Le Pass
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Le Pass

Le Pass is often mentioned in the adventure travel community because of its winding and difficult road. Recently, this destination has become more and more famous, famous for its majestic natural scenery. And Deo Le chicken specialties that attract tourists.

Furthermore, Le Pass is also located in a prime geographical area, extremely attractive with poetic natural landscapes. This place is also relating with many historical achievements that everyone wants to explore and conquer. Let’s learn more about this special pass with Origin Vietnam.

IMG Le Pass

1. Where is Le Pass?

Le Pass is a long and steep road in Que Long commune, Que Son district, Quang Nam province, Vietnam. Le Pass is nearly 60 km northwest of Tam Ky city, more than 47 km west of Hoi An and nearly 70 km southwest of Da Nang.

2. How is Le Pass unique?

Le Pass is about 7 km long, with a steep slope of up to 500m. Passing over the shoulder of Hon Tau mountain and connecting the Central and Western regions of Que Son district. With its rugged terrain, deep abysses and many undulating rocky outcrops. The pass has become an attractive backpacking destination in Quang Nam. For those who love adventure and exploration.

This landscape is “charming mountains and water” with fresh Nuoc Mat stream and famous delicious bamboo chicken specialties. Or surrounding tourist destinations that are wild, interesting, and contain many fascinating things. It brings visitors unique and unforgettable experiences.

Once you reach Le Pass, you will see that the hardships and fatigue you have just gone through are completely worth it. The scenery here is full of the green of majestic mountains, pristine nature and extremely airy air. Looming below are a few scattered houses of people, hidden among the immense mountains and forests, peaceful and quiet.

3. History of Le Pass

With the above geographical location, Le Pass has become one of the routes that extremely attracts adventurous tourists to come and explore. Previously, Le Pass was located in the Que Son district. It was not until April 2008, when a number of communes in the west of Que Son separated and established Nong Son district. Then this pass became the boundary between the two midland and mountainous districts.

Le Pass is relating with many memories of war and history. In the past, this place was densely wooded, with mountain slopes touching clouds or deep and dangerous abysses. However, people have discovered ways to easily buy, sell and exchange agricultural and seafood products with each other. People crossing the pass are often very miserable and tired. The name Le Pass also originates from here.

In the year of the Ox 1937, some famous artists from Que Son such as Nguyen Dinh Hien, Nguyen Dinh Duong… explored and expanded this pass. After 2 years, the road was completed and people could easily trade.

Before Deputy Nguyen Dinh Hien opened the pass, there was also Nguyen Duy Hieu – leader of the Can Vuong movement who chose the Trung Loc valley as a base, the New Trung Loc Province. He also replaced the famous scholar Tran Van Du as Chairman of the Quang Nam Association in early 1886 with Phan Ba ​​Phien. Here, soldiers can attack the enemy from all directions and is a solid natural defense wall for the base.

However, the Quang Nam Nghia Hoi resistance failed, and Nguyen Duy Hieu was executed immediately afterward. However, Le Que Son pass is still one of the important natural walls. Later, the area west of Le Pass was also an important base in the resistance war against the French and Americans.

4. When is the best time to visit Le Pass?

According to our Quang Nam travel experience, the weather here is beautiful in every season, and each time will bring its own beauty. However, the most ideal time to explore Le pass is still from February to August. At this time, the weather is sunny, no rain, cool and pleasant. It is convenient for moving and experiencing outdoor activities. Specifically, the weather in Quang Nam at each time of the year is as follows:

  • Rainy season: Lasts from September to December. At this time, Central Vietnam in general and Quang Nam in particular are often affected by storms and low pressure, which will more or less affect your travel plans.
  • Dry season: From February to August, Quang Nam’s weather is sunny. Traveling to Quang Nam at this time is very convenient to visit and explore famous tourist destinations here.
IMG Le Pass 2

5. How to get to Le Pass from Da Nang city?

  • Starting from Da Nang city, you go to National Highway 1A heading south about 35km. Going forward, you will come to Huong An intersection, Que Son district, Quang Nam.
  • From here, you move to provincial road DT 611 and continue west about 30km.
  • At this point, you will come across an asphalt road leading up to Le Pass.

As soon as you step foot on the pass, you will be overwhelmed by the charming scenery and forget all the fatigue on the way.

6. Activities and experiences at Le Pass

6.1 Admiring the beautiful landscape of Le Pass

IMG Le Pass 1

Le Que Son Pass is famous for being a wildland with hundreds of steps built up to the swimming pool. Besides, this place also has the extremely poetic and majestic Mat stream. Coming to Le Pass, you will impress by the green trees, gurgling streams and fresh air.

This place is also a scenic spot for many adventure lover with a large space covered in natural green. In addition to admiring the landscape, you can bathe, swim or play here.

6.2 Bathing, swimming, relaxing at Nuoc Mat stream – Le pass

IMG Nuoc Mat Stream Le Pass

At the top of Le Pass, you will encounter Nuoc Mat stream flowing all year round. The water here is clear blue, the lake surface is calm with majestic and poetic nature on both sides. In addition, right at the foot of the stream there is an artificial lake built into an ecological lake to help visitors freely play.

When going up Nuoc Mat stream in Le pass, you can also admire the small, gurgling streams that are extremely soothing and relaxing. Around the waterfall, you will see small myrtle trees, purple magnolia or magnolia trees. And finally, when visitors set foot on the waterfall’s source, they will see a beautiful and majestic stream of water rushing down.

You will freely soak in the cool water and watch the sunlight shine on the waterfall. On Tet holidays, people often gather and flock to Nuoc Mat stream to play, swim or rest. It can be affirmed that Nuoc Mat Deo Le is a charming place of mountains and water, a place in the Hon Tau range that tourists should not miss.

