Golden Valley
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Golden Valley

Coming to Golden Valley in Da Lat, you can immerse yourself in the garden filled with sunlight, enjoy the feeling of relaxation and comfort while admiring the natural landscape. If you are looking for a peaceful destination, let’s explore the Golden Valley in Da Lat with Origin Vietnam.

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1. Where is Golden Valley?

Golden Valley is located in Lat Dong village, Lat commune, Lac Duong district, on the Lam Vien plateau, Lam Dong province. About 15 km northwest of Da Lat city center and about 336 km northeast of Ho Chi Minh City.

2. How is Golden Valley unique?

Before being put into operation in 2005, the Golden Valley was quite wild. The Golden Valley of Lam Vien plateau is located next to Suoi Vang lake, so the air here is cool, making it a great place to organize outdoor picnics.

Golden Valley tourist area is located in the middle of a special pine forest with a height of 5 – 15m. With lush green lawns and flowers planted along the way, the air here is very fresh and the smell of nature is radiant and fresh. The natural scenery here is especially suitable for resort tourism.

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3. When is the best time to visit Golden Valley?

To admire all the beautiful scenery in the Golden Valley, you should go in the last months of the year, from November to February of the following year. During this time, the weather in Da Lat is often cool, the climate is mild and not too hot. The valley’s landscape is more beautiful with green grass fields and flowers blooming in all colors, attracting all eyes.

4. How to get to Golden Valley from Da Lat city?

Golden Valley tourist area is about 14 km from Da Lat market towards Lang Biang mountain. You can use a motorbike, car or taxi according to the following instructions:

  • From Da Lat market, follow Nguyen Van Troi street, reach the intersection of Linh Son pagoda, turn left onto Phan Dinh Phung street.
  • Meet Phan Dinh Phung street, turn right, continue to Phan Dinh Phung street, turn left to Xo Viet Nghe Tinh street.
  • Continue to Tung Lam intersection (on the left there is Tung Lam parish church), turn left onto Ankroet street. Continue going straight for more than 4 km and you will arrive.
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5. Some interesting activities and experiences at Golden Valley

5.1 Admiring the most beautiful scenery of pink grass hills in Da Lat

Considered the most beautiful and largest pink grass hill in Da Lat. This is a destination that you should not miss when coming to dreamy Da Lat. When you come here, you will be fascinated by the magical and beautiful landscape. The pink grass in this tourist area not only grows in individual clumps but sticks close to the ground, helping the whole valley to be covered in the gentle pink color of the grass.

The most beautiful time of the year for pink grass is from late November to December. To have sparkling virtual photos at the pink grass hill in the Golden Valley, you should come here early in the morning, at 6:00 a.m. – 08:00 am. Because at that time the morning dew drops covered the grass, the whole pink grass hill looked like a fairyland.

5.2 Walking in the vast green pine forest

With vast pine forests covering a large area, this place becomes a mysterious and romantic paradise. The landscape of the pristine pine forest, with tall pine trees providing shade under the sunlight, creates a captivating image. When immersed in this space, you will feel the most relaxed and comfortable.

5.3 Admiring the poetic beauty of Dan Kia Lake

Dan Kia Lake is hidden among the green hills and mountains, bringing a poetic and quiet beauty. On the shore of the lake, there is a lonely pine tree growing tall and shining in the vast space, accompanying the lake for decades. Around the lake, there are small wooden houses with lovely thatched roofs, creating an interesting space for you to sit and admire the scenery and enjoy the food.

5.4 Enjoyable camping and fishing experience

You can fish right at Dan Kia lake, this lake has many different types of fish: tilapia, carp,…To experience fishing, you need to register with the resort to be provided with fishing gear. fishing, bait. In addition, Golden Valley also provides space for visitors to camp and enjoy all the wonderful scenery and atmosphere here. You can prepare your own tent or use camping services available in the tourist area.

5.5 Beautiful wedding photography locations for many couples

The poetic natural scenery of the Golden Valley always attracts couples to take wedding photos in Da Lat. If you want to have the most beautiful wedding photos in the Golden Valley, please arrange a time to take photos in the morning. At this time, the rays of morning light passing through the pine forest created a shimmering effect that is hard to find anywhere else.

6. Specialties when traveling to the Golden Valley

6.1 Da Lat grilled spring rolls

Grilled spring rolls should be the first delicious Dalat dish you should try when coming to this dreamy city. Soft, chewy ground meat mixed with rich spices makes the spring rolls here more unique than other places.

Spring rolls become even more delicious and appetizing when coated with a layer of oil and then grilled on a charcoal stove. You can eat spring rolls dipped in chili sauce or eat them with raw vegetables and dipping sauce. Any way to enjoy it is delicious, so there’s no need to be too hesitant.

6.2 Wet cake with chicken intestine 

Usually wet cakes or banh cuon are eaten with sausages and spring rolls, but in Da Lat, people eat this cake with meat and chicken intestines, a rather strange combination but it’s perfect and doesn’t need to be adjusted.

The hot, soft wet cake goes well with pieces of meat, pieces of marinated chicken intestines, sweet and firm, from free-range chickens. In addition, there is also a cup of deliciously mixed fish sauce. This is the final piece of the puzzle that creates the full flavor of this dish.

