Han Market
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Han Market

If you have ever known Con market, one of the largest wholesale markets in Da Nang and a popular culinary paradise. Today Origin Vietnam will take you through another equally bustling market, that is the Han market.

A trip to Da Nang is not complete without visiting the Han market. The stalls are close together, with all kinds of items, along with a diverse food area, fresh seafood and specialties for you to buy as gifts. It will definitely bring extremely happy experiences for you.

Discover Danang 3days Han Market

1. Where is Han Market?

Danang Han Market is located at 119 Tran Phu Street, Hai Chau 1 Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City, Vietnam. The market is right in the center of Da Nang city, less than 2km from Dragon Bridge. About 29 km northwest of Hoi An city and about 96 km southeast of Hue city.

2. How is the Han market unique?

In Thien Nam Tu Chi Lo Do Thu compiled by Do Ba in the mid-17th century. Han market is one of the culinary centers of Quang Nam region. Until the end of the 19th century, Han market was solidly built by the French with two distinct areas. Han market area and Han streets area.

To facilitate large-scale trade, the French also built the La Gare Tourane-Marché transit train station. In order to transport goods to the main station on the banks of the Han River. Accordingly, some agricultural products were still transported by people to the Han market by waterway. Then ashore at the old station location until the 90s of the twentieth century.

Today, Han market is located in the city center, near the Han River bridge. With four sides adjacent to four major streets: Tran Phu, Bach Dang, Hung Vuong and Nguyen Thai Hoc. With a total area of ​​up to 28,000m², including 3 market halls and hundreds of neatly arranged kiosks, making shopping easier.

It can be seen that Han Market was in an extremely convenient place for transportation. And people have focused on investment and development in the Han market over the past decades. Therefore, it is not surprising that this place has become an important and familiar shopping address not only for Da Nang people. But also for tourists coming to Da Nang city.

IMG Han Market

3. How to get to Han market in Da Nang?

3.1 Means Of Transportation To Da Nang

Because it is the central region of Vietnam. Da Nang tourism has many means of transportation for you to choose from. Depending on your location, you can choose different forms of transportation. Such as:

  • Travel By airplane: The most popular form chosen by many tourists when traveling to Da Nang is the plane. Because of its convenience, speed and time saving.
  • By passenger cars: Currently there are many bus companies from seats to sleepers running the North-South route to serve the travel needs of tourists.
  • By train: This is the way chosen by many young people. Because traveling by train is faster than a bus and you can see the scenery throughout the trip. In particular, if your schedule includes Hue, the train is a reasonable choice. Because you can get off at Hue station and then move on to Da Nang.

3.2 Moving to Han market

Han Market is located in the central area so roads and transportation here are very convenient. You can travel to Han market by car, motorbike, taxi, or bus with a very simple route, even walking.

Types of vehicles you can choose to go to Han market:

  • Self-driving motorbike rental: With the advantages of convenience, low price, popular car rental service,…This is the means of choice chosen by many tourists when visiting Da Nang.
  • Booking a technology motorbike taxi: Technology motorbike taxis are an extremely popular means of transportation today. You can easily call a motorbike taxi using the application and can use cashless payment methods.
  • Taxi: To serve the travel needs of tourists, there are up to 8 taxi companies in Da Nang. You can call a taxi at any time.
  • Cyclo: Cyclo is a popular means of transportation. Especially in front of Han Market, a famous tourist destination, so this vehicle can be easily found.

From the beginning of Da Nang Dragon Bridge, you just need to go to the end of the bridge. Then turn right onto Bach Dang street and then turn left onto Hung Vuong Street to reach the Han Market area.

4. Opening hours of Da Nang Han market

As the busiest and most diverse shopping place in Da Nang, Han Da Nang market opens very early. Han Da Nang market’s opening time is from 6am, at this time the traders have returned from the wholesale market and arranged food and goods for sale.

The market operates until 10pm, however at around 7pm the market begins to close so there are fewer items. If you want to fully shop, you should visit the market before 7pm.

IMG Han Market 3

5. Enjoying Da Nang specialties when visiting Han market

Danang Han Market has 2 floors, specifically the 1st floor area includes dry goods, snacks, fresh seafood and handicrafts, the 2nd floor space includes fabrics, clothes, shoes, and bags. This is a market space with a variety of buying and selling items, dining space, giving visitors many experiences.

5.1 Specialties in Danang

If asked what to eat at Han market, it is difficult to answer because there are so many delicious dishes in Da Nang, or Quang Nam specialties in general. However, there are some dishes that you must definitely try when coming to Han market, which are:

5.1.1 Banh Canh

One of the famous delicacies at Han Market in Da Nang is banh canh. Banh Canh at Han market is prepared in many ways: crab noodle soup, bone pork noodle soup, egg noodle soup, served with stir-fry or bread.

Regardless of the version, the noodle soup here has a rich, delicious flavor. This dish is mainly sold at noon or in the afternoon, so please pay attention to the time frame to come enjoy it

5.1.2 Banh xeo

Banh xeo at Han market is also a super attractive and cheap dish. The cake is molded to have a crispy, fragrant, golden crust with a variety of fillings such as shrimp, pork, eggs, and bean sprouts. When used, banh xeo is cut into bite-sized pieces with raw vegetables, and rolled in thin rice paper. On a cool or rainy day, there’s nothing more appropriate than stopping at the Han market to eat hot pancakes.

