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Ha Quang

When it comes to Cao Bang, those who love to explore and love nature will not miss the beautiful check-in locations in Ha Quang – Cao Bang. Nature retains its wildness in Ha Quang, making you forget the way home. Here are the places you must definitely visit once in your life when you come to Ha Quang – Cao Bang!

1. Where is Ha Quang?

Ha Quang is a mountainous district located in the north of Cao Bang province, Vietnam. The district has an area of 810.96 km², bordering Trung Khanh district to the east, Bao Lac district to the west, Hoa An district and Nguyen Binh district to the south, and China to the north.

IMG Pac Bo Cao Bang

2. When is the best time to travel to Ha Quang?

Surrounded by mountains and forests, Ha Quang has a mild and pleasant subtropical humid climate.

  • From August to September is the beautiful season of Ha Quang when the rice is ripe with many golden terraced fields.
  • The rainy season is from June to September, the water flows, creating white foam. The dry season is from October to May of the following year, the weather is colder, the water flows calmly and is clear.
  • If you want to admire the majestic natural beauty and spectacular waterfalls, combined with admiring the golden ripe rice season, you can go in October. To experience the wild sunflower or buckwheat season, you should travel in November and December. In March, there is the pear blossom season.
  • Early morning and evening in the mountains of Ha Quang, the weather will be cold, the temperature can drop to 15-16 degrees Celsius. If you travel by motorbike, remember to wear warm clothes and bring a raincoat.

3. How to get to Ha Quang?

Ha Quang is about 330 km from Hanoi. From Hanoi to Cao Bang City, there are bus companies. Such as Thanh Ly, Khanh Hoan, 42… at My Dinh, Giap Bat, Gia Lam bus stations. The travel time is about 6-7 hours.

When you arrive in Cao Bang city, you can find motorbike rental locations to rent a motorbike. Then take a motorbike taxi, taxi or intra-province bus to continue traveling to Ha Quang. Price is about 200,000 VND per day, not including gasoline. Be sure to fill the tank with gas because there are not many gas stations on the road.

If you travel by private car, you can travel along Highway 1A Hanoi – Lang Son, follow National Highway 4 to Ha Quang – Cao Bang. Another direction is Hanoi – Thai Nguyen highway. To Thai Nguyen, continue on Thai Nguyen – Cho Moi highway then go to Bac Kan, continue on National Highway 3 through Phu Thong – Ngan Son – Cao Bang city and arrive in Ha Quang.

From Bac Kan to Ha Quang – Cao Bang along National Highway 3, the road is small but flat, sedans run well. There are a lot of curves, especially after passing Ngan Son. The road through Bac Kan is more winding than through Lang Son.

4. Sightseeing in Ha Quang

4.1. Pac Bo Cave

IMG Lenin Stream 9

Pac Bo relic site is a national revolutionary historical relic site – especially in Vietnam. In the Tay-Nung language, Pac Bo means “watershed”, and is where President Ho Chi Minh took his first step back to the Fatherland after 30 years of traveling to find a way to save the country. Pac Bo Cave in Cao Bang is a famous tourist destination not only because of its glorious history but also because of its extremely impressive and poetic natural beauty that you definitely cannot miss when coming to Ha Quang.

4.2. Lenin Stream

IMG Lenin Stream

Located in the Pac Bo historical relic complex, Lenin Stream not only has revolutionary historical significance but is also closely associated with Vietnamese culture and history. This place was once the living place of President Ho Chi Minh in his homeland after traveling to find a way to save the country. With charming scenery and clear jade green water, Lenin Stream will be an extremely attractive place for tourists when visiting Ha Quang.

4.3. Coc Bo Cave

IMG Coc Bo Cave 2

Uncle Ho used Coc Bo Cave, a small cave in the Pac Bo relic site, as a residence for himself and other cadres during revolutionary activities. Presently, the cave still showcases the tables and chairs where Uncle Ho used to sit and work with people.

