Hai Phong Unnumbered Wharf
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Hai Phong Unnumbered Wharf

Hai Phong unnumbered wharf – the starting point of the Ho Chi Minh road at sea. This place is one of the heroic historical relics. During the resistance war against the US to save the country of the Vietnamese people.

The war has passed, but the relic of the unnumbered wharf still exists. And it has become one of the very famous tourist destinations in Hai Phong. Let’s explore this place with Origin Vietnam.

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1. Where is Hai Phong unnumbered wharf?

Hai Phong unnumbered wharf is also famous by the familiar but simple name “Nghieng Wharf”. Located at Van Huong ward, Do Son district, Hai Phong city, Vietnam. About 20 km southeast of Hai Phong city and about 120 km east of Hanoi capital.

They had built it a long time ago. During the resistance war against the US and exists to this day as a familiar symbol for every port resident.

1. How is Hai Phong’s unnumbered wharf unique?

According to Mr. Nguyen Minh Tan – a veteran of the 759th Sea Transport Group, who was directly on duty on ships without numbers. He said: “The reason that people called it an unnumbered wharf is because the ships have no numbers.

Each ship even has many numbers, but to ensure the secrecy of the special transport route. The ships on duty must disguise themselves as fishing boats and must not have fixed numbers to blend in with the fishing convoys of fishermen at sea.

Every time the ship goes out to sea, it must choose days with the most extreme weather, rain and wind and storms. The boatmen are all young men, willing to sacrifice, disguised as fishermen, cruise passengers, merchants, etc. Many people have never even traveled this sea route and do not know the sea route. From North to South but still drove “boats without numbers” to dock safely. It was a matter of pride for the young soldiers of that period.

3. History of Hai Phong unnumbered wharf

In 1959, Vietnam’s Politburo directed the establishment of two strategic transportation routes to support the South Vietnamese revolution. One of them is the transport route across the East Sea, also famous as the Ho Chi Minh sea route.

In October 1961, the Ministry of National Defense of Vietnam decided to establish Sea Transport Group 759. With the task of purchasing vehicles and transporting goods for the southern revolution.

Maintaining absolute confidentiality and safety for the shipping journey, choosing the boat parking location, receiving goods and shipping the ships is of top concern. At that time, they chose the location right at the foot of Van Hoa mountain as an unnumbered wharf to ensure compliance with the requirements set out in the regulations.

In October 1962, the first wooden ship carrying 30 tons of weapons, codenamed “Phuong Dong 1”, left dock number K15 Do Son, Hai Phong, anchored to the South. After 5 days floating at sea, going through many enemy barriers. This weapons shipment was successful and officially opened the strategic sea transport route for the Vietnamese army.

In April 1963, the engineering force built a wharf nicknamed K15 – landmark number 0 still exists today, officially the point of the Ho Chi Minh Trail at sea. During the resistance war, hundreds of ships departed from the wharf nicknamed K15. It has successfully transported more than 150,000 tons of weapons, support equipment and tens of thousands of officers and soldiers from North to South. battlefield aid.

On August 18, 2008, K15 wharf was ranked a national historical relic by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam.

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4. What is the best time to visit Hai Phong unnumbered wharf?

According to Do Son travel experience, the area of unnumbered wharf K15 in Hai Phong has a typical climate of Northern Vietnam with four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter in a year. Summer temperatures range from 37 – 39 degrees Celsius (the highest is July), the lowest in winter sometimes drops to 8 degrees Celsius (usually in December). You can come here at any time of the year. However, there are two most ideal times: at the beginning of the year and in the summer.

  • Beginning of the year: The weather is now cool and pleasant. If you come to Do Son at this time, you will be able to immerse yourself in vibrant local festivals and better understand Do Son culture. Some unique festivals such as: boat racing festival, Minh The festival, Ong Bo pig procession festival,… And above all, tourists from all over flock to Do Son to visit Ba De temple in the hope of praying for good fortune. The weather is favorable and the house is warm.
  • Summer: (lasting from May to September, peak tourism in Do Son is in July), the weather is suitable for swimming, the time when tourists come to Do Son to immerse themselves in the blue sea water , clear and cool. After a period of hard work, there is nothing like coming to Do Son beach to relax with family or friends. You should also go to Do Son on weekends for other exciting activities. However, this season is also the rainy season. Therefore, you need to check the weather forecast before departing to ensure a meaningful and fulfilling trip.

Thus, the ideal time to travel to unnumbered wharf K15 Hai Phong is from September to April next year.

5. How to get to unnumbered wharf K15 Hai Phong?

5.1 From Hanoi To Hai Phong city

Hai Phong is located 120 km from Hanoi. So you can get to this beautiful coastal city in many different ways such as:

  • By personal vehicle: The road from Hanoi to Hai Phong is quite easy, you just need to follow Highway 5 through Hai Duong to get to Hai Phong. Noting that before leaving, you should check the car carefully and bring a smartphone so you can find your way in case you get lost.
  • By train: This is the means of transportation chosen by many tourists. Not only that, when traveling by train, you also have the opportunity to fully see the beautiful scenery of Hai Phong. As well as both sides of the road.
  • By passenger car: If you want to save time and money, the passenger car is the most optimal means of transportation. To get to Hai Phong, it takes about one and half hours to travel. You can also easily buy tickets at Giap Bat bus station, Gia Lam,…

5.2 From Hai Phong city to unnumbered wharf K15

Starting from Hai Phong city center, you follow Le Minh street, Ho Sen street, Vo Nguyen Giap, then to provincial road TL353. You just keep moving along TL 353 about 20 km southeast to reach Nghieng wharf – also unnumbered wharf K15 Hai Phong.

