Hua Tat Pine Forest
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Hua Tat Pine Forest

Hua Tat pine forest spans dozens of hectares with many tall green pines, painting a poetic picture, an ideal destination for tourists to camp, picnic,… Lying back under the canopy of Hua Tat pine forest, the cool green color of the foliage seems to flow down, along with the pure, clear air that you can breathe in to fill your chest in a refreshing way.

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1. Where is Hua Tat pine forest?

Hua Tat is a small village in Van Ho district, Son La province. Hua Tat village is located next to National Highway 6 – the route connecting the capital Hanoi with the Northwest provinces passing through 4 provinces and cities: Hanoi, Hoa Binh, Son La and Dien Bien. About 20 km southeast of Moc Chau town and about 170 km west of Hanoi capital.

2. How is Hua Tat pine forest unique?

Hua Tat pine forest is one of the beautiful pine forests that many tourists love when traveling to Son La. Although not too famous, this pine forest possesses a green, fresh space and poetic beauty.

Coming to Hua Tat pine forest in Van Ho, visitors will have a more realistic experience of the beauty of Son La, the peace and freshness of nature here. It is estimated that the area of this pine forest is about more than 30 hectares, creating an extremely large and green space, covering an entire area of land in Van Ho district.

In this beautiful pine forest in Son La, everything is quiet and wild, only the smell of soil, grass and cool, pleasant air. This place is almost completely separate from the hustle and bustle world outside, leaving only peace and relaxation.

The best thing is probably going to the pine forest early in the morning, you will hear the chirping of birds passing through the branches above, and see the golden rays of sunlight filtering through each leaf.

All gentle, peaceful and pleasant in every moment. That is the reason why this pine forest has a strong attraction to those who love nature, love grass and trees, and love simple things.

In particular, Hua Tat is also where the H’Mong people live with their own cultural identity. Today, Hua Tat has new vitality as indigenous people have developed sustainable community tourism in recent years.

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3. When is the best time to travel to Hua Tat pine forest?

Each season of the year, Hua Tat pine forest has its own beauty. On sunny days, the forest is cool and clear, shimmering with sunlight. On foggy days, the pine forest takes on a dreamy, mysterious beauty.

However, according to Son La travel experience, the appropriate time to go to Hua Tat pine forest is on summer days. This will be an ideal place to avoid the heat and help you escape the stuffiness and heat in the city.

4. How to get to Hua Tat pine forest

4.1. By road

From Hanoi, you can travel to Son La by sleeper bus, buses depart daily at My Dinh Bus Station or the bus station behind Son La guest house (378 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan). . With a distance of about 170 km, the travel time takes about 3-3.5 hours.

For large groups, you can rent a private car or drive your own car because the distance is not too far, especially for groups of friends who want to travel and experience at the same time.

However, if you want to travel by motorbike, you must remember to bring full insurance, identification documents, travel in groups, strictly obey traffic laws and especially always pay attention to speed and be careful of safety.

4.2. By airlines

If tourists depart from provinces in Central and Southern Vietnam, the plane is the most optimal means of transportation. You will save time and health for the journey of discovery later. When landing at Noi Bai airport, visitors can travel by the above means.

4.3. Instructions on how to get to Hua Tat pine forest

Because it is located right next to Highway 6, moving to Hua Tat pine forest is not too difficult. On the way from Hanoi to Moc Chau along Highway 6, you will pass Hua Tat village, about 170 km west of Hanoi and the travel time takes about more than 3 hours. If you stay in Moc Chau, it takes about 30 minutes to get to Hua Tat by motorbike.

IMG Hua Tat Pine Forest Son La

5. Activities and experiences when coming to Hua Tat pine forest

Dirt roads lead deep into the forest. Coming closer, you will see thousands of upright pine trees, close together, soaring proudly into the blue sky. The branches of the tree are like spindly arms, woven into her lush green hair.

The trunk of the pine tree is rough with rough, rough bark. Pine needles are needles, many thorns, protruding from the branches. Below the ground, the grass and leaves are dry, and fallen pine cones are nestled among the leaves.

The air is filled with the scent of tree sap, grass, and the smell of damp soil in the morning when the forest has just woken up. When walking, you fill your chest with that pure air and let your soul float into silence. All the feeling of fatigue disappeared.

