Ha Lang
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Ha Lang

Rolling mountains, deep green forests, hills of yellow wildflowers as bright as thousands of rays of sunlight, waterfalls with white foam, mysterious caves, rich culture and delicious dishes. Eat with the flavors of the mountains and forests of Northern Vietnam,…

Ha Lang – a destination that shines like a rising star, is inviting tourists from all over to come here. The peaceful life blending in the cloudy sky will make visitors to Ha Lang want to slow down and enjoy peaceful moments in this deep blue region.

IMG Nguom Muong Cave Cao Bang 6

1. Where is Ha Lang?

Ha Lang is a mountainous district of Cao Bang province in the Northeast region of Vietnam. About 75 km east of Cao Bang city and about 320 km northeast of Hanoi capital. Geographically located:

  • The West borders Trung Khanh district and Quang Hoa district
  • The remaining directions border China with a border of about 72 km long.

2. How is Ha Lang unique?

Ha Lang has a complex terrain, due to the geological tectonics gradually lowering from West to East. The mountains are high and rugged, the geology is strongly divided. There are many giant faults from 5 to 10 km long, creating deep crevices and caves. The caves and natural landscapes have majestic beauty.

Ha Lang has long been known as a land with a long-standing culture, rich in national identity. Especially converging many historical relics and recognized scenic spots.

In particular, in the district there are 3 ethnic groups Tay, Nung, Kinh, of which the Tay and Nung are the main people, accounting for about 97%. People of different ethnic groups reside side by side in villages, hamlets. And residential areas, creating a diverse picture of national cultural identity.

3. When is the best time to travel to Ha Lang?

Ha Lang has high mountain terrain and a fresh, cool climate all year round, so you can travel here any season of the year. However, according to the experience of tourists, the ideal time to travel to Ha Lang is from September to April of the following year.

  • The rainy season is from June to August, which is also the season of falling water. Water flows, white foam splashes on streams, rivers and waterfalls.
  • The dry season is from October to May of the following year, the weather is colder, the water flows calmly and is clear.

From September to October is the beautiful season of Ha Lang when waterfalls, rivers, and streams flow smoothly and are very clear. Many terraced fields are covered with a brilliant yellow color because this is also the season of ripe rice.

If you want to see the nine combination waterfalls, you can go in October. To experience the wild sunflower or buckwheat season, you should go in November and December.

February-March is spring, the whole space seems to be lit up by forests of apricot blossoms, peach blossoms, and pear blossoms radiating fragrance and blooming. The whole world seems to be wearing a colorful “new shirt”. Trees sprout and sprout.

This is also the season of traditional folk festivals, visitors have the opportunity to participate in interesting activities during these festivals.

4. How to get to Ha Lang?

4.1. By public transport

Cao Bang city is about 280 km from Hanoi. From Hanoi, you can go to My Dinh bus station to catch a bus to Cao Bang City. There are bus companies such as Thanh Ly, Khanh Hoan,…

4.2 By personal vehicle

For tourists who are passionate about exploring, traveling by motorbike is also a suitable choice. The distance is not too far, you can be proactive in your time, schedule and especially, you have the opportunity to admire the beautiful natural scenery on both sides of the road.

However, you need to prepare full protective equipment, carefully check your motorbike, bring full identification documents and make sure you have solid driving skills in mountainous areas to ensure safety. for your entire journey.

4.3 Instructions for traveling to Ha Lang

You can move in the direction of Hanoi – Lang Son highway, along National Highway 4 to Cao Bang. (This road is suitable for both cars and motorbikes).

Another direction is Hanoi – Thai Nguyen highway. To Thai Nguyen, continue on Thai Nguyen – Cho Moi highway then go to Bac Kan, continue on National Highway 3 through Phu Thong – Ngan Son – Cao Bang. (This route is for cars only).

From Bac Kan to Cao Bang, the road is small but flat, and sedans run well. There are a lot of curves, especially after passing Ngan Son. The road through Bac Kan is more winding than through Lang Son.

When you arrive in Cao Bang city, you can find places to rent motorbikes, rent a taxi or take an intra-provincial bus to continue to Ha Lang.

From Cao Bang city, you follow National Highway 3 to the East for about 35 km, then at the intersection, turn left onto provincial road DT206 in Quang Yen town, Quang Hoa. Go about 2.5 km further and come to a junction with the road. Provincial road DT207, then turn onto provincial road DT207 and continue moving east about 37 km to reach Ha Lang territory.

5. Sightseeings & things to do in Ha Lang

5.1. Hoa – Thoong Lai waterfall

IMG Hoa Waterfall Cao Bang 2

Many first-time visitors to Hoa Waterfall have enjoyed the charming natural scenery of the Cao Bang river. The air is fresh, cool and somewhat wild. It’s not popular and famous as Ban Gioc waterfall. But Hoa Waterfall is your great destination when traveling to Ha Lang.

In addition, surrounding the Hoa waterfall are clear blue lakes, green trees and white waterfalls with the echo of flowing water.

