Hua Pe Hot Springs
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Hua Pe Hot Springs

When traveling to Dien Bien, visitors have the opportunity to admire not only the wild and majestic natural landscape, historical relics rich in revolutionary traditions, cultural features imbued with national identity, but also relax. Enjoying the extremely relaxing and wonderful hot mineral springs in ecotourism areas. Among them, it is impossible not to mention Hua Pe Hot Springs – a destination that attracts more and more tourists to visit and experience. Let’s explore Hua Pe hot springs with Origin Vietnam team.

1. Where is Hua Pe Hot Springs?

Hua Pe hot mineral spring is located in Thanh Luong commune, Dien Bien district, Dien Bien province. It’s about 20 km west of Dien Bien Phu city center and 480 km northwest of Hanoi capital.

2. How is Hua Pe hot mineral springs unique?

The mineral spring is surrounded by mountains and forests, creating a majestic and beautiful scene that only exists here. Tourists coming to this hot mineral spring all want to immerse themselves in the warm hot water blessed by nature.

Hua Pe hot springs are blessed by nature with a huge source of mineral water always maintained at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. Besides, Pe Luong artificial hot water lake has formed a very attractive tourist area for tourists. travel fanatic. Not only that, this place is still quite wild, unexploited by professional tourism, suitable for those who want to relax.

After bathing in the hot mineral springs, you can visit and explore the scenery here. Immerse yourself in the majestic natural scenery, mountains and forests of a city with the breath of majestic history in the past.

3. When is the best time to travel to Hua Pe hot springs?

The ideal time to visit Hua Pe hot springs is from September to April next year, including:

March – The season of Ban flowers and wild plum flowers blooming

March every year is the time when the Ban flowers and plum flowers in Dien Bien bloom white in the mountains and forests, bringing poetic and lyrical natural scenery.

In addition, this is the time when Dien Bien province organizes the Ban flower festival (around March 12 – March 15), creating conditions for you to immerse yourself in the rare bustling atmosphere and experience many traditional games of Dien Bien. More than 19 ethnic groups live together there.

September – Ripe rice season

If you are passionate about the golden beauty of the ripe rice season, do not hesitate to plan a trip here in September. All the terraced fields here change color from green to yellow, opening up a beautiful scene. dream. Besides, the faint scent of ripe rice certainly makes you extremely relaxed and comfortable.

October to December – Wildflower blooming season

“Hunting for beautiful yellow wild sunflowers from October to December each year in Dien Bien is also one of the most attractive travel experiences for all tourists. Wild anemones (or chrysanthemums, mountain anemones) are just a wildflower. But their vitality is extremely strong and they grow quickly, so they seem to creep into every lane and alley in Dien Bien and cover the entire sky with gold. when the flower blooming season comes.

4. How to get to Hua Pe hot springs from Hanoi

4.1 By air

  • To move to Dien Bien fastest, you can take a plane from Noi Bai airport to Dien Bien Phu. Travel time by plane is only about 1 hour.
  • Up to now, the Hanoi – Dien Bien route is operated by two airlines Vietnam Airlines and Bamboo Airways. Flight frequency is 1 – 2 flights/day.
  • If customers are in the central or southern regions of Vietnam, flying is also the best choice. After catching a flight to Noi Bai airport, you continue to travel to Dien Bien by connecting flight or can depart from Hanoi by road.

4.2 By road

From Hanoi to Dien Bien by road, you can choose to travel by motorbike, self-driving car or passenger car. You can refer specifically below:

  • Public transportation: You can easily catch a bus from Hanoi to Dien Bien at My Dinh or Giap Bat bus station. Or you can take a taxi or rent a private car if you are late and proactive about your schedule and time. Travel time: About 8 – 11 hours.
  • Personal vehicle: You can go by self-driving car or by motorbike, but the route is quite long and the road is dangerous so you should be careful to keep the right speed and bring all documents. Make sure you are prepared, carefully check your vehicle as well as have strong driving skills in mountainous areas. Travel time: About 8 – 12 hours.

