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Lenin Stream

Lenin Stream – Cao Bang is an extremely attractive tourist destination for tourists. Not only that, this place was once the living place of President Ho Chi Minh during 30 years of traveling abroad and filming return to find a way to save the country. Lenin Stream not only has cultural and historical significance of the Vietnamese people associated with Uncle Ho. But the scenery is very charming with clear blue water with a jade green color. This promises to be an extremely attractive tourist destination for tourists.

If you have the opportunity to come to Cao Bang, don’t forget to visit Lenin Stream or other nearby tourist attractions. Let following Origin travel team to discover how the beauty of Lenin Stream.

IMG Lenin Stream 7

1. Where is Lenin Stream?

Lenin Stream is located in the Pac Bo special historical relic complex in Pac Bo village, Truong Ha commune, Ha Quang district and about 52 km from Cao Bang city center.

2. How is Lenin stream unique?

The Lenin Stream tourist destination is located in the Pac Bo relic cluster, which is associated with the time Uncle Ho worked secretly in Cao Bang. Such as Lenin Stream, Coc Bo cave, and Karl Marx Mountain are associated with people.

The Lenin Stream or Pac Bo relic site is a familiar place for people in the Cao Bang area. Pac Bo is not only meaningful to the nation’s history, but this place. But it also attracts tourists because of its wild natural beauty, especially Lenin stream in the sunlight of golden nature. The stream becomes even more beautiful and peaceful thanks to the clear water. Every day the stream water floats suspended and is incredibly peaceful.

In 2012, Pac Bo historical cave was ranked as a special national monument of cultural and historical significance. Currently, Lenin Stream is attracting a large number of tourists from all over to come to this tourist destination. If you have the opportunity to come to Cao Bang, don’t forget to come to Lenin stream!

IMG Lenin Stream 5

3. When is the best time to visit Lenin Stream?

Each season brings different beauty, no season is the same, that’s why you can visit Lenin Stream at any time of the year, according to Origin Vietnam’s Cao Bang travel experience. will share with you the most beautiful images of Lenin stream at each time of year.

  • The cool summer weather coincides with the rainy season in the Cao Bang area. When you come to Lenin Stream, you will see the cool freshness of the water here, however, if you come in July – August The water here will be a bit turbid because these two months have relatively heavy rain, so the water is more turbid than in the remaining months. In the summer, when you come to Ban Gioc Waterfall, it is also really beautiful with white foaming waterfalls and you can see the majestic beauty of nature. You can combine traveling to Lenin stream and Ban Gioc Waterfall. A convenient trip both ways.
  • Tourists often come to Lenin stream as well as Cao Bang in large numbers around September and October, when the weather is cool and suitable for trips to the mountainous area of Viet Bac, at this time the water is clear and blue. Along with the peaceful atmosphere, you will admire the beauty of the rice fields on the way to Lenin stream. In addition, November – December is also the time when tourists come to Cao Bang in large numbers. Coming here during this time, you will be able to see wild sunflowers blooming along the way to Lenin Stream.
  • If you want to see and come to Lenin Stream in a gentle setting with few passersby, with desert beauty, you can come to Lenin Stream from January to April, this is the time While there are relatively few tourists coming to Lenin Stream, in return you will slowly feel and discover all the beauty of nature at Lenin Stream.

4. How to get to Lenin stream?

4.1. Moving to Cao Bang

From Hanoi to Cao Bang, we can choose many different means of transport such as motorbikes or passenger cars.

Sleeper bus: if from Hanoi you can go to My Dinh bus station, Giap Bat bus station or Nuoc Ngam bus station and then take the bus to Cao Bang city center with a distance of nearly 300 km, you will lose about 6 hours to reach Cao Bang city. Passenger cars are also an optimal choice for tourists when traveling to Cao Bang, you do not need to worry too much about the distance traveled, or getting lost.

Motorbike: This is a vehicle for young people who are passionate and love moving. Traveling by motorbike is also very economical and convenient, but you need to be sure of your steering wheel, because the roads here are relatively winding, zigzag and dangerous. Traveling by motorbike, you can enjoy the atmosphere of nature, as well as easily admire the beauty of each road while traveling.

4.2. Moving to Lenin stream

Lenin Stream is about 50 km away from Cao Bang city. If you have traveled by motorbike to Cao Bang, you can continue to travel by motorbike to reach Lenin Stream, and those who travel by motorbike will continue to travel by motorbike. For public transportation to Cao Bang, you can choose a motorbike or car to get to the Lenin stream tourist destination.

