Ha Nam Travel Guide

All things need to know before travelling to Ha Nam

Ha Nam tourism is increasingly attracting tourists by its brand new extremely attractive destinations. If you are wondering where to go and what to do when traveling to Ha Nam, this Ha Nam Travel guide is for you.

1. Where is Ha Nam?

Ha Nam is a tourist destination that attracts a large number of tourists every days. Because it is just over an hour from Hanoi by car. So Ha Nam is considered as one of the most perfect and suitable for shorht Vietnam tour package destinations. Located in the Red River Delta region of Vietnam, Ha Nam is blessed with a lot of natural beauty, historical architecture and spiritual tourism. Thanks to that, Ha Nam tourism is growing day by day and this will be a relaxing option that will not let you down.

2. When is the best time to travel to Ha Nam?

Each season, each time Ha Nam has a different beauty. So you can choose to travel at any time of the year. However, in Ha Nam, there are many spiritual tourist attractions and diverse cultural and entertainment activities, that you can consider traveling to Ha Nam around spring. Especially around February and March. There are many festivals taking place, the festive and bustling atmosphere will be an interesting experience for you.

3. How to get to Ha Nam?

Ha Nam tourism is getting easier and easier as Vietnam’s transportation system is increasingly developed. To move to Ha Nam, you can choose one of the following ways:

Goverment Publish Bus: This vehicle is cheap also very convenient too. Because there is a bus every 15 minutes. If you are in Hanoi, you can take a bus from Giap Bat bus station with route code 206 Hanoi – Phu Ly, which costs about 30,000 VND/way.

Local Publish Bus: is a common and convenient means of transportation to help you move to Ha Nam easily. Bus tickets to Ha Nam are about 60,000 VND/way and buses are available at most bus stations in Hanoi. Neighboring provinces also have bus trips to Ha Nam, you can call to ask for information about appropriate bus times.

Personal vehicle: For those who want to have a free and active experience, you can choose personal vehicles. Such as motorbikes, private cars, …

4. Where to Stay in Ha Nam?

Where to go to Ha Nam is the concern of many friends. If you go for a short trip only about 1 day, you can eat and rest at the eating place. If you come from afar or want to spend a lot of time visiting famous tourist attractions in Ha Nam, you should find a hotel to stay. Here, there are many clean hotels and near tourist attractions for you to choose from. One of the most luxurious places to stay is the Melia Vinpearl Phu Ly hotel.

5. Ha Nam tourist attractions attract all tourists

Here is a summary of the most famous and impressive Ha Nam tourist attractions for you to visit and explore:

5.1. Spiritual tourist sites

Tam Chuc tourist area

The complex of Tam Chuc pagoda in Ha Nam has a total area of ​​​​about 5,000 hectares, including 3 areas: lakes, natural rocky mountains and valleys. This place has majestic natural beauty, combined with ancient architectural designs, attracting a large number of tourists to visit, praying for luck and sightseeing.

To fully visit Tam Chuc tourist area, you can buy tickets: 90,000 VND/round trip tram ticket & 250,000 VND/round trip yacht ticket. Take a tour around the area and cruise on the lake.

Tran Thuong Temple

As a typical relic of Ha Nam province, Tran Thuong Temple worships the national hero Tran Quoc Tuan, his family and generals who have contributed in the resistance war against the Mongols in the 13th century. Here you will be able to visit and learn historical information of the time against the Mongols.

Lanh Giang Temple

Lanh Giang Temple worships 3 famous gods of the 18th Hung Vuong dynasty and Princess Tien Dung with an area of ​​​​more than 3,000 m2. Coming here, you will feel the simple life of the people with longan forests, wharfs, lotus ponds, subtly the aura of a talented, peaceful and prosperous spiritual land.

Truc Temple

Truc Temple – Ngu Dong Thi Son is covered by rows of cool, green bamboo, bringing a sense of peace and comfort. If you are looking to relieve your body’s worries, setting foot in Truc Temple is a reasonable choice.

Vu Dien Temple

Vu Dien Temple (Ba Vu Temple) is located in Chan Ly commune, Ly Nhan district, Ha Nam province. Entering the temple, you will see a very unique design with 2 high rise roofs, outstanding as a blooming lotus.

Ba Danh Pagoda

“As empty as Ba Danh pagoda” is a famous saying expressing the emptiness of the temple. But only for the old times. Now, Ba Danh pagoda always attracts a large number of tourists to pray for peace, visit and listen to the legend of the beauty of the people here.

