Luc Yen Gemstone Market
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Luc Yen Gemstone Market

Luc Yen gemstone market is an extremely unique market of Yen Bai, not only a favorite place for business people but also visited by many domestic and foreign tourists. Let’s take a look around this special market with Origin Vietnam.

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1. Where is the Luc Yen gemstone market?

Luc Yen gem market is located on Nguyen Tat Thanh street, Yen The town, Luc Yen district, Yen Bai province. It’s about 10 km east of Highway 70, and if you start from Yen Bai city. So you just need to go straight about 90 km to the north.

If you go by motorbike, it will take you about 2 hours. Although it will take a bit of time, luckily this road follows the national highway. So this journey will be quite convenient for you. The market’s identifying feature is Luc Yen Gem Market located next to a lake in the center of Yen The town, with a very large sign that makes it easy for tourists to see this place.

Even though you have to drive for 2 hours, when you get to the market you will feel that your effort is completely worth it. Because here you will be greeted with stalls selling sparkling gems of many colors and designs. diverse and bustling with buyers and sellers.

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2. How is the Luc Yen gemstone market unique?

2.1. History of the market

Luc Yen gem market (Yen The town, Luc Yen district, Yen Bai province) was formed in the years 1989 – 1990. Red stone miners invited each other to sell precious stones in exchange for items or gifts, cash. After that, the market grew and became as famous as it is today.

After more than 30 years, Luc Yen gem market still retains its rustic and simple features. It is considered a bold mark of the Northwest region in general as well as the people of Luc Yen in particular. This is considered one of the two largest gemstone trading locations in Vietnam.

2.2. Interesting things

Luc Yen gem market is located at the corner of a shimmering lake in Yen The Town. The market opens every morning, for only a few hours. Depending on the weather, the market takes place early or late. But on average, from about 6:30 a.m, sellers start coming to the market.

At Luc Yen gem market, gems are displayed like vegetables. In particular, the owners of those stalls are all women. The reason why there are only women selling?. Because the men have to take on the responsibility of doing the mining themselves. Or go looking to buy precious gems. Gem mines are located about 10-30 km from the center.

Despite going through many ups and downs, the Luc Yen gem market still retains its simplicity like the early days. The precious stones are displayed on a wooden board and a 70 x 50cm stone placed on the ground. This presentation creates a very simple and rustic scene.

At this market, you can find the most rudimentary gemstones with prices as small as 50,000 VND. Stones that are finely honed, creating works of art, are more valuable. The more sophisticated, the higher the value of the stone, some up to billions of dong.

2.3. Diverse product designs

Gemstone products at Luc Yen market are diverse in design and price. There are original rough stones that have not been polished. There are stones that have been crafted with beautiful shapes to make rings, necklaces, paintings… But no matter what form, the gems all show off their sparkling beauty.

IMG Luc Yen Gemstone Market 2

3. How to get to Luc Yen gemstone market?

Luc Yen gem market is located in Yen The town, Luc Yen district, Yen Bai province. This gem market is located about 10 km east of Highway 70. From Hanoi, you can travel to the Luc Yen gem market via Mu Cang Chai tour in many different ways.

  • By bus: My Dinh Bus Station, Hanoi has many bus routes to Yen Bai. Travel time takes about 3 hours. When you get to the nearest point, you can catch a taxi to Luc Yen gem market.
  • Train: Take the YB3 train straight to Yen Bai. Or train SP1 – SP3 to Lao Cai and stop at Yen Bai station. Then you can catch a bus to Luc Yen district.
  • Private car: Go through Thang Long bridge. Then follow Noi Bai – Lao Cai highway. Go to section Km121 + 300 and turn down to Yen Bai bridge. Go down the bridge about 3 km further to reach Yen Bai city. From the City. Yen Bai continues to move north about 90 km to reach Luc Yen district.
  • Motorbike: This way of traveling both saves money and takes time. You can freely stop to admire the scenery and take photos along the way. However, you must prepare carefully to ensure the safety of your trip. If you are from Hanoi, you go to Yen Bai city. Then move straight north about 90km. The road follows the national highway so it’s quite easy to travel. Traveling by motorbike will take about 2 hours.

