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Huu Lung

Huu Lung is a famous tourist destination in the midland and mountainous region of Northeast Vietnam. Not only does it make many people bewildered and fascinated by the majestic natural picture of limestone mountains, green steppes and peaceful, quiet villages. You also have the opportunity to learn more about the cultural and historical beauty of Lang through unique temples, pagodas and relics. Follow the Origin Travel team to discover the hidden gems of Huu Lung, Lang Son now.

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1. Where is Huu Lung?

Huu Lung is a midland district of Lang Son province, belonging to a strip of land connecting the mountainous midlands and the Northern Delta of Vietnam. About 80 km southwest of Lang Son city and 120 km northeast of Hanoi capital.

About geographical location:

  • The East borders Chi Lang district and Luc Ngan district of Bac Giang province.
  • The West borders Vo Nhai district of Thai Nguyen province and Yen The district of Bac Giang province.
  • The South borders Luc Nam district and Lang Giang district of Bac Giang province.
  • The north borders Bac Son district and Van Quan district.

2. How is Huu Lung unique?

Known as a famous tourist destination, Huu Lung district possesses many beautiful landscapes from rolling mountains, green steppes to stretching rice fields. There are also ancient temples, pagodas and relics imbued with the cultural identity of the mountainous people.

Huu Lung also has diverse habitats with special-use forests, caves, rocky mountains, and majestic waterfalls. It is an attractive community ecotourism destination with many values ​​of historical relics, culture, festivals and folk games.

Standing out among the flat wet rice valleys are spacious, airy stilt houses located halfway up the mountains and clouds of the jungle, like a captivating watercolor painting.

In the traditional stilt houses of the ethnic people here, you will experience the simple daily life. This place will bring visitors moments of relaxation and relaxation after a tiring period of work.

IMG Bac Mo Huu Lung Lang Son

3. When is the best time to travel to Huu Lung?

Thanks to the cool and fresh climate all year round, you can arrange a trip to Huu Lung at any time of the year. However, there are also two very special periods of time that you should pay attention to:

  • From July to October will be the rainy season, so many areas are flooded with water. The green grass carpet will no longer be there, but will be replaced by a magnificent scene true to the “golden forest and silver sea”. If visiting at this time, you will need a boat.
  • From December to March next year, the water will dry up, so it is suitable for tourist activities such as camping, outdoor recreation,…

4. How to get to Huu Lung?

You can go by personal vehicle because the tourist attractions in Huu Lung are located quite far from town and the road is quite bumpy. If you use public transportation, it will be very inconvenient and take a lot of time.

4.1. Travel by motorbike

Huu Lung is only 120 km from Hanoi, riding a motorbike along National Highway 1A will be the simplest way to get here. When you pass through Bac Giang and reach Huu Lung, please note that if you follow this route, there will be a section where motorbikes and cars run together on the same road. So it can be quite dangerous because most vehicles are traveling at high speeds.

4.2. Travel by car

If traveling by car, the journey to Huu Lung will be safer because you can drive on the highway. You should follow the Hanoi – Lang Son route, go to the toll station on Provincial Road 242 and exit the highway. Finally, continue on National Highway 1A to Huu Lung.

5. Sightseeing in Huu Lung

5.1. Yen Thinh rice fields

Yen Thinh commune is memorable with its vast fields. You have the opportunity to come here during the ripe rice season, welcoming you will be a picture of nature wearing a shiny, poetic golden color. Compared to other areas in Lang Son, the rice fields in Yen Thinh are mostly cut squarely and evenly close together, thus creating an impressive endless effect.

5.2. Yen Thinh limestone mountain

For those who have traveled to Lang Son before, Yen Thinh limestone mountain is certainly no longer a strange place. Rocky mountains possess highly appreciated physical structures and topography, creating a wild but no less majestic natural landscape. Currently, this place is being exploited as a climbing destination for adventurous tourists.

5.3. Khe Dau Waterfall

Khe Dau Waterfall or Sa Dau Waterfall has water originating from Mo Anh Lake, flowing down limestone ravines to the lowland. The slopes of the waterfall are covered with moss and green. In the summer, the waterfall falls more strongly, creating white foam, creating an extremely magnificent natural scene. Blending into the green of the mountains and forests, this will be the place to bring you impressive selfie photos.

