Lam dong Travel Guide

All things need to know before travelling to Lam Dong

Lam Dong is famous as one of the provinces in the Central Highlands region. It’s located on the Lam Vien plateau at an altitude of about 1,500m. Moreover, this is a land with a long history of formation and development. This place also preserves many cultural and historical vestiges of different ethnic groups.

Besides, this is also where major annual festivals take place, such as the Da Lat Flower Festival, the Gong Festival, etc. With a temperate, cool climate all year round, Lam Dong is an ideal resort for those who want to relax. Relax, seek tranquility, explore nature. Let’s explore interesting things in this beautiful land with Origin Vietnam.

1. Where is Lam Dong?

Lam Dong belongs to the Southern Central Highlands with mostly mountains, plateaus and large river and stream systems. About 300 km from Ho Chi Minh, 270 km from Bien Hoa, 340 km from Vung Tau, 210 km from Nha Trang. With geographical location:

  • The Northeast borders Khanh Hoa province.
  • The East borders Ninh Thuan province.
  • The West borders Dak Nong, the Southwest borders Dong Nai and Binh Phuoc provinces.
  • The South and Southeast border Binh Thuan province.
  • The North borders Dak Lak province.

2. How is Lam Dong unique?

Lam Dong is also famous for Da Lat, the most attractive tourist city in the country. Especially, it is known as “the city of thousands of flowers”, “the land of cherry blossoms”, “the city of mist”,…

Actually, with many natural advantages, human creativity and unique indigenous culture, Lam Dong has become an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

3. When is the best time to visit Lam Dong?

The terrain is mainly mountains and plateaus. So the climate here has two main seasons: rainy season and dry season. The weather in Lam Dong is cool all year round and the temperature ranges from 18 – 25oC, so you can travel to Lam Dong at any time of the year.

  • From December to March: white apricot blossom and cherry apricot blossom season
  • March: purple poinciana flower season
  • April – June: sunflower, lavender, hydrangea season.
  • July: white reed grass
  • September – October: wild sunflowers.

Above are some notes to help you arrange your schedule to suit your interests, in addition to discovering the unique features of Lam Dong and admiring the flowers you love.

4. How to get to Lam Dong?

With the advantage of Lien Khuong airport, 34km from Da Lat city center. Moving to Lam Dong, even if you are in 3 regions, is very convenient.

4.1. Traveling by plane:

To save travel time, flying is the best choice. From big cities Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Can Tho, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hue, Phu Quoc,… there are daily flights to Da Lat.

From Lien Khuong airport, you can call a taxi to Da Lat, or book a private car.

4.2. Traveling by bus:

If traveling from Ho Chi Minh, you can choose a bus for your journey. There are many bus companies coming to Da Lat with all types of sleeper and seat buses. Or you can choose a Vip Limousine.

4.3.Travel by train:

Da Lat Station is one of the most beautiful train stations in Indochina and the oldest in our country today.

However, Da Lat Station currently does not serve passengers from other localities. Only exploits the Da Lat – Phan Rang route. Tourists near the Ninh Thuan – Binh Thuan area can use this vehicle to travel to Da Lat.

Or you can choose to book train tickets and travel to Nha Trang, then use the bus service from Nha Trang directly to Da Lat.

4.4. Traveling by motorbike:

If you love to explore and conquer the breathtaking beauty of the Central Highlands mountains and forests, motorbikes are the ideal choice for you. However, you need to pay attention to your health, vehicle, and weather to move appropriately.

5. Sightseeings in Lam Dong

Lam Dong attracts the attention of tourists nationwide thanks to the rich beauty bestowed by nature. Join us to explore places not to be missed when traveling to Lam Dong:

5.1. Da Lat:

Da Lat city is known as the “city of flowers”, it is famous for its cool climate all year round, many ancient villas, colorful flower gardens and many attractive tourist destinations.

5.2. Love Valley:

Located about 5km from the center of Da Lat, Love Valley is a poetic tourist area with many majestic natural landscapes. With cool, fresh air, the scenery here is green all year round. In addition, there are many interesting games that promise to bring you great experiences.

5.3. Dambri Waterfall:

Located in the Dambri ecotourism area. This is a complex of waterfalls located interspersed between mountains and forests. Dambri is a majestic waterfall, the water flows from a height of 90m down, whitening the entire area. Coming here, visitors can admire the fresh, clean air and participate in interesting activities.

5.4. Dalat flower garden:

Located on Ba Huyen Thanh Quan street, next to Xuan Huong Lake. Dalat Flower Garden was built in 1966. With an area of more than 7,000 square meters, it is one of the largest flower gardens in Vietnam and ranks among the top in the world.

Coming here, you will experience the diversity of Dalat’s flower seasons with many rare flowers imported from home and abroad. Dalat Flower Garden is a symbol of natural beauty, a wonderful paradise waiting for you to explore.