4.4. Karl Marx Mountain

It is a famous mountain located in the Pac Bo relic area. This is where President Ho Chi Minh lived and worked after returning to the country on February 8, 1941. Like the Lenin stream, Uncle Ho named the mountain Karl Marx when he stayed here.

4.5. Milestone 675 in Ha Quang District – Cao Bang Province

IMG Milestone 675 In Ha Quang

Milestone No. 675, one of 314 ancient Vietnam-China border landmarks, is made of monolithic, oval-shaped boulders, about 70cm high, with content engraved on it in Chinese and French.

4.6. Khuoi Nam camp

IMG Khuoi Nam Camp

Khuoi Nam camp is about a kilometer away from Pac Bo cave. The winding road follows the foot of the mountain, getting steeper as you go. The small shack located next to the forest gate has a very favorable terrain, located right at the forest gate, covered. Coming here, visitors will have the opportunity to observe from the shack like the days when Uncle Ho observed and participated in revolutionary activities.

4.7. Mr. Ly Quoc Sung’s house

IMG Mr. Ly Quoc Sung House

This is the house where Uncle Ho lived when he first returned to the Fatherland to direct the revolution (from January 28 to February 7, 1941). This house was built around 1937, following the local stilt house style.

4.8. Soc Giang border gate

Soc Giang border gate is a national border gate in Coc Ngu village, Soc Ha commune, Ha Quang district, Cao Bang province. As the border economic zone of Cao Bang, tourists coming here can check-in at very special places in their country.

5. Specialties in Ha Quang

When traveling to Ha Quang – Cao Bang, you will not only admire the wild and majestic natural landscape but also enjoy traditional specialties that are only available here. Below are some specialty dishes that you must definitely enjoy when visiting Ha Quang – Cao Bang:

5.1. Banh Cuon (hot rice rolls)

Banh Cuon is not a strange dish to Northerners, but Cao Bang people have their own way of ‘rewarding’ Banh Cuon, unique compared to all other regions. Cao Bang banh cuon is most special in its broth. Unlike Hanoi and Ha Nam people who dip their rolls in sweet and sour fish sauce, Cao Bang people dip their rolls in sweet bone broth.

For that reason, many people also call Cao Bang banh cuon “Banh Cuon” to distinguish it from the Banh Cuon dipped in fish sauce of the lowland people. The broth is simmered from pork bones the night before, so when poured into a bowl, you can clearly see the fragrant, sweet scent of bone marrow. In each bowl of broth, a few spoons of minced meat are added, sprinkled with a little greasy yet cool spring onion.

5.2. Ant egg cake

IMG Ant Egg Cake Cao Bang 1

If you come to Ha Quang – Cao Bang around April and May, visitors can enjoy ant egg cake – a specialty cake of the people here. Ant egg cake is made from glutinous rice flour, ant eggs, and young leaves of the fig tree.

5.3. Sour Pho

Sour pho with many spices, ingredients such as crispy fried pork belly with a beautiful dark yellow color. The Chinese potatoes (large, soft and sweet tubers only found in Bac Can and Cao Bang provinces). Then cut into crispy fried strips, thinly sliced pork liver. The pig’s stomach is cleaned, then boiled and then fried, the duck meat is fat and round, the belly is marinated with spices and especially the indispensable flavor of hook honey leaves. The fragrant and chewy Cao Bang pho noodles, made from sweet and sticky Cao Bang rice, are distinct and not easily confused with those from other localities.

5.4. Roasted duck

IMG Roasted Duck With 7 Flavors Cao Bang

Roasted duck with 7 flavors is a specialty in Cao Bang. It is called a 7-spice roast duck dish because Cao Bang people used 7 different spices to marinate the duck meat. After roasting, the duck meat is cut into small pieces and placed on a plate. The skin is golden yellow and covered with cockroach wings. The meat is firm and sweet, soft but not crumbly or tough. Every time people eat, they have to chew slowly to fully feel the sweetness of honey, the fatty taste of oil, and the delicious taste of duck pieces.