  • Motorbike: It is not too difficult for you to find a place to rent a motorbike in Cao Bang city and move to Lenin stream, there are both hourly and daily motorbike rentals.
  • Car: If you go in a large group, you can choose to travel by car or taxi to get to Lenin stream. If you go in a group, splitting up will also be much cheaper.

5. Exploring Lenin stream and the cluster of relics around.

5.1. Lenin Stream

IMG Lenin Stream 2

This is also a beautiful scenic spot of Cao Bang that will definitely bring you unforgettable experiences. Here you can visit the bamboo garden planted by Uncle Ho to serve your daily meals. of him or the guava garden where he often picked leaves to boil water to drink.

Lenin Stream is also the place where Uncle Ho sat and fished to relax after periods of stressful work. He visited this relic, where the view of the cliff he sat on is still intact. Lenin stream was named by Uncle Ho to remember the gratitude of Lenin, the teacher of the world proletarian revolution, Lenin, who continued the career of Marx, supplemented his discoveries, and perfected Marxism. Lenin Stream is clear with a jade green color, flowing gently and you can see schools of fish swimming freely. The streams are deep enough for local people to bathe.

Pac Bo relic site is amazing

This Lenin stream also symbolizes the never-ending flow of Marxism-Leninism. If you have the opportunity to come to this Pac Bo relic site, you will not only admire the natural beauty of the surrounding scenery. But it also has great historical significance for the Vietnamese people.

Lenin Stream always wears a unique green color like a silk sheet winding through each rocky cliff. People often call Lenin Stream the green heart of the Pac Bo relic site, Lenin Stream. carries an extremely beautiful flow that is difficult to describe with words.

To recreate the image of President Ho Chi Minh’s fishing at Lenin stream, a lot of fish have also been stocked. Coming here, you will see schools of fish swimming freely in this water. The clear stream water allows visitors to easily see images of each fish swimming freely in the stream. This will be an extremely peaceful moment that you can only feel when you set foot here.

Especially in the summer when you visit the Lenin stream tourist destination, you will be immersed in an extremely fresh natural space, the hot sun of summer seems to have been left behind. If you have the opportunity to travel to Cao Bang, you must definitely come to Lenin stream as well as this Pac Bo relic site!

5.2. Pac Bo Cave

In addition to Karl Marx mountain and Lenin stream, Pac Bo cave is also one of the tourist attractions located in the Pa Bo relic area of Cao Bang. Pac Bo cave is a gift that nature has given to this place to help people. revolutionary activities more easily and this was also an important factor in the early days of Vietnam’s revolutionary activities.

Pac Bo Cave is where Uncle Ho used to rest and work during his days of revolutionary activities and living in Cao Bang. Not only that, this place also took place many important events of the Party and state, including the 8th Party Central Conference, the election of the Party Central Committee,… The relic site is a place to thank the great contributions of President Ho Chi Minh and revolutionary cadres. at that time.

5.3. Karl Marx Mountain

Karl Marx mountain is located in the Pac Bo relic area. From the inside of the cave you can easily see the outside, but from the outside you will have a hard time guessing that there is a cave on this mountain, this place has historical significance. extremely important in our nation’s revolutionary resistance activities.

This place was once the living place of President Ho Chi Minh during his 30 years of exile abroad. Uncle Ho named Karl Marx mountain to recognize the merits of Karl Marx, who founded scientific socialism, built a society without exploiting people, a society without classes, this is one of the mountains. There are lush green forests and very open terrain but it is safe and extremely secure. Karl Marx Mountain not only has great historical value, but the scenery here is also extremely beautiful and charming. With large cliffs, green lawns or luxuriant wild bushes with many ancient trees with luxuriant branches and leaves.

6. Specialties in Lenin Stream

Cao Bang is currently one of the attractive tourist destinations, attracting domestic and foreign tourists. Along with majestic and poetic natural scenery, this place also possesses rich cuisine and especially attractive dishes. If you have the opportunity to set foot in this land, you will have the opportunity to enjoy specialties when visiting Lenin stream in particular and Cao Bang in general with unforgettable flavors.

6.1. Roast duck with 7 flavors

IMG Roasted Duck With 7 Flavors Cao Bang 1

This is a dish that every tourist must especially try when coming to Cao Bang. The reason the dish is called that is because the duck meat is marinated by Cao Bang people with 7 different spices and then roasted. The spices that make this dish attractive are the secret of the Tay people living in Cao Bang, making visitors who eat it once will remember it forever. Roasted duck with 7 flavors stimulates both the eyes and taste buds of diners, with its attractive honey skin color and greasy, sweet flavor from the meat.