5.1.3 Banh beo, tapioca cake, Ram It cake

The rustic leaf-wrapped cakes such as banh beo, tapioca cake, or Ram It cake are also not to be missed. Not only is it one of the unique delicacies at Han market, but also a familiar breakfast of Da Nang people. Although these dishes are not only available in Da Nang, if you enjoy them at the Han market, you will feel the unique, attractive flavor.

5.1.4 Nem lui – Beef with lolot leaves

This will probably be the dish that makes your stomach growl when you think about it. There are many ways to enjoy Da Nang spring rolls: eat grilled spring rolls directly, or roll spring rolls in rice paper with raw vegetables. In addition, many spring rolls shops also suggest using spring rolls with banh xeo or grilled pork vermicelli, making the dish more diverse.

5.1.5 Quang Noodles

Coming to Da Nang without eating Quang noodles, a typical dish of Quang Nam culinary culture, is worth the effort. Han Market in Da Nang also has Quang Phu Chiem noodles with shrimp, crab, meat, quail eggs and Quang frog noodles. Quang noodles at Han market have rich broth, chewy noodles, and fresh ingredients.

5.1.6 Snails

Snails are an extremely popular snack in Da Nang, so the snail selling area at Han market is always crowded and bustling all year round. People prepared snails very attractively when bathed in lemongrass and chili sauce, including coconut rice, grated papaya, mango and banana, served with herbs and fragrant ginger sauce.

5.1.7 Sweet soups – Ginseng supplements nutrients

If you come to Da Nang Han market in the summer, you must definitely find some sweets to cool you down, especially the nutritious avocado and ginseng smoothies. The rich, fragrant butter flavor mixed with crushed ice, fresh cream and dried coconut, melts softly on the tip of your tongue, making you feel like you’re enjoying the whole summer. In addition, ginseng sweet soup is also very popular because of its refreshing taste.

5.2 Gifts bought for relatives and family

5.2.1 Types of dry goods

Possessing a large sea area, it is no wonder that Da Nang is famous for its fresh seafood. At Han market, dried seafood or pre-marinated seafood are sold a lot, almost everything is available. The interesting thing is that you get to try a little before deciding whether to buy or not.

The prices of dry goods at the Han market are neatly packaged with prices listed on the packaging, bottles, and jars, so you can comfortably view and choose the product that best suits your needs.

5.2.2 Sesame dried cake

Dried sesame cakes or cakes made from sesame are definitely sweet gifts that you can buy for children or women when you come to the Korean market. The cake is made from rice flour, glutinous rice flour, white sugar, and sesame, molded into small, bite-sized square pieces, very delicious.

5.2.3 Da Nang beef patties

Da Nang beef patties are very popular with their unique flavor when wrapped in banana leaves, which no other region can replicate. People can keep this beef patty for a relatively long time under good storage conditions. So you can buy a lot to eat or give as a gift.

5.2.4 Jewelry – Souvenirs

Items made from sedge fibers are genuine Da Nang souvenirs that you cannot find anywhere. Hats, slippers, bracelets, and necklaces handcrafted with the creativity and ingenuity of artisans will be eye-catching gifts that you can give to your friends.

5.2.5 Fresh seafood

Visitors can choose fresh seafood. There are a variety of seafood here such as fresh clams, oysters, crabs, snails, mussels, fish, squid, crabs, shrimp, etc.

5.2.6 Clothing and fabrics

In addition to dry goods, at Da Nang Han Market there are many clothing and fabric stalls for tourists to visit and buy. There are a variety of clothing and fabric items here at quite high prices.

6. Accommodation when visiting Han market in Da Nang

To make it more convenient to visit Han market, you can book a Da Nang hotel in the Dragon Bridge or Han River bridge area. This location is also in the city center, making it easy for you to visit other tourist destinations in Da Nang.

  • Vinpearl Condotel Riverfront Da Nang. Address: 341 Tran Hung Dao, An Hai Bac ward, Son Tra district, Da Nang city.
  • Muong Thanh Luxury Han River. Address: 115 Nguyen Van Linh, Nam Duong ward, Hai Chau district, Da Nang city.
  • Seahorse Hostel & Bar by HAVI. Address: 7 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hai Chau 1 Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City.
  • Hadiva Boutique Hotel. Address: 137 Tran Phu, Hai Chau 1 Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City.
  • Brilliant Hotel. Address: 162 Bach Dang, Hai Chau 1 ward, Hai Chau district, Da Nang city.
IMG Han Market 2

7. Some important notes when visiting Han market in Da Nang

To make your trip to Han Market in Da Nang a full and enjoyable experience, you need to refer to the necessary notes below:

  • Making a list of items to buy: This helps you save time and avoid buying unnecessary items.
  • Checking prices before going: You can check prices online or ask local people to avoid being caught wrongly.
  • Bringing cash: Some stalls at Han market do not accept card payments.
  • Bringing a hat, jacket and sunscreen: Han Market is quite large and has no roof, so you need to prepare these items to avoid the heat.
  • Bargaining: This is obvious when going to the market in Vietnam. You should bargain 30% – 50% compared to the initial price offered.
  • Being careful with fake goods: Han Market has some stalls selling fake goods, so you need to be careful when shopping.
  • Being careful with your property: Han Market is a crowded place, so you need to be careful with pickpockets and thieves.

Traveling to Han market in Da Nang will bring you surprising, attractive, and opportunistic experiences. With the above mentioned Korean market travel experiences, you should try to visit and explore once. Please give us a call, we will accompany you on your tours in Da Nang to discover the treasure of Han Market with attractive and interesting destinations and unforgettable experiences.

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