5.5. Smoked beef

Cao Bang is home to many cows, especially Ha Quang, Bao Lac, and Bao Lam districts. If you have the opportunity to go to this remote highland and enjoy the specialties of this place, don’t miss the beef dish. Cows in Cao Bang are used for plowing and pulling carts. There is also a lot of beef for beef. In particular, drying is a way of processing to preserve and reserve beef for local people, which not only lasts a long time. Also has a unique delicious flavor. That why it’s one of food must be listed in food tour Vietnam.

The meat is marinated with salt, ginger juice and especially white wine. Before marinating, make a few slits on the meat so the spices can absorb evenly. After marinating, use fresh bamboo slices to string the meat into strips and hang them on the kitchen counter.

5.6. Smoked sausages

IMG Cao Bang Sausages 1

Sausage is a popular dish in the Northwest provinces. Such as Lao Cai, Dien Bien, Cao Bang… With the same mixture of ingredients, the seasoning method of people in each place creates a type of sausage with its own flavor. , typical for each region’s cuisine. While sausages in some places are dark in color and have a slightly firm exterior, Cao Bang sausages have a pink-red exterior, are soft, stretchy, and have a greasy taste.

6. Accommodations in Ha Quang

Ha Quang is a destination that is gradually becoming popular in Cao Bang province. So the accommodation opportunities here are increasingly being properly invested and quite developed. To easily move between tourist destinations in Ha Quang district as well as meet the comfort of your stay. Also you can choose some motels, hotels or homestays in the center of Ha Quang as follows:

6.1. Hotels

  • Tuan Ha Hotel. Address: Provincial Road 203, Xuan Hoa, Ha Quang, Cao Bang.
  • Hoang Trang Hotel. Address: Thong Nong Town, Ha Quang, Cao Bang.

6.2. Guesthouses

  • Hong Minh Guesthouse. Address: Provincial Road 203, Xuan Hoa, Ha Quang, Cao Bang.
  • Bao Lam Guest House. Address: Doan Ket, TT. Thong Nong, Ha Quang, Cao Bang.
  • Dinh Oanh Guest House. Address: Xuan Hoa Town, Ha Quang, Cao Bang.

6.3. Homestays

  • Hao Quang Homestay. Address: Soc Giang, Soc Ha, Ha Quang, Cao Bang.
  • Mai Anh Homestay. Address: DT208, Truong Ha, Ha Quang, Cao Bang.
  • Me Farmstay. Address: DT203, Truong Ha, Ha Quang, Cao Bang.
IMG Pac Bo Ha Quang

7. Some important notes before traveling to Ha Quang – Cao Bang

  • You should prepare suitable, lightweight clothing according to the season when traveling to Ha Quang – Cao Bang. It is especially important to bring warm and heat-retaining clothes when traveling in winter. Because the temperature can drop as low as 3 – 4 degrees Celsius.
  • Need to bring items such as raincoats, hats, cotton shirts, maps, backup batteries, medicine and insect spray as backup for unexpected cases.
  • Need to bring all identification documents because Ha Quang is an important border like you prepare trip to Ban Gioc waterfall area.
  • To navigate the mainly mountainous passes in Ha Quang – Cao Bang. Ensure you have a steady driver, equip yourself with protective gear. And thoroughly inspect your vehicle to prevent damage along the road.
  • You need to learn a little about the customs and traditions of the local people so as not to violate taboos when visiting.

Above are attractive places that you must definitely visit when traveling to Ha Quang – Cao Bang Province. Hope you will have a wonderful experience when visiting this land of charming landscape and containing many traces of Vietnam’s history.

If you are planning your trip to Ha Quang – Cao Bang, please immediately contact Origin Vietnam – the best tour operator in Vietnam. With a team of experienced, professional and dedicated consultants and guides, we will take you on a journey to discover Ha Quang full of exciting activities and unforgettable experiences.

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