4. Shopping at Luc Yen gemstone market

Gemstone products at Luc Yen market are diverse in design and price. There are original rough stones that have not been polished. There are stones that have been crafted with beautiful shapes to make rings, necklaces, paintings… But no matter what form, the gems all show off their sparkling beauty. And the more finely honed it is, the higher the value of the stone.

Items that tourists can buy include: Quartz, Spinel, Tourmaline, Granite, Amazonite… Especially Ruby – the rarest and most expensive gemstone after diamonds. First-time visitors to the market will easily be “dazzled” by hundreds of different designs and colors.

The price of the product is also very diverse, depending on the type of stone, size, quality and color. Among them, Ruby has the highest price. However, the Ruby stones sold here are mostly very small and range in price from 1 – 3 million VND.

Other common gemstones such as Amber, Quartz, Meteorite… are sold a lot. There are even rough, ugly, and broken stones priced at tens of thousands of dong. At this market, the majority are gemstone traders and craftsmen looking to buy raw materials. Besides, many tourists come to visit and buy gems as souvenirs.

5. Special value of Luc Yen Gemstone Market

The Luc Yen gem market has a very unique feature. Even though it is called a market, the buying and selling atmosphere is very gentle and comfortable. Customers can freely choose, bargain, and if they don’t like it, they can go to another store without any discomfort. Sellers and buyers, everyone is welcoming. Most of the buyers and sellers at the market are familiar and close, so there is absolutely no fighting or solicitation.

The market sells many valuable gemstones, but theft hardly occurs. Products are displayed openly on the table without any protection method. With this interesting thing, the Luc Yen gem market is increasingly developing. Above all, this is an interesting destination that many tourists visit when exploring Luc Yen.

6. Sightseeing near Luc Yen gemstone market

On the way to Luc Yen gem market, you can stop at some famous landmarks also in Luc Yen district such as:

6.1. Thac Ba Lake

Thac Ba Lake is located in Yen Binh and Luc Yen districts. This place is one of the three largest artificial lakes in Vietnam, considered “Ha Long in the mountains“.

Thac Ba Lake is nearly 23,500 hectares wide, including more than 1,300 large and small green islands. The cave system in the heart of the limestone mountains creates a beautiful and mysterious but very charming scene. Sailing on Thac Ba Lake and immersing yourself in the vast nature of sky and water is truly a wonderful feeling.

6.2. Khai Trung green plateau

Khai Trung is a highland commune of Luc Yen district, where spring water flows to lowland communes. Located at an altitude of 700m above sea level, surrounded by high rocky mountains. This is a relatively flat plateau with beautiful nature in the midst of endless mountainous areas.

7. Accommodations near Luc Yen gemstone market

When traveling to Luc Yen Gem Market, visitors have many options for accommodation. The concentration of hotels and motels in Yen The town primarily facilitates tourists in moving between attractions and enjoying the services and amenities offered by accommodation establishments.

7.1. Hotels:

  • Golden Sunshine Hotel. Address: 379 Nguyen Tat Thanh, Yen The Town, Luc Yen, Yen Bai.
  • Viet Hotel. Address: 399 Nguyen Tat Thanh, Yen The Town, Luc Yen, Yen Bai.
  • Anh Nguyet Hotel. Address: 479 Nguyen Tat Thanh, Yen The Town, Luc Yen, Yen Bai.
  • Anh Duong Hotel. Address: 18 Ly Tu Trong, Yen The Town, Luc Yen, Yen Bai.
  • Hong Ngoc Hotel. Address: 34 Ly Tu Trong, Yen The Town, Luc Yen, Yen Bai.

7.2. Guesthouses:

  • Nham Nhung Guesthouse. Address: Yen The Town, Luc Yen, Yen Bai.
  • Thien Ha Guesthouse. Address: Yen The Town, Luc Yen, Yen Bai.
  • Huong Giang Guesthouse. Address: 56 Ly Tu Trong, Yen The Town, Luc Yen, Yen Bai.
  • Hoa Hong Guesthouse. Address: Yen The Town, Luc Yen, Yen Bai.
  • Lan Phuong Guesthouse. Address: Yen The Town, Luc Yen, Yen Bai.