If you don’t go into the forest, the area outside the Hua Tat pine forest is green lawns that are suitable for camping trips, picnics, and outdoor activities. In recent years, beautiful nature and green pine forests have also been conditions for Hua Tat in particular and Van Ho in general to develop Vietnam eco-tourism and community tourism.

6. Specialties when traveling to Hua Tat pine forest

Son La is a mountainous province in the Northwest region of Vietnam. This place attracts tourists not only because of its majestic nature, cool and fresh climate, and unique culture. It is the rich culinary culture here that also captivates tourists from all over.

IMG Pa Pinh Top 2

6.1. Pa pinh top

Pa Pinh Top (grilled folded fish) is a traditional dish of the Thai ethnic people in Son La. The fish is cleaned, marinated with lemongrass, ginger, wild chili, herbs, mac khen… then grilled over charcoal. Fish meat after grilling retains its natural sweetness and chewiness. The flavors of the mountains and forests blend into every fiber of the fish. Pa Pinh Top is dipped in occiput and eaten with Northwest sticky rice. The more you eat, the more mouth-watering you get.

6.2. Buffalo skin salad

Buffalo skin salad is a Son La specialty created by Thai people. This dish is elaborately prepared with the participation of local ingredients and spices. Such as: Mac khen; forest filling; roasted peanuts; herbs… The harmonious, perfect combination of ingredients will make diners remember the taste of the Northwest mountains and forests forever.

6.3. Fried veal

In addition to buffalo skin salad, Moc Chau veal is also a delicious Son La dish worth enjoying. The veal is tender, sweet, and fragrant with the scent of lemongrass, with crispy skin and dipped in rich soy sauce. Add in aromatic herbs like mint, coriander, and wild vegetables. Sipping veal with a little Northwestern cider apple wine is truly a masterpiece.

6.4. Mac Nhung Porridge

This special porridge dish is a Son La specialty but not many people know about it. Macadamia nuts are a gift from the Northwest to Son La people. This fruit has a dark, bitter taste, a bit spicy and has a slightly sweet aftertaste. The fruit is cooked with sticky rice and bone broth for many hours, making it both delicious and nutritious.

6.5. Chieng Mai Duck

Chieng Mai duck is a small duck breed, weighing only 1.5-1.7 kg. They have small bones, yellow skin, fragrant meat, sweet taste, soft but not chewy. Chiang Mai chefs use duck to prepare boiled duck dishes; braised duck with bamboo shoots; Stir-fried duck with lemongrass and chili; Roasted duck with galangal,… Chiang Mai duck is so delicious that visitors who are not “fans’ ‘ of duck meat have to be hesitant to enjoy it.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Hua Tat pine forest

When traveling to Hua Tat pine forest, visitors have many options for staying overnight. You can stay at motels right in Hua Tat or you can also stay overnight at luxury hotels with full amenities in Moc Chau town not far away. However, many tourists choose to stay in homestays. With this type of accommodation, you can both admire the majestic natural landscape right next to you and experience the daily life of local people.

  • Trang Senh Homestay. Address: Hua Tat, Van Ho, Son La.
  • Pine Forest Homestay. Address: Hua Tat, Van Ho, Son La.
  • Homestay A Long. Address: Hua Tat, Van Ho, Son La.
  • Homestay A Chu. Address: Hua Tat, Van Ho, Son La.
  • Van Ho Ecolodge. Address: Hua Tat, Van Ho, Son La.

8. Some other attractive tourist sites near Hua Tat pine forest

In addition to Hua Tat pine forest in Moc Chau there are also other pine forests. Such as Ban Ang pine forest, but this place is well known and crowded. Therefore, if you want to find a truly quiet and natural space, Hua Tat pine forest would be a more suitable choice. In addition, from Hua Tat, you can also go to Nang Tien waterfall, Tat Nang waterfall and visit the community tourism village in Chieng Yen,...

Hua Tat pine forest is one of the beautiful and attractive destinations in Van Ho district, Son La province. This place has towering green pine trees and a cool and peaceful space. Origin Vietnam – a professional travel company in Vietnam, is committed to bringing visitors more memorable experiences on their journey to explore destinations in Van Ho – Son La tour.

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