4.3. How to move there?

  • The distance from Hanoi to Dien Bien by road is 454 km. From Hanoi to Dien Bien by road, you can take route QL6 or QL37. Although both routes have the same travel time, most passengers choose to go via Highway 6. Travel time by road from Hanoi to Dien Bien is about 10 hours.
  • After arriving in Dien Bien city, you can catch an intra-province bus, taxi or motorbike to Hua Pe mineral springs. From the city, follow Highway 279 and Highway 12 west for about 20 km to reach Thanh Luong commune, Hua Pe hot spring is located in this commune.

5. The value of Hua Pe hot mineral springs

5.1. Tourism value

Currently, the Hua Pe mineral spring has undergone a re-planning process to enable visitors to easily experience and explore the tourist area. The hot water bathing area has been constructed right at the source. The bathing area has a water tank with a capacity of more than 100 m3, along with two large swimming pools, dozens of double swimming pools and other service facilities to serve tourists.

Therefore, when coming to Hua Pe, you must once immerse yourself in the fresh hot mineral water bestowed by nature. In addition, underwater entertainment activities are increasingly developing and becoming one of the experiences that attract tourists.

5.2. Health value

There is a special feature that only exists at Hua Pe mineral springs: the mineral spring water here can be drunk. The nutrients of spring water help purify the body and supplement necessary minerals. If sick people bathe in the Hua Pe stream, they can eliminate toxins in the body. So when you come here, don’t forget to take a sip of Hua Pe spring water and admire the majestic natural scenery here.

Everyone knows mineral bathing is a healthy activity. Soaking in the warm hot mineral water will help your body eliminate toxins, your muscles will relax and your mind will be more relaxed. After stressful days of studying or working, going to a mineral bath is a wonderful experience.

In addition, hot mineral baths also significantly improve musculoskeletal and neurological problems, and support skin beauty through stimulating blood circulation. Mineral bathing is almost suitable for everyone, whether young or old, this is a good activity that everyone should experience.

6. Experiencing in Hua Pe hot mineral springs

Hua Pe hot springs have now been re-planned to conveniently serve tourists. These include: mineral spring pools, large swimming pools, double swimming pools… In addition, water entertainment activities are also being gradually developed. Surely in the near future, this place will be a place to attract many tourists in Dien Bien province.

Hua Pe mineral water has high safety and reliability and is very good for the human body. This has been tested and evaluated by the Institute of Medicinal Materials. For this reason, local people also use this mineral water in their daily activities.

In addition, visitors coming here can freely drink water without fear of harming their health. Hot spring water contains many nutrients that help purify the body and replenish missing minerals in the human body.

Currently in Vietnam there are many hot springs, but the only drinkable water springs are Hua Pe Dien Bien hot springs. Therefore, when you come here, when you come here, don’t miss the hot spring water here, it is extremely beneficial for your health. After bathing in the hot mineral springs, visitors can explore and visit the surrounding scenery, immersing themselves in the wonderful peaceful nature of the countryside.

Plan your Dien Bien phu tour to Hua Pe hot springs with ease by contacting Origin Vietnam, a professional Vietnam tour operator. Our team of experienced, dedicated, and thoroughly knowledgeable consultants, tour operators, and local guides will take you on a tour Vietnam to discover Hua Pe hot springs, offering a plethora of interesting activities and memorable experiences.

7. Specialties when traveling to Hua Pe hot springs

When coming to Dien Bien, to Hua Pe hot springs, don’t rush to miss the famous dishes here. Most of them are specialty dishes. Although there are not many, the specialty dishes here are very unique.

7.1. Tua Chua black chicken

This is a black-bone chicken breed endemic to the H’mong people. In H’mong language it is called Ka Du. Ka Du’s exterior seems to be absolutely black, and his bones are also tinged black. Outstanding chicken meat is extremely delicious and firm.

