Khau Coc Cha Pass


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Khau Coc Cha Pass

If viewed from a distance, Khau Coc Cha Pass (Me Pia Pass). It’s looks like a giant snake winding into a steep 14-storey slope with challenging turns. Therefore, Khau Coc Cha Pass is considered one of the most dangerous passes in Cao Bang. But is also a favorite place for tourists who love adventure and explore nature in vast mountains and forests. Let’s explore this majestic pass with Origin Vietnam.

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1. Where is Khau Coc Cha Pass?

Khau Coc Cha Pass is also known as Me Pia Pass or 14-storey pass. It’s located in Xuan Truong commune, Bao Lac district, Cao Bang province, Vietnam, close to the border with China. About 90 km northwest of Cao Bang city and about 315 km north of Hanoi capital.

2. How is Khau Coc Cha Pass unique?

Although the pass is less than 2.5km long, Khau Coc Cha Pass is extremely famous for its steep, steep road forming 14 winding floors in the middle of the mountain. Because the pass is a vertical slope, building 14 floors is to create 14 bends with a lower slope. That vehicles can move more easily.

Khau Coc Cha Pass has become an indispensable part of the lives of indigenous communities since ancient times. But it was not until 2009 that construction on this pass began and was completed in 2011. Since then, Khau Coc Cha Pass took on a new shape, from an old narrow trail only about 40cm wide. Now it has become a spacious 5m wide road.

Although the road has been widened, conquering Khau Coc Cha pass does not become easy. With continuous bends and sharp turns, each stretch of road on Khau Coc Cha Pass requires your utmost concentration. However, for those who love adventure and want to conquer challenging routes like Khau Coc Cha pass, this is the ideal place.

Every time you successfully conquer each level of the pass, your reward is a wonderful scene that cannot be described in words alone. At the top of the pass, you will admire the wild and majestic scenery of Northeast Vietnam. The rolling hills and mountains create a beautiful scene along with the smooth white clouds that bring a peaceful and poetic feeling.

3. When is the best time to visit Khau Coc Cha Pass?

To conquer the 14-storey Khau Coc Cha Pass in Cao Bang. You should choose a suitable time to travel and enjoy. The ideal time to travel here is from August to September. Because during these two months, the weather at Khau Coc Cha pass is very pleasant. Especially gentle sunshine, little rain, cool and fresh temperature.

Therefore, choosing to conquer Khau Coc Cha pass at this time will help you have moments of complete enjoyment throughout the journey. Moreover, this is also the season of ripe golden rice, creating a more beautiful and perfect scene for this Khau Coc Cha pass.

If you wish to experience a different scenery, January to March is also an interesting time to visit. The weather is moderately warm, not too cold nor too hot. Furthermore, during this time pear, peach and plum flowers bloom throughout the pass, creating a harmonious image that captivates those who come here to visit.

Note: Because Khau Coc Cha Pass is located in a high mountain area. So the weather here is often very harsh and erratic. During the winter from October to December, a lot of snow falls and makes the road more dangerous than ever. Especially during the rainy season from May to August, the roads are quite slippery, making travel difficult and requiring good driving skills.

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4. How to get to Khau Coc Cha pass?

4.1 From Hanoi To Cao Bang City

4.1.1 By Coach

From Hanoi to Cao Bang city, there are many means of transportation from passenger cars, rental cars, self-driving cars to motorbikes. Among them, passenger cars are the most optimal choice in terms of both cost and time. You can also easily find a suitable bus with a flexible schedule at My Dinh bus station to travel to Ha Giang city.

4.1.2 By Private vehicles

For tourists who want to travel by private car or motorbike to fully experience the beautiful roads. You can rent a car in Hanoi to travel to Cao Bang city or you can book a private tour package to Ban Gioc Cao Bang here.

Particularly for large tour groups, if you have a driver’s license, you can rent a self-driving car to proactively start your trip to Cao Bang city. Detailed directions for cars: From Hanoi, you can drive towards Hanoi – Lang Son highway, then follow National Highway 4 to reach Cao Bang.

Detailed route instructions for motorbikes: Travelers traveling by motorbike can move in the direction of Thanh Tri bridge, onto Hanoi – Thai Nguyen highway. After that, you continue to take Thai Nguyen – Cho Moi highway to Bac Kan. Then follow National Highway 3 to Phu Thong – Ngan Son – Cao Bang.