6.3 Grilled chicken with lam rice

Grilled chicken with lam rice is a must-try dish when traveling to the foggy city of Da Lat. It is not difficult to find a grilled chicken restaurant with bamboo rice right here with delicious flavor and affordable prices. Rice is cooked in a bamboo tube so you will smell the unique aroma. The rice is sticky but not mushy, fragrant and rich in flavor.

Eating Lam rice is indispensable with golden grilled chicken, creating an attractive duo. The chicken here is native chicken so it is tougher and fatter than industrial chicken. Small chicken, cleaned and marinated with enough spices. Next, the chef grills until the outer skin is golden and crispy and greasy while the inside is just absorbent and has a delicious aroma.

6.4 Banh can

Banh Can is one of the names that many diners love to look for when coming to Da Lat. Banh Can is made from delicious rice flour, a little seasoning like salt for flavor, and poured into a terracotta mold. The cakes are sold in a folded pair and typically filled with quail or chicken eggs.

But recently, some restaurants have added seafood and meat fillings to give tourists more choices. A crispy noodle soup fresh out of the oven, eaten with a bowl of fish sauce along with a little shredded raw mango, warm, sweet shumai sauce simmered with bones.

The light pink meat ball is simmered for many hours. When you bite into it, you won’t feel dry due to the lean meat. On the contrary, you also feel a little fatty due to the fatty meat mixed together, making everyone who eats this dish praise it deliciously.

6.5 Banh Beo

Banh beo is soft, fragrant, and smooth white, making many diners fall in love with it when they set foot in Da Lat. Outstanding and different from other types of banh beo in other regions is that the banh beo here will be added with a topping of crispy fried pork skin. Crispy fried pork skin eaten with banh beo is both flavorful and does not make you feel bored. When eating banh beo, you will put it in a small bowl with a little pork rind, onion fat, dried shrimp and indispensable fish sauce.

6.6 Grilled rice paper

Grilled rice paper is one of the snacks that is popular with many tourists. This dish is also referred to as “Da Lat pizza” with all the ingredients from dried shrimp, dried chicken, butter, sausage, onion fat, etc. They grilled it moderately, and when enjoying it, people dipped it with soy sauce chilli. The special feature of this dish is that must enjoy hot to maintain the crispiness and heat of the cake.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Golden Valley

Below are some suggested accommodation services that you can refer to:

  • Andante Farm & Lodge. Address: Da Nhim, Lac Duong, Lam Dong.
  • Chappi Mountains Resort. Address: Do T’Bo, Lac Duong, Lam Dong.
  • Sonder Hills Farmstay. Address: Langbiang, Lac Duong, Lam Dong.
  • Nap Am – Dalat. Address: Lot C16 To Vinh Dien Street, Da Lat, Lam Dong Province.
  • Tre’s house. Address: 419A Vo Truong Toan, Ward 8, Da Lat, Lam Dong..
  • Lalaland Homestay. Address: 10A Trieu Viet Vuong, Ward 4, Da Lat, Lam Dong.
  • The Lake House Dalat. Address: House by the Lake – Vuon Thuong, Tuyen Lam lake wharf, ward 3, Da Lat, Lam Dong.
  • Hai A Homestay – Cafe – Bakery. Address: 77 Sao Nam, Ward 11, Da Lat, Lam Dong.

8. Some other famous destinations near Golden Valley

To make your experience of Da Lat more interesting. You can visit these places along the route to the valley:

8.1 Cu Lan Village:

IMG Cu Lan Village 9

Coming to Cu Lan Village, you will experience and discover the traditional crafts of the local people. Here, you can learn about the processing and production of unique handicraft products, from fabric dyeing, silk weaving to embroidery. For more information about this village you can find here.

8.2 Ma Rung Lu Quan:

IMG Ma Rung Lu Quan 7

Covered by a dense and mysterious forest, Ma Rung Lu Quan gives you a mysterious discovery experience. You will have the opportunity to visit inns and inns built in unique architectural styles. It creates a space full of magic and romance.

8.3 Lonely pine tree:

Known as the symbol of Da Lat, the famous lonely pine tree attracts many tourists. With lush green foliage located in the middle of a large space, creating an ideal landscape for taking photos and relaxing.

8.4 Ankroet Dam:

Ankroet Dam is an impressive hydroelectric project, providing water for the entire region. It possesses enchanting landscapes and a peaceful atmosphere.

8.5 Golden Stream – Silver Stream:

With clear flowing water and beautiful natural scenery, you can enjoy fresh air and immerse yourself in nature here.

9. Some important notes when traveling to Golden Valley

  • Protecting the surrounding environment by not littering. Check the weather forecast before going and bring a suitable jacket or gear.
  • Limiting noise and do not harm animals, plants and the ecosystem of the Golden Valley.
  • Always pay attention to personal safety, move carefully, avoid climbing in dangerous areas and follow the rules in tourist areas.
  • Because the resort’s campus is large, if you have young children, please pay close attention to them. Do not let children near large waterfalls because there are times when the water is swirling and there are reefs.

Golden Valley is a destination that you should not miss when you explore Da Lat. Hopefully the useful information above will help your upcoming tour to Da Lat. Wishing you a happy trip and please share that moment with Origin Vietnam.

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  • Have chance to admire the admirable architecture of Linh Phuoc Pagoda, built from debris of glass, pottery and porcelain, and the unique Guan Yin statue by immortal flowers of Vietnam.
  • Enjoy the wonderful of different flowers in the city
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