic picture here. Compared to cave systems in other places, the volume of stalactites in Lung Khuy is dense and concentrated. One stone pillar is placed on top of another, leaning against each other, covering the entire cave scene…

In some places we can see stone “jade trees” with pointed tips and stacked on top of each other. Not just one, but the whole “forest of jade crane” (a famous type of mushroom in Ha Giang). There is also a wall known as the “magic guitar” that forms strips of stone that look like keys, emitting a strange sound every time you gently tap it with your hand.

6.3 Special features in Lung Khuy cave

Inside Lung Khuy cave, there are many holes and puddles containing water. From the cave dome, there are large stalactites 2-3 meters long falling down to create strange shapes. With every step we take, we can feel the pleasant drops of water dripping down, blending into the cool atmosphere from the steam. Visitors can easily travel through the cave thanks to the walkway system built with sturdy iron frames. Colorful lights help visitors easily observe the magical stalactites.

7. Specialties when traveling to Lung Khuy cave

If you travel to Lung Khuy cave, one of the attractive tourist destinations in Ha Giang. You should not miss the attractive specialties here. Based on experience traveling to Ha Giang, the following are specialty dishes that you should not miss.

  • Local pigs: Processed into many different dishes such as grilled, braised, stir-fried, etc. Processors often combine pork with typical spices of the mountains such as mac khen, doi seeds, etc.
  • Egg rolls: This is a dish with soft, smooth rice rolls and a layer of egg on top. Makes you feel extremely excited. You can eat it with a little fish sauce and sausage to create a better taste.
  • Sour Pho: An indispensable dish in Ha Giang with a clean, sour and mild taste.
  • Buckwheat cake: A special type of cake made from buckwheat seeds. Steamed or grilled over open fire. You can enjoy this dish with thang co.
  • Grilled moss: Moss is taken from rock crevices or stream banks with many nutritious ingredients that are good for health. When grilled, it becomes even more fragrant and flavorful.

8. Accommodation when traveling to Lung Khuy cave

When traveling to Lung Khuy cave, visitors can refer to some accommodation facilities as follows:

8.1 Hotels:

  • Hotel 567. Address: Group 3, Tam Son Town, Quan Ba, Ha Giang.
  • Tam Son Hotel. Address: Tam Son Town, Quan Ba, Ha Giang.
  • Van Duy Hotel. Address: Group 3, Tam Son Town, Quan Ba, Ha Giang.

8.2 Guesthouses:

  • Cao Quyet Guesthouse. Address: Group 1, Tam Son Town, Quan Ba, Ha Giang.
  • Anh Hoang Guesthouse. Address: Group 3, Tam Son Town, Quan Ba, Ha Giang.
  • Hoa Sim Guesthouse. Address: Tran Phu Street, Tam Son Town, Quan Ba, Ha Giang.
  • Duc Thien Guesthouse. Address: Group 1, Tam Son Town, Quan Ba, Ha Giang.

8.3 Homestays:

  • Ly Chuong Homestay. Address: Nam Dam village, Quan Ba commune, Quan Ba, Ha Giang.
  • Ly Ta Don homestay. Address: Nam Dam village, Quan Ba commune, Quan Ba, Ha Giang.
  • Hong Thu Homestay. Address: Quan Ba Commune, Quan Ba, Ha Giang, Vietnam.
  • Dao Lodge. Address: Nam Dam village, Quan Ba commune, Quan Ba, Ha Giang.
  • Ly Dinh Homestay. Address: Nam Dam village, Quan Ba commune, Quan Ba, Ha Giang.

9. Some important notes when traveling to Lung Khuy cave

To make your trip to Lung Khuy cave safer and more complete, please refer to the following notes:

  • The road to the cave climbs high through mountainous terrain, featuring many steps, rugged pathways, and damp conditions. Therefore, when exploring, it is advisable to wear soft, low-soled shoes for ease of sightseeing.
  • From the parking lot to Lung Khuy cave, it takes about 30 minutes to travel, so anyone can conveniently come here to visit.
  • You should wear neat clothes and leave your belongings at the parking lot for comfort and convenience in exploring the cave.
  • You should bring drinks and food if you want to stop for a long time on the mountain to admire the scenery and walk around. If you don’t bring it with you, you can rest assured that before entering the cave, there will also be a cafe with an ideal view.
  • When moving in a cave, you should look carefully before moving because there are many narrow passages and low-lying rocks that are easy to collide with.
  • Visitors should bring cameras, camcorders, phones and lighting devices to easily save beautiful pictures. And especially bring a light filter to be able to take better photos.
  • When choosing to explore Lung Khuy cave, bring a flashlight so you can explore many small caves here. These caves are quite long and deep. Special: Many caves are very deep and dark. If you do not have knowledge and safety equipment, you should not go in because it is very dangerous.

Is it worth a visiting Lung Khuy cave?

One of the memorable experiences during the tours in Ha Giang was discovering and learning about Lung Khuy cave, a destination that everyone seems to have forgotten. For those who love the beauty of peace, wilderness and tranquility, Lung Khuy Cave First Plateau will be a place to find an ideal experience. Origin Vietnam team – a professional Vietnam also Ha Giang tour operator, is willing to share useful information about the destination. We also support and accompany tourists on their trip to explore the travel beaty of Ha Giang with attractive and engaging activities. unforgettable experiences.

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