6.2. Coong Phu Cake

Coong Phu cake is a unique type of floating cake of the Cao Bang region. This dish is also made from sticky rice, sugar, peanuts, sesame and fresh ginger, with the same method as making normal dumplings but without filling and with many colors. A bowl of warm Coong Phu cake will be the ideal choice for tourists when traveling to Cao Bang.

6.3. Cao Bang rice rolls (Banh cuon)

Banh Cuon is no longer a strange dish to Northern people. However, in Cao Bang, this dish is prepared according to a separate recipe. Banh Cuon of Cao Bang people is made from Doan Ket plain rice and is made on the spot on cast iron pots with large molds, the mouth of the pot is made of old bamboo shoots. The filling can include chicken eggs, minced meat, spring rolls or wood ear mushrooms…

The special thing here is that Cao Bang people eat Banh Cuon with a bowl of sweet, warm bone broth, not with fish sauce like other provinces. When eating, they don’t dip each piece but put all the cakes in that bowl of bone broth. Maybe that’s why this dish is also called Cao Bang soup roll.

6.4. Trung Khanh chestnuts

IMG Trung Khanh Chestnuts 1

A Cao Bang specialty that is very popular with tourists is Trung Khanh chestnuts. This type of chestnut is abundant around September to October of the lunar calendar every year, and only in Cao Bang is there enough weather conditions for Trung Khanh chestnut trees to grow. If you have the opportunity to come to Cao Bang in the fall, you will easily enjoy this Trung Khanh chestnut dish.

6.5 Cao Bang smoked beef

This is one of Cao Bang specialties that you can buy as gifts for relatives. People here marinate beef with salt, ginger and white wine, then leave it in the kitchen for many days until it dries. This dish has a delicious flavor typical of the highlands, suitable for drinking meals with family or friends.

6.6. Ant egg cake

IMG Ant Egg Cake Cao Bang 2

One of the famous Cao Bang specialties that you cannot miss is ant egg cake. This is a special dish of the Tay people in Cao Bang. This cake is made from ant eggs, rice flour and a fig leaf crust. Ant egg cakes only appear in abundance from March to May of the lunar calendar. Because this is the time of changing seasons so many ant eggs appear.

After being harvested, ant eggs will be washed, stir-fried, then sprinkled on the dough layer rolled thinly on fig leaves and steamed. The cake has a rich, delicious flavor of the mountains and forests. It will be an interesting culinary experience for visitors.

6.7. Sour Pho

Cao Bang sour pho impresses many diners with its unique preparation and attractive flavor. This dish is made from plain rice noodles mixed with pork, roasted duck, crispy fried potatoes, peanuts, mac mol leaves…, served with a special sauce. Sour pho has the sour taste of vinegar, the greasy taste of duck fat, and the sweetness of potatoes. Especially mixed with the attractive flavor of mac mol leaves, making it unforgettable for visitors.

6.8. Cao Bang canarium

When the weather is cold in late autumn and early winter, black canarium in Cao Bang is ripe. This is the time when people of the Tay and Nung ethnic groups go to the forest to pick canarium and bring them back as food. Canarium can be processed into many dishes, but the most popular is sticky rice with canarium. After processing, sticky rice with canarium turns purple-pink, fleshy, fragrant and greasy and has long become an indispensable specialty in the feasts of Cao Bang people.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Lenin stream

Cao Bang is a very hot tourist destination, receiving a lot of attention from many tourists. Among them, homestays in Cao Bang also make people concerned.

Ha Quang Cao Bang homestays generally have beautiful designs and ideal views of Cao Bang mountains and forests. Besides quality resort services, homestays also diversify other services to help visitors get closer to the local culture. Therefore, below we will introduce to readers the top 04 most beautiful. Especially the high-quality homestays in Ha Quang Cao Bang that you definitely should not miss:

7.1. Me Farmstay Ha Quang Cao Bang

Me Farmstay Ha Quang Cao Bang is one of the most famous and quality homestays in Cao Bang. This will be a suitable place for tourists who want to slow down and relax because of the homestay’s open space and harmony with nature. Me Farmstay has a quite special location, located on a high mountain and surrounded by mother nature.

Not only that, Me Farmstay is also an integrated resort and farm service area. Therefore, this place will be a suitable place for both backpackers and families with young children. You will participate in interesting agricultural activities with the farm owner, fishing, harvesting vegetables and cooking delicious Cao Bang specialties. Above all, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the traditional paper making profession of the indigenous people here.

7.2. Pac Bo Homestay Ha Quang Cao Bang

Pac Bo Homestay Ha Quang Cao Bang is a great place to stay in Cao Bang. It’s located 800 meters from Carc Mac Mountain and offers free parking, a sauna and jacuzzi for guests to use. From here, visitors can walk 20 minutes to reach Pac Bo Cave, extremely quick and convenient.

