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Hon Kem – Da Dung

Hon Kem – Da Dung is a famous scenic spot in Quang Nam. Coming here, you will be immersed in the charming landscape and discover many unique cultural values ​​and historical significance. Let’s explore this beautiful place with Origin Vietnam.

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1. Where is Hon Kem – Da Dung?

Hon Kem – Da Dung is upstream of the Thu Bon river, spread across Hiep Duc and Que Son districts. Located in Hiep Hoa commune, Hiep Duc district, Quang Nam province, Vietnam. About 73 km southwest of Hoi An ancient town, about 72 km west of Tam Ky city and about 95 km southwest of Da Nang city.

2. How is Hon Kem – Da Dung unique?

This place possesses charming natural scenery with majestic mountains and rivers, cool and pleasant climate, so it attracts a large number of visitors.

Not only possessing charming water beauty, Hon Kem – Da Dung is also famous as a remnant of Sa Huynh culture and the ancient Champa dynasty. The harmonious combination of steep cliffs, gentle rivers and fresh, airy atmosphere is what attracts people to this special tourist destination.

3. What is the best time to visit Hon Kem – Da Dung?

According to our Quang Nam travel experience, you can go to Hon Kem – Da Dung at any time of the year. Because each month, each season, this place possesses its own unique, unmixed beauty.

However, this place is in an area with abundant rivers, so you should avoid going on rainy days or rainy seasons to visit. You should choose the dry season months, from February to July. This is considered a period of cool weather, fresh air, beautiful sunshine, creating favorable conditions for you to move and participate in activities. outdoor activities. Therefore, it will help you have the most meaningful trip.

Furthermore, the most ideal time of the day to visit this tourist destination is early in the morning. Because then, the beautiful natural scenery will gradually reveal itself behind the mist, creating a poetic, enchanting picture. In particular, early morning time is very peaceful and quiet, giving you a feeling of relaxation and peace.

IMG Hon Kem Da Dung

4. How to get to Hon Kem – Da Dung?

Depending on where you depart from, you can refer to the route to Hon Kem – Da Dung below:

4.1 Moving to Hon Kem – Da Dung from Da Nang

Starting from Da Nang city, you go on the Da Nang – Quang Nam highway, at the Ha Lam toll station intersection, you turn onto National Highway 14E. From here, you continue to move to Hiep Duc Town. If you go another 12km west towards the Truong Son range, you will see A Ty ferry wharf. This is also the ferry wharf to take tourists to visit Hon Kem Da Dung.

4.2 Moving to Hon Kem – Da Dung from Hoi An

Starting from Hoi An city, you go on National Highway 1 to move to Ha Lam intersection. From here, you turn onto National Highway 14E and continue moving to Tan An Commune – Hiep Hoa Market. From here, go straight for another 14km and you will reach Hon Kem Da Dung.

4.3 Moving to Hon Kem – Da Dung from Tam Ky

Starting from Tam Ky city, you go on Highway 1 towards Tam Ky to Huong An Junction. From here, you turn onto Highway 611 to go to Le Que Son Pass and Trung Phuoc town. From here, you will see the boat wharf going to Hon Kem Da Dung.

IMG Hon Kem Da Dung 1

5. Activities and experiences at Hon Kem – Da Dung

5.1 Learning about Sa Huynh – Champa culture

Hon Kem – Da Dung is located in Tay Que Son, which is considered the land of Champa and Sa Huynh culture. According to the recorded documents about Hon Kem – Da Dung, this place in ancient times was called Sacred River. From Hon Kem down to Cua Dai beach, there are dozens of places to worship Thien Y Ana – the sacred goddess of Champa.

Today, when walking along both sides of the river, you will see ancient Champa inscriptions meticulously carved on stone slabs weighing dozens of tons reflecting into the river. In addition, if you want to learn more about Champa culture, you can visit My Son Sanctuary.

5.2 Admiring the charming beauty of the country

With two towering mountain ranges on both sides, in the middle is the gentle and gentle Thu Bon River, the scenery at Hon Kem – Da Dung really makes everyone fall in love, attracted and attracted. You can choose to climb a mountain to enjoy the beauty here or rent a rowing boat along the river, which is also a great way to admire the scenery and take check-in photos.

In particular, with the surrounding natural space and cool, quiet air, when coming here, visitors will feel much more peaceful, quiet and relaxed.

5.3 Visiting fruit village – Dai Buong

Dai Buong village located in Trung Phuoc market is one of the perennial fruit growing places in Quang Nam. When going down the Thu Bon river, you will have the opportunity to stop here and go to the village to visit fruit gardens for free and try harvesting like a true farmer. Besides, fruits here are also sold very cheaply so visitors can buy them as gifts for their families.

5.4 Learning about the nation’s heroic history

Hon Kem – Da Dung is not only a place where tourists come to admire the majestic beauty of nature, but also to learn about the nation’s majestic history. This place is associated with the uprising of general Nguyen Duy Hieu (1847 – 1887) in the Can Vuong movement against French colonial domination. When traveling here, you will hear about heroic achievements as well as learn many touching and energetic stories of people making a living along the Thu Bon River.

It can be seen that Hon Kem – Da Dung is a colorful tourist destination, containing a lot of cultural and historical information about the nation. In addition, this place has a convenient location, near Hoi An and Da Nang, so visitors can easily visit.