5.4. Spouse Tree

This place is where two bamboo trees are twisted together in the middle of the forest, right next to the road leading to Bac Mo dam. The natural scenery seems even more charming and poetic with a swing overlooking the clear blue lake, not far away is a beautiful small stilt house. This is a tourist destination owned by the people, so it is necessary to visit through locally organized tours.

5.5. Dong Lam steppe

Dong Lam Steppe can be said to be a famous place on the tourist map in Huu Lung. The landscape here changes with the seasons, so each time you visit, you will have the opportunity to enjoy natural beauty in a different way. This area also has enough fun activities and interesting experiences to serve visitors and tourists.

5.6. Huu Lien community ecological village

Huu Lien is the most famous community ecological village in Huu Lung district. This place is surrounded by rolling limestone mountains, in the middle are vast forests and valleys. Besides the beautiful natural landscape, the cultural identity of this place also attracts a large number of tourists to learn and experience. This is the ideal Huu Lung Lang Son tourist destination for those who want to explore the natural beauty and life of mountainous ethnic people.

5.7. Huu Lung Temple

Huu Lung Temple is a place to worship the second great mandarin guarding the Son Lam region – the second son of King Bat Hai Dong Dinh and second in rank among the Five Vi Ton Ong. On the 11th day of the 11th lunar month every year, the Quan Supervisory Temple ceremony will be held here, attracting a large number of local people to offer incense to show their sincerity and pray for luck and peace for their families.

5.8. Bac Le Temple

Bac Le Temple is located on a hill in the southern area of the village of the same name, Tan Thanh commune. Like other Mother Goddess temples, this place worships Cong Dong, Tu Phu, Chu Linh in the four regions of the universe along with deities associated with the locality. Such as Mau Thuong Ngan, Chau Be, Co Be… This is a tourist attraction. shows the unique cultural and religious beauty of Huu Lung Lang Son district.

6. Activities and experiences in Huu Lung

6.1. Camping at Huu Lung Lang Son

If you visit Huu Lung in the dry season, you must definitely try camping activities at Dong Lam steppe. The terrain of this mountainous district has most of the area being flat valleys with green grass, so it is extremely ideal for picnicking or setting up camping tents.

6.2. Mountain climbing

Similar to other mountainous districts, Huu Lung also has areas for trekking and climbing. Currently, Yen Thinh commune, Huu Lung district, has about 5 main climbing spots, 3 secondary spots with many routes at many different levels. Each place is designed by experts who research and develop terrain for this adventure sport.

6.3. Boating

There are countless romantic streams and lakes surrounding Huu Lung district. Therefore, it will not be too difficult for you to find the ideal area for boating to visit and explore. In general, at these locations there will be kayak or SUP board rental services.

6.4. Picking crispy persimmons

Visit Huu Lung Lang Son in October and November, you will have the opportunity to visit crispy persimmon gardens full of fruit and experience the activity of picking fruits yourself. In general, the Huu Lien or Yen Thinh commune area is home to many rose gardens open to visitors. The ticket price includes services such as sightseeing, taking photos, harvesting and enjoying persimmons on the spot.

IMG Grilled Fish Pa Pinh Top 2

7. Specialties when traveling to Huu Lung

When traveling to Huu Lung, you will not only admire the beautiful natural scenery and the fresh and cool atmosphere. You can also enjoy the specialties of this land

7.1. Roast pig

This is an indispensable specialty dish at parties in Lang Son. It is not only delicious but also elaborately prepared and has the unique flavor of Lang. Bite into a piece of roasted meat with the sweetness of well-cooked meat, the aroma of honey spear leaves. Especially the greasy taste of grilled meat, and the meat is richly marinated. Once you eat it, you will remember it forever.

7.2. Stream fish

Stream fish are only 2-3 fingers in size and have many bones. So people in the mountains only fry them to eat both bones and meat, not boil them, braise them, or steam them… The fish are fried in a pan of fat and turn bright yellow. exudes an ecstatic fragrance. The fish head is fat and crispy, the thin scales are prickly due to the hot fat, inside is a layer of fragrant. Also sweet meat, you can even chew the crispy fish bones.