7.2. Muong Thanh bird sticky rice

This dish also leaves many impressions in the hearts of visitors. This fragrant sticky rice dish is cooked from upland sticky rice seeds from Muong Thanh fields. Pigeon meat is fatty, soft and sweet. Sprinkle on top with a little fried shallots, the flavor of the specialty will never be forgotten.

7.3. Roll green mustard greens

This is also an extremely “hot” dish for diners who are addicted to sour foods. The fruit must be green, succulent, and the powdery layer must be white. Cabbage leaves are neither old nor young. This dish is dipped in Cham Xom, a legendary spice of the Northwest.

8. Accommodation when traveling to Hua Pe hot springs

When traveling to Hua Pe hot springs, you can refer to some of the accommodation facilities below:

  • Minh Trang Guesthouse. Address: Team 3A, Thanh Luong Commune, Dien Bien, Dien Bien.
  • Duc Hieu Guesthouse. Address: Team 3A Cong Hoa, Thanh Luong Commune, Dien Bien, Dien Bien.
  • Minh Trang Guesthouse. Address: Cong Hoa Team 3, Thanh Luong commune, Dien Bien, Dien Bien.
  • Pe Luong Lake Guesthouse. Address: Thanh Luong Commune, Dien Bien, Dien Bien.
  • Thanh Luong Guesthouse. Address: Team 3A, Thanh Luong Commune, Dien Bien, Dien Bien.
  • Hue Pe Hot Springs Guest House. Address: Thanh Luong Commune, Dien Bien, Dien Bien.

9. Some attractive tourist sites near Hua Pe hot springs

Coming to Hue Pe mineral spring, in addition to bathing in the mineral spring rich in natural nutrients, don’t forget the surrounding tourist areas. Famous tourist areas are:

  • Hill A1 – a historical site associated with the Dien Bien Phu victory.
  • Dien Bien Phu victory relic site.
  • Muong Thanh fields.
  • Ban Phu citadel and Hoang Cong Chat temple.
  • Muong Phang cherry garden.
  • Vietnam – Laos – China border junction.
  • The westernmost point of the A Pa Chai country.
  • Pha Din Pass – one of the four great passes in the North.
  • Hang Tom Bridge – the most beautiful cable-stayed bridge in the Northwest.

10. Some important notes when traveling to Hua Pe hot springs

To make your trip to Hua Pe hot springs more complete, visitors should refer to some important notes before departure:

  • Tourists should book hotel/motel rooms before arriving in Dien Bien, helping to save costs and avoid running out of rooms during peak season.
  • The roads in Dien Bien are quite winding and difficult to navigate, so visitors should consider choosing shoes or sandals with low soles and good adhesion to limit slipping.
  • Find out the weather characteristics in Dien Bien in advance, help prepare appropriate clothing. In particular, the province’s temperature in October, November and December often drops low, so bring enough warm clothes, scarves, socks… to keep your body warm.
  • If you want to proactively travel according to your personal schedule, you can rent a motorbike instead of a taxi. Make sure you carefully check your vehicle before setting off and that you have strong driving skills in mountainous terrain.
  • Prepare an extra personal medical box for use in case of need.
  • Bring identification documents in necessary cases because the destination is quite close to a strictly protected border area.
  • You should bring drinking water, protective gear, survival kit, some snacks such as dry food, candy, chocolate,… to supplement energy when needed.
  • Bring some cash to facilitate transactions and purchases in this high mountainous area. Online payment methods can be interrupted at times due to phone signals.

Although Hua Pe Hot Springs is a relatively new destination, it is very suitable to experience, especially for those who want to relax comfortably or want to have an interesting activity during their trip to Dien Bien. Surely after bathing in the hot mineral springs, you will feel more comfortable in your body and better in spirit, ready for many upcoming journeys.

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