6. Activities and experiences at unnumbered wharf K15 Hai Phong

Later, when Vietnam was peacefully unified, Hai Phong’s unnumbered pier was put to serve the production of Hai Phong people. Besides, this place has also opened its doors for tourism activities, taking tourists to visit and check-in at extremely attractive locations.

Destinations not to be missed when checking in to Hai Phong station without number:

6.1 Experiencing at Hon Dau tourist area

Hon Dau tourist area is one of the check-in locations in Hai Phong that tourists should visit. Departing from Hai Phong pier number, take about 20 minutes by boat and you will arrive at Hon Dau island – a place known as the “jewel eye” of Hai Phong.

Bringing in the majestic beauty of nature, possessing a diverse vegetation system, rows of hundred-year-old trees cast poetic shadows. This place also contains thousands of years of history about the temple worshiping the Nam Hai Dai Vuong. Looking far away is the 100-year-old Lighthouse that surprises and admires many tourists.

Coming to Hon Dau tourist area, you will be immersed in exciting tourist entertainment activities. In particular, this place also contains the largest seawater filtering swimming pool and artificial wave creation in Vietnam with a 4-season beach. Along with world-class resort and villa systems. Surely you will have interesting moments of experience when coming here.

6.2 Visiting the monument commemorating the Ho Chi Minh Trail relics on the sea

To remember our gratitude and remember the heroic soldiers who made their contributions on the numberless trains. Hai Phong city has built a monument commemorating the Ho Chi Minh Trail on the sea, adjacent to the relic of Hai Phong’s unnumbered wharf K15.

From the monument area, you can look out to the sea. The feelings of excitement and emotion rushing back mixed with the whispering sound of the ocean waves will surely make many visitors feel emotional. Silently thank the soldiers who silently sacrificed to create the heroic historical victories of our nation.

6.3 Exploring Bao Dai villa

Bao Dai Villa is one of the unique Hai Phong tourist destinations near unnumbered wharf K15 that attracts many visitors.

Coming here, you will be able to visit the magnificent villa, with an area of more than 3,700 square meters facing the sea and many rare flowers and trees. This is where historical stories associated with King Bao Dai – the last king of the Vietnamese feudal dynasty, are preserved.

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7. Specialties when traveling to the unnumbered wharf K15 Hai Phong

7.1 Shrimp rolls

If Banh Cuon in Hanoi is often filled with minced meat from wood ear mushrooms, then in Do Son you will enjoy Banh Cuon with a filling made from super delicious shrimp. The roll is thinly coated and then inside is placed a shrimp seasoned with rich spices. Add a little fried onion on top then dip it with delicious and delicious sour fish sauce.

7.1 Hai Phong crab noodles

Considered a delicious and famous dish in Do Son. Wherever you go on any street, you will come across shops selling crab noodles. This seems to be an indispensable dish. Do Son crab noodles are unique in that they are wet cakes that can only be made and eaten on the same day. They are not dried cakes, so when eaten, the taste of the cake will be very special: chewy, crispy and rich.

7.2 Do Son seafood

Because it is a famous coastal area, when traveling to Do Son, you must definitely enjoy fresh and delicious seafood dishes. In particular, in Do Son Beach area 2, there are many coastal seafood restaurants and eateries for you to choose from. Local people catch the seafood during the day, so their freshness is guaranteed. In particular, coming here you will enjoy countless delicious dishes such as shrimp, shrimp, fish, squid,…

IMG Hai Phong Unnumbered Wharf

8. Accommodation when traveling to unnumbered wharf K15 Hai Phong

When traveling to unnumbered wharf K15 Hai Phong, you can refer to one of the hotels below that are highly rated.

  • Do Son Resort. Address: MRG3+74C, Green Valley, Do Son Tourist Area, Do Son, Hai Phong.
  • Hon Dau Resort. Address: Area 3, Do Son, Hai Phong.
  • Do Son Villas. Address: MQPV+9HH Zone II, Van Hoa, Do Son, Hai Phong.
  • Tecco Do Son Hotel & Spa. Address: Hon Dau International Tourism, Area 3 Van Huong, Do Son, Hai Phong, Van Huong, Do Son, Hai Phong.

Traveling to unnumbered wharf K15 Hai Phong. It will help you discover more mysteries of the heroic history of the Vietnamese people. If you are planning a tour to Vietnam, don’t forget to contact us – a professional tour operator. We will bring you and your family moments of rest on the romantic beach. You also enjoy many fresh specialties, beautiful natural scenery and unique culture.

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