The homestay is large and spacious with a super large yard in front for free parking for tourists. Therefore, you don’t need to worry too much when traveling here by personal vehicle. The homestay has a 3-storey stilt house design with 2 unique winding staircases.

With a huge capacity of up to 50 people, homestay Pac Bo Ha Quang Cao Bang offers 3 types of rooms for visitors to freely choose from. Standard 2 double bed rooms, King room with 1 large bed and dormitory room with only one price, nearly 200,000 VND/person. All rooms are made from genuine wood, creating a cozy atmosphere. But no less sophisticated and polite resort space.

7.3. Mai Anh Homestay Ha Quang Cao Bang

Homestay Ha Quang Cao Bang Mai Anh is a great accommodation choice for those who want to enjoy fresh air. And explore the relic site near the Lenin stream in Cao Bang. Here, visitors can easily walk to Lenin stream and hear the birds singing early in the morning while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Homestay Mai Anh has a family size with 2 dormitory rooms and 2 private rooms. The bedrooms are all wood-paneled, creating a cozy feeling and have amazing views of Cao Bang mountains and forests. Furthermore, when staying here, visitors will be told interesting stories about Pac Bo by the local hostess, helping visitors better understand local history and culture.

In front of the homestay is a spacious rice field. Homestay Mai Anh’s campus is spacious, decorated with many unique potted cymbidium plants. Especially includes a fairly large lotus pond, creating a cool and fresh green space. In addition, there are many areas with tables and chairs for visitors to relax, drink tea or coffee and admire the beautiful scenery.

7.4. Boong Home

If you are looking for a lovely and comfortable homestay in Ha Quang Cao Bang. Boong Homestay is a place to stay that definitely cannot be missed. Possessing a prime location just 1km from Pac Bo and 2km from Lenin stream. It’s the ideal place to explore and admire the beauty of this land.

The homestay is built in the traditional stilt house style but is equipped with modern and comfortable amenities. The bedrooms here are mainly private rooms with a double bed. The main color tone in the room is light yellow combined with wooden ceiling and yellow light to create a warm and extremely chill space.

The spacious yard in front of the homestay’s house is fully utilized to welcome visitors. This place is both a free parking space for visitors and a place to organize extremely interesting BBQ parties. Guests can relax, chat with friends on the patio, admire the beautiful scenery and enjoy delicious BBQ.

IMG Lenin Stream 9

8. Special notes before travelling to Lenin stream

Lenin Stream is located in the relic cluster of Pac Bo, the road to get here is relatively difficult. So you should also prepare yourself with thick sports shoes to move easily in each part of your journey.

The rocky outcrops around the Lenin stream area are quite slippery during the rainy season. So when traveling to visit the Lenin stream you should also be careful. If you stand near the edge of the Lenin stream, you should also be careful. Be careful to avoid slipping and falling into this stream.

When visiting here, you should also maintain general hygiene as well as comply with the management board’s rules set out for tourists.

Some other notes:

  • This tourist destination is located quite far from the Cao Bang city area. Most tourists who visit the Lenin stream tourist destination also stop and stay in Cao Bang. Because there are very few people around the Lenin stream area. Accommodation location and quality are not good, so you should choose hotels in Cao Bang city. However before booking a hotel room you also need to carefully research the quality and price. city of the hotel.
  • The road to Cao Bang as well as Lenin Stream is relatively difficult. If you travel by motorbike, you must be confident in your steering wheel. And if you travel long distances, you should have hand protection. Check your feet and check your car first while traveling to Cao Bang and Lenin stream.
  • Cao Bang is a high mountain area in the mountains of Northern Vietnam and the temperature often changes with the seasons. So if you travel in the winter, prepare yourself with damp clothes, because in winter Cao Bang is also relatively cold. It’s not only the cold of the northeast monsoon but it is also affected by the cold of the altitude. In the summer, Cao Bang’s weather is also cooler, so you can choose the right clothes. Compact and lightweight for easy travel at Lenin Stream as well as a few other locations in Cao Bang.

It’s worth a visit Lenin Stream

When traveling to Cao Bang Ban Gioc waterfall, don’t forget to visit the Pac Bo national historical relic site to admire the natural, simple but also very poetic beauty of the Lenin stream.

Please contact the Origin Vietnam team immediately – a professional tour to Cao Bang organizer from Hanoi, with a team of enthusiastic, dedicated tour consultants and guides with a deep understanding of this land. We will take you on a journey to discover Lenin stream with breathtaking natural landscapes and unforgettable experiences.

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