Ha Sung Ancient House
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Ha Sung Ancient House

When talking about famous architectural masterpieces in Dong Van stone plateau – Ha Giang. Almost tourists often think of King Meo’s palace or the ancient streets of Dong Van and Pho Cao. But the ancient house of the Vu family in Ha Sung village, Lung Tao commune. It’s the name most mentioned by people who are passionate about traveling and love to explore because it still contains many mysteries. Let follow Origin team to diescover this beutiful & hidden travel beauty spot of Ha Giang.

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1. Where is the Ha Sung ancient house of the Vu family?

The over-a-century-old ancient house, named Ha Sung, stands in Ha Sung village, Lung Tao commune, situated less than 3 km from the junction of Sa Phin, Dong Van, Ha Giang. It is approximately 20 km west of Dong Van town and about 20 km west of the city. Ha Giang is about 150 km to the Northeast.

2. How is Ha Sung ancient house unique?

Ha Sung’s ancient house is hidden behind a rocky valley of Lung Tao commune. With an appearance quite similar to the famous Meo King Palace, the house is attracting a lot of attention because of its unique architectural value and question marks about its origin and history.

The majestic old house of the Vu family was built on a tortoise shell-shaped mound between four rocky mountains. The door looks straight out to a mountain hammock shaped like a horse’s eye. According to the traditional beliefs of the H’Mong people, this is a very favorable land in terms of feng shui to build a house.

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3. When is the best time to visit Ha Sung ancient house – Dong Van?

The best time to visit Ha Sung – Dong Van ancient house is from September to April of the following year. This is the coolest and most pleasant weather of the year, suitable for sightseeing and exploration activities.

Moreover, in the fall, Dong Van puts on a brilliant beauty with fields of buckwheat flowers as well as ripe rice fields in full bloom, stretching seemingly endlessly.

If you want to experience the traditional festivals of ethnic minorities here, you should go from late September to early October or in the spring. At this time, local traditional festivals are often held, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists.

4. How to get to Ha Sung ancient house?

Ha Sung village is hidden behind a mountain range not far from the border between Vietnam and China. About 3 km from King Meo Vuong Chinh Duc’s palace, you go from Sa Phin intersection, follow the road up to Lung Cu flagpole for about 4 km, then turn right, continue about 1.5 km on a small winding, steep concrete road. is to reach Ha Gun.

If traveling from Ha Giang city, just follow Highway 4C to reach Dong Van area. At Sa Phin intersection, follow the road up to Lung Cu flagpole. The Ha Sung ancient house is only about 1.5 km from the Lung Cu flagpole.

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5. Unique architecture of Ha Sung ancient house

Like the Vuong Family Palace, Ha Sung ancient house was also built on a high mound overlooking the valley, with a long stone entrance. The house is an architectural intersection of the H’Mong people and the South Chinese people (China), consisting of 3 blocks. The two left and right blocks will recede, the middle block protrudes forward.

In front of the house is a long set of stone steps leading straight to the main door. Standing in front of the old house, everyone will admire the massive architectural work, different from all other houses in the area. The front wall, the lower part is built of large carefully cut stones, the upper part is a thick soil wall.

In the middle there is an elaborately decorated main door, high on both sides are two small windows. This wall is the highest protruding part, like a solid shield protecting the entire house.

The H’Mong people are familiar with the architecture of the main door, which is made of wood and features a high threshold. Elaborate patterns, though no longer clearly visible due to time, are engraved on the two large square blocks of stone at the foot of the gate pillars. The intricately carved and highly aesthetic yin-yang tiled porch roof is a notable feature.

The Ha Sung ancient house is more than 100 years old, owned by the Vu family. There is very little information about this house. People around the area only know that it has gone through 7 generations, built by a group of workers from South Chinatown (China). Once the house was built, a new group of workers continued to build the Meo King’s mansion, so the architecture of both buildings is quite similar.

It’s worth a visit Ha Sung ancient house

The Ha Sung ancient house has the same structure as most other traditional H’Mong houses, the only difference is that the living space of this ancient house has a very large total area, up to several hundred square meters.

The ancestor worship area and common space is the middle space, the door faces the front of the house. The area on the right side from the gong is where the fire is kept and is also the homeowner’s bedroom. The opposite area is the kitchen and the bedrooms of the children and grandchildren.

In the old house, two precious items are still preserved: a goat’s ankle altar – an item of ancient H’Mong noblemen, and a very unique monolithic stone bathtub.

Three large blocks form the entire house, with the left and right houses horizontally retracted while the middle house protrudes forward. According to people’s description, it is the shape of an eagle spreading its wings.

Inside the house, poppy flower motifs appear everywhere, from the wooden rafters to the stone pillars. At that time, only powerful families had the right to grow poppies and trade opium.

Currently, this is where four H’Mong families live. According to Mr. Vu Jelly Bu (80 years old), the house is more than a hundred years old and has never been restored or repaired. Looking at the architecture, we can see that the previous owner of the house must have been an influential figure in the area and had a close relationship with King Meo Vuong Chinh Duc.

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6. Specialties when visiting Ha Sung ancient house

When visiting Ha Sung ancient house in particular and Dong Van – Ha Giang land in general, visitors can not only admire the majestic natural beauty but also enjoy specialties that fascinate visitors. Below are some specialties that are only available here:

  • Black Chicken Hotpot.
  • Pho Trang Kim (Trang Kim chicken noodle).
  • Thang Co (a local mixed hotpot).
  • Thang Den (a kind of local cake).
  • Banh cuon chan (Soup roll rice cake).
  • Men men (a kind of food made from grind corn).

7. Accommodation when visiting Ha Sung ancient house

7.1 Hotels:

  • Hoang Ngoc Hotel. Address: Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.
  • Lam Tung Hotel. Address: Group 3, Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.
  • Truong Anh hotel. Address: Group 3, Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.

7.2 Guesthouses:

  • Huyen Tram Guesthouse. Address: Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.
  • Dong Van B&B. Address: Lane 2, 19/5 Street, Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.
  • CND Hostel. Address: Group 1, Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.
  • Binh Minh Hostel. Address: Group 2, Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.
  • Ancient Town. Address: No. 29 Group 3, Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.

7.3 Homestays:

  • Homestay Ma Le. Address: Ma Le, Dong Van, Ha Giang.
  • White H’mong Homestay. Address: Highway 4C, Xa Phin, Dong Van, Ha Giang.
  • Song Chau Homestay. Address: 278 Group 1, Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.
  • Van Chien Homestay. Address: Doan Ket, Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.
  • Uncle Tham. Address: Dong Van Town, Dong Van, Ha Giang.

The beautiful ancient house of the Vu family in Ha Sung still contains many mysteries, especially issues related to the house’s history that have not yet been clarified. Just know that in this beautiful, ancient house, the lives of the Vu family’s descendants will still continue on the majestic Dong Van – Ha Giang stone plateau.

If you are planning your Ha Giang loop tour to Ha Sung ancient house, immediately contact Origin Vietnam. A team of experienced, dedicated, and thoroughly knowledgeable consultants, tour operator, and local guides supports this land. We will take you on a tour of Vietnam to explore Ha Sung ancient house with memorable experiences.

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