IMG Hon Kem Da Dung 4

6. Enjoying Quang Nam specialties when traveling to Hon Kem – Da Dung

When traveling here, in addition to admiring the amazing natural landscape, you can immerse yourself in the fresh air. You also have the opportunity to enjoy the specialties of this beautiful Quang region.

6.1 Quang Noodles

Referring to Quang Nam specialties, no one can ignore Quang noodles – the famous delicious dish of this land. Among the countless specialties here, Quang noodles always maintain a place in the hearts of those who love Quang cuisine.

In addition to the main ingredients being noodles and broth, Quang noodles are also served with chicken, pork, shrimp, char siu, rice paper, peanuts and herbs to add flavor. The special feature of Quang noodles in Quang Nam is that the noodles here are made of rice flour, while the broth is not cooked thin but thicker.

6.2 Tam Ky chicken rice

Chicken rice is a long-standing famous signature dish of Quang Nam, especially in Tam Ky and Hoi An cities. A plate of Tam Ky chicken rice with eye-catching colors. The saffron yellow color of rice, the ivory color of chicken, the green color of papaya, laksa leaves, and the purple color of onions.

Especially, the main ingredient to make this dish is Tam Ky chicken, a type of chicken that is free in the yard, has firm meat and thin skin. Cooked rice, served with chicken, surrounded by spices and an indispensable bowl of attractive garlic sauce.

6.3 Rice paper rolls with meat

Rice paper rolls with pork are a famous delicious dish in Dai Loc (Quang Nam). The dish is a combination of quintessential ingredients from this land. Including Dai Loc rice paper made from 100% pure rice and firm, sweet Dai Loc pork.

To have rice paper rolls with pork, people here also look for clean vegetables grown in their gardens such as herbs, fish mint, lettuce, green onions, bean sprouts, along with some sour mango and a few pieces of cucumber. . Indispensable is the bowl of spicy fish sauce, mild sweetness and a little sour lemon to make the dish more perfect.

6.4 Hoi An Bread

Don’t miss the bread for an energizing breakfast. The bread here is famous as “the most delicious” with many different fillings for diners to choose from. The special feature of the bread here is the moderate crust and filling that looks pleasing to the eye.

6.5 Mong Bridge grilled veal

Mong Bridge grilled veal is a place in Dien Phuong commune (Dien Ban district, Quang Nam province). This place has delicious Cau Mong veal dishes that are famous everywhere. People often boil veal with mulberry grass – a type of grass that grows on the banks of the Thu Bon River, so the veal is sweeter and more fragrant, pink inside but not raw. The calf skin is golden but not dry, and has a fragrant grass scent without being smoky.

When eating Cau Mong, grilled veal must be eaten with raw vegetables, rice paper and dipping sauce. The dipping sauce must be mixed with premium fish sauce made from anchovies and scads caught along the Central Coast. Some raw vegetables such as bean sprouts, sour bananas and star fruit, basil, cinnamon, cilantro and young kale, etc. Moreover, rice paper rolls must be small, thin and chewy rice paper produced in Dien Ban.

IMG Hon Kem Da Dung 2

7. Accommodation when traveling to Hon Kem – Da Dung

Because this tourist destination is not too far from Hoi An city and Tam Ky. Therefore, after participating in sightseeing and experiencing activities at Hon Kem – Da Dung, you can return to the two cities above to rest.

7.1 Overnight stay in Hoi An city

  • Hoi An Odyssey Hotel. Address: Tran Trung Tri, Cam Nam, City. Hoi An, Quang Nam.
  • Hoi An Estuary Villa. Address: Tan Thinh, Cam An, Hoi An City, Quang Nam.
  • Ivy Villa. Address: 168 Nguyen Duy Hieu, Cam Chau, Hoi An, Quang Nam.
  • Hoi An River Town Hotel. Address: 26 Thoai Ngoc Hau, Cam Pho Ward, Hoi An, Quang Nam.
  • Little Town Villa. Address: 239 Nguyen Duy Hieu, Cam Chau, Hoi An, Quang Nam.
  • Melody Boutique Villa. Address: 01 Phan Ngoc Nhan, Cam Ha, Hoi An, Quang Nam.

7.2 Stay overnight in Tam Ky city

  • Muong Thanh Grand Quang Nam Hotel. Address: No. 351A, Hung Vuong, An Xuan Ward, Tam Ky, Quang Nam.
  • Viet Thanh Hotel. Address: 39 Duy Tan, Tam Ky City, Quang Nam.
  • Anh Huy Hotel. Address: 20 Phan Chu Trinh, Tam Ky City, Quang Nam.
  • Trang Chau Hotel. Address: 77 Phan Boi Chau, Tan Thanh Ward, Tam Ky City, Quang Nam.

Hon Kem – Da Dung is a scenic spot you should not miss during your trip to Quang Nam. Come to this beautiful and poetic land to immerse yourself in nature and learn more about the ancient cultures and heroic history of the Vietnamese people.

Please immediately contact Origin Vietnam – Vietnam’s leading tour operator for more updated and useful information about top destinations in Vietnam. We also accompany you on your private tour Hoi an to discover the travel beauty of Hon Kem – Da Dung with interesting surprises and the most wonderful experiences.

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