4.2 From Cao Bang City To Khau Coc Cha Pass

Starting from the center of Cao Bang city, tourists travel along Pac Bo inner city road => DT203 provincial road in the Northwest direction for about 17 km and then meet a fork. From here, you turn left onto provincial road DT204 and go about 43 km in the Northwest direction and come to another intersection. You continue to go straight along the inter-district road west for about 26 km more to reach Khau Coc Cha pass.

4.2.1 Traveling by motorbike

For those who are passionate about exploration. Exploring Khau Coc Cha pass by motorbike can be an exciting challenge. The journey to cross this pass will satisfy any tourist’s passion for discovery. But it is important that you must be careful with a “spirit of steel” and a steady steering wheel. Because many parts of the pass are very steep and meandering.

The motorbike journey to Khau Coc Cha pass will start from Cao Bang city to Xuan Truong commune. Please ask local people about Ms. Nong Van Ngoan’s water shop next to the 14-storey slope at Xuan Truong heaven gate. This is a great stop for you to admire the entire beauty of Khau Coc Cha pass.

4.2.2 Traveling by Trekking

Another way to get to Khau Coc Cha pass that you can keep in your travel guide is trekking – hiking. The journey of walking over Khau Coc Cha pass will bring you an exciting trekking experience in Vietnam as you admire the wild and majestic natural scenery.

From the top of the hill, you can admire the entire unique beauty of the pass with 14 winding floors. To reach the top of Khau Coc Cha pass. You will have to go through a winding forest road, with some extremely steep sections. Along the way, you will come across a small local water shop to rest and regain your strength.

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5. Exploring the beauty of Khau Coc Cha Pass

Although it is not a name included in the “Four Great Passes” of Vietnam, Khau Coc Cha Pass is always a favorite destination for tourists when traveling to Cao Bang. The rugged and challenging nature of the pass and the picturesque scenery when viewing the panorama from above are the reasons for people to explore Khau Coc Cha Pass more.

Looking at the panoramic view of the pass. You will see dangerous bends, winding sections and surrounded by steep mountains beside endless abysses. Because of the hidden danger, anyone traveling on the pass must have a steady hand, drive safely and obey traffic laws.

From the top of the pass, you will see a small shop selling water. You can stop by here to ask for directions through the forest. And buy water for your trekking journey. The road to the viewing point of Khau Coc Cha pass is not too difficult. So the local people will guide you on the fastest way to reach this beautiful pass.

Don’t be discouraged because walking in the forest can make you feel tired. But the panorama of the 14-storey Khau Coc Cha pass appearing before your eyes is the moment you see that your efforts are rewarded. The entire pass looks like a giant snake slithering up the mountain. Or more dreamy, the scenery of the pass is like a strip of gray-white silk standing out among the green mountains and forests.

When you have the opportunity to admire the panoramic beauty of Khau Coc Cha pass. You will see the majesty and grandeur of this project. On sunny days, the scenery here is magnificent and magnificent. On cloudy days, the scene becomes even more mysterious and magical. You definitely cannot miss the opportunity to take lots of virtual photos.

6. Specialties when traveling to Khau Coc Cha pass

When traveling to Khau Coc Cha Pass. You will not only admire the majestic and poetic natural landscape. But you will also have the opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes in this beautiful land of Cao Bang.

IMG Roasted Duck With 7 Flavors Cao Bang

6.1 Roast duck with 7 flavors

Among the delicious dishes of Cao Bang, it is impossible not to mention the 7-flavored roasted duck – a culinary icon that cannot be missed. With golden, crispy skin on the outside, inside is a blend of soft, sweet meat and 7 typical spices, this roasted duck dish is unforgettable to any visitor who has enjoyed it.

6.2 Ant egg cake

Another unique specialty when coming to Khau Coc Cha Pass – Cao Bang is ant egg cake, a masterpiece whose main ingredient is ant eggs. The crust is made from fragrant glutinous rice flour, the filling is young ant eggs, all combined and wrapped with fig leaves to create a delicate flavor.