5.2. Sung Phuc Pagoda

IMG Sung Phuc Pagoda 1

Sung Phuc Pagoda is a place for traditional spiritual cultural activities of the ethnic people of Ha Lang district in particular and the entire Cao Bang province in general. Every year, special activities are held at the pagoda. Such as: Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva palanquin procession, Thanh Hoang palanquin procession, Fireworks palanquin procession, dragon dance, lion dance and folk games,…

Sung Phuc Pagoda is an attractive destination for many tourists. This place has a very unique quietness and peace.

5.3. Bat cave

The cave’s entrance is shaped like a curving arc, consisting of four large stone pillars that look extremely solid.

The deeper you go into the cave, the more you will feel that the space is getting darker. Stepping down the undulating stone steps, you will admire a large space with many stalactite shapes and the relaxing sound of flowing water in the cave.

5.4. Vinh Quy pine hill

IMG Ba Quang Grass Hill Cao Bang 1

Vinh Quy commune’s pine hill is definitely a place you will like from the first time you arrive because of its large and airy space. Tall green trees growing straight with a bit of late afternoon sunlight or early morning dew create a truly dreamy landscape picture.

In particular, this pine hill carries within it the soul of Ha Lang mountains and forests and many cultural values of the local people. From the top of the hill, visitors will be able to admire traditional tile-roofed stilt houses, mossy fences, people grazing cattle on grassy hills,…

5.5. Ly Van border gate

Ly Van border gate is located in Ly Van village, Ha Lang Cao Bang. It is a border gate for travel and trade between Vietnam and China. Also it’s always an attractive tourist destination when arriving in Ha Lang.

5.6. Ly Quoc French Fort Relics

Ly Quoc French Fort relics is a historical relic built and preserved for many years in Ha Lang district. The monument was built by two French officers in the years 1884 – 1945 at Phja Rac mountain, Bang Ca hamlet, Ly Quoc commune.

Currently, Ly Quoc French Fort relics still retain important artifacts of French soldiers, recreating the fierce struggles between the Vietnamese army and people and the French invaders.

5.7. Lung Luong Hamlet

Lung Luong hamlet is a large village located in Quang Long commune, Ha Lang district, Cao Bang province. It is located in a large valley with many mountains and majestic natural scenery, making it an attractive destination for tourists.

5.8. Ha Lang market

Traveling to Ha Lang, you cannot miss this market. On market days, it is always crowded and bustling with people from all four directions coming here to buy, sell and transact. Ha Lang market is divided into three markets, including a central market and two sub-markets.

The markets will meet daily: the central market will meet on the 5th and 10th, the remaining two sub-markets will meet on the 3rd, 4th, 8th, and 9th. At the market you can enjoy delicious dishes and specialties that can only be found in Ha Lang.

6. Specialties when traveling to Ha Lang

When traveling to Ha Lang, visitors can not only admire the amazing natural landscape but also enjoy the specialties of this land.

IMG Da Hien Vegetable 1

6.1 Sour Pho

Sour pho is a Cao Bang specialty. Chewy pho noodles, served with beautiful dark yellow crispy fried pork belly, thinly sliced pork liver, fried pig stomach, roasted duck meat. The dish also has crispy fried shredded Chinese taro. This is a large, soft and sweet potato found only in Bac Kan and Cao Bang. The indispensable flavor is honey mint leaves, peanuts, basil, coriander, cucumber,…

6.2 Banh Chao

Banh chao, also known as duck chao cake, is sold a lot in the winter, from November to February of the following year. Banh Chao with a harmonious blend of regular rice flour, sticky rice and duck meat gives visitors a new culinary flavor of this dish.

6.3 Trung Khanh chestnuts

Trung Khanh chestnuts are a delicacy that should not be missed, but are only available seasonally. Cao Bang people have a unique eating style of boiling chestnuts, then drying them, peeling them and getting the kernels. The kernels are crushed into powder and mixed with rice flakes from the Pi Pat sticky rice variety. Attractive dish with the aroma of green rice and the nutty taste of chestnuts.

6.4 Black jelly

Black jelly is a delicious specialty. It may sound strange, but Cao Bang black jelly is like flute dew – a familiar cooling dish for people in the South. Black jelly is made from the plant of the same name, grown widely in Thach An district.

6.5 Smoked sausages

Smoked sausages are made from tenderloin, shoulder, butt meat, and pork intestines. With esoteric marinating secrets, the rib sausage has a sour, salty taste plus a bit of spiciness from ginger, fruit, and mac ma leaves. With its unique delicious flavor, the dish gradually becomes a memorable Cao Bang specialty.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Ha Lang

When traveling to Ha Lang, visitors can refer to the following accommodation facilities:

  • Minh Dan Guesthouse. Address: Provincial Road 207, Thanh Nhat, Ha Lang, Cao Bang.
  • Hoa Hong Guesthouse. Address: Provincial Road 207, Thanh Nhat, Ha Lang, Cao Bang.
  • Minh Van Guesthouse. Address: Provincial Road 207, Thanh Nhat, Ha Lang, Cao Bang.

Blessed by nature with wild and majestic natural scenery, along with unique traditional indigenous folk culture, Ha Lang has become an increasingly attractive destination beside tour to Ban Gioc waterfall for tourists to visit and explore. What are you waiting for? Immediately contact Origin Vietnam – a professional tour operator. We will take you on a tour in Vietnam to discover the travel beauties of Cao Bang with unforgettable experiences and memorable memories.

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