Tien Phong Stone Pavilion

Tien Phong Stone Communal House is located in An Mong village, Tien Phong commune, Duy Tien district. The communal house worships Princess Nguyet Nga – the female general of Hai Ba Trung. The communal house has a unique architecture and is elaborately carved with art. Thanks to that, it brings a soft, lively and unique beauty. This is one of the few houses made of stone that is still preserved until now.

Tien Ong Temple

Tien Ong Temple was built during the reign of King Tran Nhan Tong. It’s located on the middle of Tuong Linh mountain, about 200m high. Especially it’s looks like an elephant kneeling, in the shape of a Tam, including 5 pavilions, 3 pavilions and 1 harem. The façade is architecturally styled with eight curved roofs, four soft dragon-shaped corners, and regular male roof tiles. The middle building was built in the style of a three-dotted pendulum, with an arched harem.

Tien Ong Temple is sacred with legends and history left to the people and this land. It is now the destination of thousands of tourists on their spiritual journey in Ha Nam.

Long Doi Son Pagoda

Referring to Ha Nam ancient pagoda, we must mention Long Doi Son pagoda. The ancient mossy pagoda, nearly 1,000 years old. It’s belongs to Doi Son commune, Duy Tien district, Ha Nam province, in the middle of a low-lying area jutting out a mountain named Doi mountain. Over 1,000 years old, the ancient temple still preserves many precious antiques. In particular, the most valuable is the stele Sung Thien Dien Linh. The an ancient stele nearly 900 years old, placed in front of the Three Jewels – a glorious Buddhist relic of the Ly dynasty, which has been recognized as a national treasure.

5.2. The scenic spots, beautiful scenery of Ha Nam fascinate people

Bat Canh Son

Bat Canh Son is a relic site in Tuong Linh commune, Kim Bang district, Ha Nam. This place is known as a famous scenic spot not only with beautiful scenery. But also a sacred spiritual tourist destination with dignified temples and pagodas. Such as: Tien Ong Temple, Tam Giao Pagoda, Kieu Pagoda, Ba Pagoda, etc. Ca pagoda…

Especially the scenery here is very beautiful and peaceful. The charming landscape imbued with cultural and spiritual relics makes many people fall in love with the beautiful scenery. Every New Year comes, spring comes, the temples here are much more crowded. Because tourists from all over the world come to worship.

Ao Dong

Ao Dong is one of the most attractive and interesting eco-tourism destinations in Vietnam. It is made up of high mountains, with forests on the side of the mountains. The harmonious combination of mountains, trees, blue sky, clear water, and the sound of forest birds. It’s created a majestic natural picture and become a valuable eco-tourism destination of Ha Nam province.

Phuc Long Cave

Phuc Long cave has the shape of a dragon tied in a bag, there are many bats clinging to the wall, so the locals also call this a bat cave. Dong Phuc Long can accommodate several hundred people. The cave is in harmony with the landscape of Chua mountain, right next to it is the communal house and pagoda in Chau village, forming an attractive scenic relic for tourists near and far.

Luon Cave

Luon Cave also one of the most attractive and interesting eco-tourism destinations. It is quite small in size, but the arch of the entrance to the cave is slightly wider with the way the mountains, protrusions, and depressions. In the dry season, it is easy to enter the cave because in the rainy season the water floods the mouth of the cave. Inside the cave still retains the natural beauty of the stalactites falling from the ceiling with attractive shapes. The deeper we go, the more dim light and the sound of water falling make us feel mysterious.

Jade Mountain (Ngoc Mountain)

Ngoc mountain is a limestone mountain next to the Day River. The mountain is not very high, there are many trees around. On the top of the mountain is an ancient sycamore tree over a hundred years old. Standing on the top of the mountain and immersing in the nature of the mountains and breathing in the fresh air is wonderful. At the foot of the mountain is the ancient worship of a craftsman who has contributed to the village.

Cam mountain

Cam Mountain Ha Nam is famous for its thick and green flora, which is extremely rich in species. This place is home to many large and tall trees with a single age of hundreds of years. Every spring, the whole Forbidden Mountain in Ha Nam is white with a flower color. This is a tourist area with charming natural scenery and mountains. There is also the mysterious sacredness of the mountains and forests with a unique cave system.

Tam Chuc Lake

Tam Chuc Lake has color, incense, ancient legends, and spiritual potential. The lake is gently beautiful in the dawn, shimmering in the golden sunshine and fanciful, mysterious when the sunset falls behind the mountains, casting a shadow on the lake area, changing the scenery like a fairyland. In the middle of the lake, there is a small island and a communal house located on the island, called Tam Chuc communal house. Next to Tam Chuc lake is the relic of Ba Sao pagoda, which is being embellished from an ancient temple built a long time ago.