6.3 Sour pork

In addition, sour pork – a specialty of the Muong ethnic group in Cao Bang. It’s also a Cao Bang specialty that you should not miss. This dish is made from low-fat pork marinated with spices and incubated in bamboo tubes. After the fermentation process, the sour pork dish becomes fragrant and unique and is an indispensable part of the culinary menu of Cao Bang.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Khau Coc Cha pass

When traveling to Khau Coc Cha Pass, visitors can refer to some of the accommodation facilities below:

7.1 Hotels:

  • Song Gam Hotel. Address: Highway 34, Residential Group 11, Bao Lac Town, Bao Lac, Cao Bang.
  • Thuy Duong Hotel. Address: Area 1, Bao Lac Town, Bao Lac, Cao Bang.
  • Duc Tai Hotel. Address: Bao Lac Town, Bao Lac, Cao Bang.
  • Quy Anh Hotel. Address: Area 3, Bao Lac Town, Bao Lac, Cao Bang.

7.2 Guesthouses:

  • Viet Hoang Guesthouse. Address: Area 6, Bao Lac Town, Bao Lac, Cao Bang.
  • Duc Anh Guesthouse. Address: Area 11 Bao Lac Town, Bao Lac, Cao Bang.
  • Guest house of Bao Lac district People’s Committee. Address: Area 3, Bao Lac Town, Bao Lac, Cao Bang.
  • Linh Giang Guest House. Address: Group 10, Hong Tri, Bao Lac, Cao Bang.

7.3 Homestays:

  • Bao Lac Traditional Homestay. Address: Cau, Bao Lac town, Bao Lac, Cao Bang.
  • Sunny Bao Lac Homestay. Address: Road 217, Bao Lac town, Bao Lac, Cao Bang.

8. What should you prepare when conquering Khau Coc Cha Pass?

One of the indispensable items for the trip to conquer Khau Coc Cha Pass is a raincoat. With harsh mountain pass terrain and unstable weather, owning a quality raincoat will help you avoid getting drenched in sudden rains. And maintain your health throughout the trip.

In addition, when driving a motorbike on Khau Coc Cha pass. Beside a motorbike glove will help protect your hands from the effects of cold wind. And scratches due to collisions with the road. This also means that you will be able to focus more on driving and enjoy the wonderful feeling of conquering.

If you decide to go to Khau Coc Cha pass in winter, a warm jacket is also an indispensable item. This will help you feel more comfortable during times of dropping temperatures. But ensure your health when participating in outdoor activities.

Finally, a helmet and sunglasses are also two necessary items to help protect your head and eyes while driving on Khau Coc Cha pass. In addition, you should prepare additional items. Such as: bottled water, snacks, maps and motorbike repair tools, to ensure your backpacking trip is complete and successful.

9. Some other famous tourist attractions near Khau Coc Cha pass

9.1 Ma Phuc Pass

IMG Ma Phuc Pass Cao Bang 4

If you love exploring mountain passes, besides Khau Coc Cha Pass. There is another ideal place that you cannot miss: Ma Phuc Pass. It’s difficult to resist, but no less attractive, with steep climbs up to 7 floors on the mountain. Coming here, you will feel the charm of the wild and enchanting scenery of the mountains and forests of Northeast Vietnam.

9.2 Ban Gioc Waterfall

Essence Of Northern Vietnam Ban Gioc Waterfall

Ban Gioc Waterfall is as beautiful as a vivid picture with the main and secondary waterfalls clearly dividing between Vietnam and China. When you come here, you will admire the beautiful Ban Gioc waterfall, appearing bright white like a weave of silk fabric amid the majestic mountains and forests, creating an unforgettable image in the minds of visitors.

9.3 Thang Hen Lake

IMG Thang Hen Lake Cao Bang 2

Thang Hen Lake is like a pearl in the heart of the vast mountains and forests of Cao Bang province. With a clear blue lake surface like a sparkling mirror surrounded by deep green mountains and forests. Especially the beauty of Thang Hen Lake will make you captivated. When you come here, you can immerse yourself in the natural space and experience kayaking right on the lake.

9.4 Magic Eye Mountain

IMG Thung Mountain 3

Magic Eye Mountain, also known as Hole Mountain, stands out with a unique hole through both sides of the mountain. This place is also part of the Thang Hen lake complex. Magic Eye Mountain is not only an attractive check-in point. But also gives you a picture of wild and quiet nature. You can camp here to experience peace under the stars and by the campfire with interesting companions.

Khau Coc Cha Pass is one of the most beautiful and dangerous passes in the northern mountainous region of Vietnam. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to travel to Cao Bang, in addition to exploring other famous coordinates, give yourself a little time to come here to admire the majestic beauty of this 14-storey pass.

With a team of consultants, tour operators and experienced and dedicated local guides, Origin Vietnam – a professional local tour operator, will make your Vietnam tour to Cao Bang meaningful and much more complete.

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