8. Enjoying specialties when coming to Luc Yen Gemstone Market

When visiting Luc Yen Gem Market, visitors can not only experience and shop for gemstone items here, but they can also enjoy the specialties of Luc Yen in particular and Yen Bai in general. .

8.1. Nhua xom

You will actually see this dish in many places under different names such as spring rolls, sour meat… Each ethnic group has a unique method of making it. For Thai people, they make spring rolls by salting pork. lean rice with roasted rice mixed with salt, sesame seeds or doi seeds… wrapped in dong leaves and hung in the cupboard for about 5 days.

8.2. Crispy fried crickets

In the 7th lunar month, when longan fruits are ripe, the longan stink bug season has ended, the natural showers suddenly lighten and lengthen to enter the Ngau month, young grass begins to sprout and the crickets return. so fat, shiny, greasy and crickets become the main dish in restaurants.

People catch crickets in many ways that are not difficult, such as digging holes and pouring water; At night, children catch crickets around high-voltage light poles. Catching crickets here is not difficult and there are a lot of crickets in the Luc Yen area, so the price of crickets at Luc Yen market is not expensive, about 5 to 7 thousand dong per tale. One ounce of crickets is enough for two people to eat.

8.3. Black sticky rice cake

The Thai ethnic people here make the cake to express gratitude from children and grandchildren to their ancestors, as well as to heaven and earth. This specialty cake is indispensable on the offering tray to ancestors, heaven and earth every spring.

The ingredients for making cakes of the people are carefully selected: dong banh te leaves, medium size, washed and dried. The selected sticky rice must be delicious Tu Le sticky rice, filled with green beans or grape beans with clean skins and no grit. The best pork is pork belly, a little fatty, sliced thinly, marinated with spices, pepper, and onions.

To create a black color for the cake, people take the bark of the tree, or black sesame flowers, burn them into charcoal, pound them as finely as powder, mix them with sticky rice, and stir well until the rice blends with the charcoal powder to form a black color.

8.4. Don Vegetable

Rau don, (called phat put by Thai ethnic people) belongs to the Quyet family, is larger than a fern, has long branches, and small leaves spread out over the top of the tree like the canopy of a large umbrella. This vegetable is not found in the plains, only in the mountains – on the banks of streams, creeks, and under low forest canopy where humidity is high.

For many ethnic groups, coriander is the “king” of vegetables. It not only helps improve the quality of daily meals but is also a specialty dish to treat guests during festivals. Every time a family or community festival occurs, people seize the opportunity to venture into the forest, gathering herbs to prepare food. Since this vegetable quickly spoils, individuals consume it on the spot, ensuring its constant freshness and high quality.

8.5. Shrimp floss

From raw shrimp, pork tenderloin, vegetable oil and spices from the Luc Yen region along with the traditional experience of the Northwest people, the unique flavor of the Shrimp floss product has been created.

When eating this dish with five-color sticky rice or bamboo-tube rice, you will be impressed by the richness of the shrimp paste mixed with the fragrant flavor of Tu Le sticky rice. Shrimp floss is a seemingly simple and easy-to-make dish, but not everyone who follows the recipe has it delicious.

Each person and each region has its own secrets that make a difference in the flavor of each dish. Visit the West of Yen Bai, where skillful hands have prepared this dish from very familiar ingredients to bring the full delicious taste to those who enjoy it. Also some other famous food. Such as: Stream moss, Bamboo shoots, Smoked buffalo meat…

Are you interested in this unique Luc Yen Gemstone Market? Don’t hesitate to take a trip to Yen Bai and learn about the special culture here! The shop owners here are very hospitable and friendly. Even if you just visit the stalls and their items, they will always greet you with a smile, making you appreciate the gentle people of the region. This Northwest land!

If you are planning your Vietnam tour to Luc Yen gemstone market – Yen Bai, immediately contact Origin Vietnam – for the best Vietnam inbound tours organizer and operator. Experience the expertise of our team of tour consultants and guides, who bring dedication and in-depth knowledge to enhance your journey through this captivating land. We will take you on a journey to discover Luc Yen Gemstone Market with many interesting and memorable experiences!

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