Ngu Dong Son

Ngu Dong Son is five caves connected to each other to form a continuous series of caves. With a length of 100m in the heart of a mountain. In the caves, there are many stalactites with different shapes, appearance, color, emulsion skin, porosity, and gloss of the stalactites are also very different. On the walls of the wonderful natural cave, many beautiful scenes have been drawn, evoking vivid imaginations of human life and surrounding life.

5.3. Ba Kien’s House

Ba Kien’s 100-year-old house has long become a tourist attraction. The house is located on a land area of ​​nearly 900m2 in Dai Hoang village, Hoa Hau commune, Ly Nhan, Ha Nam. You will be very surprised about the house when you know that it has been over 100 years, but the 3-room house with ironwood columns and elaborately carved stone pillars still stands, the tile roof and carved patterns are still intact.

5.4. Famous and long-standing traditional craft villages

Vu Dai craft village

Vu Dai braised fishery village is imbued with Vietnamese national identity. Coming to Vu Dai village in the days close to Tet, we will see the atmosphere is bustling, all over the village, everywhere is the smell of fragrant braised fish with laughter and chatter by the fire, guests everywhere pour in. To buy braised fish for Tet or as a gift for Tet.

Nha Xa Silk Weaving Village

Nha Xa Silk Village is located on the left bank of the Red River in Moc Nam Commune, Duy Tien District, Ha Nam Province, right below the foot of Yen Lenh Bridge. Coming to Nha Xa, you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery of a rural village in the Northern Delta, interwoven with ancient French-style villas, but also can choose for yourself the most beautiful silks, which are decorated with beautiful silk fabrics. weaving and dyeing by traditional methods from the skillful hands of experienced artisans.

Thanh Ha Lace Embroidery Village

Embroidery in Thanh Ha appeared more than a century ago with extremely sophisticated and skillful embroidery works. For each Thanh Ha craftsman, each stitch gives them endless inspiration. Coming here, you will experience learning lace embroidery from local people.

Drum Doi Tam Village

Doi Tam drum making and drum products always play an important role in social life. Because, the drum product of Doi Tam craft village is a special product with many different uses. Such as: Drums for worship, drums in folk art life, drums are used as tools to convey information… Therefore, the craft of making drums and drum products have a certain historical, cultural and artistic value in the national history of the country.

Bamboo and Rattan Village Ngoc Dong

Ngoc Dong craft village in Ha Nam province has a long tradition of producing and trading handicrafts derived from raw materials from rattan, bamboo and bamboo… for a long time. Ngoc Dong bamboo and rattan products are confirmed not only in the domestic market but also abroad.

6. Delicious Ha Nam specialties

Phu Ly rolls:

Phu Ly rolls not only satisfy diners from afar. It is also the pride of every Ha Nam person whenever it is mentioned. Phu Ly rolls also have a unique feature that cannot be found anywhere else. Cake without filling is served with grilled rolls and raw vegetables, especially with banana vegetables.

Vermicelli with perch:

This is a simple dish, but it is impossible not to mention when talking about Ha Nam specialties. Ha Nam perch vermicelli noodles attract people to eat thanks to the yellow meat mixed with the green color of vegetables, the sweet and fragrant taste of the broth.

Braised fish in a clay pot of Vu Dai craft village:

Vu Dai village’s braised fish is elaborately processed with more than 10 different spices, which is very famous and has become a specialty of Ha Nam. Enjoying this fish dish, you will feel the richness permeated in each fiber of fish, delicious and irresistible.

Mrs. Phong’s tea:

The nearly 20-year-old lady’s tea shop on Chau Cau street is a famous delicious place in Phu Ly. There are many types of tea: mixed tea, Hue royal tea, An Giang pomelo tea, Saigon tea, black bean tea, red bean… with many different flavors.

Bun Tai Kenh:

Bun Tai Kenh is just a rustic and simple dish. But it still makes foodies flutter and warms the hearts of foodies everywhere whenever they come to Ha Nam. The white vermicelli fibers are clear, supple, and hunting fibers become raw materials for processing many attractive dishes such as noodle soup, vermicelli, vermicelli, pork vermicelli, etc.

Banh Chung in Dam village:

It is a famous brand of banh chung in Ha Nam. Banh chung in Dam village has its own flavor perhaps because it’s boiled with rain water.

Above is the most complete and detailed set of Ha Nam travel guide tips. Please consult to have the most perfect trip.

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