7.3. Grilled spring rolls

Previously, this product was only made during Tet or when the family had a feast. Now, with its own unique flavor, Huu Lung grilled spring rolls have become a specialty dish for tourists coming here.

Ingredients for grilled spring rolls include pork, pork skin, refined salt, mushrooms, MSG, wrapped in many layers of banana leaves. After wrapping for about 2 to 3 days, the spring rolls start to ferment, acquiring a slightly sour taste. That’s when the spring rolls can be eaten. The spring rolls are grilled over charcoal and served with guava leaves, polyscias fruticosa, figs and chili.

7.4. Gourd spring rolls

It is a traditional cake of the people of Huu Lien commune, Huu Lung district. Since ancient times, banh gourd not only impresses with its name but also has a unique feature that attracts many tourists who want to enjoy and experience the baking process. Recently, gourd spring rolls have become one of the unique tourism products of the community tourism village of Huu Lien commune.

7.5. Mountain snails

Mountain snails are quite rare, living in caves in high mountains. People can only catch mountain snails from April to August every year. Mountain snails are often found in the mountains of Huu Lung and Chi Lang districts but are especially abundant in Huu Lien commune, Huu Lung district. Mountain snails usually have moderate shells, thick, crispy meat, rich in flavor and a characteristic aroma.

IMG Huu Lung Lang Son 2

8. Accommodation when traveling to Huu Lung

When traveling to Huu Lung, visitors can refer to some of the accommodation facilities below:

8.1. Hotels:

  • Quynh Anh Hotel. Address: Son Ha, Huu Lung, Lang Son.
  • Mai’s House Huu Lung. Address: Huu Lien, Huu Lung, Lang Son.
  • Tra Linh Hotel. Address: Tra Linh intersection, Dong Tan, Huu Lung, Lang Son.

7.2. Guesthouses:

  • Hoang Anh Song Thuong Guest House. Address: Highway 1A, Son Ha, Huu Lung, Lang Son.
  • Mai Huong Guesthouse. Address: 13 Xuong Giang, Huu Lung Town, Huu Lung, Lang Son.
  • Minh Loc Guest House. Address: Highway 1A, Dong Tan, Huu Lung, Lang Son.
  • Na Hoa Guesthouse. Address: Na Hoa Village, Ho Son, Huu Lung, Lang Son.

7.3. Homestays:

Huu Lung from a quiet and peaceful land has become the most attractive tourist area in Lang Son. The homestay system here is extremely diverse in design and price, not inferior to Da Lat. Furthermore, one can assert that the views here surpass those of Da Lat, thanks to the wildness and majesty of the northern mountains and forests.

The list of the most beautiful homestays here to have an enjoyable trip:

  • Green Forest Homestay Lung Lang Son.
  • Homestay Dong Lam Huu Lung.
  • Homestay Binh Minh.
  • Ngoc Bich Homestay.
  • Homestay Nguyet Nga.

7.4. Camping sites:

This is definitely the most interesting Huu Lung travel experience that you should experience once in your life. Known as a camping paradise, this place is surrounded by countless mountains, rivers and streams. Anywhere can become an ideal stopping place if you have enough camping equipment. Below are the most popular places for young people to camp every time in Huu Lung:

  • Dong Lam steppe – Huu Lien, Huu Lung.
  • Mo Ma mine – Yen Thinh, Huu Lung.
  • Ao Ca – Yen Thinh, Huu Lung.
  • Noong Dung Lake – Huu Lung.
  • Na Lung Valley – Huu Le, Van Quan.

Visit Huu Lung – Lang Son, besides countless beautiful landscapes, welcoming you are also honest and sincere mountain people, along with a lifestyle imbued with national cultural identity.

If you are planning a Lang Son tour to Huu Lung, reach out to Origin Vietnam – a professional tour operator. Our experienced, dedicated, and deeply knowledgeable team of consultants, and local guides will guide you on an exciting tour Vietnam to discover Huu Lung, offering memorable experiences and engaging activities.

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