6.3 Visiting Dai Binh fruit village

Dai Binh fruit village is also referred to by people as “a miniature Southern region”. This place has a variety of fruits from durian, mangosteen, sapoche, star apple to lekima fruit… To go to Dai Binh village, you have to go through Le Que Son pass and then go to Trung town. Phuoc, Nong Son district capital and take a boat to the village.

Dai Binh fruit village is also a place that attracts many famous poets such as Hoang Chau Ky, Khuong Huu Dung, Thu Bon, Tuong Linh… It was the founder Huynh Chau who brought the seeds of the Southern orchard here. this place. In addition to a variety of fruits, this is also an area of ​​extremely high quality mulberry and handmade sugar cane.

When tourists visit Dai Binh fruit village, you will feel the enthusiasm and friendliness of the people. You can rest at any fruit garden and enjoy it or take it home.

6.4 Visiting the Hon Tau – Le Pass memorial area

IMG The Hon Tau Le Pass Memorial Area

Hon Tau – Deo Le Memorial Area was inaugurated on December 18, 2022. This is a project aimed at expressing deep gratitude to the great sacrifices of heroes and martyrs who won independence, freedom for the Fatherland.

Besides, all officials also evaluated that the Hon Tau – Deo Le Memorial Area was constructed in harmony, in accordance with the environmental landscape of the mountains and hills here. The project has historical and cultural properties and is a tourist attraction that brings many economic benefits to the locality here.

6.5 Stopping to explore Tram Trung Phuoc handicraft village

IMG Tram Trung Phuoc Handicraft Village Le Pass 2

When passing a section of Le Que Son pass, visitors will encounter a vast forest of Aquilaria trees. This place called Trung Phuoc Agarwood craft village or Trung Phuoc agarwood landscape village in Que Trung commune, Nong Son district, Quang Nam.

Coming here, you will feel the ecstatic scent of incense spreading to every space and corner. Tram Trung Phuoc handicraft village is closely relating with the name Nguyen Truong Bo. He was the one who brought wild agarwood trees to the house and created the village’s first ancient agarwood tree (May 1985).

Currently, Tram Trung Phuoc fine art village has more than 40 agarwood and fine art production establishments with more than 300 employees. Not only sold domestically, the agarwood village also has customers from Korea, Taiwan or China coming to visit and make consumption contracts. Normally, the village’s products will focus on beads, figurines made of agarwood… at affordable prices.

Because of that, the revenue of Trung Phuoc Agarwood craft village increased significantly, reaching about 10 billion VND/year. More specifically, in 2010, Nong Son district planned an industrial – commercial – service cluster to develop agarwood with an area of ​​30 hectares.

6.6 Experiencing the atmosphere of Trung Phuoc countryside market

Traveling to Le Quang Nam Pass, you should not miss Trung Phuoc market. Trung Phuoc Market is located in Trung Phuoc town, Nong Son district, Quang Nam province. Although this is just a simple, traditional and somewhat ancient rural market area, Trung Phuoc market is still an attractive destination for tourists to visit.

The market formed in the 18th century under the Thai Duc and Tay Son dynasties and people restored in the first half of the 20th century. This place is a bustling and bustling trading place with mainly forestry and land products. Specialties in Quang Nam such as fish, chicken, etc. When coming to the market, visitors should try the experience of sitting on a boat around the river to see the bustling and busy market scene of people here and there.

7. Enjoying specialties when exploring Le Pass

The most attractive thing for diners when coming to Le Pass is probably the famous bamboo chicken. The special feature of the bamboo chickens here compared to other locations is that the chickens are raised on the pass. Therefore, the meat is extremely firm, has a delicious taste and the chicken body is small. More specifically, people boiled Le pass bamboo chicken by the water upstream of Mat stream. This is the secret to helping this dish become a specialty in Que Son land in particular and Quang Nam specialty in general.

Diners can tear their own delicious pieces of chicken. Dip them in salt and green chili pepper, and sip a glass of Que Trung wine. All of these things help many tourists praise the delicious Bamboo Chicken of Le Pass. If you want to eat this specialty bamboo chicken, you can only set foot at Le Pass. Visitors can find shops spread along the foot of the eastern pass or halfway up the pass, the top of the pass sells bamboo chicken.

8. Accommodation when traveling to Le Pass

Le Pass is located very close to the center of Dong Phu town, Que Son district. Therefore, if you want to experience this place for more than a day or come here in the late afternoon. This is a reasonable place to stay overnight.

  • Quang Loi Guest House. Address: 90 Trung Nu Vuong, Dong Phu Town, Que Son, Quang Nam.
  • Mai Huong Guest House. Address: 44 Do Quang, Dong Phu, Que Son, Quang Nam.
  • Completed Motel. Address: Que Chau, Que Son, Quang Nam.
  • Tan Phu Guest House. Address: 10 Phan Thanh, Dong Phu Town, Que Son, Quang Nam.
  • Phuong Dong Motel. Address: Provincial Road 611, Phu Tho, Que Son, Quang Nam
  • Dai Thanh Guest House. Address: Huong An, Que Son, Quang Nam.
  • Nguyet Vu Guest House. Address: 92 Trung Nu Vuong, Dong Phu Town, Que Son, Quang Nam.

With its wild, majestic scenery and peaceful, quiet atmosphere. Le Pass becomes a new highlight, bringing interesting experiences in the journey to explore the land of Central Vietnam.

If you are planning your Vietnam tour to explore Le Pass in Quang Nam, please contact Origin Vietnam – a professional tour operator, we will accompany you to visit Le Pass. You will fully feel the beauty of nature and the simplicity and friendliness of the people living in this beautiful land.

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