5.5. Langbiang mountain

Langbiang Mountain is located in Lac Duong district, 12km north of Da Lat city center. It is considered the “roof” of Da Lat, and an attractive tourist destination of Lam Dong.

Lang Biang is an ideal place for tourists who like to exercise with new games, climb mountains, conquer Lang Biang peak, paraglide… or walk through the forest.

5.6. Dalat Railway Station:

Da Lat Station was built from 1932 to 1938. The station was designed by two French architects, Moncet and Reveron. Here, there are still old steam-powered train cars and old railway tracks tinged with time.

Da Lat Station is considered the most beautiful ancient train station in Vietnam and Indochina, associated with the history of formation and development of the foggy city. Don’t miss this place when coming to Da Lat.

5.7. Bao Dai Palace

Bao Dai Palace was built in French architectural style. This is where King Bao Dai used to work, rest and live with his family while he was in power. Not only is it a unique architectural work, Bao Dai Palace also has many profound historical meanings.

Bao Dai Palace is a destination for those who love the country’s history, love French architecture, and want to admire precious antiques.

6. Specialties when traveling to Lam Dong

When traveling to Lam Dong, with the diversity of ethnic groups living in the area. Visitors will enjoy many unique specialties, with flavors of the mountains and forests, that only this place can have. Let’s explore the dishes here with Origin Vietnam:

6.1. Artichoke soup with pork trotters

Artichoke is a herb with many uses, so artichoke is often recommended by nutritionists. Because it contains many nutrients and beneficial minerals, artichoke is very good for human health.

This is an indispensable dish in the meals of the people of the land of thousands of flowers. Made from main ingredients: artichoke flowers, pork trotters. Enjoying pork trotters or artichokes, you will feel the cool taste of flowers, rich in each piece of meat that no other dish can mix.

6.2. Grilled rice paper

In the evening, walking around DaLat night market or Xuan Huong Lake, you will meet street vendors preparing this rustic dish. The main ingredients that create the appeal of the dish are rice paper, eggs with a little fried onion, pork sausage, dried beef or shrimp. Depending on your preference, you can add a little chili sauce or mayonnaise to add a rich flavor to the dish.

6.3. Com Nieu Da Lat

People prepared rice from a pot with a hot golden layer. When enjoying pot rice in Da Lat, you will experience the unique flavor of the dish. Rustic, rustic dishes such as braised fish, stir-fried vegetables, artichoke soup, steamed vegetables, etc. are arranged on the dining table to create a colorful and attractive meal.

6.4. Banh Can Da Lat

This is a very popular cake in Da Lat. Made from glutinous rice flour, poured into a small round mold and grilled on a charcoal stove. The filling includes ingredients such as shrimp, minced meat, squid, bruised beef, eggs, etc. When eaten, combine with raw vegetables.

Just take a bite to feel the crispy crust, fragrant egg filling, served with onion fish sauce, and shumai gradually melting in your mouth.

6.5. Da Lat Grilled Food

With the cool weather in Da Lat, there is nothing better than enjoying grilled dishes.You can choose a variety of grilled meats, such as chicken, pork, beef, seafood, vegetables… whatever you like. At eateries and restaurants there are also many grilled dishes in Korean, Thai style, … many choices for you.

6.6. Dalat avocado ice cream

For those who love sweets. Avocado ice cream is an option that you should not miss when visiting this place. Made from fragrant, fatty, rich wax butter combined with sweet condensed milk. When enjoying it, you will feel each piece of butter melting in your mouth.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Lam Dong

When coming to Lam Dong, visitors can choose accommodation services in Da Lat, so that they can conveniently travel to visit places in Lam Dong more easily.

Below are some suggested hotels and homestays for you to choose from

  • Colline Hotel. Address: 10 Phan Boi Chau, Ward 1, Da Lat City, Lam Dong.
  • Mercure Dalat Resort. Address: 03 Nguyen Du Street, Da Lat City, Lam Dong.
  • MerPerle Dalat Hotel. Address: 1 D. Hung Vuong, Ward 10, Da Lat City, Lam Dong.
  • Terracotta Hotel & Resort Dalat. Address: Functional subdivision 7.9 Tuyen Lam lake tourist area, Ward 3, Lam Dong.
  • Golf Valley Hotel Dalat. Address: 94 Bui Thi Xuan Street, Ward 2, Da Lat City, Lam Dong.

Lam Dong is always a destination for tourists who love nature, explore and learn about the history of Vietnam. If you are still wondering where to go this summer, don’t hesitate to come to Lam Dong, you certainly won’t regret coming here. Please contact us immediately. Origin Vietnam’s tours in Lam Dong will bring you a unique and wonderful travel experience.

With professionalism, dedication and deep understanding of this place. We will help you discover all that Lam Dong has to offer. Choose Origin Travel to have a memorable trip in Lam Dong.

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